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  2. I couldn't get his stats to come up on hockeydb........I had to use eliteprospects
  3. Just hope they disinfect the seats in the Civic Center before any new team starts play.
  4. But see that is different. That is usually a car giveaway that is sponsored by the car dealership who owns the car. Usually car dealerships have certain cars they can give away for free, with added tax benefits, and they use it to raffle the car off to a fan. But his intention is for every game that surpasses 7,000 fans or more, 1 fan will win their choice of a car, RV or motorcycle. So if they sold out all 28 games, that is 28 vehicles given away.
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  6. Time for everybody to talk about why they think this is a bad choice and know more than the people who interviewed the candidates...... I say this every time but let's give the dude a chance before we form an opinion.
  7. You may want to read in the parentheses while you are going. If you can't get them in while going left to right and top to bottom, you can go back and review them at the end. There are elite players in this league (meaning they are elite within this league, i.e. Kevin Swider), and Berkley Scott is not one of those. Craigen outsmarted himself on the veteran situation last year. Anyone that thinks Kyle McNeil should be a veteran part of a successful team is crazy. All you have to do is look at his history on the teams where he's played (primarily big losing seasons). Rookie players go to Knoxville and can't do much of anything, and they wind up at other places doing well. Jon Marshall was playing because of Craigen's mismanagement of the roster. Call-ups are not always automatic. They are often more readily accepted by a player when they realize they are in a losing situation or being poorly coached. Craigen mishandled Adam Stuart, Jon Clewlow, multiple goalies, and multiple defensemen. Murray does seem quite different. He appears to believe he's some fabric of Knoxville/elite citizen lately, primarily because of "Leadership Knoxville" and "Dancing with the Knoxville Stars", I guess. There's some good people working for him, so I hate to see them having to put up with whatever is happening. I don't think Murray's situation helped Craigen, but Craigen had his own set of issues; and it's hard to argue against his fate. If the assertion that they had lots of quality applicants turns out to not be true and they make an inexperienced or cheap hire, then that will be a clear signal of whether the needle of blame points to coaching or the front office. If they hire cheap, it will tell you quickly that losing Cole and other personnel matters are being influenced solely by finances. That will also be a clear signal that Craigen was scapegoated to some degree, but that still doesn't clear up why his power play is consistently atrocious while the defense leaves the backside post open 100% of the time.
  8. @AshleyRae_ Fan base but rather that they are just ignorant individuals that obviously are so hard headed to believ…

  9. Eli Gold hired as play-by-play broadcaster for Birmingham Bulls hockey By Cheryl Wray - Read more at:
  10. Wow! No coaching experience. Here we go again.
  11. @howintensive Super rad to meet you and talk some retro puck, bud. Good time had by all.

  12. They know they can’t win anymore. Might as well treat it like summer camp.

  13. I have been a season ticket holder since 1996 when Charlie and Martha Morrow brought Hockey to Columbus, I have been in the Booster Club, I have sat on the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board, I have been an associate or friend of every owner since 1996 and have been involved with several different sponsorships with the Cottonmouths under several different companies including On-Ice Sponsor the last couple of years. That being said, I too am sorry that the Cottonmouths name will not be used here going forward but I am not buying the team and a name is a name. I followed the Washington Capitals when I was in Washington, DC for 4 years and had a skybox, I lived in Norfolk, VA for 16 years and was a regular attender, when in town, of the Norfolk Admirals (previously Hampton Roads) and continue to follow them as many friends of mine still live there. I will be a season ticket holder of whatever team by whatever name is reestablished in Columbus as I love the game of hockey. I was at the Sponsor meeting and was impressed by what was presented (except the name). There are other aspects of the Sponsor packages that have not been expressed outside of that meeting, on this forum or on Facebook that every Sponsor at the meeting was fine with (at least no one objected and we were there for about 2 hours). If there is someone else that wants to make a run for purchasing a franchise (because the one that was held here was sold to Birmingham) from the league then put in an interest to the league. I just hope that in October 2018 that my logo is in the arena, my tickets are in my hands and I am getting ready for a new season of hockey in Columbus.
  14. I absolutely understand that, luckily he has over a year to prove to the fans he is serious about making things work. I think something that would go a long way would be to scrap the Burn branding and let the fans have a say and then spend a little money and hire an actual graphic designer to design a logo. That whole branding is horrible. There are three directions to go with successful sports branding 1) alliteration 2) local significance or 3) big scary animals, with bonus points for meeting more than one of those ie. Columbus Cottonmouths. Burn doesn't cut the mustard on any level, (unless of course there is a hidden std epidemic ravaging Columbus that I am not aware of).
  15. We had a giveaway of "a car" in the UHL days. A new car was parked at center ice and people tossed paper airplanes, trying to get it into the opened windows. No one got it in, so they went with closest to the car, the winner was announced, she was all happy, and then they rolled out the "new" old Yugo. I'd have much rather it'd been a Toy Yoda...
  16. I got friends in Columbus who were very close to the the Cottonmouths and this deal to them seems hard to grab hold of. Too much talk about spending money, when all they want is a winning hockey team, They said that will bring back the fans, and also the not happy about a name change either.
  17. You should ask @Richard3945 if there were any Columbus area car dealers at the meetings that Mr. Jenkins held with potential sponsors. These folks seem to have a large inventory.
  18. I thought this part was a little strange: 1. Those are the only two "names" no one had? 2. "Obviously" you are not going to go Flare??
  19. The logo looks like a logo for a natural gas company that I have seen, but can't seem to find which company it belongs to.
  20. And on that point, it seems we agree. Cause for celebration.
  21. Unfortunately Season Tickets are the driving force in whether a team is even able to get going in the first place. I'm wondering if he is giving away the use of a car/RV for say, a year. Plus, how is he going to prepare these prizes? You don't know until the game is underway how many people you have in the crowd, so preparing for these big giveaways is something that needs a lot of planning and logistics. Especially with sponsors. You don't just have cars locked away in storage until needed.
  22. If only Mr. Jenkins were to steal my team mascot idea, this whole logo kerfuffle would quickly fade into the background ...
  23. From the article at the first post in this thread: If by "designed", he went to this web site, and adjusted the tint control, then yes, I guess he did design it. I'm not yelling "THIS GUY'S A CROOK!", I just hope that he is properly vetted by the league.
  24. Elite talent? You do realize this is a developmental league right? Look at the call ups and injuries for this past year. No one could have a good season with the way that went. For crying out loud, we had Jon Marshall from cool sports playing defense for an emergency situation. This past year isn't on Craigen, you can argue other years. But this past year no way. Murray is a huge part of the problem, no one likes him. When your players don't like the GM they're not gonna play to their potential. Point blank period.
  25. Article on Mazzolini : Mazzolini's stats : We are the first team he has coached.....maybe he will suit up if needed.
  26. What strikes me odd, is all the giveaways he intends to do. If more than 7,000 fans one fan wins a car, motorcycle or RV (seriously, a small RV is a lot of money). So, I see this strange but not unattainable scenario. The fans see if more than 7,000 attend games, with 28 home games, not only would this Columbus Burn set the all-time attendance record of at least 196,000, but he would be buying 28 cars, motorcycles or RV's; or any combination of such. The other issue I have is that of everyone else, the logo. He put no thought into it or time. The thing about a sports logo is the bond teams and fans have with that logo. It uniquely identifies that team and brand. He never even cared about what the fans thought. It has been a major trend the past 10 years or so for teams to involve fans in the branding of their team. Bowling Green Hot Rods Evansville Thunderbolts New Orleans Baby Cakes The list goes on He even said HE didn't want the Cottonmouths name or identity, possibly saying f you to the people of Columbus; which is off to a bad start there.
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