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    As a born and raised southern boy, I understand the true meaning of "southern hospitality," but the Antz fans that my wife and I met at Tuesday night's game outdid themselves. We must have had more than 20 members of Antz Nation come up and introduce themselves and welcome us into your "house" and we certainly appreciate the welcome. The love you have for your boys is apparent, and it is obvious that you are proud of your team (as you should be), but you nevertheless extended a warm welcome us. Although this season's series is over, we will certainly return and I hope we can eventually develop a good rivalry that has both fan bases visiting each other's barns on a regular basis. Of course, we have to even us the W-L record, as I'm not sure winning two out of ten games qualifies as a rivalry (ouch). A special thanks to the Antz Boooster Club for sharing the great ideas that they are using. At the end of the day, we are all just fans pulling for our team and we have more in common than not. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that. I think you are the team to beat the rest of the way, especially the way Bonar is playing, and you certainly have two folks in Roanoke pulling for you. I do hope you can get more folks out to watch your team - they deserve the support (but I know I'm preaching to the choir). Thanks, again, and we hope to welcome you to Roanoke next year.
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    Onward to next season. We've got a lot to look forward to with the new ownership, better atmosphere at the games and attendance that is going to skyrocket. With a full off season with the new crew, I've got a really good feeling that next season could very well be the most exciting season of hockey in Fayetteville we've ever had. The title of the thread is 'done' but I think it's more like 'We've only just began!'
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    Every single DAWG player attend the Valley Youth Hockey Banquet last night. As you would expect, the kids were tremendously excited to have them there. David Gandara walked over and sat down at a table that had 6 little fellows sitting there and totally made their night. I just love the way this team interacts with their fans. Good bunch of guys.
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    I don't care what anybody says, I've got a problem with Jake Hauswirth. That guy comes into a town full of kind-hearted, generous people and he steals (with malice, I should add!) a game from Evansville after we invested not just regulation but a full overtime period. I know that you Fireantz fans are already ashamed, but I fear there is more. Being a forgiving soul I assume that Jake would come back the next night properly mollified. I regret to inform you that he was not!! After another overtime period in a game extended due to the intense technical challenges of Wiener Dog racing between periods Mr. Hauswirth did engage in flagrantly stealing a second game. His inconsiderate behavior not only deprived me of a win, but the lateness of the crime made it impossible for me to get my necessary Asian take out. I'm confident the Fayetteville organization will do the right thing and send him to Evansville to play for a couple years as appropriate punishment for these antics.
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    And if those seats aren't filled, Mr Norris will don a Texas Ranger star and kick those butts into those seats!
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    You are right they do not win games. I would not really call Beirnes a goon. He can and does play a role for Roanoke just as he did for Huntsville. This league does not have a pure goon in it this year.
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    Only if peoria fans got unlimited voting.
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    How in the hell do you give up a goal in less than a minute after you tie the game at the end, I am so disappointed tonight, any thoughts as to why the heart was sucked out of this team. Heavily outshot tonight and showed very little pressure on Pensy. Terrible end for a team that showed so much promise. Have a great summer friends, I think I'm going to throw up. I feel so sorry for Bonar, you know he wanted to win, dont know about the rest of them.
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    In a hard played game that was won by the better team tonight. Macon knocks Columbus out of the playoffs . Columbus made one heck of a showing for a team that was not even supposed to be here after a tumultuous year. Only negatives is this was probably the worse officiating in tonight's game than any of the three and it was bad both ways and very inconsistent!! Macon showed why they won the regular season championship. Here's hoping for hockey in Columbus in 2017-2018 season.
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    Just watched one of the most painful games I have seen. Looked like the first game of the season. Out of sync, a step.behind, bad passing, ZERO shots on goal during one power play, no crashing net, telegraphed shots...no intensity. Someone needs to wake this team up. Not sure about bringing guys back at the last minute after a nine game win streak....had to mess with chemistry...hey, Thursday is another game but I am afraid I'll be picking up the golf cart Friday if not....
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    I know the playoffs start tonight. We had a blast here in Roanoke in our 1st year, even though we didn't make the playoffs good luck to those that did and look forward to being there next year.
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    This league is far from a joke...a team earns home ice and gets to choose where they play as long as they have a back-up plan. It just so happens Huntsville has an alternate rink on which they can play games. As a Huntsville fan/office person, do you think they care if Riverkings fans have access to tickets or not? They want all Huntsville fans at the home playoff games.
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    These guys are hiring a 10-12 person staff ... they are not playing around, they want this to grow and prosper!!! They worked for 5 weeks promoting last night and tonight and the difference in the crowd was obvious and all due to them!! last night they brought in the Charlotte Checkers ice team to give some insight and to show what to expect in the future!!! They did say that tonight that crew won't be there, but for next season the experience will be worth the price of admission!! i have talked with the new Pres/GM several times via private message and he is very receptive to all the ideas fans have and wants to hear our opinions!! very excited going forward!!
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    I like the constant camera action shots during the game for those who can't see what's going on in the corners.
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    Final Day Scenarios: MAC: #1 - Coffey Cup Champs HSV: #2 Win #3 OTL OR Loss & PEO Loss/OTL #4 Loss & PEO Win FAY: #2 Win #3 Loss/OTL & PEO Loss OR OTL & PEO OTL #4 Loss & PEO Win/OTL PEO: #3 Win & HSV Loss OR Win & FAY Loss/OTL OR OTL & FAY Loss #4 Loss OR HSV OTL OR OTL & FAY OTL MRK: #5 KNX: #6 Win #7 Loss/OTL PEN: #6 Win #7 Loss/OTL COL: #8
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    Congratulations on the new ownership group. Looks like a good group. Looking forward to visiting Fayetteville next season and seeing a packed barn. http://www.fayobserver.com/sports/20170406/fayetteville-fireantz-sold-to-ownership-group-run-by-former-fort-bragg-soldier
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    As an old school (and just plain old) kinda guy, I like how Mr. McGinn thinks. Social media has such a fleeting influence on selling a product, click-click-on to the next thought. You've gotta draw people who have an attention span longer than a Tweet, or you'll diminish the value of the entertainment on the ice. Once that happens, the paying customers will just move on to the next greatest thing.
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    http://www.pnj.com/story/sports/hockey/2017/04/26/former-rival-goalie-helps-pensacola-youth-hockey-group/100929372/?from=global&sessionKey=&autologin= On this late April day, Rank is on the ice surface at the Pensacola Bay Center, where he formerly played all these years against the Ice Flyers. He's now the retired pro goaltender, a new Pensacola resident, while helping to teach youth players and grow the sport in this community. "We need to get him a new jacket," said Serena Sisco, laughing, president of the Northwest Florida Hockey League, as Rank tugged on a Peoria Rivermen windbreaker.
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    I am thinking if a change behind the bench is made, it will be completely new blood hired by the new ownership!
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    Another name we might want to protect, Andrew Hare. If he decides not to play in Europe next season the Antz owns his rights. Sean Bonar may get picked up by the ECHL next season. He's as good if not a little better than Sean.
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    That was GOALIE OF THE YEAR award. This is MVP of the league. Two different awards. Bonar also was named on the SPHL First Team so he has received an incredible 3 year-end SPHL awards.
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    Inordinate might be a little strong here. Evansville and Columbus were right there with them, and I think that's a real indicator to your success. High turnover is going to make winning harder. I'm not aware of an easy place to get those injury-day numbers, but if you work off average games played by people on the roster at the end of season you see Evansville ~26, Roanoke ~28.5, and Columbus ~31 games played with the team all season. I'm not suggesting that Evansville or Roanoke should be particularly upset with their management / coaches. It's their first season, and that sort of turnover is to be expected. I wouldn't be calling a guy leading the 9th place team the "best in the league", but realistically it's just words. Back your guy publicly right up until you ditch him since there's no benefit from undermining him before that.
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    Thanks SASRACE for the information, I would suspect that the venue the Snakes plays in is a big drawback for potential buyers, the arena they play in is way too big and expensive in terms of leasing, its why a lot of minor league teams fail, costly lease with the owner/city for a venue that seats 10-12,000 fans and the team only draws 1,800. In the end, the math doesn't add up, if they could find a way too reduce the overhead to the arena, that would help save literally 10's of thousands per year.
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    KMac didn't say for SURE that Bes would be back. He did say he may have other offers, which I don't doubt. If Bes does move on, I am sure that with the hockey connections that Longo and Norris have, it'll be fine. Stay tuned....
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    There you go! Bechard TO Knoxville...Craigen TO Columbirminghamvilleton. Finkle IS Einhorn...Einhorn IS Finkle...
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    It may be time for some new ideas in Knoxville, just like Bechard in Columbus. Both Craigen and Bechard have worked on making this league as to what it is today and i do respect them for what they have done over the years, both hard nosed players and coaches as well but it is like anything in the world now a days you need new ideas and new ways of thinking to compete
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    The newest inside the SPHL podcast went over the upcoming playoffs. Sam was one of the guests and had a few interesting things to say. -One of them was that it sounds like Anderson was coming back to Roanoke a few weeks ago but had a season ending injury and never made it. He also said Boyle went to Wheeling and had season ending injury, assuming he meant he might have come back? -He had 27 of a normal 21 players to finish out the season. 6 injured players stayed around to the final game. 21 was about right for an ECHL club to have at a time, much less 27 for an SPHL team. -Exit interviews he found out they have 2 more surgeries that need to happen. -When asked about next year he said he hoped the phone would keep ringing. Roanoke is within 5 hours of 10 teams, making it a good place for ECHL to send players down and for us to send up.
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    Pretty good summary about year one. Nice job, Dawgs. http://www.roanoke.com/sports/roanoke_rail_yard_dawgs/rail-yard-dawgs-ownership-group-excited-with-first-year-of/article_21208db7-38ed-56af-9281-7bd831f76fb9.html
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    This team played with zero intensity and skated around like they didn't give a damn. The officiating had nothing to do with the outcome and had everything to do with our team that had no heart. That was probably the most pathetic, half a** effort I've ever seen from a Fayetteville hockey team in the playoffs. Play with that same lack of effort on Thurs night in Pensacola and tonight was the last home game of this season.
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    Not to be confused with http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118764/ ... The boys would be the group I watch and attend hockey with. We have no local team, so most events are Friday nighters watching on line, but we get a few road trips a year when the wives aren't looking. Average attendance for a trip is 5, we've been as high as 8. So- group of guys, a van, a cooler of beer and a whole lot of fun. I may see you more, but WE will see you at least once.
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    Y'all will be in the thick of things next season, count on it!
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    Not surprised....Springer has ECHL talent and has played with both Hausy and Bonar. I knew Corbett and Campagna were going to have a difficult time making the playoff roster.
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    Overtime – Playoffs – In the President Cup Playoffs, when a game is tied after three (3), twenty (20) minute regular periods of play, the teams shall take a fifteen (15) minute intermission and resume playing twenty (20) minute periods. Teams shall start overtime in the opposite end they started the game and will change ends to start each subsequent overtime period. The team scoring the first goal in overtime shall be declared the winner of the game
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    I never complain about officials, but in the Antz-Huntsville game Saturday night I witnessed the worst officiating performance by a ref in a good many years, Andrew Bruggeman was absolutely horrible, Huntsville used the same tactics Peoria uses and it sure worked with this guy. Numerous slashes, elbows and illegal hits went on with no calls whatever, checks to the back and you name it, he lost total control of the game and the way it ended with the Havoc player blasting the puck at the goal seconds after the game ended could have resulted in suspensions for the Antz. I want ya'll to knock Peoria out and you better be sure Bruggeman is kept out of your arena, good luck. Also no sour grapes cause we won the game, it could have gotten real dangerous though.
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    I don't think you can overstate the challenge of staffing an expansion team. In Roanoke's case, you were asking for players to come to a city that hadn't had hockey for 10 years, play for a first time head coach, and had owners who had no experience owning a minor league sports team. That took a pretty big leap of faith by players to come here. Thankfully we had some good ones that did, but injuries and call-ups made it a really challenging year. I think next year will be a totally different story as the team has really stepped up to take care of players, such as houses instead of apartments, sleeper busses for all trips, and the parents weekend. And Roanoke had more callus than any other team in the SPHL so that has to help as well. Several players who have been with other teams are telling me that Roanoke's reputation is spreading quickly. I certainly hope that's true.
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    More than anything, I will be glad to no longer have to read posts complaining about the attendance and Antz front office......
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    Amen! We have an ownership group with awesome credentials. Jeff Longo has a great background with marketing and Chuck Norris who spent five yrs at Fort Bragg. We've already seen more interaction with Fort Bragg in the past week than we have in the past 15 yrs. I foresee very good things in the future and for the first time in Fayetteville hockey history, dating back to the Force years, we have people who are looking to increase attendance and fill lots of seats. Welcome Jeff and Chuck!!!!!!!!!
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    That's awesome and just goes to show everyone again this ownership gets it, and will be successful for years to come.
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    Another opportunity for recently honored News Sentinel Sports Editor Phil Kaplan to print nothing but negative news about the Ice Bears.
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    http://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/local/2017/04/05/ice-bears-suspend-goaltender-brian-billett-after-crash-dui-charge/100101662/ Kinda public now…..
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    Yeah the Vipers were a train wreck from Day 1, I was also stupid enough to renew my season tickets with them the following year because they promised they would be there the following season, still have never gotten my money back on those. I feel bad for the staff of the Vipers though, they worked their butts off but the owners were absolutely horrible they left town owing a lot of people and companies a lot of money, that definitely had an impact on why it took so long for us to get hockey back again. Thank god for the ownership group we have in place now. Can't wait until next season.
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    1st tiebreaker is "Wins" - so the FireAntz have the tiebreaker on everyone with only 2 OTL.
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    And he also got his assists on 2 power play goals. You only get a + for even strength or shorthanded goals. So at worst he was only on the ice for 1 goal. So your stats arent helping out your argument either.
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    If you would like, I'll fill a report with the local police department charging Jake for stealing 2 games? You already have several of our former players. What more do you want?
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    Welcome to the Forums! We do not bring up personal matters about players on the forums. Thank you for not naming names. Unfortunately, inappropriate behavior happens all the time with professional sports players. Don't let it change your enjoyment of the game! There is no way coaches and organizations can completely control what players do in their free time. Stuff happens that shouldn't happen and sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. Not making excuses for inappropriate behavior..... Now let's talk about hockey!
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    Huntsville should remove Freak Daddy from the organization. I have heard him make derogatory remarks about other team's fans in the past. That is just low.
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    Looking forward to tonight's game and hoping to see Sean Robertson in the line up