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  2. Happy for Forsberg, too, but bitter he's not a Cap...

  3. 5 of 5 stars to Traitor's Duty by Richard Tongue

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  5. RT @GrahamRahal: 98k #GRFanGiveaway! RT to enter, when it gets 1k RTs, I'll giveaway my #INDYCARGrandPrix worn @SunocoRacing gloves! https:…

  6. Another entry for my list of: "Why I Wish I Had Started Following Minor Pro Hockey Earlier In Life" ...
  7. One Last Fight By James Mirtle - The [Toronto] Globe and Mail Read more at: CAUTION: Contains some language and graphic details.
  8. Agreed. It seems to me that they did not have the best management who could put butts in seats. Doesn't help that every time they had a pack the stadium event they had thousands of people and got blown out badly. That really hurts getting people to come back...
  9. what a shame....
  10. Im sure someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in but they didn't renew the lease on the office building, are not under contract with the Cajundome, and from what I hear, the owners gave up on it. Barring an influx of interest and new ownership, im not holding out much hope for it.
  11. @MedinaMarie_PI @NHLPlayerSafety They went home for the summer. they wont be back till next season.

  12. Podcast #304: The Lies of Manhood and How to Teach Young Men Its Truths | The Art of Manliness

  13. RT @k3llytweets: once you start wearing big t-shirts you never go back to the ones that fit

  14. RT @dril: i love iwt when a big thought bubble appears over my head featuring guys pouring entire bottles of barbecue sauce out into a thic…

  15. I can see the lights of Canada on the horizon and thru my binoculars can make out towers and lights from buildings. Big Dipper's so hi up

  16. most people who drive mid 90's jeep cherokees don't realize how cool mid 90's jeep cherokees are

  17. If nothing else, Fandango looked amazing in that match. Solid work from him.

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  19. @elisenauman

  20. Pens get a touchdown and a shutout! 7-0 win over Ottawa! #Penguins #PARTYHARD #StanleyCup

  21. @RattoNBCS Not even there since no paper tomorrow.

  22. @scarlettparrish A perfect example of character development over the course of a story? (I mean even I did it once) 2/2

  23. @FuzzysVodka @IMS I want one bad, make sure you have plenty in stock on Carb Day.

  24. Note that what Bart Rogers refers to as "the franchise" is actually the ownership. Don't think for a moment that "the franchise" is committed to remain in the SPHL for the duration on the new lease. A return to some higher form of The Glory Days of Hockey will forever be on the minds of the Peoria hockey community. It's an obsession that will not fade.
  25. Rivermen in for long haul, sign lease with Civic Center through 2020 by Dave Eminian - JournalStar Read more at:
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