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    Is that a group of canine archers from Scotland?
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    One Last Fight By James Mirtle - The [Toronto] Globe and Mail Read more at: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/robert-frid-enforcer-fighter-stuggles-with-concussions-hockey/article28929084/ CAUTION: Contains some language and graphic details.
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    I use a laxative, until the feeling goes away.
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    ..................... There. Fixed that for ya. Preds advance to the Conference finals for the first time in their franchise history.
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    Al I have really heard about the ice rink was that it was closing down until August. The city of Columbus is not going to give anything to any new ownership. The Civic Center like most Columbus Georgia run facilities is severely lacking!!
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    I can get to Smashville, but I only have one child to sell. That won't be enough for two tickets. Maybe leave the wife at home?
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    As much as it pains me to say it ... Pittsburgh will win their 2nd Cup in a row, 3rd in 8 seasons, and 5th in franchise history. My only solace will come when Sidney Crosby announces his retirement immediately after parading the Cup around the ice one last time.
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    Back to K1. I much prefer their replica jerseys to the Bauer/CCM models. They just seem to fit better & hang more comfortably. Now if the Marksmen will start selling their gear on-line rather than just locally ala the FireAntz, maybe I can bump up my jersey collection by one.
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    Speed also tries not to be an ... but he just can't seem to help himself.
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    I like the Crown just the way it is but if they want to make it better, go for it but one major renovation that will happen is filling more seats for hockey next season. Many of those seats in the Crown, for hockey, haven't been used in a few years. So looking forward to much bigger crowds. It's going to be an exciting year for hockey in Fayetteville!!!!
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    I try not to be condescending. That means "talking down to some people" in case you didn't know...
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    Here's the protected list announced this afternoon by the league: Stuart Stefan (veteran; 323 games) Sy Nutkevitch (veteran; 240 games) Jordan Wood Nolan Kaiser Christian Powers Tyler French Mike Piluso Lou Educate (ended season on IR) Kyle Sharkey Tyler Steel John Lidgett (was on team suspension from January) Dylan Nowakowski (called up to ECHL Cincinnati) John Daniels (called up to ECHL Wheeling) Players not protected: Adam Courchaine Justin Tateson Michael Holland Ben Kramer Scott Fellnermayr Steven Phee (drafted by Birmingham) Eddie Nolan Rob Simpson Blake Hietala John Clewlow
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    Simpson was a bit of a surprise too. He's a solid SPHL guy, and will most assuredly be on a roster next year if he wants. I'm thinking he may be in the Tateson camp with a verbal commit (both speculation on my part). I'm not surprised at Clewlow, as a veteran. He was one of the best the Havoc have signed, but the Havoc have never been big on utilizing/keeping vets. Vets like Clewlow typically move around their last few years. The Havoc did protect 2 veterans, which is unusual - I was surprised Nutkevitch is there (thanks to TB for not making me look it up) . It's just nice that the Havoc had a quality field to protect. The callups and IR were unusual, but still fielded a quality team down the stretch. Usually, a 3 or 4 player protected list would suffice.
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    I had asked Kallechy about this last week during the Havoc sale. He stated Havoc had never released the list as an organization and it had always been released by the SPHL. I have mostly the same thoughts. Im also wondering if time in IR had anything sway in the list. Pretty disappointed Simpson is not on the list. I didnt feel he excelled at anything but was a good well rounded player. Super disappointed Clewlow is not on the list. I thought he was the most exciting player to watch. And McCormick was a strong late addition.
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    Unlike the Havoc to not make the announcement - somebody must have been on vacation. A bit surprising to protect Lidgett and ECHL callups who didn't return for the playoffs, but leave Fellnermayr and Hietala unprotected. I thought Fellnermayr and Hietala were bigger impact players down the stretch than Sharkey and Piluso (and Phee). I'll guess Tateson is probably a verbal commit.
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    I emailed the chairmen of the board - who was at the press conference. He responded quickly saying he would let me know of any public forum about Crown renovations. I will update with any info I get.
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    We all know how long it takes to get something passed when dealing with politics. As long as it gets replaced before the season starts I'm ok.
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    I might be wrong, but I'm thinking the large cost of a new LED scoreboard would probably have to go thru the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners since it's a county facility. Anyone know any details on that?
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    Would save you from having to get up to use the bathroom so much fred
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    I have accepted the loss,haven't thought of or talked about the gators until today,my preds are in the Stanley Cup Finals,so that is where my loyalty is now.
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    One impediment to an ECHL franchise coming to Knoxville would be the E's current footprint & divisional alignment. Such a team placement - presuming the League could sustain another expansion or has an existing franchise looking to move - would seem a natural geographical fit for the ECHL's South Division. But with Jacksonville joining for 2017-18, that division would already have 8 teams. Not that a League realignment nor even a franchise shuffle are out of the question, and their posted 2017-18 team stack makes it look like they are working on a realignment for next season. So pert near anything is possible, but I wouldn't count on a new building being the only remaining road block in Knoxville hockey returning to the ECHL fold.
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    According to my Birmingham source the Bulls draft should be announced at 2pm central\3pm eastern. I guess we will find out who they choose less than 6 hrs from now.
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    It's a start. 6 players October can't get here fast enough
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    Or, you could just link to them. Like this and this. Unless you've made even better ones since then. Since I'm linking, here are mine as well.
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    From the mayor herself, today: But, to answer your question, claims of detailed inside information with nothing offered to support them are generally met with some level of skepticism. You do seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the information you do supply, though. So I will try to be less condescending, with my apologies.
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    It's actually quite simple why Hosmer would be on your protected list: now if he wants to play, it has to be for Roanoke. They're protecting an asset they acquired but haven't yet gotten a chance to use. If they don't protect him and he decides to play, he can go anywhere (likely Southaven) and the Dawgs get nothing at all.
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    Thats a pretty good list if they actually end up playing for us. A few im surprised is not on there. Hosmer's social media still showing retired hockey player. So not sure why he would not report when traded and then change his mind. I know he was getting married in the offseason. Maybe he had a change of heart. But i cant see why Sam would put his name on there unless there is a chance he comes back since there are quite a few others i would have protected. I cant see Gintoli retiring from hockey. Then left off is mike driscoll, daniel vernace, captain steve mele, phil bronner, mike donnellan, and cody walsh. So we left a few with some good talent unprotected. For our defensemen it looks like we are going to start off new. With question marks with travis jeke not reporting when traded here last season. Then travis armstrong spending the end of last season in the echl. So we could end up with just one defenseman from last years squad. I sure wish i knew what Sam knows. But by the list, if everyone reported and actually plays for us. I believe its a pretty good core to build a team from. Guess we have to wait and see how things play out.
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    It was released this afternoon. http://railyarddawgs.pointstreaksites.com/view/roanokerailyarddawgs/news-1147/news_485957
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    Keeping folks in the dark about Craigen's ultimate fate.
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    Word is that they will announce the head coach on Thursday at 2pm central/3pm eastern. If I were making picks for the draft Id pick Bruce and Bathgate off Columbus if Id take 2 from snakes.
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    Pelham better hope Clarkson doesn't hire the soon-to-be unemployed ex-Bull Jerome Bechard. His incompetent leadership and coaching is about to shut down what was once one of the premier minor league hockey franchises in the south. The new team wouldn't last long. Being a Cottonmouths fan, the perfect thing for us would be for Clarkson to buy the team along with Bechard and they can be the Bulls again. Then we can hopefully get another franchise that has involved ownership(not just fans), experienced management and hire a coach that can coach and evaluate talent. The fans will be there if there is something out on the ice worth seeing. Which hasn't been the case in years. If Macon were to fold. We would gladly take them and they could be the new and improved Cottonmouths.