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  1. 5 points
    Wow... Let's give the guy a chance. As already stated I don't think things here could get much worse. I am sure the senior players had a lot to do with the move to replace the coach but even more so was Esposito's stats. Granted he was in a bad situation as well but I also feel he didn't improve it much if any at all. I'm just saying be somewhat positive be it good better or worse he is gonna be with us through the remainder of the season lets not beat him down before we give him an opportunity to see what he has got. I have lived in Fayetteville my whole life and I know we are a town of hard asses and we want what we want. Well come to the games and beat on the glass and hoot and holler till the whole town hears what you got to say and fire this damn team up....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 5 points
    While there wasn't any scoring don't know how anyone can call this game boring. I thought it was well played by both teams and both teams goalies were great tonight. Glad we got the win in the shootout, could have done without giving the Bulls a point though
  3. 5 points
    I can tell ya that i have seen some of the worst and the best in Phil as a Coach here last year with the Wolves. I can tell the nay sayers to give him time and he WILL build a winning team. I know its only the FHL but this guy is known for getting his team into the big show He will make them hit and he will make them skate till they puke
  4. 5 points
    SPHL Forums would like to welcome Greg81102 as Moderator for the Roanoke forum. He will be overseeing any issues with the forum and helping with posting of Game Day Threads. Congratulations!
  5. 4 points
    Another beauty. Witzel is on fire. No way he doesnt win player of the week. He has been playing his butt off!!! Now we are 10-8-1 and on a 4 game win streak since Coach Bremner has taken over. I know he doesnt like taking any credit but who in the world would have thought we would have a winning record with this team after a coaching change, with how we were playing? Im so proud of these guys, how they have bought into his system and seem to really be coming together. Its incredible and like night and day how our defense plays. We have been holding shots way down. I was a huge critic on Ben Bauer but he has been coming through. Riley Spraggs has been impressing me with how physical he has been playing. I thought tonight he was hitting everybody!!! Just cant say enough about Brad Barone, not sure how you can take him out of net how well he is playing. My only bad dilemma now is if we start getting some callups back, who in the world would we ever get rid of? I cant name one guy now that hasnt earned his spot on this team. Love watching this team play now and cant wait til next weekend. GO DAWGS!!!!
  6. 4 points
    There is a saying in life,,,"The truth always hurts".... We don't like to hear it but we all knew it before Phil unloaded that statement of not having the horses. If players resent the truth they would not be on my team for long, The Marksmen skill level just does not match other teams in the SPHL...Plain & simple! We have had lots of time to make changes but frankly I beleive that no one wants to play here now after the $--T SHOW of a season thus far !!!
  7. 4 points
    Ok, I have been very busy today and have glanced at some threads. After having a few mins to relax and gather my thoughts, this is what I have to say..... Yes I haven't been as sturn as other mods and have let a lot go. This team thread has the most negative comments in the whole forum, rather it be on topics, such as, a single player\fans\coaches. That will change. Every thread about those have mostly been negative, negative comments turn into personal attacks. I understand this is where we voice our opinions, good or bad, but y'all take it to a whole different level. Fans for other teams who come in this forum and starts it with our fans (reffering to the Drobot\McDonald's comment) will be warned as well and comment deleted. There is NO need for any comments that can be taken as personal attacks. If anyone has something to say and you think it can be taken as a personal attack I recommend you keep it to yourself. The minute any thread starts to turn negative enough for personal attacks to start then it will be shutdown and user will be warned. Have a good day and enjoy your week.
  8. 4 points
    Thank you for your opinion. I'll whine if I want to. As a fan winning is all that matters. If all you want is a good experience go to Chucky Cheese with the kids.
  9. 4 points
    I bought a ticket and attended the Rangers versus Golden Knights in Vegas last Sunday. I expected to see combat between the elite rapid deployment force of the US Army and the Army's elite parachute demonstration team. Sadly it was just an NHL game. The parachute team won 2-1.
  10. 4 points
    Not only are you guys very fortunate to have Bremner as coach but you're lucky to get decent media coverage. The Roanoke Times does an awesome job covering the Rail Yard Dawgs.
  11. 4 points
    I would advise not to get too get far ahead on critiquing the team with player specifics just yet under Bremner. But I will add that personally I wished they had not waived a talented Ryan de Melo or traded Paul Russell who could absolutely fly. I would have liked those two here for Bremner to work with but its too late for that now. And we have to consider too that Armstrong, Mueller, and Murray were called up recently to the ECHL and so three of the top players of what we had were not available this weekend. The Vandergunst call up puzzles me bigtime, and I must believe that some deal must have been in the works when he was signed to where maybe the Ftoreks worked at least a short call up assignment in a signing agreement. Vandergunst appeared in only 21 SPHL games last year, then 6 with Pensacola and 3 with Roanoke this year. So it was a very strange sequence of events indeed. Gandara can fly, he can shoot and he will hit. Schneider is a very good offensive and defensive defenseman. His mistakes come from having to do too much at times, which can kill the positioning for any player. Its going to be a matter of getting the players working much better together. Hockey is a real team sport where everyone must be in their right role and then go at that job 100%. So what I have seen so far is too much indecisive fumbling around in their own end. And there is certainly a lack of crispness on transition and breakouts. And too there is not enough attacking the opponent net and that makes the opponent goalie's job way to easy with those long wrist shoots. And then there is the consistent missing the net with umpteen shots. If Roanoke shoots 30 shots that requires their goalie to save, they must miss the net with 20 more. Shots must be directed within the area of the net opening, not 2 feet above the crossbar nor 3 feet wide which then often lead to those weird oddman breakouts the other way. All this can be fixed and will be fixed. But one New Year Resolution I hope the team takes, is no more lollygag slow lack of hustle changing on the fly that I have seen more often than not that leads to huge position advantages for the opposition. And to add to that, players must skate back hard. No loping or standing around at the opponent blue line. The wingers and center should skate back hard and back check much better than we are seeing which will then allow the defensemen to play a blue line defense rather than that stuff of letting the opposition skate all the way in to the goal line and circle the net and create an instant cycle. I don't think we have bad players. We are just playing bad. And I am confident it will be changed with Bremner
  12. 4 points
    Wow,,,,one win and the critics are silent !
  13. 4 points
    Went to practice this morning. He had them skating hard, preaches hustle and communication, being loud. Had them working on offense the whole practice, did a good drill of 1 on 1 in the corner battling for the puck making them work. High energy i really liked what i saw. Went to practices with Ftorek before and never saw any of the drills i saw today.
  14. 4 points
    There are tons of passionate fans in Roanoke. I think that’s why a lot are very critical. The ones criticizing the team really care about the team and want them to do well. People wouldn’t call them out if they didn’t care. The idea that being critical of the team equates to not being a real fan is silly.
  15. 4 points
    Maybe wins was not the problem? I have had employees that were great workers but could not be placed around customers.. I don't know what the problem is/was but I was not nor were any of you all privy to happenings away from the actual games. Unless you are on the inside anything else is speculation. We all know what happens when you ASSUME something. I have better things to do than try to tell or figure out management, we need to trust them to do their job. I am.sure this was NOT an easy decision but the owners have the investment and need to do as.they see best. Our best bet is to be happy hockey was saved in Fayetteville and go with the flow. They have the money invested and they make the decisions, they have to live with that and.i am.fine with that. So, sit back and enjoy the games and see where this road leads.... Rant over, time for work.... See you on the ice
  16. 4 points
    Shaun's post got me to thinking. The fans in Roanoke have constantly heard that Roanoke had the most players called up to the ECHL last year, but is that an actual fact? So I pulled the SPHL Transaction Log from last season and dumped the data into Excel so I could slice and dice it. Now IF there are moves that weren't captured in the Transaction Log, then obviously I didn't capture those. But based on the moves that were captured in the Transaction Log, Roanoke did indeed have the most players called up. They also tied Evansville for the most players that were called up and didn't return. Here's the data: # Of Call-Ups by Team Total Callups # of Different Players # of Players who Didn't Return Players Who Didn't Return Roanoke 13 8 4 Anderson, Boyle, Jeke, Armstrong Macon 12 8 1 Bartus Peoria 12 9 3 Weidauer, Riley, Wallin Evansville 11 8 4 Cuzner, Misuraca, MacDonald, McKay Mississippi 10 8 3 Leone, Bradshaw, Turner Pensacola 9 7 3 Fielding, St-Cyr, Megannety Fayetteville 5 5 2 Brooks, Horn Knoxville 5 5 2 Manno, Sandler Huntsville 4 3 2 Daniels, Nowakowski Columbus 3 2 2 Pompeo, Hafner
  17. 4 points
    The Dawgs fans feel your pain. We got embarrassed by our sophomore counterparts. Looks like they figured out how to win. We are struggling badly. No defense and no offense. Atleast you didnt get outshot 59-28 in your own barn. Plus you got a new coach and basically a new team. We have same coach and basically the same team. You guys have a lot more room for improving. Look on the bright side, we have 12 more games together somebody has to win.
  18. 4 points
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214680273149787&id=1512218968 Mic malfunction leads to Marksmen fans singing national anthem. P.S. might be hard to hear, as fans one by one started to sing.
  19. 4 points
    Man ... I haven't been this excited about an opening weekend in a long time!! The new name, the new owners, the new vibe, the new coach, a completely new team (for the most part) ... i have been pumped by the energy and the marketing of this new front office ... I can't wait to see the crowds this weekend ... I think this year our Military night will be reminiscent of those in the past ... 9,000+ ... many people were disturbed by all the changes, but I think this is just what the Dr ordered ... they went out and got a road win for their 1st game of the season, and I hope they bring that back to the barn with them for this coming weekend!! Go Marksmen!!
  20. 4 points
    I'll be there on Friday but, have a Halloween party on Saturday. Giving my tickets to hockey newbies hoping they will get hooked.
  21. 4 points
    Just came from the rink and talked to the Havoc staff. Teams are allowed 19 players on contract (in addition to any on IR), but only 18 are allowed to dress and be on the bench. Doc
  22. 3 points
    For what it's worth, I did a quick pull of the data from SPHL transactions, and filtered out all the returned. I noticed one error in their data and removed it, but there's always the chance for more. Shamelessly stealing RH's original table with updated #s: TEAM Current Callups Who Haven't Returned (2/20) Pensacola 11 Macon 9 Mississippi 8 Peoria 7 Evansville 7 Fayetteville 7 Roanoke 6 Knoxville 6 Birmingham 5 Huntsville 4 Obviously, just the current number of callups doesn't tell the whole story, but it's interesting nonetheless. ECHL apparently likes a lot of what they're seeing from the SPHL guys this year. Update: I couldn't help myself, and I totaled up the number of days a player has been with an ECHL team totaled for each SPHL. I used SinBin callup page to derive the results. Know that I didn't correct for trades, I think there were only a couple effected players anyway. Pensacola - 692 Evansville - 526 Fayetteville - 482 Peoria - 462 Macon - 459 Mississippi - 386 Roanoke - 323 Birmingham - 278 Knoxville - 274 Huntsville - 165 Digging just a bit further, I broke out each person who was gone for 60+ days (sorry I haven't combined multiple trips - ostensibly I have a job to do). Connor Reilly (RW) Birmingham 89 John Rey (D) Birmingham 73 Jeremy Brodeur (G) Evansville 119 Jackson Leef (C) Evansville 66 Blake Thompson (D) Evansville 100 Justin MacDonald (LW) Evansville 73 Tyler Deresky (RW) Evansville 65 Sean Robertson (D) – 2 Fayetteville 110 Max Cook (RW) Fayetteville 86 Travis Jeke (D) Fayetteville 70 Kent Patterson (G) Fayetteville 63 Evan Neugold (D) Knoxville 75 Chris Joseph (D) Macon 86 Don Olivieri (D) Mississippi 73 Vytal Cote (D) – 2 Mississippi 85 Daniel Tedesco (LW) Mississippi 79 Derek Sutliffe (RW) Mississippi 79 Sean Bonar (G) – 2 Pensacola 100 Phil Bushbacher (LW) Pensacola 89 Alex Pompeo (D) Pensacola 88 Brian Morgan (C) Pensacola 70 Mark Bennett (RW) Pensacola 70 Mark Esshaki (D) Pensacola 68 Eli Lichtenwald (C) Pensacola 64 Geoff Fortman (D) Peoria 119 Nick Neville (D) Peoria 93 Joe Widmar (C) Peoria 61 Christian Horn (C) Peoria 61 Travis Armstrong (D) Roanoke 71 Mitch Vandergunst (RW) Roanoke 64
  23. 3 points
    Tsaruk will not see anytime in goal unless Spano gets injured during the game. According to Esposito Patterson will be back in 2 to 3 weeks once a non-hockey related hand injury heals. - from today's Fayetteville Observer.
  24. 3 points
    But you guys are currently in desperate need of being average. I think you may want to consider baby steps.
  25. 3 points
    First, I have to admit that I don’t see many games. I live 80 minutes away in Staunton so this was just my 3rd game of the year. But I do follow the team game in and game out. I liked what I saw in their style of play compared to the Ftorek era. They were battling hard in the corners, winning races to loose pucks, and finishing checks. And maybe my memory is bad, but did they ever block shots under Ftorek? Saw a number of nice blocks. That said, they are still clearly among the bottom 3 teams in the league and the talent disparity with #7 Knoxville was evident. I doubt Bremner will be able to make over the roster mid-season, so I don’t expect a miracle turnaround. I’m just hopeful he can evaluate talent well and sign nice pieces to fit in for the rest of this year. Knoxville’s puck control, passing, zone entry, and net presence was a step above the Dawgs, and their goalie was a deserved #1 star. I don’t fault the Dawgs or Bremner, I think they simply ran into a better team. But at least I believe Bremner can coach a style of play that gives us the best shot of overcoming the talent gap and stealing some games from better teams.