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    I loved the FireAntz name, but I can't see complaining. This is an effort to connect with the heavy military demographic in the area. The loss of novelty of the FireAntz name is worth the tradeoff of seeing this new ownership group making efforts that appeared absent from the former ownership. Good luck to the Marksmen! I've visited a few times, and that building should be much more full than it has been. This ownership group seems to have a clue so far.
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    And honestly, if a few of the current fans are upset and stop coming over a name change....oh well. The more important thing in all of this is to get NEW fans coming to games. I like the name change and rebranding and trust me, there are plenty of new fans out there in the community that need to be reached.
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    I want to welcome the Birmingham Bulls organization to the SPHL and all their fans to SPHL Forums! I hope you enjoy the site and please consider a donation to help keep this place going for next season! Hope you enjoy the site and be sure to tell other fans about this site!
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    Move over FireAntz, the Marksmen are here! Although I dearly loved the FireAntz name (and all my FireAntz swag), I also understand how toxic the brand had become in Fayetteville. Lots of bridges burned over the years with corporate sponsors, season ticket holders, and fans in general. Even with the change in ownership, the Antz brand was so tainted that it would have been nearly impossible to overcome moving forward. Now we start with a fresh slate! Some people are saying "RIP FireAntz" like this is such a bad thing. Exactly the opposite. Thank God for Chuck, Jeff, and all the new staff. They not only rescued a sinking ship, they righted the boat, lifted the sails, and are getting ready to blast forward like nothing you've ever seen!!! They don't use the term "sponsorship", vying instead for "PARTNERship" which shows a true mindset change to give back to the businesses that help them. How many sponsors in the past literally got NOTHING in return for sponsoring the Antz except a tax deduction for advertising? It's a new day folks! Instead of losing hockey in Fayetteville (like Columbus), these folks not only saved it, they are investing THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars into what WE love...Fayetteville hockey! Hold on folks...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
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    Here are the one-way distances between all SPHL arenas for 2017-18.
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    are now available. All 30 teams + Las Vegas SPHL Logos are also available: If you search for your team in the emoticon popup, try a capital first letter for the team (search for "Predators", not "predators") or type the name of the team (no spaces) with a colon ( : ) in the front and back of the name. See below for teams and corresponding inputs:
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    Is that a group of canine archers from Scotland?
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    More than anything, I will be glad to no longer have to read posts complaining about the attendance and Antz front office......
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    One Last Fight By James Mirtle - The [Toronto] Globe and Mail Read more at: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/robert-frid-enforcer-fighter-stuggles-with-concussions-hockey/article28929084/ CAUTION: Contains some language and graphic details.
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    I use a laxative, until the feeling goes away.
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    That's OK, neither were the Ice Bears this year.
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    First time I ever read anyone suggesting the volume should be turned up inside a hockey arena. I hope you have a good audiologist in your town.
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    That was all mentioned at the press conference by a county commissioner. Stay tuned! It's going to REALLLLLLLL good around here!
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    Corbett and Campagna good enough to be protected but weren't good enough to play in playoffs? Instead coach opted for Springer and Brooks? Still don't understand that. Guess Chaumont is retiring. Wonder where Harcharik will end up?
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    My math is fine. Don't take the term so literal. These guys are the real deal with a commitment for the long haul.
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    I was shocked to see the Antz brand go ... but these guys have a huge vision and are working on a 5 yr deal with the Crown that will have a 2nd 5 yr option ... they are not playing around! the Carolina Red Fox is indigenous to the area and the Marksmen name gives homage to Fayetteville's close military ties ... ties that I for one think were NEVER tapped into like they should have been! many of us remember the days of the Antz leading the attendance in the S ... and I see us getting back to that!! We have a FULL staff of people in the office ... the monthly payment plan for season tickets is awesome ... look what they did in a short time for the two games they were in charge of ... imagine what they will do with an entire off season to promote! I for one am excited .... Go Marksmen!!! i do however have 8 Antz jerseys that I have over $2k in .... for a sale lol
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    Just added: Removed the old FireAntz logo. May see about having MacGuy add old SPHL logos as Legacy
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    You can't satisfy everyone...after a few games they'll be ok. If not then they truely don't love hockey...or hockey in Fayetteville. I myself feel thankful that someone is putting this much time and money into our team to make it awesome again. This season was the poorest attendance and excitement altogether until these guys came in. Cant wait to see what other changes will be taking place. I would suggest we get a new led scoreboard similar to the checkers style or like most teams in the echl have went to. Other than that i cant wait!
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    Believe it or not, there are plenty who are whining about the name change. It seems some just like to complain....
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    Agreed. I saw a few people posting during the feed said they didn't like it - "horrible" even. Obviously, it's homage to the largest population military base in the world and possibly a reference to the marksmanship competition held there every year. Good call.
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    Posted on the Dawg website earlier today. http://pointstreaksites.com/view/roanokerailyarddawgs/news-1147/news_485622
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    Exactly. Restructure the lease agreement and the concessions agreement. City has leached off of this franchise for many years
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    The sin bin now has a page for off season transactions and right now Peoria is the only team with a protested list posted http://thesinbin.net/2017-sphl-transactions/?utm_content=bufferd2b3b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#1494346083600-9a7f69bc-d55f
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    Could it be that the are legitimately in contention to get to the Finals? They blitzed the Western Conference leading , now they overcame adversity to defeat the in Game 1. I'm trying to not get TOO excited...but...
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    ..................... There. Fixed that for ya. Preds advance to the Conference finals for the first time in their franchise history.
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    And as I expected, rumor and speculation will dominate Silly Season.
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    Are they going back to the Fayetteville Force, since military man involved in ownership?
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    The Amos' were looking to get out as early as the beginning of the season but the bus crash definitely helped secure the decision. I can say that the Snakes are definitely expected back but the process was taking too long for this season and the move allows for the rest of the league to get going with 2017-18.
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    That's very accurate. If you average the Amos' loss per season for the duration of their ownership, you'll find a 7 figure loss. (thanks city of Columbus/civic center). thanks to so many of the kind hearted players that did offer so much and contribute to our community. The sphl era really went above and beyond in this regard. Sincere thanks to the Amos' for keeping this going and funding a passion of theirs, while we as fans benefitted. easy for anyone who can't burn $150,000 a season to have an opinion. I'm thankful they did for so long. Thank you W and S. thank you Jerome. Thank you Craig Stahl. Thank you Orrin Hergott. None of your efforts were wasted.
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    HEY, HEY - where are all you people coming from?!
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    This RiverKings season ticket holder has complete faith in the word YELDARBfield. Could shifting of New Madrid fault cause an earthquake and divert the Mississippi River through the Landers Center? I guess. But natural disasters are a risk to any arena. And, God forbid, a worse bus accident could instantly end ANY team's season. Other than that, I have see no reason to worry. My season tickets are bought and paid for. I'm confident the Kings will be there and God willing so will I. This was the 25th season of hockey for the RiverKings. I'm looking forward to 26!!!
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    It's over folks. I hate it. Been a fan for a long time and will miss the Snakes. The Amos family has done a fantastic job giving us hockey out of their own pockets. With their loss every season and the team getting worse every year, I can't and don't blame them. Heres the truth. The team has been shopped, and was well before the article came out about our possible demise. The civic center/city of Columbus has not been helpful and leached a lot of revenue off this team over the years. Revenue that should have helped fund the Snakes, has not. That same revenue could have helped with hockey in Columbus for years to come. I wish there were a different outcome, but it's not likely
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    WARNING: Mature subject matter
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    http://www.pnj.com/story/sports/hockey/2017/04/26/former-rival-goalie-helps-pensacola-youth-hockey-group/100929372/?from=global&sessionKey=&autologin= On this late April day, Rank is on the ice surface at the Pensacola Bay Center, where he formerly played all these years against the Ice Flyers. He's now the retired pro goaltender, a new Pensacola resident, while helping to teach youth players and grow the sport in this community. "We need to get him a new jacket," said Serena Sisco, laughing, president of the Northwest Florida Hockey League, as Rank tugged on a Peoria Rivermen windbreaker.
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    This employee of the Mississippi RiverKings Hockey Club says it's a sure sign. Blind speculation helps no one.
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    I am thinking if a change behind the bench is made, it will be completely new blood hired by the new ownership!
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    Does that mean Augusta can return, as long as they change the team name to "MeltedIce"?
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    One impediment to an ECHL franchise coming to Knoxville would be the E's current footprint & divisional alignment. Such a team placement - presuming the League could sustain another expansion or has an existing franchise looking to move - would seem a natural geographical fit for the ECHL's South Division. But with Jacksonville joining for 2017-18, that division would already have 8 teams. Not that a League realignment nor even a franchise shuffle are out of the question, and their posted 2017-18 team stack makes it look like they are working on a realignment for next season. So pert near anything is possible, but I wouldn't count on a new building being the only remaining road block in Knoxville hockey returning to the ECHL fold.
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    Or, you could just link to them. Like this and this. Unless you've made even better ones since then. Since I'm linking, here are mine as well.
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    He is on the protected list, just not Fayettevilles.
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    Ouch. That may have been true in the past, but I've been really impressed with the new owners. They seem to have a good connection with the Fayetteville community and their resumes are certainly impressive. In listening to the press conference, they seem "to get it." I expect to see a huge improvement in Fayetteville's attendance in the future. I'm certainly pulling for them - we need every team in the league to be financially strong.
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    Jackson Brewer (Roanoke) and Tyler Noseworthy (Huntsville) are both also playing for the Sydney Bears.
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    They posted on FB that they are selling all the Cottonmouths merchandise AND all the players' equipment. Maybe a name, design, or color change if they DO find a way to come back for 2018-19 season? Time will tell.
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    I heard chuck norris was going to be giving out free martial arts lessons
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    I think a lot of it depends on how the move took place, and being a Roanoke fan this has been my first season following the league so I don't know, but for me if the team starts with a clean slate like we did (new staff and blank roster) then it is a first year team, if it carried its staff and roster then it is the same team relocated. I don't know which of these scenarios fits the Macon situation but that would determining factor for me as far as I am concerned, I don't believe that simply being the same ownership group or even being under the same franchise as far as the league is concerned makes it the same team.
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    Congratulations to the Mayhem on an amazing season, leading them to their first President's Cup championship.