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  2. Get yours on the Ice Bears Facebook page - one each day.
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  4. Who votes for the awards? Coaches, owners, Emanian?
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  6. Will the awards presentations be live streamed by Commissioner Doug Price in his PJ's from his basement? It's all rage in the COVID-era media industry.
  7. I think LeSage has a promising career ahead of him!
  8. Agreed. I do not have anything to add to that.
  9. "So, if I'm reading this right, Drobot, who was here for 1 of the 3 years, still leads in penalty minutes?" You are reading it right. With Kallechy as coach Drobot will hold the record for awhile. That's a good thing--- for the wolves ready to jump on me. Just to show what I mean the leader in penalty minutes for one season in the 2 years under Kallechy is LeSage with 68 minutes. LeSage could match that number for 2 more seasons and still not reach Drobots 214 total penalty minutes he had in 2017/18. LeSage would have to play into a 4th season to get the record and we all know 4 years for a player in the SP is on the rare side.
  10. Jumping on here to say that I’d love to do this again, but time makes that difficult. My job is essential, so I’m still pulling 40 hours out of the house & I’ve got a 2-year old. Unlike many Americans, I have very little additional free time during this period. @theunderreview is doing an incredible job with FPHL sims, even getting the real broadcasters involved. The SPHL deserves a similar passion project; while I wish it was me, it can’t be right now.
  11. A majority of fans love toughness and grit in hockey. It's entertainment whether you want to admit it or not. It sells tickets and builds loyalty. As evidenced by the Fayetteville fans loving Malcolm Hayes and Josh Victor. Even that last home game fiasco with Roanoke got more buzz and interaction because FINALLY the handful of fans in attendance were engaged. Good interview Drobes!
  12. Greg81102

    What If?

    I'd have to go with exact as you. Just for the reason Roanoke had all home games left after last 2 in Birmingham. But think all the bottom teams had already started playing their best hockey. Roanoke was competing and getting points with 1st and 2nd place teams. QC had the most games at hand on other teams which I think would have got them in. But Macon was playing real good hockey also and Roanoke was about to start a 2 game series with Birmingham, before playing QC 3 games at home. So if Macon kept winning they would gain some points. But Macon only had a couple home games left and hadn't done well in the road, so I have to give the nod to Roanoke and QC. It could easily have changed though. For the championship I'd have to go with Huntsville because somehow they always pull it off in the playoffs. I have to pick them until they lose. But in best of 3 playoff series anything can happen. Just disappointed if we did make it, a Peoria or Fayetteville matchup was almost guaranteed. Would have been 3 straight years Roanoke facing Peoria in the 1st round being tied 1-1. Fayetteville series would have been fun to see just because of how our final meeting on the year ended.
  13. So, if I'm reading this right, Drobot, who was here for 1 of the 3 years, still leads in penalty minutes? I found this interview he did with his current ECHL team about modern day hockey fighting. It's worth a listen.
  14. I think Roanoke or Evansville could have pulled off an upset.
  15. I would have rather seen Roanoke win it over Huntsville. The only reason I picked them is because they have seemed to find a way to get it done once the playoffs start. Actually, anyone but Huntsville and Peoria would have been fine with me.
  16. I agree with Quad City & Roanoke. Just to break a few hearts on here I'll say Roanoke would've won the President's cup.
  17. SPHL announces regular season awards schedule View the full article
  18. Same with the Ice Bears on their STH renewal package. $79 if you add it to your 2020-2021 MemBEARship purchase.
  19. I think that is to be eligible for playoffs. However if that is the case, I believe there is a few I listed that can't be eligible.
  20. Is there a rule that says a player has to play a certain number of games for a team (I think 5), before they can protect them? If so, Craig Puffer is an example of one that can't be protected. Signed one day for Fayetteville and suspended two days later because he headed for Europe instead. Anyone know for sure?
  21. I was told today by the Rivermen office, 99.99 full season and playoffs non season ticket holders, 79.99 for season ticket holders if purchased from the team.
  22. I agree, but Peoria only had three home games left. I'm not out much, and I could have missed those games because of work.
  23. Mayhem_Fan

    What If?

    As everyone knows, this would have been the final weekend of the regular season and the playoffs would have started next week. So, who does everyone think would have clinched those last 2 playoff spots and who would have won the president's cup? For the last 2 spots, I am gonna go with Quad City and Roanoke. For the cup, I am gonna go with Huntsville.
  24. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the lists this year. It should be interesting. Also, Emanian said in one of his articles that the league will announce league awards soon. If Bowen doesn't get one of the league wide awards he got robbed IMO.
  25. I saw "The Dawg Park" FB page post their list. After seeing a Fayetteville fan post some research, I decided to take the time to look through rosters and transactions to see which players all sphl teams had rights too. Here are all the eligible players for their teams protected lists.....these include players signed to contracts, ATOs, on IR, call-ups, and team suspensions.... Birmingham F - Jacob Baber, Joshua Harris, Mike Davis, Cole Stallard, Tommy Tsicos, Kasey Kulczycki, Aaron Huffnagle, Russell Jordan, JM Piotrowski, Peter De Coppi, Jonah Wasylak, Nicholas Gray, Shaquille Merasty, Shayne Morrissey, Taylor Dickin D - Matt Fuller, Karel Drahorad, Alex Johnson, Tyler Mayea, Harrison Harper, Troy Taylor, Mike Crocock, Artem Kurbatov G - Artt Brey, Riley Lamb, Austin Lotz Evansville F - Austin Plevy, Derek Sutliffe, Matthew Barnaby, Seth Swanson, Demico Hannoun, Stanislov Dzakhov, Noah Corson, Zane Jones, Hayden Hulton, Sam Williams, Brett Radford, Brendan Robbins, Scott Donahue, Jacob Smith, Connor Sanvido D - Brandon Lubin, Braden Hellems, Kyle Thacker, Tanner Butler, Felix Kronwall, Braedyn Asselstine, Matthew Stoia, Dale Deon, Jacob Walters, Tyler Brower, Kenton Helgesen G - Braeden Ostepchuk, Brian Billett Fayetteville F - Brian Bowen, Max Cook, Taylor McCloy, Shane Bednard, Tim Kielich, Stathis Soumelidis, Canon Pieper, John Gustafsson, Drake Glover, Ryan Kuhn, Luke Stork, Dylan Vander Esch, Alex Marsh, Frankie Melton, Craig Puffer D - Jarrett Kup, Travis Jeke, Nick LeSage, Derian Hamilton, Joshua Victor, Wyatt Trumbley, Ryan Jackson, Christian Llyod, Donald Olivieri, Malcolm Hayes G - Blake Wojtala, Brody Claeys, Danny Tirone, Trevor Gorsuch, Benjamin Halford Huntsville F - Shawn Bates, Sy Nutkevitch, Rob Darrar, John Schiavo, Kyle Sharkey, Tyler Piacentini, Scott Trask, Chance Braid, Baxter Kantev, Nolan Redler, Austin Kelly, Hogan Davidson, Ryan Veerbek, Tanner Karty, Zack Franko D - Saverio Posa, Nolan Kaiser, Pat Condon, Alec Brandrup, Phil Johansson, Stephan Beauvais, Peter Sikalis, Lenny Caglianone G - Max Milosek, Mike DeLaVergne Knoxville F - Scott Cuthrell, Bryce Nielsen, Stefan Brucato, Anthony McVeigh, Lucas Bombardier, Dwyer Tschantz, Lionel Mauron, Riley Christensen, Joshua Pietrantonio, Brian Bachnak, JB Baker, Brady Fleurent, Jacob Benson, Marley Quince D - Gehrett Sargis, Jason Price, Pierre Ouellette, Tucker Ross, Alex Carlson, Cody Walsh, Alex Pommerville, David Brancik, Charlie Granath G - Joseph Murdaca, Cody Porter Macon F - Stephen Pierog, Colton Wolter, Caleb Cameron, Dylan Denomme, Shawn Lynch, Joshua Koepplinger, Joshua Cousineau, David Powlowski, Eric Ylitalo, Ken McLean, Mike Chemello, Bobby Sokol, Stepan Timofeyev, Brett Johnson, Daniel Perez, Beau McCue D - Cooper Jones, Zach Urban, Ben Campbell, Alex D'Oliveiva, Oscar Arfelt, Larry Smith, Sean Kacerosky, Vojtech Zemlicka, Rene Hunter, Nick Minerva G - Hayden Stewart, Michael Stiliadis, Kevin Entmaa Pensacola F - Tommasco Bucci, Brett D'Andrea, Patrick Megannety, Ryan Marcuz, Michael Ederer, Tanner Froese, Blake Young, Joseph Drapluk, Connor Powell, Brennan Blaszczak, Anthony Parrucci, Garrett Milan, Matt Ustaski, Eddie Matsushima, Taylor Best D - Meirs Moore, Jesse Kessler, Craig Cescon, Jake Howie, Tyler Andrews, Nathan Campbell, Ryan McDougall, Cameron Bakker G - Chase Perry, Stephen Klein, Jake Kupsky Peoria F - Alec Hagaman, Zach Nieminen, Jordan Ernst, Alex Baer, Jordan Carvalho, Mitchell McPherson, Cody Dion, Drake Hunter, Konner Haas, Regan Nagy, Connor Hutchins, Drew Doyon, Robin Hoglund, Darren McCormick, Jacob Reichert, Jake Henderson, Ted Hart D - Nick Neville, Paul Fregeau, Skyler Smutek, Ben Oskroba, Brandon Rumble, Jake Hamilton, Brandon McMartin, Theodore Calvas G - Eric Levine, Zach Quinn, Jeremy Brodeur Quad City F - Taylor Pryce, Stephen Gaul, Connor Fries, Shane Bennett, Dean Yakura, Vincent Beaudry, Cole Golka, Dakota Klecha, Gregg Burmaster, Kyle Moore, Dalton Mills, Joseph Widmar D - Ricky Kramer, Joe Sova, Ludlow Harris Jr, Kristaps Nimanis, Ryan Devine, Brandon Parrone, Mathais Ahman G - Peter Di Salvo, Ryan Mulder Roanoke F - Jeff Jones, CJ Stubbs, Marcus Ortiz, Brantley Sherwood, Brad Riccardi, Matt O'Dea, Austin Daae, Joshua Nenadal, Matt Beer, Ty Kraus, Brady Heppner, Joey Molinaro, Derek Brown, Brandon Wahlin, Mac Jensen, Kyle Wagner, Lincoln Griffin D - Travis Armstrong, Nate O'Brien, Kyle Gonzalez, Jake Schultz, Bryce Martin, Tyler Currie, Chris Lijdsman, Dallas Rossiter G - Henry Dill, Austyn Roudebush, Ian Sylves, Jacob Theut
  26. Just trying to make sure there's no confusion. Time will tell, but I doubt that Travis Jeke will be the only player hanging up his skates. A longer than expected off-season and so many changes in the world may lead them down different life paths.
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