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  2. That'd be the "Centreplex" to you, Mac. And that "some comedian" is grocery truck driver-turned multi-generational gut-busting You Tube darling, Tim Hawkins. How can you ever expect a silly old Southern ice hockey championship to compete with that kinda entertainment?
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  4. And Macon's lone post-season home game reported 3,742, so who knows?
  5. Round 2 games in Peoria had attendance of 1200+ and 1324. It's hard to compete with a nice day.
  6. No 5-game series. And no home ice for the first game. Some comedian at the Auditorium prevents the Mayhem from playing in the Coliseum that night?!?
  7. Add to that, Friday night in Peoria and Sunday/Monday in Macon. Looks pretty good for Peoria with their 4,000+ average attendance vs. Macon's 1,800+.
  8. RT @PeteBlackburn: Sharks fans dumped popcorn on the Oilers bench after the empty-netter sealed it

  9. RT @K4LEN_G: i tweeted "anime is gay" and im pretty sure this ***** just cursed me

  10. Yep, Best of three. First one in PIA and the next two in Macon
  11. Found a Transponder Snail! Candid pics from the Alubarna Palace Baths! #TreCru

  12. That should help out the Rivermen. Best of 3 then?
  13. Steele hung in there, but didn't have a great night. Earlier in the season, a couple quick goals meant he was done for the night. He's had a good post season and will hopefully be back next season. Havoc outshot the Rivermen 32-19 (21 w/empty netters), but couldn't break down Phaneuf.
  14. Friday - Game 1 in Peoria waiting on a final scoresheet
  15. (7-3) final score. Peoria just too focused to defeat on this night. Congrats on a very good season in Huntsville.
  16. Finals, here we come again!
  17. "Two-thousand-zero-zero..."
  18. 7-3 on another EN by Jones
  19. Empty Netter 6-3 is the score
  20. Goal Huntsville strategy seems to be put as many boddies on the ice as possible and shoot high
  21. Steel is out just under 5 minutes left now under 2 minutes
  22. Indeed. But in this case, I was simply trying to stay ahead of your growing post count. AND setting the mood for the post-game celly.
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