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  2. @colga87: Board Admin intent is to leave it as-is while there's still public acknowledgement of activity toward a new ownership in Columbus, under whatever team name is eventually decided (if decided). There's also a transition to new Board software underway, so no major content/layout changes will occur until that's completed. As for: "the vast majority of the fans writing are from other teams that have no useful reason to be posting on a defunct teams forum" ... Sorry, we're bored.
  3. There is no need to keep the Cottonmouths in the SPHL Team Forums. They are gone; besides, the vast majority of the fans writing are from other teams that have no useful reason to be posting on a defunct teams forum. Possibly, a team might be back in a year or so. Start a new Columbus Whatever then.
  4. I would be so surprised since he is pretty happy as a fire chief. It is my impression that he has no desire to be a coach again.
  5. @TheCincyBuckeye @JennaFryer It was pretty good before all the wreckin

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  7. After writhing around on the ice in the Hangar and having them call for a stretcher when all he had was an ankle sprain, Tateson will never be signed by the Ice Flyers. I'd be willing to put money on it.
  8. I was just going by the statement from the folks involved in "closed door" meetings about the possibility of constructing a new facility. Cuz yer an old feller!
  9. Would definately be weary the two seasons overlap. Nba teams pay for and run the teams, so they will have way deeper pockets then hockey. Hockey takes most of the prime weekend dates. So if it did happen something would have to give. Might be good for pelicans. But believe its bad news for hockey fans.
  10. Craig Skudalski played 5 games with Roanoke last year before being waived.
  11. RT @Sadieisonfire:

  12. Small problem here- Bes isn't the coach of the Fireantz, and they aren't the Fireantz anymore either.
  13. I got "weary" just from reading the Ice Flyers fans' comments. That's enough for me.
  14. @johnfreakinpage How I feel about this

  15. PENSACOLA IS NOT GOING TO GET THE PELICANS G-LEAGUE TEAM. End of Story. Baton Rouge Louisiana will be getting Pelicans G-League team!
  16. Just to play Summer GM, a projected roster of players I would love to see Bes target if possible. G Mike Delarvergne 5'11 180 ( 4 games w/ Macon) Buffalo State College NCAA III 25 1.98 .927 G Christian Frey 5'10 180 Ohio State Univ. NCAA 23 3.07 .910 G Gabriel Girard 5'9 180 Had a good QMJHL Career Thetford Mines Assurancia LNAH 26 3.51 .892 D Justin Tateson --- Huntsville, if he doesn't retire D Nicholas Thommen Swiss 6'7 220 Laurentian Univ. CIS 23 1 3 4 36 D Logan Fortier 6'4 220 Johnson & Wales Univ. NCAA III 25 2 5 7 34 D Connor Simon 6'4 220 Hobart College NCAA III 22 0 8 8 16 D Doyle Somerby 6'5 225 ( NYI Draft pick ) Boston Univ. NCAA 39 1 2 3 34 D Jack Burton 6'3 210 Colby College NCAA III 23 6 16 22 D Mathew Sullivan --- Bowdoin College (DIII) 7-6-13 Pens Coach Mike Sullivan is his dad F Jamie Crooks 5'10 175 (Great WHL Career) Univ. of Alberta CIS 27 15 11 26 28 F Micheal Clarke 6'1 210 Acadia Univ. CIS 29 7 10 17 79 F Andrew Radjenovic 6'3 200 Played 22 games in ECHL (15'16) Brock Univ. CIS 25 12 19 31 32 F Anthony Beaumont -- 6'3 200 lbs buffalo State College NCAA III 25 10 5 15 22 F Brock Labelle 5'11 180 Castleton University NCAA III 27 9 16 25 F Brian Belisle 5'9 175 Connecticut College NCAA III 23 11 8 19 F Tyler Van Kleef 6'0 181 ( Camp with SC) Curry College NCAA III 26 15 15 30 F Conor Bates 6'3 210 Johnson & Wales Univ. NCAA III 27-12-11-23-36 Captain Senior Season F Tommy Vellieux 6' 200 Saint-Georges COOL-FM LNAH 28 4 4 8 101 F Jack RIley 5'11 190 Mercyhurst Univ. NCAA 39 8 10 18 75 L F Eli Lichtenwald 6'6 230 ( Had an off year) Union College NCAA 23 3 0 3 4 F Ryan Siiro 6'2 220 Princeton Univ. NCAA 33 2 5 7 24
  17. I had to take the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector. The constant beeping gave me a headache and made me nauseous and dizzy.

  18. Hockey hopefuls flock to area to tryout for the Wheeling Nailers By Tom Venesky - Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Read more at:
  19. How would you say this factors into your concerns?
  20. RT @yung_kropotkin: "420 y'all lmao" i whisper as i fall. but a comrade steps over me and picks up my rifle. "420 y'all lmao" he yells as h…

  21. @RichBocchini If you don't shape up, it's back to hockey with you.

  22. I would be very weary of this. The Pelicans may be able to get the approval, of course maybe contributing a few million towards construction, for the proposed arena. Should it happen, and the Pelicans actually contribute any amount, they would use that as full leverage to keep the Ice Flyers out. They did this to the New Orleans Brass. The Pelicans, at the time the Hornets, actually complained to whomever owns Smoothie King Center and wanted the Brass to pay for the set up and tear down of the rink to accommodate the basketball team. And unfortunately, arena owners, operators and civic leaders always bow to those with the deeper pockets. It would not bother the Pelicans if no one came to support the team because the team would be paid for by the Pelicans and it would only be to send prospects to P'cola to get playing time and develop skills. The Pelicans would be better off hitting Baton Rouge.
  23. Cruel and unusual punishment

  24. @KalelData @GailSimone Good, glad I'm not the only one who bought it more than once ;)

  25. No guarantee of economic victory for Pensacola with Pelicans' G League affiliate By Joseph Baucum - News Journal Read more at:
  26. RT @NASCARonNBC: "You can't make a pass on the outside three-wide at @IMS..." STOP RIGHT THERE. Appreciate this move from @WilliamByron.…

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