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    You do realize that most teams haven't announced all of their signed players yet right....? And you do realize that the way to win in the SPHL is not with tough guys right.....? And you do realize that hockey is about scoring goals and keeping pucks out of your own net right....?
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    BRILLIANT TRADES!!!! Giving up rights to two players that have season long commitments in Europe and a mediocre goalie for a better goalie & BIG veteran defenseman that we desperately need! Mississippi has always been a very boring team to watch IMO. Even if Rivait and Strukoff do return to the SPHL later in the season, we'll be fine. October can't get here fast enough!
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    For those who remember 'Matty' While I haven't aged a minute- it seems the little stick boy Matty has- and just recently got married to a beautiful young lady from Loveland, CO. As that wasn't enough to make mom FEEL old- he also just accepted a conditional job offer with an airline in Denver as a pilot- He is still involved with hockey as an official in the North Colorado/ South east Wyoming area- does a lot of college and jr officiating...... Where did the time go- he was the NEstle Bunny just a few years ago............
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    I will just officially make this the puckcounter tough guy, toughness, rumor thread for the year......given his posting history, I know there will be more threads started this season talking about tough guys and who needs to be signed, etc.....
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    Don't believe that is our Bennett....that looks to be Sam Bennett. I don't believe we will be seeing any Calgary Flames players in the SPHL.
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    Most of the FHL arenas - recreational rinks really - are too small to properly support an SPHL-caliber team.
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    Let's not encourage MacGuy's auto-correct to spread this misspelling throughout the hockey world. Seems odd that Mr. Rulevicius was born in "Warrenville, MI." Must be a typo in his Elite Prospects profile; I reckon that's "Warrenville, IL" since he played for Chicago Mission & since there is no "Warrenville" in Michigan, Even more curious that he played for the Lithuanian national junior teams. Must be a first-gen American. Bet his proud parents never expected to watch him play in Northwest Mississippi.
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    Hey man, I'm Just excited for the year over here!!!
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    Welcome to the forums! All in good time. You'll learn the ropes, have fun.... Only one player signing in, none the less......Its good to back your team so early in the season, I guess.....let's hope it lasts. Take him under your wing. P.S. Actually, when I first saw the title in the forums I thought it was you posting this, Greg81102
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    Will seat 4128, with an executive box seat. Prices will be $15 to get in the door $20 for side seats $35 for glass iirc.
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    Small problem here- Bes isn't the coach of the Fireantz, and they aren't the Fireantz anymore either.
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    The sportswriter's worst enemy: Fact-checking sports fans. Live by the Web, die by the Web.
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    Mantha is back.....new-comer Flynn.
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    I kinda think alliteration possibly ended at Fayetteville Marksmen....js
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    Great for him and bad for us. Hope we can find a guy with some toughness and good hockey skills to replace him. Hate to go through another season getting pushed around by other teams like we did at the first half of last season before he showed up. Congrats to Big Bad Beirnesy. He will definately be missed.
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    And thus, the hockey connection is made.
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    Always enlightening topics when they are started by puckcounter.....
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    Pre-Season Roster [D] Stuart Stefan (veteran) [F] Nick Lazorko (veteran) [D] Nolan Kaiser [F] Tyler Placentini (rookie) [D] Cody Smith (rookie) Protected List Stuart Stefan (veteran; 323 games) Sy Nutkevitch (veteran; 240 games) Jordan Wood Nolan Kaiser Christian Powers Tyler French Mike Piluso Lou Educate (ended season on IR) Kyle Sharkey Tyler Steel John Lidgett (was on team suspension from January) Dylan Nowakowski (resigned with ECHL Cincinnati) John Daniels (resigned with ECHL Wheeling)
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    Last season, it started Oct. 12th. Of course, everything but the Crown has changed for this season, so ...
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    http://hibid.com/catalog/109375/roanoke-rail-yard-dawgs-helmet-auction/ Starts tonight at 7pm. Good luck!!!
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    Until the first $2 beer night.
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    BIG TRADE ALERT!!!! Peter Di Slavo's stats : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=14444 Joe Sova's stats : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=19256
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    "Gunner" will certainly appeal to the neighbors from Camp Lejeune.
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    This is one of the dumbest/best jersey I have ever seen!
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    Gunner ... gotta go with Gunner!!
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    I think the NHL probably does see a bump during this portion of the season due to the lull in other major sports. The problem is that bump comes from sports fans tuning in because there isn't much else on, this year I would bet most of those viewers will be watching the Olympics and probably even a few die hard hockey fans will forego watching the Caps play the Canes for the fourth time of the season to watch some kid from Minnesota slide a rock down the ice while a couple more kids from Minnesota sweep in front of it, I know I will.
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    I'm skeptical that the "lull" in other major sports affords them any significant increase to profits, but the injury concern is legitimate. I think the problem is the normal shortsightedness we see from executives when an immediate profit isn't apparent. The Olympics are the ultimate promotional tool. People who don't watch sports normally will tune in to see their countries play, and that gives you a chance to inspire both new, young players and get exposure to potential, new fans. That should be a top concern since it's well documented that they're rapidly aging (https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/zme3m8/the-nhl-is-old-af).
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    Not exactly just location, but the fact that teams are forced to play in the Annex on the grounds because basically Wake Forest owns the Joel and the not-so wonderful location, I just cannot see hockey ever fully working in Winston unless they built a new arena somewhere in or around the vicinity of Downtown. It's just not really a smart venture to even bother. It's like my hometown of Greensboro. We have one of the 2 largest arenas in the U.S. (tied with the United Center in Chicago with a maximum capacity of 23,500 seats), and with the rink installed, boasts the largest hockey seating capacity in the U.S., and tied for the Bell Centre in Montreal (21,273 seats). We can't even get hockey back in the 'Boro because the management at the Coliseum catering to the UNCG Spartans men's basketball team and trying to keep the schedule filled with concerts and comedy shows. Our market for Greensboro would be sufficient for an NHL team. We have a large market of over 1.6 million; however, with Carolina taking up the entire NC, SC, VA market for Fox Sports, they would probably cry and oppose Greensboro. That and we didn't support that sorry team when they played in Greensboro for those 2 years.
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    It's time to get geared up for the upcoming 2017/18 SPHL season! Before long, the smell of the ice and the excitement of SPHL hockey will be back! Hopefully, SPHL Forums will also be back and we need your help to make that happen. Currently, the Forum fund drive is at 41% with the October 1st deadline fast approaching. If you enjoy the Forums, please consider making a small donation to help us reach our goal. The Donate box is located on upper right side of the Forum Home page. If you have already donated, Thank You! Once the goal is reached, the forum software will be upgraded and everything will be updated for the new season. Hope to see you all for another great year on the SPHL Forums!
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    Hefferin's stats : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=163365
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    "Marky" ... REALLY??? And not one "F" name in the Top 5. The Perfesser will not be pleased.
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    Fayetteville, N.C- Coming into his first season of professional hockey, forward Shane Bennett has joined the Marksmen, the team announced on Friday.... - SPHL Fayetteville Marksmen View the full article
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    He'd better get a move on if his roster is going to show that at all. I just hope he has a boat load of promises from ECHL cuts. A handful of college grinders and Berkley Scott aren't going to get it done.
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    RiverKings add two more to roster By Bob Bakken - Times-Tribune Read more at: http://www.desototimes.com/sports/riverkings-add-two-more-to-roster/article_e63473e0-72ee-11e7-983f-27634c7521bd.html
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    A mere 84 days away now. Mrs. JMC 'n' me will be there to watch it drop right along with you.
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    No, that's what happens when you get your check book out (or somebody does) and hires a high priced lawyer like Isaacs.
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    . Looks like we got us a spunky dawgs fan here. Not sure if i would be predicting us champions already. We have a long way to go from last year. But welcome to the forums, always glad to see another dawgs fan.
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    Ice Bears' Kevin Swider joins Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame Dave Link - News Sentinel First off, Dave Link is writing for the Ice Bears again! Read more at: http://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/2017/07/26/kevin-swider-ice-bears-knoxville-sports-hall-of-fame/502537001/
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    Those have been rendered useless.
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    Good luck to Justin. To be clear, there's nothing unusual about North American pro players jumping to Europe to play. It tends to happen in cycles, probably based on peaks in the European economy that give those teams more to offer in salaries & other benefits. Former teammates often recruit one another to follow, so they have a familiar face around them during play & off ice. With larger ice surfaces, the hockey has less hitting & more motion which allows players to be more creative in their games. The "imports" also get unique and often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to live in & travel around some beautiful and culturally diverse regions. Most of the contracts are for one season like they are in U.S. minor pro leagues, so some of the players can spend a few years hopping from team to team and country to country to experience a wider variety of living conditions. As the Gershwin Brothers put it: "Nice work if you can get it. And you can get it, if you try."
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    And this is precisely why you don't make major announcements on a Friday unless you intentionally want it lost in the weekend news cycle.
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    Professional Tryouts offered to: Eliot Grauer
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    Marksmen to bring back defenseman Robertson Observer Staff Read more at: http://www.fayobserver.com/sports/20170725/marksmen-to-bring-back-defenseman-robertson
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    @colga87: Board Admin intent is to leave it as-is while there's still public acknowledgement of activity toward a new ownership in Columbus, under whatever team name is eventually decided (if decided). There's also a transition to new Board software underway, so no major content/layout changes will occur until that's completed. As for: "the vast majority of the fans writing are from other teams that have no useful reason to be posting on a defunct teams forum" ... Sorry, we're bored.
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    Donny Flynn, rockin' the flow.
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    Guys, we're in the South. The fox needs a good, christian name; "Mark".
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    Wow. Using visual aids to support a mistake. (A mistake that only P.O. caught, mind you.)
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    Berkley Scott is back in Knoxville.