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  2. This RiverKings season ticket holder has complete faith in the word YELDARBfield. Could shifting of New Madrid fault cause an earthquake and divert the Mississippi River through the Landers Center? I guess. But natural disasters are a risk to any arena. And, God forbid, a worse bus accident could instantly end ANY team's season. Other than that, I have see no reason to worry. My season tickets are bought and paid for. I'm confident the Kings will be there and God willing so will I. This was the 25th season of hockey for the RiverKings. I'm looking forward to 26!!!
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  4. Another great night to be a Titans fan.

  5. @CapnCornelius No they'll screw that up too.

  6. RT @RoFlo: #Bears are that dude that takes a defense way too early in your fantasy draft. #NFLDraft

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  8. RT @johnrabe: Oh wow. #scoops #STLCards

  9. It's over folks. I hate it. Been a fan for a long time and will miss the Snakes. The Amos family has done a fantastic job giving us hockey out of their own pockets. With their loss every season and the team getting worse every year, I can't and don't blame them. Heres the truth. The team has been shopped, and was well before the article came out about our possible demise. The civic center/city of Columbus has not been helpful and leached a lot of revenue off this team over the years. Revenue that should have helped fund the Snakes, has not. That same revenue could have helped with hockey in Columbus for years to come. I wish there were a different outcome, but it's not likely
  10. A teaching moment. Too bad Tweeters in large numbers are unteachable.
  11. I wouldn't know. We've never been in the same room at the same time. I've been told we could be twins, though.
  12. They will have a lot of work to do to get the arena ready for the 1st season because that arena is no where near configured like that right now, unless they have just started working recently.
  13. Does your "friend" look anything like you?
  14. It's not Hockey without Beer! Ask Fred.
  15. WARNING: Mature subject matter
  16. RT @LeafsMaz20: Ok now I can die happy!LOL thank you @SWEARNET @trailerparkboys and @MSmithBubbles for the invite down…

  17. RT @MLB: Want to celebrate @coreyseager_5’s birthday? RT for a chance to win this sweet @Topps card. #MLBCards

  18. “The Storm of Love” by @DeathPenaltyAct @DanRodricks

  19. I'm so excited my wife's sister lives in Pace, Fl and her cousin lives in Olive Branch Ms. Which is close to Southhaven Ms. I love going to the Von Braun center in Huntsville. So this league will be awesome for road trips. I cant wait to see the changes to the Pelham civic Complex as well.
  20. They did when the Alabama Slammers played there.
  21. Do they sell alcohol at the the Pelham Civic Center? Asking for a friend.
  22. ..................... 'nuff said.
  23. And for equal time, the view from the PJ Star ... Eminian: Want to be SPHL champions? Better win Game 1 of the finals
  24. there's a large barge with a radio antenna on it

  25. RT @oswaltmike: The Data Workout: How It's Impacting Teaching and Learning (EdSurge Guides) @Illuminateed https://…

  26. RT @ABCDesignated: "Good. We're back on track." Traitor revealed! Retweet if you'll be joining us next week for #DesignatedSurvivor

  27. @Sports_Are_Bad that has to happen

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