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    Oz isn't in Kansas. Dorothy said so. South Park, CO? Lake Wobegon, MN? Castle Rock, ME? Mayberry, NC? Smallville, KS? Hill Valley, CA?
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    NICU gets new cribs thanks to Huntsville Havoc and fans By Jerry Hayes - WHNT Ch. 19 News HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It is Mother's Day. And some new moms are enjoying a big gift from the Huntsville Havoc hockey organization and their fans. Their donations from this year’s Melissa George Night are already being put to good use. It’s become tradition for the players to visit the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children every year before Melissa George Night. The players wear special pink and blue jerseys that are auctioned off after the game. Money from that, a silent stick auction and other donations go to buy life-saving equipment through the Melissa George Neonatal Memorial Fund. Read more at: http://whnt.com/2018/05/13/487734/
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    I listened to the 1st episode of the Crown Talk. I found it to be informative and entertaining. I recommend it to other fans of SPHL hockey. Hopefully, one day Fayetteville will have someone who will give the die-hard fans something similar to what the RiverKings are doing.
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    2018 NHL Playoffs: The non-hockey fan’s guide to this year’s Stanley Cup Final by Pete Blackburn - CBS Sports Read more at: https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/2018-nhl-playoffs-the-non-hockey-fans-guide-to-this-years-stanley-cup-final/
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    If the basketball team schedule suddenly has a huge increase in weekend dates, it may tell the story. Sorry to see hockey gone for you guys. Good luck in getting something else established later.
  6. 1 point
    Good point, I didn't think about doing an extended road trip around the area, I guess we'll wait and see when the schedule is released.
  7. 1 point
    That sounds a lot like what happened in Roanoke with the Vipers, after they left we were without hockey for ten years. My understanding is that several potential owners attempted to bring teams back but the Vipers left such a sour taste in the civic centers mouth they wouldn't give any of them a lease. Thankfully I guess Bob McGinn really had his act together enough to convince them to give him a chance.
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    The city (Louisville) was home to two professional ice hockey teams in the East Coast Hockey League, from 1990 to 1994 the Louisville Icehawks, followed by the Louisville RiverFrogs from 1995 to 1998. The city also had an American Hockey League team from 1999 to 2001, the Louisville Panthers. Club Sport Played League Venue Louisville Blades Ice hockey 1948–1950 International Hockey League United States Hockey League Louisville Gardens Louisville Shooting Stars Ice hockey 1953–1954 International Hockey League Louisville Gardens Louisville Rebels Ice hockey 1957–1960 International Hockey League Louisville Gardens Freedom Hall Louisville Icehawks Ice hockey 1990–1995 East Coast Hockey League Broadbent Arena Louisville RiverFrogs Ice hockey 1995–1998 East Coast Hockey League Broadbent Arena Louisville Panthers Ice hockey 1999–2001 American Hockey League Freedom Hall
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    I'm going to leave this here and see what you say about their picks. https://busleaguehockey.com/2018/05/24/where-could-the-next-sphl-teams-pop-up/
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    Hey Guys, I've been hard at work developing a media network to take the RiverKings to the next level and really give fans 24/7 content, even during the offseason. Recently we launched the RKN (RiverKings Network) which consists of a blog personally written and curated by myself (The Scribe), and launched a brand new, weekly podcast (Crown Talk). The first entry on The Scribe is online now, a piece on Devin Mantha and his tenure/impact on this team over the last five seasons. Check it out here: rkscribe.weebly.com And our first edition of Crown Talk is up, too! I talk about Manthas retirement and who I think might step up as the next captain, plus I predict what the protected list might look like in a couple weeks. Check it out here Podbean: https://t.co/25vbkJ1YIf iTunes: https://t.co/hOLVIWa74m YouTube: https://t.co/TItgdOIXSb
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    They could have gotten someone looking to move into a CEO-type role from a lower-level exec position in a better league. But they didn't. They got a CEO from an indoor football team in a third-rate league.
  13. 1 point
    It isn't too bad on travel since when most teams travel that far, they tend to play 3-4 games in that area. So yes it's a 16 hr bus ride but if we can get 3-4 games in between the three 'midwest' cities on one trip, then it's not as bad.
  14. 1 point
    The next time logic is used in a critique of business models on a hockey message board will be the first.
  15. 1 point
    There is no reason that this team should be folding. A non profit should not be allowed to run a sports team. The Metro Memphis area has over a million people and the building should be full every game. The game sells itself once you see it one time. The management put little to no effort that I could see into marketing and promotion of the team. I have been going to games for a quarter century of my life and I am sad that there will probably not be hockey here anymore. I only went to one game this season since I was unemployed. Wish now I could have made it to more. Honestly it has been downhill since they changed the name from Memphis to Mississippi.
  16. 1 point
    I don't understand what distinction is being made here. The old Ice Gators franchise has become the new Quad City one. Right. It's just a name. This seems like a rhetorical question, but I'll answer it genuinely: yes. It's not like there are dozens of "real" leagues around the US. The Central Hockey League "folding" a few years ago created an environment that is challenging for many of their former franchises. Evansville and Quad City are both former CHL locations that struggled to support the ECHL cost structure. Brampton and Rapid City are both around the 3000 mark in attendance, so don't be surprised if they eventually can't field ECHL squads. They're geographically much further though making the SPHL an exceptionally unlikely destination. The upside to the addition of teams outside the traditional footprint means it becomes much more viable for other franchises to join. It gives more flexibility for the SPHL to schedule closer opponents heavily (like they currently do with Evansville and Peoria).
  17. 1 point
    HUNTERSVILLE, NC (May 23, 2018) – The Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) today announced that it will be expanding to Moline, IL, whose team will take to the ice as Quad City for the 2018-2019 season. At a press conference held this afternoon at the TaxSlayer Center, league president Jim Combs stated that the SPHL Board of Governors this week approved the Louisiana IceGators’ majority transfer of ownership to Red Sky Sports, LLC. In partnership with the TaxSlayer Center, the team will be headed by local owners John Dawson and Ryan Mosley, co-owner of the Harris Pizza business. Howard Cornfield, longtime owner, team president and general manager of the original Quad City Mallards, will serve as a consultant to the new SPHL franchise. “The SPHL is excited to welcome Quad City as a new member for next season,” stated SPHL President Jim Combs. “We look forward bringing an exciting brand of hockey to long-time fans in the area.” For information on the new Quad City franchise, including ticket and sponsorship information and a Name the Team contest, check out the league’s website at www.thesphl.com. http://www.thesphl.com/view/thesphl/news/news_503721
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    Well even if we only get 2 years out of him hopefully he can add on to what we missed in season one and help build a better organization. Good things
  19. 1 point
    Most Canadians refer to their fellow citizens of African descent as "Black Canadians." The ancestors of the largest segment of that population emigrated from the Caribbean nations, so calling them "African" is tugging on a tenuous thread.
  20. 1 point
    Bumping this thread for the benefit of the new Quad Cities hockey fans joining the SPHL Forums , as well as for current SPHL fans who might want a glimpse of what Moline's TaxSlayer Center looks like.
  21. 1 point
    I just gave the good word a/b SPHL Forums to the Mallards' former Booster Club president, who is a dear friend of Mrs. JMC 'n' me. They have a very large & active Facebook page following, but maybe some of them will pop in here to share some news & chat.
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    After I snapped pic I did.....was about 5 mins old
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    your right but happens a lot to me. I always look to see if extras show up. Didn't see any unless you deleted them before I could.
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  26. 1 point
    Actually, Marksmen3519 best you both.
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    Ask and you shall receive......
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    Mazzolini, Esposito and Bierchen are all available as head coaching candidates and each one has SPHL experience too.
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  30. 1 point
    ... is Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children's gain. I'll take that trade.
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    Not an error or a bump. In February, the players delivered baby blankets they had made to the NICU. This time, they went to see the new cribs the last jersey auction paid for. Watch the whole video.
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  33. 1 point
    [Former Havoc/Rail Yard Dawg - Jeremy] Beirnes named new Red Wings head coach By Josh Aldrich - Camrose [Alberta] Canadian Read more at: http://www.camrosecanadian.com/2018/05/18/beirnes-named-new-red-wings-head-coach
  34. 1 point
    Not really- they did have the GOP rally there (an event which totally screwed up playing dates for the Ice Flyers).
  35. 1 point
    Not necessarily. The Coast is a hoarder when it comes to trademarks, It's why Pensacola can't be the Ice Pilots, Biloxi couldn't be the Sea Wolves, why QC can't be the Mallards if/when they join, etc. If you've got the money and motivation to work it out with them (ex. IceGators, Cottonmouths, Colorado Eagles and their move to the AHL with the same name). The ECHL likes to do it kinda as a built-in non-compete clause and so they can do this: ECHL Vintage Shop. This could simply be a move so no one else can use the name.
  36. 1 point
    "At the Bay Center, there is not a lot of ice time." Even for the Flyers.
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