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  2. That first game in Knoxville wasn't good one for him. Not sure if it was because it was his first game back, but he got beat a few times and gave up a goal. After that first one he looked a lot better. If he can play aggressive like that and get under the other team's skin and make them implode like Huntsville did in the 3rd I'll take it. Only drawback is you play like that the refs are going to be watching you and calling anything that looks close to a penalty like they did against him getting 3 minor penalties.
  3. Or maybe there are players knocking down the door wanting to play but we are choosing the wrong ones. I go by what I see. Your not going to steal many good players from teams in this league with the 13 player protected list. Not many coaches is going to leave their best players off like we did with Carvalho. Best way to build a team is to find good rookies. We let Bryce Nielsen slip out of our camp by cutting him and was one of the leading scorers in the league before getting called up. I still remember the interview with Bremner praising the team he put together and said we have plenty of talent and was especially high on Brad Riccardi and his motor. I'm not trashing him or anything but just an example of how things don't work out the way you think it should. He still has time to become a good player, but 36 games with 5 goals and 8 assists is probably not what he was expecting from him so far this year being his highest praised rookie. I also see most trades we make don't go our way a lot of the time. Some didn't even show up to play for us like Hosmer or Levac. Wolter trade was looking bad so far but after this weekend it's looking much better. One that actually working out is Sherwood for Bakker for the simple reason atleast our player is playing for us even after his suspension and return and Bakker has been in Brampton just about the whole season. I don't know the problem either, but I just can't see how Bremner gets the benefit of the doubt, but McGinn is being blamed. Problem is now is no team can find anymore quality players. ECHL has stole all SPHL players and the SPHL has took all of FPHL players. Just bad luck all other teams lost players at the beginning of the season and got the pick of the FPHL talent as we are now lost all of our players in the last few weeks. Just not much talent left to choose from. Just look at Peoria losing 3 guys in less than a week and are playing short. But somehow it seems they just keep on ticking because they have a large group of guys sticking together not taking call-ups trying to win a championship just about every year. That's about the only advantage teams have in this league. Where we might have two in Armstrong and Jones. I'm not saying you're wrong but I just don't see McGinn running his team like Jerry Jones does. Just not around enough to do it if he wanted to.
  4. RANK TEAM GP W L OTL PTS PCT ROW GF GA DIFF HOME ROAD E# 1 Peoria Rivermen 38 28 6 4 60 .789 25 130 87 +43 17-2-1 11-4-3 -- 2 Fayetteville Marksmen 38 26 5 7 59 .776 25 142 99 +43 13-2-4 13-3-3 -- 3 Knoxville Ice Bears 43 24 15 4 52 .605 21 155 142 +13 12-7-2 12-8-2 -- 4 Huntsville Havoc 40 24 13 3 51 .638 23 124 104 +20 9-8-1 15-5-2 -- 5 Pensacola Ice Flyers 37 19 8 10 48 .649 19 101 87 +14 11-3-7 8-5-3 -- 6 Evansville Thunderbolts 40 21 14 5 47 .588 16 127 130 -3 12-4-2 9-10-3 -- 7 Quad City Storm 39 15 18 6 36 .462 13 105 122 -17 7-10-2 8-8-4 -- 8 Birmingham Bulls 38 13 19 6 32 .421 12 103 136 -33 7-9-4 6-10-2 -- 9 Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs 39 13 20 6 32 .410 11 94 129 -35 7-8-3 6-12-3 18 10 Macon Mayhem 40 13 21 6 32 .400 12 97 142 -45 9-9-4 4-12-2 17 NOTE: Peoria can officially clinch a playoff spot this weekend. Peoria needs 2 wins and 2 losses by Roanoke, at least 1 regulation loss and another loss in any fashion. Fayetteville can clinch this weekend should they win 2 games and Roanoke loses 2 games in regulation.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Agree 100%, Roanoke needs a player that will fight and do things to get the team and crowd fired up.
  7. Nope, the hometown boys will never be goons..... I know you don't like Schultz but I hope he's here to stay and I hope he never changes.
  8. When properly done, the pocket schedules are actually not only a wonderful marketing tool, but also create revenue for the organization. God forbid I digress and go into "negative" territory so I'll stop there.
  9. Physical hockey- good hard finishing checks, digging and grinding for pucks in the corners, standing up for your teammates- those are fine. Blatant crosschecks, wind-up slashes to the arms or legs, elbows to the head, take-downs way away from the puck- that's goon, not "physical", hockey.
  10. yeah, no pocket schedules was a ridiculous decision, I agree
  11. Love me some Jake Schultz, blue collar kid who doesn't take any sh!t. I hope he keeps "gooning" it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. You call it goon hockey, I call it physical hockey and physical hockey wins games. It's held true all this time, just like the I Formation and station to station baseball.
  13. Yes, you are right. That weekend will have 3 games but no travel involved. Looked at it wrong online. Too bad they chose not to print pocket schedules for easy reference.
  14. Do not see on the schedule where they are traveling to Peoria, Peoria is coming to the crown for 3 games
  15. There is obviously a problem with getting quality players though. You're right that some things cannot be controlled like with a player deciding that they don't want to play anymore or something like that but there is something wrong considering that McGinn and others will say that players are basically kicking the door down trying to play for Roanoke when that is obviously not true. Maybe players don't like Bremner and are not buying into the system but I feel like based on the past that Bremner would do something about that. He doesn't seem like the type of guy to be passive and let things continue. Someone is full of BS when it comes to the Dawgs and I don't know exactly who it is. If the problem is the coach then something needs to be done and I am not saying the solution is a new coach. What I am saying is that maybe he needs guidance or something. Again, I have no idea what the problem is but clearly there is a problem and fans are only going to put up with a mediocre to poor team for so long.
  16. I don't see AP being negative in his post. He's just stating the Facts. The players know what they are getting into with minor league hockey.
  17. According to FPHL transactions in 2/16, Nick Wright has been called up to the Ice Flyers. Should be interesting...
  18. Definately goon hockey from both teams last night, along with inconsistent officiating (re: the latter- what else is new? ).
  19. My post wasn’t meant to start more of the negative passive aggressive banter that seems to dominate this particular forum. I was simply trying to say the guys were probably tired. Just an observation. I know the three game weekends and long bus trips have been taking place for years and I know they have several more three day weekends ahead. I am a supporter of this team but it is obvious that this forum is not for supporters but more for those who want nothing more than to spread negativity. So sad.
  20. This is minor league hockey and the long bus trips with three games in three nights has been going on for well over 30 yrs.
  21. See good things happen when you play old school hockey..... I don't care what some on here say about him but Schultz is the kind of kid you can build a team and franchise around. This community will latch onto that kid if he stays. He's one of the few left that isn't a giant p&$$ and the majority of the league is scared of him. Great win hopefully we got our balls back!
  22. Finally that was a good game. Played physical and wasn't always pretty, especially with all our penalties. Our physicality was huge though. Finally in that last period I think Huntsville imploded with all those bad penalties. Hope Osaka is alright that was a hell of a hit to the head. Probably a nice suspension for Alec Brandrup for illegal check to the head. Had plenty good scoring chances and defense looked a lot better. Schultz with two good fights throwing some haymakers was definately fun to watch even though the camera man totally made you miss one of them. I saw the video of both pretty clear and Schultz definately won both. Wish I could post the video but they were both in Facebook groups. Happy to say we are tied for the last playoff spot with Birmingham who has played 1 game less than us and Macon who has played 1 game more than us. Also, now even in games played with QC only down 4 points after their loss today. Hopefully we can keep it going Thursday night!
  23. Why would the Owner have anything to do with what players come in is what I'm asking? He doesn't dictate who plays on the team or choose who comes to camp. I just can't make a connection this would be an owner's problem? I've never heard of players not wanting to play for an owner, but you hear quite often players don't want to play for a coach. Why there might be different reasons not wanting to play for a coach like playing time, don't like the systems, style of play, how a coach motivates, practices, or just attitude. I can think of tons of reasons players might not want to play for a coach. Only thing that comes to mind not wanting to play for an owner or team specifically is if they had a bad living arrangement, bad transportation, a bad arena, doesn't want to pay players or just don't like Roanoke. Those are things an owner controls and has to arrange. I've heard nothing but good from players in how they are treated in Roanoke and how much the Booster Club helps them. Parent weekend is always a hit with the players that other teams don't have at this level. He allows them to bring as many people as they want as long as they stay in 1 hotel room. There are perks to coming to Roanoke the owner gives. I mean it isn't his fault players are retiring or leaving Roanoke like Dion and Carvalho did. I just have a hard time believing a man that comes to Roanoke once or twice a month during the season who has giving Mickey Gray and Coach Bremner every title to run the team as they want is the one to blame. Bremner should be the ambassador to Roanoke and bringing the players in. He lives here year round. I see what your saying if there were reasons outside of the coach, but that's just speculation with no proof and him living in Canada I have a hard time believing the coach and president/gm doesn't have full control over what happens and players brought in and heard him even say Bremner has control of everything on the ice. Now if I had proof he was keeping Bremner from doing his job properly I might agree, but i'm having a hard time believing that is a problem.
  24. I counted that in the four 3-game weekends I mentioned, just didn't specify since it wasn't all the same team in one location. Either way, lots of ice time coming up.
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