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  1. 12 points
    Here's my official prediction: Pensacola will get all of their call-ups back in March and win their 3rd straight title. However, for kicks and giggles, let's just imagine that their call-ups stay in the ECHL... Some combination of Knoxville, Pensacola, and Peoria will finish 1-2-3 in the regular season. Columbus and the RiverKings will be 4th and 5th Louisiana is the bubble team, they're going to have a neck-and-neck race with the FireAntz at the end of the season. However..... Fayetteville is going to wish they played Huntsville more down the stretch, and not on the golf course in April. So in the playoffs... (1) Knoxville over (6) Louisiana, 2-0. IceGators play entire series on the road again due to inpromptu riot at Nickelback concert damaging the Cajundome's ice plant. (2) Pensacola UPSET by (5) Mississippi, 2-1. The Ice Flyers' ECHL callups arrive the day after the series ends. (3) Peoria UPSET by (4) Columbus, 2-1. Dave Eminian blames refs, SPHL, and sues Kyle Rank's glove manufacturer - then ODs on smug inhalation. RIP, Eminian. The following day, the Florida Panthers announce move to Peoria. Second Round... (4) Columbus over (5) Mississippi, 2-1. Every game goes to OT. A delirious Leo Thomas scores the series winner into his own net in the 4th OT on a delayed penalty, then loses 'wobble-off' with Andrew Loewen. And in the finals... (1) Knoxville UPSET by (4) Columbus, 2-0. Loewen kneecapped by Segal in the 1st period of Game 1. Szabados backstops a series shutout, kicks Bryan Hince's ass, gets signed by Edmonton, and then retires in protest. Drops mic.
  2. 10 points
    This thread has so very little to do with hockey and to bring up player's personal lives lacks class. Let's stick to the players and coaches, leaving their personal lives off the threads.
  3. 9 points
    Could we not turn every thread into a front office bashing and talking about the poor attendance? I think we all by now realize the attendance is bad and most do not think enough is being done by the FireAntz front office. The team is playing great hockey right now and that is something to be happy about. I do wish more people were there to see them but at this point, we have beat this attendance and front office horse into the ground a few times already. Let's all try to use some energy to get more people to the games by bringing people and telling people about them.
  4. 9 points
    Two more away games and then two home games before the regulation season is over. Call me crazy, I don't care. I have loved every minute of hockey this season. The ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the fun, and especially the new FireAntz family that I've grown to LOVE..both fans and players alike. I will continue to watch them play every time the puck drops - playoffs or no playoffs. I have loved it all….and will continue to wear the proud colors of the FireAntz again next year!!! FIREANTZ FAN FOREVER….
  5. 9 points
    I wanted to say that Saturday night was one the best Military Nights the Havoc has ever done! As a Vet I was extremely impressed. The troops coming back out of the rafters again was awesome. The oath of enlistment on the ice with the General was one of the coolest things I have seen done! Kudos to the Havoc staff for making that happen. We need more events and public displays of our military like that. I got goose bumps. The Havoc players stayed out to watch and show their respect. TOTAL CLASS! Top it off with 5900 in the building to see a Big needed Win. A great Auction to raise money for Army Emergency Relief. I bought my jersey and will wear it proudly! Thank you Havoc for a great night.
  6. 9 points
    I'm like many of you I not only follow the SPHL and it's teams but I also follow the entire minor league hockey landscape. It's a hobby and I'm a fan. I have been to many different hockey venues through the years and have seen the good and bad in all of them and have also seen many teams come and go. In some of the markets that "went" I sit back and wonder......why? I'm not naive enough to assume there is one blanket reason hockey fails or attendance drops in every market. But I do see a common reason hockey attendance begins to decline in certain markets and it's very simple: The game day experience. I realize teams run on a strict budget and don't have the luxury of extravagant lighting and all kinds of expensive props but they can take the time and effort to come up with cost effective ways to make coming to a hockey game new and fresh every year. Too many teams fall back on whats comfortable and in my opinion fall into a rut. Fans come to the games and watch hockey and see the same thing over and over year after year with nothing new injected into the game day experience. To be brutally honest....it gets quite boring and fans quit looking forward to coming to the games. The hard core fans will always be there for the hockey but there are far more casual fans in the south than hard core and you have to make them happy. Another brutally honest fact is some teams are under staffed due to budgetary restraints and/or thinking they can get the same results using interns or getting free help from somewhere. Well, maybe there is a rare occurence where one of those types pan out but for the most part you get what you pay for. Finding staff that have creative ideas, a drive to work hard for the team, and can take those creative ideas and make them work is imperative to a successful hockey franchise. There is ZERO EXCUSE for a team not to have new ideas injected into the game day experience each year. As many teams sit in their complacency with the gameday experience and use sub par staff to work in their offices who don't take care of the fans and game day officials and inject new excitement and ideas into the game day experience it's almost a guarantee that eventually attendance is going to decline and teams will fail no matter how successful the teams are on the ice. A hockey game shouldn't be "just a hockey game", it should be an experience. Just my two cents...
  7. 8 points
    The last several seasons we have talked about who should go, be traded or whatever due to their play. Now look at us, guessing who will be released all the time not wanting anyone to go because they are all good....kinda nice to have this problem huh???
  8. 8 points
    Absolutely delusional. I'm sorry but he is. Look at the rosters of the other teams. They had one real small stretch of good hockey, let's not forget they played Huntsville 5 times in it I believe although someone will look it up and confirm right or wrong I am sure. Every team went through similar stuff. Check out the transactions. Fact is this team sucked from day one. Never improved in fact got worse. Excuses piled up. Yes there were injuries. To a tough guy who had a few points. Lost Clewlow but not till late and replaced with McQuade. Toy was terrible from day one so no real loss. Carriveau is always hurt and had never been depended on. Played 50 games in 2 years so not much impact anyways. Sheldrake was suspended and about time. Emery had no control over him. He almost tripled his average pims per year average anyways. Had ample opportunity to make changes. Trades? Only reason he couldn't make trades is because he over paid a bunch of them and other teams aren't that stupid. That's a known fact, a Kevin McKnaught quote actually. Bottom line they had no d zone systems and were unprepared week after week. Many complaints from players about this issue. He is over his head and have no idea how he still has a job today. Sorry for the rant, it's not personal I don't even know coach personally but a blind man can see these issues. This article just made me mad, excuse after excuse. How about "I failed to prepare and adapt game to game, failed to make the necessary changes and many players under achieved". I will try to correct my and the Teams short comings providing I have a job next week.
  9. 8 points
    Great article.I hope he does come back next year! Everyone here on this forum bashing him wouldn't be if he was on their team. He's a true team player who sticks up for his teammates.
  10. 8 points
    This time of year always made my heart beat a hair faster and my breath come a little quicker. I knew hockey was just out of my reach, but I would soon be able to submerse myself in it. Well...not this year. But next. I have complete faith we will have a team again, even if our arena is dark, and warm, and seems so empty now. We'll be back. In the meantime; I wish a safe, successful season to every team in the SPHL. We may not be the NHL but we are still a ROCKIN' league. I may be teamless, but I'm not leagueless. Best of luck to all of you. Cherish your team. You never know when you might be in the situation as Riverhawks and Surge fans.
  11. 7 points
    Two things you can do about that: (1) Contribute only to positive content on this Board; (2) find your muse elsewhere.
  12. 7 points
    My wife & I (or a couple of times just me) have taken road trips to nearly 2 dozen minor-league hockey venues over the last 3 seasons. I've been snapping digital photos of the interior spaces - and an occasional exterior shot - of most of these arenas as something to help us remember our visits. See below a link to some photos of each of the five current SPHL arenas that we've visited so far. • Columbus Civic Center (Columbus Cottonmouths) • Knoxville Coliseum (Knoxville Ice Bears) • Landers Center (Mississippi RiverKings) • Peoria Civic Center-Carver Arena (Peoria Rivermen) • U.S. Cellular Coliseum (Bloomington Thunder) (added in 2014-15 season) Von Braun Center-Propst Arena (Huntsville Havoc) (added for 2016-17 season) Ford Center (Evansville Thunderbolts) Please feel free to add your own arena photos to this thread, either as links like I did or as embedded images. I'd be interested in seeing those rinks I haven't been able to visit. Who knows, I might just be inspired to schedule another road trip (or five). You are also welcome to poke around the remaining photo sets in my Flickr collection for pictures of other arenas in other leagues. I hope you enjoy.
  13. 7 points
    So, we agree that the pay is low, and these guys have a minimal chance of making it to the highest tier of their sport. In what way does that make what they do "pretend"? Is the manager at a store a "pretend worker" if he has no hope of becoming the CEO? I am just baffled by your need to denigrate what other people do because it doesn't fit some arbitrary set of goals you have selected. Perplexing. Is the fact that people return as fans a bad thing in your book? Do you think the Lakers really hate that dick Jack Nicholson because he just keeps showing up? About the numbers though, Knoxville had ~3600 this year if I'm not mistaken. 1 in 236 people then. Seems like a low ratio. I wonder if perspective will help us? Los Angeles Kings attendance average 18,230. Metro population 13 million. 1 in 720. Crazy. For fun, let's take one of the best attended teams in the AHL: Cleveland. 9055 people, 2,055,612 metro area. 1 in 227. I love numbers. Judge-y. Would you feel better if the sponsors had small ad budgets? I do not understand why you bring up ad budget size, nor your concern with how a business operates. It makes me wonder if you've got a real problem with Amish people. We have complete agreement here! It's a bad situation. I'm generally always against zero tolerance. We are imperfect people, and the situation should be properly evaluated. If this is truly an out of character situation then it should be measured accordingly. If not, the organization should get him help and move on. Opinion, not fact. Don't know better than what? That what they are watching isn't the absolutely pinnacle of the profession? Is that the bar you apply to all aspects of your life? Hey Mario Batali, nice try with La Sirena. I guess it's good food if you've never heard of Le Bernardin. Good point. Some people enjoy an entertaining night out with the family. Others prefer to spend their time condescending. Whatever floats your boat!
  14. 7 points
    Just as an FYI, this is public information it is public record and it was posted on a public website. It is open to discussion. Unlike some Facebook pages, we are not going to suppress public information and act like it didn't happen. Much like politicians, when you are in the public eye everything you do is subject to scrutiny. So...Don't do stupid s***!!!
  15. 7 points
    And your post isn't acting out an emotional response? So....... Let's look at YOUR judgment on this: Gone remaining balance of season: done All of next season: first off, he has been a pro 11 years. Most likely will be retired effective immediately. You're probably going to get your wish but not because of what you think may be the reason. And even if he doesn't retire, why all of next year? Check his stats, he's not a goon. What good does it serve? He's got to work to earn a living. How much money do you think these players are making??? Which leads me to the next one: $4-5k fine: ............ Seriously? Do you honestly think, even if he were the highest paid player on the team, that he could even begin to pay that kind of a fine? I'm sure Macguy or some other statistics nerd (Atnip around???) can come up with the record for largest fine by a player, but there are people who commit worse felonies than what Price is accused of that pay smaller fines. And shorter jail sentences than the suspension you're proposing. You're not wanting "justice" you're out for blood. Plain and simple. And that makes you no better than him. And then what? When is it "good enough" for YOU to be satisfied? Does Price go to jail? Does he wear the striped outfits and clean garbage on the side of the road, living in a tent community to pay his debt to YOUR society still warrant more punishment? Does he have to spend years in stockade getting rocks thrown at him to shame him for this crime in order to satiate your appetite for revenge? A scarlet letter perhaps? Does the black eye he's given this league (and the sport) warrant a lifetime of shame and destitution in order for YOU to sleep at night a little easier? What he did was WRONG. What he's done is bad. For the sport, for the trainer, for both teams, for everyone. He let a lot of people down, and he'll pay dearly for HIS mistake, as will the Ice Bears. Don't you worry there won't be another championship this season if Combs has any say about it...... I get it. You're pissed off. We all are. Believe it or not a few Ice Bears fans aren't thrilled at this behavior either. But what you think is justice is completely irrational when you look at the fact he is NOT a goon who just is here to beat the crap out of other players for fun and profit, the consistency of past incidents similar to this one and the simple fact that these are not NHL players who can afford to lose a few thousand dollars here and there. These guys make less than fast food workers who aren't bitching for $15/hr. But what do I know, perhaps I'm just emotionally overreacting...
  16. 7 points
    As a born and raised southern boy, I understand the true meaning of "southern hospitality," but the Antz fans that my wife and I met at Tuesday night's game outdid themselves. We must have had more than 20 members of Antz Nation come up and introduce themselves and welcome us into your "house" and we certainly appreciate the welcome. The love you have for your boys is apparent, and it is obvious that you are proud of your team (as you should be), but you nevertheless extended a warm welcome us. Although this season's series is over, we will certainly return and I hope we can eventually develop a good rivalry that has both fan bases visiting each other's barns on a regular basis. Of course, we have to even us the W-L record, as I'm not sure winning two out of ten games qualifies as a rivalry (ouch). A special thanks to the Antz Boooster Club for sharing the great ideas that they are using. At the end of the day, we are all just fans pulling for our team and we have more in common than not. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that. I think you are the team to beat the rest of the way, especially the way Bonar is playing, and you certainly have two folks in Roanoke pulling for you. I do hope you can get more folks out to watch your team - they deserve the support (but I know I'm preaching to the choir). Thanks, again, and we hope to welcome you to Roanoke next year.
  17. 7 points
    I would like to say thank you to each and every 35,663 of you who supported your SPHL team this weekend. You showed up for your team, and whether your team showed up for you or not, it shows how passionate we "Southerners" are for a "northern" sport. One time, at an O'Charley's here where I live, I asked to turn on the Nashville Predators game. This guy at the bar asks me "How north are you"? I mean, like most of my family is from Michigan, but I just grew up liking hockey in the south. It proves so many points. First, most of these communities don't have anything else to cheer for but hockey. It shows the loyalty. Next, when you support the teams in the SPHL, you are supporting a league on the rise. It shows the support for local hockey. Then, you supporting a local business that thrives on support from its community. It shows that you want hockey long-term in a part of the United States generally not known for its hockey. And finally, it shows the prospective owners in other cities that the support is there for even more growth of the SPHL. Not only did you support your team and your community, but you also supported the image of the SPHL, and I appreciate the passion and love to hear about the growth of this league I absolutely love to support.
  18. 7 points
    I told a friend of mine that I have been watching minor league hockey for over 50 years and that's one of the best minor league performances by a goalie that I have ever seen, we were sitting with a close up view of Parker for the third period and he made incredible stops point blank time after time, he made saves on his back, on his stomach on the glove side, with the blocker and with the glove that were absolutely spectacular. He literally won that game by himself, what a great show. So glad he got a shutout. It was a physical game with a lot of hits. The Lou goalie was very good also tonight. But Parker was under intense pressure, the entire third period. Good win for the Antz.
  19. 7 points
    I think there are mixed emotions on the team name and there are people complaining about a few things but heres the bottom line Roanoke hasn't had hockey for 10 years we should embrace the team regardless of the name and enjoy the ride. Some are complaining that the ticket prices aren't family friendly but 20 bucks is the most expensive ticket I think in comparison it's very reasonable. I personally am going to invest in 4 tickets for my family lets do some math here for my family of 4, 2 adults 2 kids (both under 12) season tickets will be approximately 1200 dollars and thats 28 nights I get to share with my wife and 2 boys. Now lets look at the cost of a movie to take my whole family its right around 60 dollars 60X28 1680.00 roughly so I would say the ticket prices are right in line with what they should be. I honestly think the ones complaining were expecting to get in for 5 bucks well thats just not possible in 2015 with cost associated with running a successful team. The Berglund Center has made some great additions and I feel that the new ownership group is invested in the community, so with all that being said I think its going to work out just fine.
  20. 7 points
    Just wanted to holler and say I am back!! I have been extremely busy and haven't logged in here in quite some time ... Some of you know that my wife and I adopted a baby last year and lets just say, when your own kids are all grown and gone ... and suddenly you have a 7 month old running around, well ... it changes everything you do ... But, I am back ... ready for this season with new players and coaches and extremely excited to hear we are gonna grow again!! So, lets do this!!
  21. 7 points
    New and improved for 2015! It was a fun project last year, so I'm doing it again this year. In addition to links to each players' eliteprospects page, this year's spreadsheet features individual tabs for each team, player stats, and last season's team. Players who fall under the league's veteran rule are highlighted. Mods - if you want to post your individual team on your team's message board, let me know, and I'll send over the iframe coding.
  22. 7 points
    I'll be back next season! I'd rather watch a team that ended up in 2nd last than no hockey at all.
  23. 7 points
    Some people enjoy going to games to see hockey, whether the home team wins or loses. While it is certainly fun to have a winning home team, people in Fayetteville and surrounding areas should be thankful they have a hockey team in a stable league. Just my opinion.... I always find it funny that the people who whine and complain about the team and threaten to not buy tickets, etc always end up at the Crown watching the Antz play and that is really the way it should be. If hockey is to stay in Fayetteville, fans are going to have to get past the lackluster teams and go for the love of the game.
  24. 7 points
    Here's a positive. I have never understood or had ANY attraction to must sports, especially hockey. The only sport I've ever followed, albeit very little, was Dallas Cowboy football. I was a varsity softball player in high school, but after graduating only played a few times. I went to my first FireAntz game over 10 years ago. Not having anyone to explain anything, I was lost and swore I'd never return. Then..... A dear friend that volunteers at the games kept talking about everything FireAntz related with lots of enthusiasm. We got some comp tickets at the end of last year and we went with our young son. Our friend started explaining some of the strategies, penalties, etc. As I looked around at all the families and friendly faces from my own home town, I saw smiles, laughter, and cheers everywhere. Young and old alike, the fans didn't care if the team won or lost. They just loved cheering on their beloved local team. The first time my son got up, started giggling and dancing to "YMCA", I was hooked. It was about more than just watching guys skate, hit a puck, and throw a fist now and then. It was about families doing something POSITIVE together in Fayetteville. It was about a safe environment to have fun. It was about blowing off some steam from the work week. It was about making new friends. My husband decided to volunteer this year and we haven't missed a game yet. We have become a FireAntz family. We even watch the away games online! We love the hockey games themselves, the players, the crowd interaction, and mostly...we love the new friends that we've made in our new FireAntz "family". Yes, the team could score more, but ultimately it is a sport. No team will win every game. Our only hope is that they play hard, do their best, and keep improving. I'd say that their recent games prove they are doing EXACTLY THAT! Go Fayetteville! Go FireAntz! #AntzArmy
  25. 7 points
    It always throws up a caution flag when a player has been shipped around so much and played for so many different teams. In the end, I am liking Robertson over Skelly and Vallencourt though so I think it is working out just fine for the Antz! It is really hard for a fan to question a move made by a coach, whom knows the team chemistry and the locker room situations much better than us fans looking in from the outside.
  26. 7 points
    It's all good. We didn't have a very road-trip friendly schedule, so we're looking forward to having a good time out of town. Empty nets on both sides, but no goals are scored - until Columbus tips it in their own net at the buzzer to give the "win" to Huntsville. Line brawl ensues. Szabados decks Kallechy. Pandemonium.
  27. 6 points
    Onward to next season. We've got a lot to look forward to with the new ownership, better atmosphere at the games and attendance that is going to skyrocket. With a full off season with the new crew, I've got a really good feeling that next season could very well be the most exciting season of hockey in Fayetteville we've ever had. The title of the thread is 'done' but I think it's more like 'We've only just began!'
  28. 6 points
    I have spooken with the new guy ... one of them anyway ... there is going to be a press conference or announcement ... on or around April 7th this guy has some big visions and in his words "is going to put butts in those seats and a better energy in the Crown"
  29. 6 points
    Veterans on this board will remember that the Mississippi Surge franchise was sold to the Roanoke ownership group (as opposed to the Roanoke owners having to pay a new franchise fee). Thus, there is a connection to Biloxi area although no Roanoke player or coach played there. To demonstrate that the team's roots will not be forgotten, the Rail Yard Dawgs stopped by Merit Health Biloxi today, a children's hospital where the Mississippi Surge had visited every year, The team brought along with some teddy bears from Roanoke's Teddy Bear Toss game in December to hand out to the youngsters. What a fantastic class act by the team. Nice job, Dawgs!
  30. 6 points
    So proud of you guys! Congratulations on GREAT PLAYOFFS and on winning the President's Cup!!! It was an awesome game and you guys worked hard. From a Fayetteville FireAntz fan….TAKE A BOW. You deserve it!!! It was great sweeping Peoria away in the final round….and that final goal at the buzzer tonight was PRICELESS!!!!!
  31. 6 points
    Bes has to declare a playoff roster before the playoffs start....so if Bonar decides to come back, he would have to make that decision before the playoff rosters are due to the league. I am not sure on an exact date for that... In my opinion, even if Bonar does come back Bes is going to ride Van Buskirk. He has earned the right to be in goal for this team with the amount of work he has put in once Bonar left. I am not too sure the Antz players would be very welcoming of Bonar back onto the team after he up and left them twice after basically saying he wasn't going to do that at the beginning of the season. Just my opinion....
  32. 6 points
    You can also add we have one of the most stable franchises in the SPHL with an ownership group who has remained committed to the success of hockey in Fayetteville. Do we win a lot of games or make the playoffs every year? Sometimes yes and sometimes no......But our owner and GM aren't going on their 4th city in the past 11 seasons with attendance numbers that Macon can only dream of but probably never achieve.....I'd rather take some losses and have our players lose a fight but be happy that our franchise is stable and never on the verge of moving elsewhere.
  33. 6 points
    I swear you have nothing better to do than to look at all posts on this forum and point out typos, spelling, etc.... I love correct spelling and good grammar as much as anybody but pointing it out every chance you get is getting old and not necessary. Let's talk hockey since this is a hockey forum.
  34. 6 points
    Every new coach, and we have had our fair share, has kept, used , or inherited a lot of former players. Then we all talk about letting him build "his" team, and then get all up in arms when we finish near the bottom of the standings. This coach has brought in "his" players and a few of the old. Then he makes some changes and a few folks are not happy, yet he is building "his" team and so far "his"/team looks pretty good. Look at the standings, I know it is early and other teams will do better, we will have some slumps and injuries that will affect play hut, I have seen a TEAM playing hockey unlike most teams lately, a spirit and drive lost the last fee seasons and toughness like back in the Force days...we are on the right track and I am loving the ride! Just my 13 cents worth.... What ya think?
  35. 6 points
    On behalf of all the hockey fans in Roanoke, we are absolutely ecstatic to be joining the SPHL. Today during the press conference, there were a number of complementary comments made about the league and we are proud to (soon) be a part of it. Looking forward to future road trips and getting to know some of the posters on this board.
  36. 6 points
    You're right...they need to listen to a small, loud group of mentally challenged clueless superfans on a message board. No one seems to have a clue what Bes walked into in Biloxi 4 years ago. Walby left scorched earth and Jeff did the best he could with limited resources...knowledgeable people in the media knew this and that's why they named him COY over other guys who did really good coaching jobs that year like Bechard and Ralph. The last two Surge seasons, he was asked to make chicken salad out of chicken $*** and got them to the playoffs each time. He was out of hockey last season to tend to family, for those of you who didn't care to read Pope's article before you formed an opinion. Let's refer back to this thread come April.
  37. 6 points
    Huntsville gets the 3rd overall pick; Somehow Edmonton drew the #2 overall pick; Macon on top with the 1st pick.
  38. 6 points
    Longer playoff series
  39. 6 points
    I'll be buying tickets to every game I can…. and it has ZERO to do with whether the team wins or loses. I love the game, the fun, the music, the laughter, and the friends I've made. It's the whole experience. Playoffs are great, but they are just extra games. Sure, it would have been great for "bragging rights", but each fan has their own reason for cheering or not cheering for a team. I choose to cheer for the Antz.
  40. 6 points
    In his latest story, he reports Jake Trask rejoining the team was a "surprise addition in a move unannounced by the team." Yet a week ago, Fayetteville "didn't look like a professional organization on or off the ice" for "roster moves left uncommunicated by the front office."
  41. 6 points
    I for one would like to say that Huntsville has much that other cities in the SPHL want. 1.) Huntsville has one of the best rinks to watch and enjoy hockey. I made my first visit last year and have not stopped talking about all the good things I saw. 2.) Huntsville has some of the most loyal fans of the SPHL. Each year the attendance is very impressive. That comes from the loyal fans and putting a product on the ice that brings the so-so fan back. 3.) The Huntsville team is very active in the community and is showing the city a good product. 4.) I love it when Huntsville comes to town because I love to see them lose. When you beat Huntsville you beat a team that is on the ice to win not just to skate. 5.) I also love this years sweater with the "H". Old school and I want one. 6.) I do not consider your team losers or any Huntsville fan down. I know you all will be back next year kicking butt and I can't wait till you come to Pensacola. It is always a great game. Thanks for being good loyal fans and having a great team to play against every year. The SPHL is a better becuase of you all.
  42. 6 points
    If the basic facts are not in dispute, we don't need to talk about: The Havoc have terrible, record-breaking performance this season. The Havoc have been losing. The Havoc are losing. The Havoc will, in all likelihood, continue to lose. The Havoc will be hitting the golf courses instead of the playoffs in April. Trading "good players" from the roster has not fixed the problem. Waiving "bad players" from the roster has not fixed the problem. Adding "new players" to the roster has not fixed the problem. Getting "some players" to even show up remains a problem. The coach has been repeatedly and angrily blamed for the problem. The Havoc office stands behind the coach 100%, despite the problem. The Havoc players and coach are good guys who perform good acts of public service. Good guys who perform good acts of public service are still no substitute for a playoff berth in the eyes of some fans. We have spent the last 4 months debating these points, including a particularly vicious threadnought that very nearly invoked Godwin's Law. Yes, the Havoc's win percentage is below 0.500. In fact, it's below 0.250. But rehashing it just gets annoying. If I wanted to hear that much vented spleen I'd hang out in the Fayetteville forum. Instead, why don't you start some threads that offer the potential for fresh discussion: Who would...you keep on the roster for the next season? Do we...need to maintain a dedicated enforcer on the roster? Which one...of the rookies has given us the best bang for the buck? Do pairs...of goalies work better than a regular starter and a bench-warming backup? Which waters...are best to fish in for replacement players? Why do...the Havoc frequently lose by a goal or two, instead of by 9-2 blowouts? Light sabers...and wiener dogs -- can we do better for game day promotions? Who picks...the game day music and how do I get the playlist? How can...the SPHL obtain more consistent and higher quality referees? I saw...some bad play on Saturday, and I want to walk through it to educate the unenlightened. Vanna White...should sit in section 218. There you go, fred. Eleven potential topics, all in a style guaranteed to annoy JMC-STL.
  43. 6 points
    You weren't at the game! The Rivermen taunted him all night and would not step up to the plate. Their game plan was to taunt him into the penalty box. Consistent Cheap shots throughout the game from the Rivermen. Nothing was being called and he lost his temper after a collision that knock down our goalie. You can call it the way you want but, they played dirty hockey.
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    Fred, Otis, CCM0329, and anyone else on this forum who has made comments that they have no clue about! I have read your posts and I could not sit back and listen to your remarks any longer with out standing up and saying whats right. I get it this season has been a tough one. I have been a Havoc season ticket holder since day one. 2 seasons out of the 11 have been tough years. Do you think the coach, the players, the management, or any body else wants to lose? I think it says a lot about the loyal fan base that the Havoc has that they are 3rd in attendance. I have gotten to know Keith, Ashley, Clay "Freak Daddy", Coach Glenn and the rest of their staff. I have visited all of the SPHL teams venues and several Central and East Coast Cities. There are some good hockey venues and teams, but I have never met a classier group of people. They visit schools, hospitals, and have raised over a million dollars to local charities! So you can have your opinion, and this is a forum, but I wont sit back and let you trash people you apparently don't know. Coach Glenn was 40-24 at home before this season. I have gotten to know his family, because he makes himself available. He and his wife and kids are go to my kids school and they personally had events to raise money for a child that is dying of cancer? Numerous hospital visits with players, visits to the NICU to give a moment of relief to families they don't even know. So, you know what i give the guy a pass. We all have tough years. How productive are you at your job? Have you ever been in a slump at your job? Only you can answer that question! You are welcome to your opinion? But you don't know the Havoc staff. Top to bottom they are 100% class. I have never had a problem. I have had good run ins with all of them. Keith is the driving force behind the Havoc at giving to the charities. Ashley has helped my business out several times with fundraisers and items for my kids cub scout group. Clay "Freak Daddy" has always been so cool to work with. He has went to my kids school several times and read to the kids. We have even seen him at the baseball field at Palmer park and he speaks to my son every single time and my son lights up every time. Even his friends say to him how do you know freak daddy? So any way I won't ramble. Sure the team has really struggled this year. But I believe everyone is like a bank account. If you make deposits, you get to make withdrawals. I will be a season ticket holder next year, and many years to come. But fire someone or people who have given sooooooo much to this community after one bad year. I say no way. The Havoc is more than a Hockey team. They have made impacts in this community that others haven't even come close to. In My opinion they have a full bank with me! Fred, Otis, CCM0329 I am not and will not attack you personally, because I dont know you. But if you can't see what good the Havoc have done and continue to do then you are in the minority. The Havoc averaged 3700 fans a game last year and they are doing the same this year. Saturday night 5,400 people in attendance. Some concerts don't get that many people to see them. I see all the hard work they have done and continue to do for this community. Maybe you should introduce yourself to the staff, get to know them. You will be glad you did! In a losing year they still give back and work to make this city better. Just make sure you know the real story before you go asking for people to be fired. You never know when bad times will come to you. I would like to see this forum become more than just a gripe session! Go Havoc!!!!
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    What gets to me is that you look forward to hockey all year and this is what you get. Another thing that bothers me is that on this forum some members berated some of us for speaking out on this team that is on their way to becoming the joke of the league. Guys it not like we want them to lose it's the fact that when you spend your hard earned money on a team you expect to see some effort. I have watched minor league hockey for about 58 years since I was a little guy and I really feel like I know what I am talking about. When you see a team that game after game looks like its their first time on the ice together, when you see a team getting only 24 or 25 shots on goal and giving up 45 or 50 even on home ice its makes you say, gee something is wrong here. When you bring back d men that under-performed last year chances are you will get the same thing this year. One poster I forget who it was said "coach doesn't wanted to change players and ruin the chemistry of the team. Well in school I was a little weak in chemistry but here's a good equation for you. Coach protecting friends on team + returning dead weight players from last year + averaging 20 some shots on goal, and giving up 40 to 50 shots on goal + terrible passing + not being able for d men to even skate the puck out of our own zone and looking like in every other game its the first exhibition game = LOSING - us members do not revel in this situation since we all love the game, want hockey in Fayetteville forever and will still support this team. It is not too late, look at the transactions other teams have made wholesale changes and at least now they are improved and fun to watch, that's all we want. Can I get an amen on this.
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    Looks to me like it ain't the girl doing the whinning....
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    I'm kind of tired of people threatening to not go to games or stop following the Antz only to never follow through and end up interested again when they win again. It's probably a better idea to support the team regardless of win or loss....
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    I did my best to compile all of the protected lists, signings, trades, and other news into a single spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s4zu9Oy8L6_yBis1xRJGq5K4nkoNj6yTvZZOXok1aLI/edit?usp=sharing I have comments available on the spreadsheet in case there is stuff that I missed or needs to be updated. So, enjoy, y'all! :-) Edit: Player and Team links added.
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    I personally believe if you are a true fan you say what you feel. It may not always be good and other people may not agree with you but to take the time to say anything at all shows you are passionate about the team and that's a good thing. Things aren't always gumdrops and rainbows either and this is certainly one of those cases. Caution to everyone...this may run long. No....not me right? I know people are saying the team has quit and that they don't care. I personally don't believe that. Quitting to me is not skating and going out there going through the motions. I personally believe the problem with this team is a little more complicated than that. I think the first problem and this team is that our core players, who i consider to be Hince, Van Vliet, Price (because he's a vet), and Segal simply aren't the players they once were. I will give Seags a pass because he spent 30 days on the IR and played well this weekend up until getting tossed last night. But prior to that his game was not very good. He completely forgot that we need his offensive and fast side more than we need his tough side. Maybe that will change since he has gotten back. Van Vliet and Price have been a very big disappointment. I could give tons of examples like pinching in with no forwards back to cover or getting caught behind the net on the breakout but I'd be typing forever. Vlieter isn't the all star defenseman he once was nor is Price playing like the defenseman he was projected to be. Hince is not the goalie up to this point he once was either. I'm not going to bash Hince too much though because he has been faced with some awful defense in front of him lots of times but he still is letting in some soft goals that in past years he would have always stopped. On to the forwards and a new paragraph so your eyes don't start bleeding I'll start this with an example. You ever been faced with being told to complete a task of some kind and you give it a shot but your personal skill set prevents you from doing it right? It's not that you aren't trying it's that you just aren't good at it. Well, I think that's the situation with our forwards. I personally think we have two quality forwards and those are Satim and Drolet. Power shows flashes of being good but he's inconsistent. The rest of the forwards I honestly think they try but just don't have the ample skill set for this league. They don't "see the play" meaning they don't know what to do in order to create a scoring chance. Is Craigen at fault for all this? Well, yes and no. Yes in the fact he recruited these guys, he signed the core guys and he's the coach so he is ultimately responsible. But no in the fact he can give guys plays or systems but he can't go out on the ice and make them perform well what he teaches. The problem with Craigens team, in my opinion, is he has too many muckers and not enough skill players. So how does he fix it? Next paragraph.... I think Craigen deserves a chance to fix this. Give him a chance to make changes wherever he feels they need to be made to get this team back on track. I know Craigen isn't ok with losing. He's too passionate of a person to just sit back and accept failure. He may make me out to be a liar but I believe he will do everything in his power to make things right and get this team winning again. In the SPHL, with the playoff format that it is, it's all about just getting in. Once you get in, it's anybodys championship to win. Whoever is hottest for those 3 weeks raises the cup. Can he make changes and find some line combinations to have a great finish after this terrible start? That's where he will prove whether he's got the coaching skill to turn things around. I just think we fans should give him a little trust and time to turn things around. I'm sure at some point in every one of our lives we can point out a time when we struggled at something. Be it sports or in our personal lives. We wouldn't have wanted our team mates or friends/family to just cast us off as garbage. I personally am going to sit back and see what he does to right the ship. I think he will make things right. I hope so. Novel over
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    If you put as much effort and energy into posting what is good and right about this team instead of constantly nitpicking and looking for something to complain about this forum would be full. There are a lot of positives with this team and what Derek has done this year.
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