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    • I couldn't get his stats to come up on hockeydb........I had to use eliteprospects
    • Just hope they disinfect the seats in the Civic Center before any new team starts play. 
    • But see that is different. That is usually a car giveaway that is sponsored by the car dealership who owns the car. Usually car dealerships have certain cars they can give away for free, with added tax benefits, and they use it to raffle the car off to a fan. But his intention is for every game that surpasses 7,000 fans or more, 1 fan will win their choice of a car, RV or motorcycle. So if they sold out all 28 games, that is 28 vehicles given away.
    • Time for everybody to talk about why they think this is a bad choice and know more than the people who interviewed the candidates......   I say this every time but let's give the dude a chance before we form an opinion. 
    • You may want to read in the parentheses while you are going.  If you can't get them in while going left to right and top to bottom, you can go back and review them at the end.  There are elite players in this league (meaning they are elite within this league, i.e. Kevin Swider), and Berkley Scott is not one of those.  Craigen outsmarted himself on the veteran situation last year.  Anyone that thinks Kyle McNeil should be a veteran part of a successful team is crazy.  All you have to do is look at his history on the teams where he's played (primarily big losing seasons).  Rookie players go to Knoxville and can't do much of anything, and they wind up at other places doing well.  Jon Marshall was playing because of Craigen's mismanagement of the roster.  Call-ups are not always automatic.  They are often more readily accepted by a player when they realize they are in a losing situation or being poorly coached.  Craigen mishandled Adam Stuart, Jon Clewlow, multiple goalies, and multiple defensemen. Murray does seem quite different.  He appears to believe he's some fabric of Knoxville/elite citizen lately, primarily because of "Leadership Knoxville" and "Dancing with the Knoxville Stars", I guess.  There's some good people working for him, so I hate to see them having to put up with whatever is happening.  I don't think Murray's situation helped Craigen, but Craigen had his own set of issues; and it's hard to argue against his fate.  If the assertion that they had lots of quality applicants turns out to not be true and they make an inexperienced or cheap hire, then that will be a clear signal of whether the needle of blame points to coaching or the front office.  If they hire cheap, it will tell you quickly that losing Cole and other personnel matters are being influenced solely by finances.  That will also be a clear signal that Craigen was scapegoated to some degree, but that still doesn't clear up why his power play is consistently atrocious while the defense leaves the backside post open 100% of the time.
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