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  2. RT @BBWslayer666: New choppa new choppa it came wit a beam got Banks with me mixing the gfuel with lean

  3. Lol!!
  4. Indeed it does answer some, but I'm still skeptical (let's actually say cautious) but it does sound solid, and I stopped being a Cowboys fan when Landry was given the heave-ho by that micro-managing idiot.
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  6. This answers several questions. Plenty of ifs remain regarding potential hockey team, Fidel Jenkins Blog by Guerry Clegg - Ledger-Enquirer Read more here:
  7. RT @MattBarnaby3636: It's easy to always post great things but this was my proudest moment as a dad. By far.

  8. Marksmen hire Mazzolini as coach, Cruthers to run operations By Thomas Pope - The Observer Read more at:
  9. RT @AllieJayBabyy: A white kid in America illegally selling lemonade VS black kids in America illegally selling water. Who can spot the di…

  10. I'm just too sweet, brother

  11. RT @BarstoolBigCat: Jimmy is the best

  12. You can watch the live stream of the show here. The McGinns are in the second hour I believe.
  13. Anybody happen to hear the greg roberts broadcast with the 3 of them on it? I seen it was happening on twitter after it was already done. Was wondering if their was a link somewhere to it.
  14. Eli used to announce for MRN, the Motor Racing Network, too.
  15. The South kind of is the official home of NASCAR. The HOF is in Charlotte, and here in the foothills of NC is the birthplace of NASCAR (North Wilkesboro to be exact when them good ol' boys used to run bootleg shine and run from the feds)
  16. @highway_62 Can't talk when your mouth is full.

  17. I thought the South was the home of NASCAR. Can't he just cover the Bama road game in the afternoon, then hop in his personal helicopter or private jet and be @ Triple-C in time for first puck drop that evening?
  18. RT @KenzoShibata: Rahm closed 50 schools in 2013 and the buildings are turning into condos.

  19. Maybe if they get more than 7000 fans, or even a sellout or a full house (since the owner is a real estate mogul), their theme song will be
  20. They've already said they'll have a secondary PxP guy who will handle games when Eli has a conflict due to Bama football.
  21. "My work with the Bulls will in no way conflict with my responsibilities with the Crimson Tide,' Gold said in a statement. Going to be quite interesting when Alabama and the Bulls play on the same weekend and one is at home and the other is away.
  22. Many of these players become entrenched in the local community with their personal and professional lives. Many also realize they are not going to progress much further up the ladder. Others have taken call-ups and become disenfranchised with the system (i.e. Bryan Hince and likely Brian Billett after his Swamp Rabbit experience). So, no, call ups are not always accepted. The Joe Manno call up was fairly routine, as he is younger and has not tried his hand at ECHL for any extent of time. The injury he suffered there was highly unfortunate. The Luke Sandler call up was interesting. He's not an ECHL player, he's had ample opportunity to realize that, and he went to a team that was an absolute train wreck that kept him because no one else would play there while they were in the process of folding. What an opportunity! The defenseman that came in early wasn't here long enough to even count, and he was not even in the season plan as he was grabbed after ECHL training camp cuts and I assume because of being a former acquaintance of Billett in college (seemed fairly surprising and random to even get him). So, in conclusion, not all of these guys are seeking the call up. Many of them are in a city they enjoy squeezing out the final few bits of joy from the sport they love while realizing they aren't going anywhere else. You absolutely have "call up" kinds of guys and "non-call up" kinds of guys. More guys are willing to run to the call up when they sense the team is going nowhere. That money you mentioned is more enticing when you realize you have no championship aspirations, and many of these guys love that championship as much or more than the money. Longer term SPHL players that form your core do not often take call ups. The younger guys wanting a shot do so, as well as some of the ECHL fringe guys that get shuffled from rosters but have spent time in the higher league, as well as time in the SPHL formerly. One guy has made the NHL from this league, and that was a highly unusual circumstance. The chance of winning a championship in a professional league is greater in the SPHL than most any other. The GM has very little to do with forming the team in the SPHL. A general manager in the SPHL runs the business of the team. I'm not sure why the players would even care about the GM of the team, unless he is taking away hot water and towels after selling the team bus to save money. The coach of an SPHL team fulfills the traditional role of "general manager" that you associate from major sports leagues. I tend to think Murray has changed the "tone" of the organization over the past couple of years, but I don't think that permeates the actual team and play on the ice to the degree that a coach does. Craigen was a mediocre X's and O's coach that appeared to be slipping at roster building the further he got from his playing day contacts. He's a great guy, though. I think someone else should take a chance to see if he's learned a lesson and adjusted. If they do not hire an experienced and obvious upgrade from him, I would have preferred they let him try to implement the changes he promised in a letter to season ticket holders.
  23. That's great to hear. What a tremendous opportunity for the community. Kudos to the McGinn's.
  24. RT @MattHarrisEdD: Why Kids Need Data Literacy, and How You Can Teach It #tlchat #libchat #infolit #digcit #edtech…

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