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    Just as an FYI, this is public information it is public record and it was posted on a public website. It is open to discussion. Unlike some Facebook pages, we are not going to suppress public information and act like it didn't happen. Much like politicians, when you are in the public eye everything you do is subject to scrutiny. So...Don't do stupid s***!!!
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    So, we agree that the pay is low, and these guys have a minimal chance of making it to the highest tier of their sport. In what way does that make what they do "pretend"? Is the manager at a store a "pretend worker" if he has no hope of becoming the CEO? I am just baffled by your need to denigrate what other people do because it doesn't fit some arbitrary set of goals you have selected. Perplexing. Is the fact that people return as fans a bad thing in your book? Do you think the Lakers really hate that dick Jack Nicholson because he just keeps showing up? About the numbers though, Knoxville had ~3600 this year if I'm not mistaken. 1 in 236 people then. Seems like a low ratio. I wonder if perspective will help us? Los Angeles Kings attendance average 18,230. Metro population 13 million. 1 in 720. Crazy. For fun, let's take one of the best attended teams in the AHL: Cleveland. 9055 people, 2,055,612 metro area. 1 in 227. I love numbers. Judge-y. Would you feel better if the sponsors had small ad budgets? I do not understand why you bring up ad budget size, nor your concern with how a business operates. It makes me wonder if you've got a real problem with Amish people. We have complete agreement here! It's a bad situation. I'm generally always against zero tolerance. We are imperfect people, and the situation should be properly evaluated. If this is truly an out of character situation then it should be measured accordingly. If not, the organization should get him help and move on. Opinion, not fact. Don't know better than what? That what they are watching isn't the absolutely pinnacle of the profession? Is that the bar you apply to all aspects of your life? Hey Mario Batali, nice try with La Sirena. I guess it's good food if you've never heard of Le Bernardin. Good point. Some people enjoy an entertaining night out with the family. Others prefer to spend their time condescending. Whatever floats your boat!
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    Mike has been very polite and courteous to my family especially my son, and yes I still support him to the fullest. He made a big mistake, one that he should man up to, he is a role model to a lot of kids and now he can show them how to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. This maybe a wake up call for him to be more responsible and get his life together. We wish him nothing but the best and hope to see him leading the way next season.
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    are now available. All 30 teams + Las Vegas SPHL Logos are also available: If you search for your team in the emoticon popup, try a capital first letter for the team (search for "Predators", not "predators") or type the name of the team (no spaces) with a colon ( : ) in the front and back of the name. See below for teams and corresponding inputs:
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    Time for everybody to talk about why they think this is a bad choice and know more than the people who interviewed the candidates...... I say this every time but let's give the dude a chance before we form an opinion.
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    That's not shrewd. And even if it is an attempt to be shrewd, that's the wrong part of the business to do it with. Branding is huge and should be treated as a huge part to starting up a hockey team. Especially when you're replacing a well-established brand like the Cottonmouths. You don't want to halfass it and getting caught in this surely makes it seem as though he hasn't made it all the way to halfass level.
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    I'm just glad we will have hockey. My daughters were gonna make me drive 4 hrs to Huntsville for hockey even though Macon is 2 hrs away. I drive 1 hr just watch hockey in Columbus. They want to stay with an original SPHL team.
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    New owner purchasing Columbus pro hockey affiliation from SPHL By brobertsonwrbl - WRBL Read more at: http://wrbl.com/2017/06/20/new-owner-purchasing-columbus-pro-hockey-affiliation-from-sphl/
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    Despite what was said, in order to be politically correct, do you really believe this?
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    Just out of curiosity, what do you consider appropriate adult entertainment if SPHL hockey is beneath you?
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    I think players will be more willing to come here with the new ownership. Some players go over to Europe, enjoy it there and stay for a while and others go, don't like it and come right back. It's hard to say what will happen but I don't blame them for going over.
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    To answer some of the previous questions, Murray owns an insignificant part of the team. I don't know how many people reading this wear rose colored classes, but The Ice Bears and all the teams in the SPHL league are what I would call "Pretend" hockey teams. It's not even like Smokies baseball where the players actually have a small chance of going into the big leagues. It's a dead end job with low wages, that leads nowhere for players. Most everyone gets paid peanuts to play. The Knoxville metropolitan area has over 850,000 people, yet a measly 2,000- 3,000 people go to games, most of which are the same people year after year after year. John Axford actually owned the team until he died and the other small percentage owners including Murray are just hockey fans who for example owned tanning beds in Farragut and retired from the military. Obviously when the leader of your company gets arrested on the side of the road, during the middle of the week, along with a woman almost half your age, it sets a bad example for your entire organization, whether it be a real business or a pretend one that trades and barters for services to survive. A lot of the sponsors over the years are also fans like Halls Salvage or companies with big ad budgets, I guess all the Ice Bears ads didn't help Halls Salvage? A normal, viable business would fire the general manager after an arrest like this, especially since they just suspended a player a few weeks ago for the same thing. Excuses and fancy attorneys don't change the obvious. If you are not drinking and driving, you have no reason whatsoever to refuse the breathalyzer, which you are required by law to take, especially if you ran off the road and disabled your vehicle. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you have not been drinking by taking the test. If you are not drinking booze and driving on a weekday night, you have nothing to worry about, it's not a lie detector test, it's very accurate, especially the ones at the police station. If you haven't been drinking at all it's going to say 0.00! If you have not been drinking, you have absolutely nothing to lose by taking the test. If you have been drinking, you have everything to gain by refusing to take it. Overall it's going to be a bad situation regardless of the outcome. This will cause personal problems, stress, and also send a bad message to all staff at this organization. Also, how is the man going to get to work? I guess the bus stop is nearby or the young lady also arrested for Public Intoxication can give him rides? Refusing the breath test is automatic loss of license for 1 year, unless your high paid attorney gets you out of it. This is also why we live in a Country where people have 15+ DUIs and people getting killed by drunk drivers all the time. Nobody learns anything from this situation if he continues to manage the team, except there are no consequences for your actions. It also reveals the desperation of this business and their inability to find a replacement willing to do the same job for the same money with the same results. Fortunately nobody was hurt or killed, because that's not as easy to weasel your way out of.
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    Knoxville is leading the league in DUIs.
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    Is that a group of canine archers from Scotland?
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    Mike Craigen had no coaching experience when he took on the job. Won a championship eventually. Scott Hillman won two SPHL championships his first two years as a coach. Bechard won a championship for Columbus his first year as a full-time coach. It can happen.
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    I have been a season ticket holder since 1996 when Charlie and Martha Morrow brought Hockey to Columbus, I have been in the Booster Club, I have sat on the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board, I have been an associate or friend of every owner since 1996 and have been involved with several different sponsorships with the Cottonmouths under several different companies including On-Ice Sponsor the last couple of years. That being said, I too am sorry that the Cottonmouths name will not be used here going forward but I am not buying the team and a name is a name. I followed the Washington Capitals when I was in Washington, DC for 4 years and had a skybox, I lived in Norfolk, VA for 16 years and was a regular attender, when in town, of the Norfolk Admirals (previously Hampton Roads) and continue to follow them as many friends of mine still live there. I will be a season ticket holder of whatever team by whatever name is reestablished in Columbus as I love the game of hockey. I was at the Sponsor meeting and was impressed by what was presented (except the name). There are other aspects of the Sponsor packages that have not been expressed outside of that meeting, on this forum or on Facebook that every Sponsor at the meeting was fine with (at least no one objected and we were there for about 2 hours). If there is someone else that wants to make a run for purchasing a franchise (because the one that was held here was sold to Birmingham) from the league then put in an interest to the league. I just hope that in October 2018 that my logo is in the arena, my tickets are in my hands and I am getting ready for a new season of hockey in Columbus.
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    I am going to preface my post by saying that I truly hope this works out for Columbus, that being said I share most everybody else's feelings of something being sketchy about this whole situation. The logo thing may be a shrewd business move, but I can tell you that shrewed business is not going to make up for the fact that your team logo is shared by possibly hundreds of small businesses that paid the same 29.99 for the rights. While it is true that the McGinns have no connection to Roanoke, they have a huge connection to hockey. They were looking for a team and we here in Roanoke had a group of local owners looking for a majority owner to bring hockey back and someone made the introduction. I understand that it has been widely known that Columbus was looking for an owner, but nothing I have seen points to any connection to hockey by Mr. Jenkins. So with no interest in tje community and with no interest in hockey, that leaves money as his primary motivation and I just don't see where ownership of an SPHL franchise is a lucrative investment. I could definitely be wrong, Mr. Jenkins may be a huge fan of Hockey, or he could have some connection to the community that we aren't aware of. But the initial impression I am getting is he is investing the minimum possible and making huge promises. I have seen that business model before and it didn't work out well for the fans. Just ask anyone in Roanoke how they feel about the Vipers, most of them will respond with a profanity laced tirade about that out of town ownership group. My advice to the fans in Columbus if this happens is go to the games, buy the merchandise if you want, but I wouldn't buy season tickets until you see him fulfilling some of his big promises and reinvesting in tthe organization.
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    Mr. Jenkins' plans are remarkably consistent with the business model that his primary real estate concerns have established. But I share your intuitive concerns, Speed. Besides the radical marketing approach, I am concerned that the local media are characterizing Fidel (unfortunate name) as the "potential owner" of the new team. If this is a term being used by the buyer & the League, it indicates a hesitancy on a part of the principles to stand behind the future success of the business venture. If it's simply a term picked up by the press, then it at least has the potential to cast a public doubt on the future of the business. And if fans (true & casual) aren't sure this team will follow through on the grand plans being proffered, then the wallets of all those advertisers will remain shut tight and those electronic dasher boards will remain dark. This will surely be a story worth following in the coming months.
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    As an On-Ice Sponsor for several years I was at the meeting with Sponsors. It was a good presentation and I look forward to our having hockey in the Civic Center beginning again in 2018. Even though I have also been a season ticket holder since the beginning and also have been a sponsor for several different companies for the Cottonmouths and sat on their Season Ticket Holder Board, it is sad to see the Cottonmouths name disappear. However, things in life change and the opportunities that were laid out for sponsors, giveaways (see above) and ticket sales was exciting. We look forward to many more years of hockey in Columbus, GA
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    He has an explanation for the name:
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    lolwut. I'll just say this: just because the process isn't as public as Birmingham doesn't mean there's not progress. In fact, the league office was a little annoyed at how public the Birmingham situation was. Louisiana was because the owners used the renovation as an excuse to shut it down. I'm not sure why they hung on to the office for so long but 16-17 was doable for them in terms of a facility (not desirable but doable) and 17-18 would have been if they hadn't taken the year off. The other two are making progress. And with Columbus, again the league wasn't too excited about how a certain someone made the process very, very public.
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    Hockey Down Under – Life as an AIHL Import By Geoff Nichols - The Hockey Writers Read more at: http://thehockeywriters.com/hockey-down-under-life-as-an-aihl-import/
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    I believe the 2-11 record was mostly to blame........I'm sure them having an AHL team.....they will get someone with higher level experience......I'm eager for the season to start, I only have NHL for a few more days.....Go
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    I'm not sure why anyone thinks another ex-player would make a fantastic coach...that experiment didn't go so hot the last time. It's time to look outside the organization this time...
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    From what I can tell here's how it is so far... Bonar - Protected - May return or move up to ECHL Rivait - Protected - Expected to play in Belgium Thompson - Protected - SigExpectedned to play in France Campagna - Protected - Return expected Fleurent - Protected - SigExpectedned to play in Norway Kalisz - Traded to Pensacola Harcharik - Unprotected - Expected to play in Europe Drobot - Protected - Return expected Porter - Protected - Return expected Lubin - Unprotected - Status unknown Robertson - Protected - Return unknown Hauswirth - Protected - Return expected Chaumont - Unprotected - Retirement expected Strukoff - Protected - Return unknown Shapiro - Unprotected - Expected to play in France Cook - Unprotected - Status unknown Dixon - Protected - Return expected Green - Protected - Return expected Corbett - Protected - Expected to play in France Coach Jeff Bes - Contract expired - NOT RETURNING FOR 2017-18 SEASON
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    He's a leader on the ice. He was 3rd in points in the league and 1st in goals. Glad we have him!
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    I guess Tiger Woods is out as a replacement option.
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    In his defense he did spill coffee on his original wardrobe choice and had to switch to his back up.
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    "Hi, my name is Gary Waters, the Mayor of the City of Pelham. Have you heard? My Kelly green jacket & wide polka dot tie are back from the 1980s ...."
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    Al I have really heard about the ice rink was that it was closing down until August. The city of Columbus is not going to give anything to any new ownership. The Civic Center like most Columbus Georgia run facilities is severely lacking!!
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    I can get to Smashville, but I only have one child to sell. That won't be enough for two tickets. Maybe leave the wife at home?
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    I like the Crown just the way it is but if they want to make it better, go for it but one major renovation that will happen is filling more seats for hockey next season. Many of those seats in the Crown, for hockey, haven't been used in a few years. So looking forward to much bigger crowds. It's going to be an exciting year for hockey in Fayetteville!!!!
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    One Last Fight By James Mirtle - The [Toronto] Globe and Mail Read more at: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/robert-frid-enforcer-fighter-stuggles-with-concussions-hockey/article28929084/ CAUTION: Contains some language and graphic details.
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    ..................... There. Fixed that for ya. Preds advance to the Conference finals for the first time in their franchise history.
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    Has a much better support system behind him than previous first timers. I think we will be fine and return to the top of the league in attendance, wins and fan support. Players will fight to come here if things go the way they are looking to be headed.
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    If only Mr. Jenkins were to steal my team mascot idea, this whole logo kerfuffle would quickly fade into the background ...
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    Should have gone with Flares. Then the whole crowd could wear blonde wigs and yell "Wooooooo!!!!!!!". I think I had a buddy that went into the army and picked up the Columbus burn.
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    Here is a run down of the Expansion Draft and everything else the Vegas Golden Knights walked away with tonight! Forwards Arizona: Teemu Pulkkinen Buffalo: William Carrier Carolina: Connor Brickley Columbus: William Karlsson Detroit: Tomáš Nosek Dallas: Cody Eakin Florida: Jonathan Marchessault Minnesota: Erik Haula Nashville: James Neal NY Rangers: Oscar Lindberg Philadelphia: Pierre-Édouard Bellemare St. Louis: David Perron Toronto: Brendan Leipsic Winnipeg: Chris Thorburn Defense Anaheim: Clayton Stoner Boston: Colin Miller Calgary - Deryk Engelland Chicago: Trevor van Riemsdyk Edmonton: Griffin Reinhart Los Angeles: Brayden McNabb Montreal: Alexei Emelin New Jersey: Jon Merrill Ottawa: Marc Methot San Jose: David Schlemko Tampa Bay - Jason Garrison Vancouver: Luca Sbisa Washington: Nate Schmidt Goaltender Colorado: Calvin Pickard NY Islanders - Jean-François Bérubé Pittsburgh: Marc-André Fleury Forward Alex Tuch Forward Reilly Smith Forward Nikita Gusev Forward Mikhail Grabovski Forward David Clarkson Defenceman Shea Theodore Defenceman Jake Bischoff Islanders' 2017 1st round pick Winnipeg's 2017 1st round pick Tampa Bay's 2017 2nd round pick Columbus' 2019 2nd round pick Islanders' 2019 2nd round pick Pittsburgh's 2020 2nd round pick Winnipeg's 2019 3rd round pick Tampa Bay's 2018 4th round pick Carolina's 2017 5th round pick Buffalo's 2017 6th round pick
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    I wonder if Craigen has put his application in for the Fayetteville Marksmen job yet....?
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    Tony Danza as Head Coach. Danny DeVito as an assistant. Both have experience driving taxis. It was an economical decision.
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    Good to hear. Initially with the Gators he was a force on the ice, but I am assuming a drop in team morale lead to him being mediocre at best on the ice and not playing to his full potential. I knew he had more in him, everyone saw it. Glad hes getting back in the groove.
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    a majority "share" of the final score is far more important than a "share" of those viewing. Unless you're NBC or its affiliates.
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    With 2.1 million living in the Kansas City, MO/KS MSA, there are at least a half dozen larger markets around the country without NHL teams - not counting the ones already mentioned above (San Francisco, Baltimore, Charlotte, San Antonio, Sacramento, Cincinnati). That might have something to do with it.
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    Thanks for the good news post, '119. It was hockey-adjacent, so I moved it to this Forum to get more traffic for it.
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    Would save you from having to get up to use the bathroom so much fred