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  3. Security guy @ VBC in Hu'ville last Saturday night insisted that we keep our wallets with us as we passed through the detector. I reckon they've had (or at least anticipated) issues with claims of lost valuables in the process. Cellphones still had to be surrendered. Maybe the Coliseum will have to install better lighting. There goes the funding for your amazing new downtown sports venue.
  4. Purse-checking they’ve been doing for a couple years, along with hand-wanding. I’m more concerned about how they handle the bins for phones and such in poorly lit, crowded conditions.
  5. What's this world coming to when you can't take your gun to a hockey game?
  6. bogeybabe


  7. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Welcome, Knoxville fans, to the 21st Century. Be sure to add 30-45 minutes to your pre-game routines, as the arena security folks struggle to figure out which screening alarms to pay attention to & how to quickly (or not so quickly) inspect a purse.
  11. Thats what I heard too. Guess what official it was to? Eric Krasnichuk. Thats probably the reason they only gave him 1 game instead of 3. Pretty dumb move though in my opinion. Happened in the last 10 seconds of the game and the player who done it, his team was up by two goals.
  12. I forgot to answer part of your question. I don't think it would it would be a conspiracy since the league gives you the option to pick who you're going to be playing in the first place. It might be unfair to some people but its their choice one way or the other which team they pick. I wouldn't see it as illegal but i'm sure if many found out it happened there might be a lot of heat about it.
  13. That could be true. Either way even if he still takes call ups there is no way he would get rid of Barone even with a little chance to keep him. The guys played well in front of him in both games he was back. Just not smart carrying an extra goalie as the extra man on your roster. Way too many call ups and injuries can happen. We kept 3 this weekend and had to play a player short each game because Guyon is scratched and not being put back on IR. Then the game yesterday we played most the game 2 players down after Witzel was injured. I liked Creel a lot too, but something had to be done. No use keeping an extra goalie thats not even dressing when you're having to play players short in every game keeping them.
  14. These FC trades could be anything and be completed at anytime. Some go unannounced as completed if its cash.....they could be a "player named at a later time", "hotel bill" (PEO/FAY; Rank trade)......I've seen FC trades be completed within weeks of announcement and some wait til the offseason to be completed [FAY received (D) Shapiro from PEN, (FAY sent a player during following offseason)].......
  15. Of course we don't know what happens behind the scenes but just to speculate Barone could've told Bremner that he is not taking any more call ups this year. That would make the trade of a good goalie like Creel easier to make.
  16. I guess you can't say 100% that it couldn't happen, but I think future considerations trades are made more for sending your player to a team you want them to go to instead of releasing them and going to a team that can hurt you. Like Bronner and Creel, we sent Bronner to QC and Creel to Macon. Play QC 3 times all year and we are done playing Macon. From what i've seen most of them turn out being no where close for trade value. Like we sent Bronner to QC and than got Troy Henley for him a couple weeks later and he dressed for one game then was cut. I doubt coaches are out there making trades to not pick someone in the playoffs for a player. Saying that though, i guess its not a guarantee that some coach isn't sneaky enough to try it.
  17. Would it be a conspiracy if it were allowed? I guess that is part of my question, with some of the things that I have heard have been used to fulfill FC trades, are there limits as to what those FCs can be and do they have to be reported to the league?
  18. I understand all of that, and I understand that final seeding is still far from being determined. But a team has a general idea by the trade deadline whether they will be top 3 or 5-8. I mean we are still quite a ways from the trade deadline and I can pretty much tell you Roanoke has little chance of cracking the top 3 but is, barring a complete breakdown, going to make the playoffs. So if we had a top 3 team that has pretty much owned us all season could we make a trade for F.C.s to that team in exchange for them promising not to pick us in the challenge round?
  19. There's a trade deadline that is well before the playoffs even begin, plus playoff rosters have to be in before the playoffs begin, so what you are positing is impossible to occur.
  20. Does anyone think that maybe with the challenge round playoff format we may see (not that we would ever hear about it) teams trading players in exchange for a team not taking (or maybe even taking) them in the challenge round?
  21. Everyone knew this guy was a moran. Anyone could have seen the ian in sight.
  22. Level of hockey has nothing to do with fans in the seats, but with level of pay on the ice. The first years of the SPHL/SEHL/ACHL were pretty embarassingly bad. The SPHL is much closer to where the ECHL was in the early 2000s. The FHL is more like a UHL and early SPHL in level of play.
  23. Even though I'm sure you'll get something for him at some point in time......I dont see Macon protecting more than 2 goalies this offseason. Maybe Bremner can get one of the remaining 4 then.....
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