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    And your post isn't acting out an emotional response? So....... Let's look at YOUR judgment on this: Gone remaining balance of season: done All of next season: first off, he has been a pro 11 years. Most likely will be retired effective immediately. You're probably going to get your wish but not because of what you think may be the reason. And even if he doesn't retire, why all of next year? Check his stats, he's not a goon. What good does it serve? He's got to work to earn a living. How much money do you think these players are making??? Which leads me to the next one: $4-5k fine: ............ Seriously? Do you honestly think, even if he were the highest paid player on the team, that he could even begin to pay that kind of a fine? I'm sure Macguy or some other statistics nerd (Atnip around???) can come up with the record for largest fine by a player, but there are people who commit worse felonies than what Price is accused of that pay smaller fines. And shorter jail sentences than the suspension you're proposing. You're not wanting "justice" you're out for blood. Plain and simple. And that makes you no better than him. And then what? When is it "good enough" for YOU to be satisfied? Does Price go to jail? Does he wear the striped outfits and clean garbage on the side of the road, living in a tent community to pay his debt to YOUR society still warrant more punishment? Does he have to spend years in stockade getting rocks thrown at him to shame him for this crime in order to satiate your appetite for revenge? A scarlet letter perhaps? Does the black eye he's given this league (and the sport) warrant a lifetime of shame and destitution in order for YOU to sleep at night a little easier? What he did was WRONG. What he's done is bad. For the sport, for the trainer, for both teams, for everyone. He let a lot of people down, and he'll pay dearly for HIS mistake, as will the Ice Bears. Don't you worry there won't be another championship this season if Combs has any say about it...... I get it. You're pissed off. We all are. Believe it or not a few Ice Bears fans aren't thrilled at this behavior either. But what you think is justice is completely irrational when you look at the fact he is NOT a goon who just is here to beat the crap out of other players for fun and profit, the consistency of past incidents similar to this one and the simple fact that these are not NHL players who can afford to lose a few thousand dollars here and there. These guys make less than fast food workers who aren't bitching for $15/hr. But what do I know, perhaps I'm just emotionally overreacting...
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    As a born and raised southern boy, I understand the true meaning of "southern hospitality," but the Antz fans that my wife and I met at Tuesday night's game outdid themselves. We must have had more than 20 members of Antz Nation come up and introduce themselves and welcome us into your "house" and we certainly appreciate the welcome. The love you have for your boys is apparent, and it is obvious that you are proud of your team (as you should be), but you nevertheless extended a warm welcome us. Although this season's series is over, we will certainly return and I hope we can eventually develop a good rivalry that has both fan bases visiting each other's barns on a regular basis. Of course, we have to even us the W-L record, as I'm not sure winning two out of ten games qualifies as a rivalry (ouch). A special thanks to the Antz Boooster Club for sharing the great ideas that they are using. At the end of the day, we are all just fans pulling for our team and we have more in common than not. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that. I think you are the team to beat the rest of the way, especially the way Bonar is playing, and you certainly have two folks in Roanoke pulling for you. I do hope you can get more folks out to watch your team - they deserve the support (but I know I'm preaching to the choir). Thanks, again, and we hope to welcome you to Roanoke next year.
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    I have spooken with the new guy ... one of them anyway ... there is going to be a press conference or announcement ... on or around April 7th this guy has some big visions and in his words "is going to put butts in those seats and a better energy in the Crown"
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    Lots of football team players do this after games, too- either amongst themselves or with the opposing team members- and not only footballers- not proselytizing, just giving thanks that they got through the game and for the opportunity to play the game(s) they love
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    Soskin needs to lay off the saucekin. As far as I know, only Columbus is having issues. And any teams staff "getting disgusted by having to try and match numbers of the top attended teams" obviously need to step up THEIR game. That's not a problem for the league or other teams to handle. They need to go above/beyond to get butts in the seats on their own undertakings. Sitting on your kiester in your office doesn't put people in the stands unless you're on the phone cold-calling and making an effort to reach out and get publicity.
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    Where did you read this at? If im thinking right your talking about barry soskin. I wouldnt believe a word he said. He causes problems in every city and league he has bought teams in. He is just trying to make the fhl look good and start rumors all over the sphl landscape.
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    I believe they gave up after the power play goal that was number 5. They had just given up a called no goal for high sticking by mississippi. Then no time later mississippi scored the 5th goal of the game on the power play. Then not sure what pissed ftorek off but he got 2 minutes for abuse of officials. Putting his team in the hole on the pk again. Few seconds later goal number 6 and by then the wheels had fallen off. Breakaway after breakaway. Total give up by everyone. Was just a huge black eye for our city and team. Never seen a team just quit like that. Like i said it was embarrassing. Looked like they had never played hockey before. And about Kruger. He didnt get any help at all. He stopped a lot of breakaways. But he should have never acted like he did. And about pulling goalies, you would think you would ask your goaltender if or after how many goals do you want pulled. 2nd time goalie was upset with him over this. First time, was in fayetteville he pulled brandon anderson who got pissed and showed his butt for getting pulled. Next day he was shipped off to norfolk. This time he waited too long to do the pulling. But our backup we signed had played awful in the two games he started and was pulled in the second period of his last game. So we were screwed either way. But if it wasnt so late into the season i would go back and watch the film footage. Then i would waive every single player that had quit playing. If its still possible to get a few players, id waive them right now. Number 1 rule should be never give up. Makes your coach and organization look bad. If your a pro getting paid to play, no way you should give up no matter the circumstances. As big as the win in huntsville was, i believe we took one step forward then in mississippi we took 5 steps backwards.
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    As a Christian, I'd be happy to defend your right to leave the arena immediately after the final horn.
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    I foresee great things for the future of hockey in Fayetteville. It's now time to Make Hockey Great Again at the Coliseum. We've got a great team and now it's time to bring back the fans!!!!!!! It's going to happen....
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    They do it when the game is over. Most people are walking towards their vehicles.
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    Called yesterday about some tickets and asked about it while i was on the phone...He said they were salary jobs with a hockey background. I said why so many openings anyway? Attendance? He stated exactly...so at least our voices were heard.
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    And according to his FB profile, he's studying for his PhD in Education in Sport Administration so I'd say that that's a GINORMOUS shot in the arm for the FireAntz!!!
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    $39,000 raised for St Jude Hospitals for Children tonight- not bad considering the Havoc lost the game, we have a lot of new guys on the team who haven't been around long enough to become fan favorites, and this was the 1st time this charity was the designated recipient. Good job, Havoc fans/donors. Doc
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    It won't be to hard to spot you. There won't be many Antz fans out there on a Tuesday night.
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    The SPHL trade deadline is today, Monday, Feb 27th, at 3 PM EST. There can be no more trades after that until after the season is over. Waivers/Free Agency adds & drops are still allowed though. The ECHL call-up deadline is Tuesday, Mar 7th at 5 PM EST. Any player accepting a call up to the ECHL after that will not be allowed to return to their SPHL roster. But, players called up or already in the ECHL before the deadline can still return. Graduating collegiate or Junior players wrapping up their seasons can be brought in for the stretch run with any remaing 3 game tryouts a team has. SPHL playoff rosters can be expanded to 19 players. Free agents must have played 5 games in the SPHL to be eligible for the SPHL playoffs. Graduating collegiate or Junior players are exempt from this restriction.
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    Per the ECHL Transactions, Turner just got called up to Orlando so we would not have had him anyway. Now if we could just get Zeke back from Toledo.....
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    Signed up for next years seasons tickets on Saturday night
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    The new ownership also changed the policy for season ticket holders to include some good deals. Instead of having your tickets paid for in 2-3 months, you can pay monthly ($21.00) during the season which is smarter for those who can't give up the $$ at one time.
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    Yea. Ive been holding off commenting to keep from starting a mess. But plenty of things have happened in the nhl. Even police reports filed and convictions. Neither got lifelong suspensions. Players do real dumb things in the heat of the moment. What he got was the right call in my opinion. Let it rest. You cant play the what if games. Any cheap shot could injure or kill someone. Dont see how you can say one suspension is worst then another over the what if.......
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    Just FYI the Havoc trainer was hit in the head with the flying puck off Price's stick. He's going to be OK. Doc
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    Great game. We did it. Had me scared after that 2nd period but pulled it out. Proud of the boys, keep going with the wins!! New defensemen played good from what i seen of him. Lets hope we can keep competing like we did tonight. Props to kruger to get the win in the shootout. Made some awesome saves all game long. Was very nice seeing them drive the puck to the net, instead of dump and chase. So many more quality scoring chances we had. Great game Roanoke. On to Mississippi. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!
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    I understand that. Making bad moves can get a coach fired too. All we are saying is head scratching moves. We have two 5'7 defensemen. And our team waived, i'd say our biggest and best defensemen that is the only one that even attempts to clear out guys in front of our net. Then waive mike moroso who is nowhere near the worst forward on our team. They need to give us a reason to think we have chance to improve. And about the improvement. You should see some this year and we havent seen much if any. We dont need a championship team but id like to see us competing out there with a chance to win. Last 4 games we have looked awful. No reason we should get outplayed as bad as we have been.
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    Isn't that where fred laughs at the price of arena beer?
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    Make that four teams. Fayetteville has cleared the 9th place (by maximum potential points) Rail Yard Dawgs, so they're in too. Here are the standings organized by maximum possible points. "M#G" is Magic Number by Games. So Knoxville's 2.5 is 5 points to clear Roanoke and clinch a berth. EDIT: Macon's M#G for clinching the #1 seed is 11.5, so a combination of 23 points earned by Macon/lost by Huntsville.
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    This are my thoughts on the bulk of this thread:
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    Most of those job postings direct applicants to Jeff Longo. According to LinkIn, Mr. Longo is the Management of business and hockey operations for the Fayetteville FireAntz. Previously he worked as President for the San Diego Gulls and then for the Charlotte Checkers as well as VP of Marketing for the New Jersey Devils. That's a pretty strong resume!
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    The first Commenter deserves a LOT more up-thumbs: "Why bring down a successful league"?
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    I know it needs to be done. Trust me, I know full well. It's kinda my job. I also know the snail's pace at which the County's government works.
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    Nice to see. The Snakes may be praying they have a team to play for next season. I daresay most of the forum members certainly hope the Columbus franchise is still a viable member of the SPHL next year and for many years to come.
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    Relative Power Index (RPI) and Strength of Schedule (SOS) for the SPHL. RPI Rank: (25% Win% + 50% Opp Win% + 25% Opp Opp Win%) MAC .603 FAY .589 HSV .579 MRK .573 PEO .569 KNX .560 PEN .553 COL .541 ROA .524 EVN .507 SOS Rank: (67% Opp Win % + 33% Opp Opp Win %) COL .582 MRK .567 RNK .566 EVN .564 MAC .563 PEN .560 FAY .557 KNX .552 HSV .544 PEO .540 Updated 3/21/17
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    nice road win, 3 out of 4 points on this road trip, we will take that anytime, boys are playing solid hockey
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    Our Dawgs have a lot to be proud of this weekend. With the exception of Kruger's costly mistake on Friday, they played two really good games. If they can keep up this level of play down the stretch I believe we will definitely have a few extra games to watch after April 8th. I am definitely glad to hear I am not the only who mumbled, or maybe yelled, some not so flattering things at Kruger when he got cought out of position on Friday. Both of our net minders have, what I consider to be, a bad habit of being too quick to chase pucks outside the crease. De Melo actually got cought on one against Fayetteville as well, but luckily the goal was waived off for interference. Another thing I liked from last nights game was when Barr tried to get Beirnes to go and he didn't take the bait, it's nice to know that we have an enforcer who isn't going to drop gloves unless it is necessary.
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    Good pick-up and makes the March 11-12 games against Peoria even more exciting with Hauswirth, Corbett and Green facing their former team and both teams climbing the ladder for playoff positioning. The final six weeks of the season are going to be fun!!!!!!
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    Green should be a quality backup for Bonar. This was needed for the FireAntz team going forward and for the playoff push....
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    Im sure rooting for you guys. Id hate to see anything happen to your team. I know how it is with no hockey, it sucks. Plus you guys are our closest rival. Hopefully they can get some butts in the seats. Seems a lot of people missing out on the great team you guys have this year.
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    The dozens (if not hundreds) with their faces buried in their smartphones, tablets and game devices.
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    Lol, if i was dave then i wouldn't let "the staff" have my name at the end of the article. So im blaming him.
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    Just my opinion with having a similar situation with a former Antz player Tyler Sheldrake. Tyler lost his cool during a game that was not being called correctly so he took it upon his self to even out the score. He dropped the gloves and started swinging hitting the opposing players and ended up hitting a Referee in the head. He was suspended about the same time of the season ending his playing career. Tyler never returned to the SPHL or any other league. As someone stated, Price will probably retire. I disagree that any charges will be filed. The DA/Prosecutor will have to prove intent to cause bodily harm/assault and that's going to be hard to prove in a hockey game.
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    I think the league got it right. Price's suspension for the balance of the season amounts to 12-19 games, depending on how the playoffs run. That's comfortably in between Helowka's 5-game suspension (with no injury) and Simchuk's 28-game suspension (with significant, career-ending injury). Further criminal or civil penalties belong in another forum. Bear in mind that Price has spent 10 seasons in the SPHL, including 4 in Knoxville. This could very well mark the end of his pro career. Speaking only for myself, I see no need to kick him through the door if he's already stepping out. A lifetime ban is unnecessary. After 10+ years and hundreds of games, this is what Price will be remembered for.
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    In an interesting co-incidence, the referee for the game against Knoxville was Chris Waterstradt. Back in 2012/2013, Chris Waterstradt played 17 games with the Augusta RiverHawks, where Jason Price was an Assistant Captain. Waterstradt is currently a referee for the AHL, ECHL, SPHL, and USHL.
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    I disagree on the blimp, that was annoying back in the day when trying to move around and the kids would chase it all over the arena waiting for them to drop something. I could do without ever seeing the blimp around again. LOL
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    I think as a new team we are learning those lessons, we needed players to start and took the best of what was available. I keep hearing players want to come to Roanoke, hopefully it bears more fruit this summer. We need a few more team leaders out on the ice that won't allow this stuff to happen. One of the worst things you can do as a professional athlete is to let the fans see you give up. Roanoke fans can take a 6-2 loss if we went down swinging, but it's tough to swallow when it's so obvious some players went missing. Hard to defend that behavior, hopefully Sam had a nice chat with the players on the way back to Roanoke.
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    I love reading the positive energy about Fayetteville hockey! Jeff Longo could very well be the shot in the arm the FireAntz hockey organization needed!
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    Did anyone else notice this? At the end of the game two of the Columbus players nelt on the ice at the Zamboni end and prayed. I think that's a pretty cool message to send! who were the players? i didn't catch the numbers?
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    But THEN I'd have to edit the thread title again to remove the "RUMORS:" addition. I wish y'all'd make what your minds is .. are ... whatever ...
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    Hopefully next season, most of the Roanoke and Fayetteville games will be on Fri and Sat nights. Yes, we did win the season series decisively but most of the games were relatively close. We just happen to finally have a team that is good in almost all facets. Will this happen every year? Heck no, especially in minor league hockey with the player turnover from one yr to the next. We've went through our share of bad teams, finishing out of the playoffs three years in a four year stretch and those teams were beyond awful. I've been to Roanoke and I'm hoping the rivalry grows because it'll be great for both cities, the organization and fans. My first game in Roanoke was back in 1990 when the team was known as the VA Lancers playing at the Lancer Lot against my Erie Panthers and later when the team moved to the Roanoke Civic Center with the Express.......Great city and awesome fans! Your arena has that ole school minor league hockey atmosphere and is a great place to watch a game.
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    Idk......but if it was me, Id play Bonar tonight (Tuesday).....this will allow Green to get a week of practice with his new team.....IMO