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  2. Really trying to dump those tix, eh, Jr Prof?
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  7. @VoceThe raComm 80p c""00

  8. @TheMadAnts @acwmc Have you decided whether or not to hang it upside down?

  9. RT @ShitpostBot5000:

  10. Sweet
  11. Just saw on the ECHL Transactions that Tim Boyle has been placed on Injured Reserve. Last week, the Wheeling coach said that Tim "was dealing with a back issue." Hope it's not season ending. He had been playing well with Wheeling with 7 assists in 10 games.
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  13. One game - already served.
  14. SPHL announces suspension
  15. @max_domi are you a member of the #SlickDaddyClub ?

  16. Replacing Graham or Schiavo on the wing is John Celli of the FHL Berlin River Drivers. Celli was called up from the FHL by Pensacola in January, but waived after 5 games and 2 assists. He went back to Berlin for a few games before getting this call up. 02/22/17 Celli, John (RW) signed 3 game tryout
  17. Any word on the Rivera suspension?
  18. @massp Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  19. Per the ECHL Transactions, Turner just got called up to Orlando so we would not have had him anyway. Now if we could just get Zeke back from Toledo.....
  20. @SnorLahx @Ni7rix @ShaggyDrama @ItsTURSI @Tipsyy_z @DexertoIntel damn nick I'm not even home yet you don't want me to play :(

  21. RT @NASA: The TRAPPIST-1 star & 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting it, are relatively close to us; located ~40 light-years away:…

  22. @KrysEmlyn that version of the belt is off elerethe in EN... probably raid finder version???

  23. RT @SportsMotto: The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your goals. – Michael Jordan

  24. RT @jfplante_Droit: Les #olympiques à Gatineau pour y rester #LHJMQ

  25. RT @nationalpost: James Wisniewski’s Russia-Switzerland-AHL saga offers lesson in the harsh realities of the NHL vi…

  26. RT @OTS_Hockey: Columbus Civic Center was ???? on 2/18, Guns 'N Hoses Night btw @HuntsvilleHavoc + @Cottonmouths! Gr8 ???? by @BLDGraphics @SPHL

  27. Am sure Coach knows best but Noseworthy appeared lost on the ice. Lots of standing around waiting for the puck. Maybe just rusty. Schiavo looked a better fit.
  28. Knoxville’s Brian Billett named Bauer Player of the Week
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