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  1. Yesterday
  2. Its a lot different when the stat can be up to your discretion. Giving out who gets penalties and points on goals should be black and white. Saying that though, goalies do complain about not getting credit for some saves they complete. It screws with their stats just as much as other players not getting their points.
  3. Good thing its going to be the last one he gets for awhile. That sucks!!
  4. Saw this one coming. He tried hard to play through it.
  5. 11/19/18 Macon Mayhem Sylves, Ian (G) signed contract Macon Mayhem Pavlas, Christian (G) placed on waivers Earlier this year, Sylves played in 1 game for the 'Bolts 2012-13 Maksymum Jr. Hockey EmJHL 23 2.51 .925 | 2013-14 Buffalo Regals GOJHL 27 4.86 .882 | Caledonia Corvairs GOJHL 1 2.00 .926 | Hagersville Hawks NDJCHL 5 4.38 .881 | Playoffs 8 4.06 .899 2014-15 Buffalo State College NCAA III 15 3.92 .891 | 2015-16 Buffalo State College NCAA III 3 0.67 .981 | 2016-17 Buffalo State College NCAA III 1 3.00 .870 | 2017-18 Buffalo State College NCAA III 24 2.01 .928 | Evansville Thunderbolts SPHL 5 2.75 .916 | Playoffs 2 8.57 .795 2018-19 Evansville Thunderbolts SPHL 1 5.07 .865 | Macon Mayhem SPHL - - - | Atlanta Gladiators ECHL 0 - - |
  6. Nov. 19, 2018: Forward Maxime Guyon added to the 30 day IR. Forward Jesse Schwartz removed off 30 day IR.
  7. It is all based off of who is counting them and whether they think it should count as a shot or not. They are always missing some. Don't expect this to be accurate all the time. But usually if its wrong it should be more shots because they miss shots taken. Not add shots that never happened. Shots are shots up to discretion. The speed and usually where its shot from has something to do with it.
  8. Well not sure what made it happen but after 2 days Maxime Guyon got his assist added!!
  9. Birmingham makes SPHL history By Ronald Hagood, Jr, TheSinBin.net View the full article
  10. I was there Friday night...Pitiful every time i bring new potential fans they ask. Is this all the people that come? Not much for them to get excited about. We won't have hockey in Fay much longer
  11. Best bet is to ask the goalie. They tend to remember every single one of them.
  12. After researching the true definition of shots on goal, I will be interested to see if the next SOG total is accurate. I don't remember 45 quality shots right at Creel at this game, but I could have missed a few.
  13. I don't know if the Havoc use them or not. But there are cameras above the goals because they are mandated for WCHA games. (UAH)
  14. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  15. Yeah that sucks. If he could just go out there and screen the net they could have definately made him more valuable and gave him more shifts. Ftorek was the same way when he coached here. Never put a body in front of the net. Nothing aggravates me more then to see nobody camping in front of the net disrupting the goalie.
  16. You guys must be closer to and play Peoria and Quad City more times. Roanoke plays both of them 3 games a piece all on their ice. We play Fayetteville 13 times and Knoxville 10 times.
  17. The best year Drobie had was 12 pts in a season.....he scored some goals when in front of the net, something he rarely did. The other years he was with us, no coach knew how to use him. Had he been used properly I'm sure he would of had more opportunities to score like Dion. Most of the time, he was used to protect teammates....rarely had more than 3-5 shifts a game during his last year.
  18. I am sure it depends on a blend of things like stadium leases, merchandise sales, team payroll, gas prices, and even more esoteric things, but looking back over the years of annual attendance and which teams fold this seems like a number that will keep a team afloat (although obviously the 83000 number is preferable).
  19. Which number does the league show on their website?
  20. Birmingham is the only closer team. Looks like Birmingham eight times (same as Pensacola incidentally), and Knoxville 6. After looking at the schedule closely it is even more disappointing than at first glance. We only play Fayetteville three times, and none of them before March.
  21. Phil Bronner was a player like that for us, but I see what Bremner likes in Dion now. Cody Dion packs him a lunch and just stays in front of the net. Plus he's so big there is not very many people who want to try to move him. I've always been a firm believer everyone needs a big man to stand in front on the net to clean up the rebounds. Dion has impressed me big time so far. Brad Drobot never did that for you guys? That is a good job for a big man with not very good skating and stickhandling skills. Good way to pick up some easy goals too.
  22. Fayetteville needs this type of player in the worst way. This is my 7th season since I started attending games, and almost every year we lacked someone to "STAY IN FRONT" of the net. I've noticed a lot this season (a lot last season too) Fay moves east and west when in the offensive zone. All 5 guys follow the puck (puck goes behind the net) to the other side of the zone, all 3 forwards go to the same corner and not a one will stay close to the net. Smh....
  23. I can see that happening. But he was injured way before last nights game. He only played about every other shift with his line of Dillan Fox and Colin Murray against Macon. Only really seen him very little except on the power play against Fayetteville. When we went ahead I think Bremner shut him down the rest of the game since we was leading. Kind of like what he did with Dion playing in the Evansville game until they took that third period one goal lead and he started Dion back up.
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