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    Could we not turn every thread into a front office bashing and talking about the poor attendance? I think we all by now realize the attendance is bad and most do not think enough is being done by the FireAntz front office. The team is playing great hockey right now and that is something to be happy about. I do wish more people were there to see them but at this point, we have beat this attendance and front office horse into the ground a few times already. Let's all try to use some energy to get more people to the games by bringing people and telling people about them.
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    Veterans on this board will remember that the Mississippi Surge franchise was sold to the Roanoke ownership group (as opposed to the Roanoke owners having to pay a new franchise fee). Thus, there is a connection to Biloxi area although no Roanoke player or coach played there. To demonstrate that the team's roots will not be forgotten, the Rail Yard Dawgs stopped by Merit Health Biloxi today, a children's hospital where the Mississippi Surge had visited every year, The team brought along with some teddy bears from Roanoke's Teddy Bear Toss game in December to hand out to the youngsters. What a fantastic class act by the team. Nice job, Dawgs!
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    Over $60,000 raised that night- many thanks to those who donated cash and items for the Huntsville Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and to those who bought t-shirts, sticks, ties, and jerseys. More than $500,000 has now been brought in for the NICU in the 10 years that the Melissa George event has taken place. Doc
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    You guys played an amazing game, I also would like to thank everyone in attendance for their hospitality Friday night, when I headed to the arena in my Dawgs gear I figured things were going to go one of two ways and I can honestly say I felt more welcome than I could have imagined.
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    This was an extraordinary action by the Rail Yard Dawgs organization, reaching back to its franchise roots to serve a community several states away. Whomever spearheaded this effort deserves a hearty round of applause.
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    I had the pleasure of visiting Roanoke this weekend to see the Ice Flyers. Okay, the Flyers won but the best part of the weekend was the courtesy of the Dawg fans I met. Had some very nice conversations with several Roanoke fans and employees at the Berglund. All made me feel welcome. You are all a class bunch. Thanks. As for me, I lived in Pensacola for the last 40+ years and was a season ticket holder for every year the Flyers were there. Now I live in northern VA. So, I'll be a Dawg fan from now on (except when playing P'cola) (Sorry, it's hard to break away). Thanks again for a great time in Roanoke!
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    One thing that wasn't mentioned in the story is that this was Parents' Weekend in Roanoke and Mike Moroso, Mitchell Mueller, and Zach Tatrn all had parents in attendance at the Berglund Center tonight. Of course, those three were the goal scorers for the Dawgs. Way to go, boys!
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    ..the trip to Fayetteville should be an interesting one Friday...we will have fun on our first road trip supporting the Dawgs since joining the SPHL.
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    Donnellan isn't a particularly flashy player, but they thought enough of him that he was the team captain. He should be a reliable addition to one of your d-lines.
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    Silly names only make us laugh. We laughed even harder when we brought the two points you missed back to Fayetteville with us.
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    Horn with an impressive debut tallying a goal, an assist, a +2 and 2 PIMs Still 2 minutes to play in the 3rd. Outstanding job representing!!!!!
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    Was glad to see Cous's goal from last night made #3 on Sports Center's Top 10 list!! Amazing he was able to stay with that and net the puck.
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    Austin Daae is a joke. Super bad attitude. Also noticed that Carriveau is on IR with Huntsville. Kinda surprised he lasted as long as he did. Guess he won't get hurt on Friday at the Crown. LOL
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    You have to play the game. First night he fought they were behind. Trying to get some momentum for your team. Second night they were ahead. Don't want to give the home team something to cheer about. Got to remember, they arent there just to fight. They try to give their teams momentum. Whether making teams to take bad penalties. Or just to get under there skin. Macon took a couple bad penalties the first night letting beirnes get to them. Second night they were more composed and were winning so no reason to fight.
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    Yes, it would have been nice to extend the winning streak, but it is what it is. Nothing permanently hurt. We're still in 4th place. We still have the #1 and #3 points leaders. We still have the #1 goalie in the SPHL. Now, gotta grind hard and push through to get ready for Hunstville - Macon - Macon trio this weekend!
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    One of those games where the puck just would not go in, we should have scored at least 4 times but it was one of those nights, we played the first half of the game great, but looked a little wore down from the second period on. Very good effort by Columbus. Lets get back on track and start another streak. We have a very good team and they are fun to watch.
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    Congrats on De Melo's (and Roanoke's 1st in team history) shutout.
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    Speaking to some people at the Saturday's game who have never been to a game will be coming back. They didn't know how much fun it was. Thanks to the Maryland crew who travels down for games made it much more fun with their clean taunting/chants of the players and Ref's. We all on this board needs to try to recruit at least 1 person per week to help out with the attendance. Sitting here complaining about it isn't going to help. Talk to your work management to see if they are willing to purchase season tickets or become a sponsor to hand out tickets to employees to build morale. Last season I was able to talk 2 big companies into doing that.
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    Thanks for the compliment, it's been great having Hockey back in Roanoke after a 10 year hiatus, it's been a work in progress but it's been great to see our team come together in the past month. With all the callups and injuries for us to be in the playoff hunt is a great thing for a 1st year team. If we can continue to improve at the rate we have the past month, we are going to be a tough out in the playoffs.
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    I am a Ice Flyers fan but I would be remiss if I did not give a big shout out to Melo for his outstanding performance last night. The Ice Flyers gave him everything they could, peppering him with 63 SOG and he stayed strong. Roanoke fans should be happy to have him. These two teams will meet again and it should be fun to see how it goes down the stretch.
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    Tonight ALL TEACHERS (with a school ID) will get in for $5 and tomorrow is ladies night and ALL LADIES get in for $5. This has been advertised thru print media, social media, and radio for well over a week. Hopefully we can get some "new eyes" this weekend to come watch the hockey games and get hooked. Last week, I ran into four high school students at Waffle House after the game. They were SO excited. They had never been to a game and couldn't wait for the next ones (this weekend). I gave them all pocket schedules and they said they were all four gonna come to both games this weekend. One of them said, "I had no IDEA that hockey games right here in Fayetteville were so much fun!" I told them to do what they do best….TELL ALL THEIR FRIENDS! Needless to say, it made me smile.
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    Driscoll scored for Norfolk tonight with 4:39 to go to send the game to overtime. Way to go, Mike!!!!!!
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    I brought 4 on Saturday and 2 of them are coming back to watch the game on Thursday.
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    Bring a bunch of new fans, former fans, or loyal fans with you to the games then! It's what I do.
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    Like to say that I am impressed with the Dawgs, came here into Huntsville and gave our guys all they could handle, not and easy win by any means and yes it was a great game, got a good hockey team in Roanoke, could make some noise late in year.
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    yeah, hope it continues, this team deserves our support, no dead weight on this team, they play hard
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    Here are videos of the two fights: 1st one versus Joseph, 11 seconds into the game (it actually includes the injury to Murray which led to the fight:: Here's the second versus Sicard, which includes the injury to Turner:
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    I wonder if Rod Aldoff is announced tomorrow morning as the 'new' coach.....
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    ... in the SPHL regular season, the standings are looking very competitive for playoff positions. Every team seems to have a credible chance at this point to play at least two playoff games. Three-game series are "The Great Equalizer" - as long as you can get there.
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    He is fun to watch for sure, but if your going to act like that on the ice and try and show up the home team, at least be man enough to drop the gloves, Beirnes tried to get him to go on 2 different occasions yesterday but he wouldn't do it. Hey I get he's more valuable on the ice right now than Biernes is but if you don't want to go quit acting like you do when he's not on the ice.
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    And, of course, they increase the number of butts in the seats.
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    Southern hospitality rules!
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    If y'all're truly FireAntz fans, shouldn't y'all talk till you're red in the face?
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    Well, Jeremy didn't disappoint, dropping the gloves with Chris Joseph just 12 seconds into the game and then with Dennis Sicard in the third period. I think Roanoke has already fallen in love with him. Very glad he's on our team.
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    And how many times is this dead horse gonna get beaten?
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    http://www.fayobserver.com/sports/fireantz-defeat-cottonmouths-for-eighth-straight-victory/article_61f8cc82-f0d7-11e6-a0bc-2b1041ec3705.html Antz down Snakes 6-3.....boys hold on from Snakes late rally. Goals by Dixon (2), Thompson, Hauswirth, Harcharik, Kalisz....... Thompson's goal and assist tonight puts him 1st overall in "scoring leaders" with 12G and 25A for 37 total points. Also Hauswirth's goal and assist tonight puts him in 3rd overall with 21G (17 with Antz) and 13A (7 with Antz) for 34 total points. In the last 8 games the Antz have out-scored their opponents 36-14.
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    Little known Havoc trivia> Fred's beer contributions through the years paid for most of the replay screen costs.
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    He is really the man. Not only does he lead the team in scoring, he also leads in penalty minutes! Not ideal by any means, but it is a fact.
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    I'll be there this weekend. One of the games anyway. No suite this week lol. Hope to bring a friend myself.
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    Combs was talking in between periods of the roanoke at columbus game last week. Announcer asked him about any expansion news. He said there was nothing on the horizon for next year, but was working on a couple for the 18-19.
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    Same line up with a solid goal tender in Hafner. Still short several regulars but you have to wonder if that is not a good thing. I think Columbus is already seeing the influence in coaching by Hergott.
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    Awesome comeback. Now let's FINISH IT!!!!!
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    FireAntz put up a solid win 4-1 over the Columbus Cottonmouths. Goals scored by Joe Kalisz, Jake Hauswirth, and TWO scored by captain Bobby Chaumont. Two points is nice! Now let's get four more this weekend against Evansville.
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    Yes it was the 26th, it was in the 5:15PM-5:30PM segment. I guess the team had already left for Columbus and the GM Mickey Gray was in studio. They usually have players every Thursday during that time, Massimo has been on quite a bit that I recall. Bob McGinn was on a couple of weeks ago when Mississippi was in town, he gets it, I don't Roanoke could have gotten a better ownership than this one. Very impressed with how they do things.
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    If anyone can stay up in Norfolk with Anderson, it is Driscoll. IMO, our best player here in Roanoke. I was really looking forward to us getting healthy and Driscoll being back up front with Murray. Good luck in the ECHL Mike.
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    Ice Bears @ FireAntz Thursday - 7:30 EST @ the Crown Coliseum SPHL Scoreboard Pre-Game Notes Live video online at Neulion - $7.99 Away Game Viewing Party at The Crown and Goose (directions)
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    (FYI, it's possible to play a basketball game and hockey game in the same day.)
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