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  2. If the ice rink is closing until August, that doesn't fair too well for the youth/adult hockey players in Columbus, if I am not mistaken, that rink was a year round pad of ice. Sadly without the Cottonmouths professional team and the influence on the youth league and promotion of the ice facility, if the city doesn't find another owner, that could all be in jeopardy, real quick! Agree with above comment on Orrin, he needs to coach, JB needs to go to GM, but first you need a team! the city has to re-think their potential new lease, just way too expensive for a minor league team that barely pulls in 1,200 fans per game. It seats 10,000-12,000 and the lease is too high. Any prospective buyer would be crazy to just suck up the same type of lease as the last owner who claimed to lost 10's of 1,000s of dollars. I hope they figure it out
  3. Jesus, this league switches equipment providers yearly, I know it's based on money, but it has to cost the teams quite a bit to keep switching gloves, sticks, equipment every year as opposed to using the same ones from year to year and just replacing some of it due to wear and tear, etc. Go back to Sherwood, they provided the league its sticks and gloves for several years and had good color schemes!
  4. In moat league operations, if a franchise still holds franchise rights, they are still considered a member. Columbus did say they suspended operations and is what the Macon Mayhem, aka Augusta RiverHawks, aka Twin City Cyclones, aka Pee Dee Cyclones did each time Bob Kerzner picked up his franchise and moved. I'm assuming there is still no "official" word about the IceGators officially folding? The beauty of the Louisiana IceGators is they take the name from their state which means they could be reworking a deal with ULL or a new deal with another facility in Louisiana (although not many markets with Baton Rouge being the only area most suitable).
  5. Predators prove hockey can work in South By Ron Seibel - Macon Telegraph Read more here:
  6. They actually said "12 members". Which made me wonder if Columbus (and Louisiana?) can remain a member without fielding a team.
  7. I guess they know something we dont......Columbus and Biloxi (or Louisiana) coming back in 2018\19?
  8. Al I have really heard about the ice rink was that it was closing down until August. The city of Columbus is not going to give anything to any new ownership. The Civic Center like most Columbus Georgia run facilities is severely lacking!!
  9. 12 Teams?
  10. RT @penguins: Fun Fact: Coach Sullivan and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd for Game Seven.

  11. This is a great idea.
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  13. RT @ke4ole1: #ff #hamradio #TGIF @KG8OC @okitsmeJT @w5raw @JK54B @k4hsm @W4DFS @w4ors @kk4jay @K4SQL @N4DTF @techruss @ka3drr @MHalsaver @J…

  14. RT @11AliveSports: A sampling of the signs Lee County fans made for game 3 vs. Johns Creek. A 7-0 lead has them in better spirits. #Team11…

  15. RT @eileen_depka: Asking questions to inspire and motivate students can be a challenge. This may help. https://t.c…

  16. SOUTHAVEN, Miss. - In preparation for their upcoming 26th season, the Mississippi RiverKings have announced plans for a Garage Sale to be held at Land... - SPHL Mississippi RiverKings View the full article
  17. Ric Flair Woooooooooo #carbday #indy500

  18. Or sell her. Pick your battles.
  19. I can get to Smashville, but I only have one child to sell. That won't be enough for two tickets. Maybe leave the wife at home?
  20. The players will more than likely get a choice between the two. If you didn't notice towards the end of last season some players where already using Warrior and STX sticks along with the Bauers.
  21. That's how it is in the ECHL. I get that players are partial to a stick brand and particular model that they've played with for awhile; but when one of the few perks you get at the Single-A level is an annual supply of hockey sticks, I'd think they'd try to adapt. Those *&^%$#@ composite sticks break so often, I'd hate to pay for replacements on an SPHL salary.
  22. Since STX and Warrior both sell them, will the league require each player to use only sticks made by one of them? I know it used to be a violation to use equipment made by someone other than the official vendor.
  23. "Boogie Shoes" is playing and all I want is a drink that's big and blue.

  24. As much as it pains me to say it ... Pittsburgh will win their 2nd Cup in a row, 3rd in 8 seasons, and 5th in franchise history. My only solace will come when Sidney Crosby announces his retirement immediately after parading the Cup around the ice one last time.
  25. @AthertonKD @yottapoint If the rich get tax cuts - poor people can pay more taxes and that's okay

  26. Back to K1. I much prefer their replica jerseys to the Bauer/CCM models. They just seem to fit better & hang more comfortably. Now if the Marksmen will start selling their gear on-line rather than just locally ala the FireAntz, maybe I can bump up my jersey collection by one.
  27. RT @spike: The unveiling of Kalief Browder Way on what would have been his 24th birthday. #KaliefBrowder

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