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    Could we not turn every thread into a front office bashing and talking about the poor attendance? I think we all by now realize the attendance is bad and most do not think enough is being done by the FireAntz front office. The team is playing great hockey right now and that is something to be happy about. I do wish more people were there to see them but at this point, we have beat this attendance and front office horse into the ground a few times already. Let's all try to use some energy to get more people to the games by bringing people and telling people about them.
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    So, we agree that the pay is low, and these guys have a minimal chance of making it to the highest tier of their sport. In what way does that make what they do "pretend"? Is the manager at a store a "pretend worker" if he has no hope of becoming the CEO? I am just baffled by your need to denigrate what other people do because it doesn't fit some arbitrary set of goals you have selected. Perplexing. Is the fact that people return as fans a bad thing in your book? Do you think the Lakers really hate that dick Jack Nicholson because he just keeps showing up? About the numbers though, Knoxville had ~3600 this year if I'm not mistaken. 1 in 236 people then. Seems like a low ratio. I wonder if perspective will help us? Los Angeles Kings attendance average 18,230. Metro population 13 million. 1 in 720. Crazy. For fun, let's take one of the best attended teams in the AHL: Cleveland. 9055 people, 2,055,612 metro area. 1 in 227. I love numbers. Judge-y. Would you feel better if the sponsors had small ad budgets? I do not understand why you bring up ad budget size, nor your concern with how a business operates. It makes me wonder if you've got a real problem with Amish people. We have complete agreement here! It's a bad situation. I'm generally always against zero tolerance. We are imperfect people, and the situation should be properly evaluated. If this is truly an out of character situation then it should be measured accordingly. If not, the organization should get him help and move on. Opinion, not fact. Don't know better than what? That what they are watching isn't the absolutely pinnacle of the profession? Is that the bar you apply to all aspects of your life? Hey Mario Batali, nice try with La Sirena. I guess it's good food if you've never heard of Le Bernardin. Good point. Some people enjoy an entertaining night out with the family. Others prefer to spend their time condescending. Whatever floats your boat!
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    Just as an FYI, this is public information it is public record and it was posted on a public website. It is open to discussion. Unlike some Facebook pages, we are not going to suppress public information and act like it didn't happen. Much like politicians, when you are in the public eye everything you do is subject to scrutiny. So...Don't do stupid s***!!!
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    And your post isn't acting out an emotional response? So....... Let's look at YOUR judgment on this: Gone remaining balance of season: done All of next season: first off, he has been a pro 11 years. Most likely will be retired effective immediately. You're probably going to get your wish but not because of what you think may be the reason. And even if he doesn't retire, why all of next year? Check his stats, he's not a goon. What good does it serve? He's got to work to earn a living. How much money do you think these players are making??? Which leads me to the next one: $4-5k fine: ............ Seriously? Do you honestly think, even if he were the highest paid player on the team, that he could even begin to pay that kind of a fine? I'm sure Macguy or some other statistics nerd (Atnip around???) can come up with the record for largest fine by a player, but there are people who commit worse felonies than what Price is accused of that pay smaller fines. And shorter jail sentences than the suspension you're proposing. You're not wanting "justice" you're out for blood. Plain and simple. And that makes you no better than him. And then what? When is it "good enough" for YOU to be satisfied? Does Price go to jail? Does he wear the striped outfits and clean garbage on the side of the road, living in a tent community to pay his debt to YOUR society still warrant more punishment? Does he have to spend years in stockade getting rocks thrown at him to shame him for this crime in order to satiate your appetite for revenge? A scarlet letter perhaps? Does the black eye he's given this league (and the sport) warrant a lifetime of shame and destitution in order for YOU to sleep at night a little easier? What he did was WRONG. What he's done is bad. For the sport, for the trainer, for both teams, for everyone. He let a lot of people down, and he'll pay dearly for HIS mistake, as will the Ice Bears. Don't you worry there won't be another championship this season if Combs has any say about it...... I get it. You're pissed off. We all are. Believe it or not a few Ice Bears fans aren't thrilled at this behavior either. But what you think is justice is completely irrational when you look at the fact he is NOT a goon who just is here to beat the crap out of other players for fun and profit, the consistency of past incidents similar to this one and the simple fact that these are not NHL players who can afford to lose a few thousand dollars here and there. These guys make less than fast food workers who aren't bitching for $15/hr. But what do I know, perhaps I'm just emotionally overreacting...
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    As a born and raised southern boy, I understand the true meaning of "southern hospitality," but the Antz fans that my wife and I met at Tuesday night's game outdid themselves. We must have had more than 20 members of Antz Nation come up and introduce themselves and welcome us into your "house" and we certainly appreciate the welcome. The love you have for your boys is apparent, and it is obvious that you are proud of your team (as you should be), but you nevertheless extended a warm welcome us. Although this season's series is over, we will certainly return and I hope we can eventually develop a good rivalry that has both fan bases visiting each other's barns on a regular basis. Of course, we have to even us the W-L record, as I'm not sure winning two out of ten games qualifies as a rivalry (ouch). A special thanks to the Antz Boooster Club for sharing the great ideas that they are using. At the end of the day, we are all just fans pulling for our team and we have more in common than not. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that. I think you are the team to beat the rest of the way, especially the way Bonar is playing, and you certainly have two folks in Roanoke pulling for you. I do hope you can get more folks out to watch your team - they deserve the support (but I know I'm preaching to the choir). Thanks, again, and we hope to welcome you to Roanoke next year.
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    I would like to say thank you to each and every 35,663 of you who supported your SPHL team this weekend. You showed up for your team, and whether your team showed up for you or not, it shows how passionate we "Southerners" are for a "northern" sport. One time, at an O'Charley's here where I live, I asked to turn on the Nashville Predators game. This guy at the bar asks me "How north are you"? I mean, like most of my family is from Michigan, but I just grew up liking hockey in the south. It proves so many points. First, most of these communities don't have anything else to cheer for but hockey. It shows the loyalty. Next, when you support the teams in the SPHL, you are supporting a league on the rise. It shows the support for local hockey. Then, you supporting a local business that thrives on support from its community. It shows that you want hockey long-term in a part of the United States generally not known for its hockey. And finally, it shows the prospective owners in other cities that the support is there for even more growth of the SPHL. Not only did you support your team and your community, but you also supported the image of the SPHL, and I appreciate the passion and love to hear about the growth of this league I absolutely love to support.
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    Onward to next season. We've got a lot to look forward to with the new ownership, better atmosphere at the games and attendance that is going to skyrocket. With a full off season with the new crew, I've got a really good feeling that next season could very well be the most exciting season of hockey in Fayetteville we've ever had. The title of the thread is 'done' but I think it's more like 'We've only just began!'
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    I have spooken with the new guy ... one of them anyway ... there is going to be a press conference or announcement ... on or around April 7th this guy has some big visions and in his words "is going to put butts in those seats and a better energy in the Crown"
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    Veterans on this board will remember that the Mississippi Surge franchise was sold to the Roanoke ownership group (as opposed to the Roanoke owners having to pay a new franchise fee). Thus, there is a connection to Biloxi area although no Roanoke player or coach played there. To demonstrate that the team's roots will not be forgotten, the Rail Yard Dawgs stopped by Merit Health Biloxi today, a children's hospital where the Mississippi Surge had visited every year, The team brought along with some teddy bears from Roanoke's Teddy Bear Toss game in December to hand out to the youngsters. What a fantastic class act by the team. Nice job, Dawgs!
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    I loved the FireAntz name, but I can't see complaining. This is an effort to connect with the heavy military demographic in the area. The loss of novelty of the FireAntz name is worth the tradeoff of seeing this new ownership group making efforts that appeared absent from the former ownership. Good luck to the Marksmen! I've visited a few times, and that building should be much more full than it has been. This ownership group seems to have a clue so far.
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    And honestly, if a few of the current fans are upset and stop coming over a name change....oh well. The more important thing in all of this is to get NEW fans coming to games. I like the name change and rebranding and trust me, there are plenty of new fans out there in the community that need to be reached.
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    Every single DAWG player attend the Valley Youth Hockey Banquet last night. As you would expect, the kids were tremendously excited to have them there. David Gandara walked over and sat down at a table that had 6 little fellows sitting there and totally made their night. I just love the way this team interacts with their fans. Good bunch of guys.
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    I don't care what anybody says, I've got a problem with Jake Hauswirth. That guy comes into a town full of kind-hearted, generous people and he steals (with malice, I should add!) a game from Evansville after we invested not just regulation but a full overtime period. I know that you Fireantz fans are already ashamed, but I fear there is more. Being a forgiving soul I assume that Jake would come back the next night properly mollified. I regret to inform you that he was not!! After another overtime period in a game extended due to the intense technical challenges of Wiener Dog racing between periods Mr. Hauswirth did engage in flagrantly stealing a second game. His inconsiderate behavior not only deprived me of a win, but the lateness of the crime made it impossible for me to get my necessary Asian take out. I'm confident the Fayetteville organization will do the right thing and send him to Evansville to play for a couple years as appropriate punishment for these antics.
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    Lots of football team players do this after games, too- either amongst themselves or with the opposing team members- and not only footballers- not proselytizing, just giving thanks that they got through the game and for the opportunity to play the game(s) they love
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    Soskin needs to lay off the saucekin. As far as I know, only Columbus is having issues. And any teams staff "getting disgusted by having to try and match numbers of the top attended teams" obviously need to step up THEIR game. That's not a problem for the league or other teams to handle. They need to go above/beyond to get butts in the seats on their own undertakings. Sitting on your kiester in your office doesn't put people in the stands unless you're on the phone cold-calling and making an effort to reach out and get publicity.
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    Where did you read this at? If im thinking right your talking about barry soskin. I wouldnt believe a word he said. He causes problems in every city and league he has bought teams in. He is just trying to make the fhl look good and start rumors all over the sphl landscape.
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    Over $60,000 raised that night- many thanks to those who donated cash and items for the Huntsville Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and to those who bought t-shirts, sticks, ties, and jerseys. More than $500,000 has now been brought in for the NICU in the 10 years that the Melissa George event has taken place. Doc
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    You guys played an amazing game, I also would like to thank everyone in attendance for their hospitality Friday night, when I headed to the arena in my Dawgs gear I figured things were going to go one of two ways and I can honestly say I felt more welcome than I could have imagined.
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    This was an extraordinary action by the Rail Yard Dawgs organization, reaching back to its franchise roots to serve a community several states away. Whomever spearheaded this effort deserves a hearty round of applause.
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    I've seen goalies (Flyers, Ron Hextall) score on power play but, I've never seen this. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/this-new-zealand-hockey-goaltender-scored-on-a-freaking-penalty-shot/ar-AAlwjcZ?ocid=iehp&fullscreen=true#image=1 https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=goalie+score+penatlly+shot&view=detail&mid=5791F62D41CFC90740905791F62D41CFC9074090&FORM=VIRE
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    I'll never forget who caused the incident that ended Tyler Sheldrake's hockey career. I'm not saying Sheldrake didn't do wrong but wouldn't have happened if Bremner wouldn't have started it.
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    Here ya'll go again. Calling someone something you know nothing about. Just because I am a female, doesn't make me a Puck Bunny. Why can't we talk hockey on this page? Some of you get on here to try to get under people skin. Use the forum for what it is for.
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    You do realize that most teams haven't announced all of their signed players yet right....? And you do realize that the way to win in the SPHL is not with tough guys right.....? And you do realize that hockey is about scoring goals and keeping pucks out of your own net right....?
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    It's amazing to me with all the advice or input about the new potential owner that those that are being pessimistic did not make an offer to buy the team, they sure do seem to have a lot of input as to how the guy that is spending the money should do it. Seems to be so much negativity that if I was looking to buy this team and I read these boards, I would probably have second thoughts. Here is my suggestion, right now we have no hockey, no team (with exception of what is being presented), therefore; I am open to look at and support someone wants to invest in our community and bring hockey back in Columbus. What nobody seems to mention is he said he was open once things move forward in the right direction was willing open to another name, so it seems to me that he wants fan buy in at the end of the day. I am of the impression we need to sit back and see how things unfold as I would certainly hate to see our potential of having a hockey team go dark. Obviously we choose whether to support a product by spending our hard earned money and buying season tickets or single game tickets, that is our voice and input based upon what product we have been given, but we are not even there yet. Take a pause, be supportive if you can, the potential of having hockey back in Columbus is a great thing.
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    Mike has been very polite and courteous to my family especially my son, and yes I still support him to the fullest. He made a big mistake, one that he should man up to, he is a role model to a lot of kids and now he can show them how to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. This maybe a wake up call for him to be more responsible and get his life together. We wish him nothing but the best and hope to see him leading the way next season.
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    are now available. All 30 teams + Las Vegas SPHL Logos are also available: If you search for your team in the emoticon popup, try a capital first letter for the team (search for "Predators", not "predators") or type the name of the team (no spaces) with a colon ( : ) in the front and back of the name. See below for teams and corresponding inputs:
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    And if those seats aren't filled, Mr Norris will don a Texas Ranger star and kick those butts into those seats!
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    You are right they do not win games. I would not really call Beirnes a goon. He can and does play a role for Roanoke just as he did for Huntsville. This league does not have a pure goon in it this year.
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    The following was made public late last night:
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    The new ownership also changed the policy for season ticket holders to include some good deals. Instead of having your tickets paid for in 2-3 months, you can pay monthly ($21.00) during the season which is smarter for those who can't give up the $$ at one time.
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    I believe they gave up after the power play goal that was number 5. They had just given up a called no goal for high sticking by mississippi. Then no time later mississippi scored the 5th goal of the game on the power play. Then not sure what pissed ftorek off but he got 2 minutes for abuse of officials. Putting his team in the hole on the pk again. Few seconds later goal number 6 and by then the wheels had fallen off. Breakaway after breakaway. Total give up by everyone. Was just a huge black eye for our city and team. Never seen a team just quit like that. Like i said it was embarrassing. Looked like they had never played hockey before. And about Kruger. He didnt get any help at all. He stopped a lot of breakaways. But he should have never acted like he did. And about pulling goalies, you would think you would ask your goaltender if or after how many goals do you want pulled. 2nd time goalie was upset with him over this. First time, was in fayetteville he pulled brandon anderson who got pissed and showed his butt for getting pulled. Next day he was shipped off to norfolk. This time he waited too long to do the pulling. But our backup we signed had played awful in the two games he started and was pulled in the second period of his last game. So we were screwed either way. But if it wasnt so late into the season i would go back and watch the film footage. Then i would waive every single player that had quit playing. If its still possible to get a few players, id waive them right now. Number 1 rule should be never give up. Makes your coach and organization look bad. If your a pro getting paid to play, no way you should give up no matter the circumstances. As big as the win in huntsville was, i believe we took one step forward then in mississippi we took 5 steps backwards.
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    As a Christian, I'd be happy to defend your right to leave the arena immediately after the final horn.
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    I foresee great things for the future of hockey in Fayetteville. It's now time to Make Hockey Great Again at the Coliseum. We've got a great team and now it's time to bring back the fans!!!!!!! It's going to happen....
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    Called yesterday about some tickets and asked about it while i was on the phone...He said they were salary jobs with a hockey background. I said why so many openings anyway? Attendance? He stated exactly...so at least our voices were heard.
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    $39,000 raised for St Jude Hospitals for Children tonight- not bad considering the Havoc lost the game, we have a lot of new guys on the team who haven't been around long enough to become fan favorites, and this was the 1st time this charity was the designated recipient. Good job, Havoc fans/donors. Doc
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    The SPHL trade deadline is today, Monday, Feb 27th, at 3 PM EST. There can be no more trades after that until after the season is over. Waivers/Free Agency adds & drops are still allowed though. The ECHL call-up deadline is Tuesday, Mar 7th at 5 PM EST. Any player accepting a call up to the ECHL after that will not be allowed to return to their SPHL roster. But, players called up or already in the ECHL before the deadline can still return. Graduating collegiate or Junior players wrapping up their seasons can be brought in for the stretch run with any remaing 3 game tryouts a team has. SPHL playoff rosters can be expanded to 19 players. Free agents must have played 5 games in the SPHL to be eligible for the SPHL playoffs. Graduating collegiate or Junior players are exempt from this restriction.
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    Per the ECHL Transactions, Turner just got called up to Orlando so we would not have had him anyway. Now if we could just get Zeke back from Toledo.....
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    One thing that wasn't mentioned in the story is that this was Parents' Weekend in Roanoke and Mike Moroso, Mitchell Mueller, and Zach Tatrn all had parents in attendance at the Berglund Center tonight. Of course, those three were the goal scorers for the Dawgs. Way to go, boys!
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    ..the trip to Fayetteville should be an interesting one Friday...we will have fun on our first road trip supporting the Dawgs since joining the SPHL.
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    Donnellan isn't a particularly flashy player, but they thought enough of him that he was the team captain. He should be a reliable addition to one of your d-lines.
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    I just wanted to say thank you to the Rivermen organisation, fans, and the Peoria community for taking care of our team the past couple of days. Gotta love the Hockey family. Y'all are a class act. Thanks.
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    Silly names only make us laugh. We laughed even harder when we brought the two points you missed back to Fayetteville with us.
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    I agree with many of your points but it's still up to the front office to market each and every game. Since there are only 28 home games, each game is important. This is the 15th season of FireAntz hockey and it's got to be the worst attendance after two home games. The failure lies within the front office and heads of the organization. There has to be accountability for those in marketing and ticket sales. The ownership group has to be disgusted and embarrassed by the lack of fans at this weekend's games. It's either they're disgusted, very disappointed or just don't care but I really doubt that they don't care and it's a combination of the first two. They should be having a meeting to see what happened because for an opening weekend coupled with the 15th anniversary, they could have come up with specials to lure fans to the games. I'm well aware that there were other events going on but the same can be said for every city yet they successfully get decent numbers in the seats. The season is far from over but the declining attendance has been going on since the beginning of last season. Something has to change and change very soon!!! We shouldn't rely on games from Jan to Apr to get the attendance numbers up.
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    The only thing I got from the neckbeard was that Szabados and Nielsen are more than just teammates.
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    Ice Flyers fan (but I come in peace). Your team looked very solid last night. Both were a little rough around the edges but your game plan was working. Offensively, every time down the ice (especially in the 1st period) you were getting multiple shots and getting good traffic in front of our goalie. Defensively, tons of blocked shots and making the smart play to just get the puck out. You guys should have a pretty fun season to watch. Best of luck, except for when you play us.
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    Love the graduated scale of IR this year. Wonder which one Zach Carriveau will get on first in Huntsville? Sorry.....had to say it.
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    Finally, a logo at center ice!!!!!!!
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    The FHL does not have anything to do with the SPHL, there are no reciprocal agreements between the two leagues that I am aware. You get suspended in one, you can play in the other. The ECHL/CHL (before the merger) had agreements where if you were suspended from one, you were suspended from the other. This extended to European leagues and I think even down to the SPHL. You cannot describe the FHL operation without the use of the word "cluster". If there is any SERIOUS negotiating between the two leagues, it would only be for Danville, and maybe Port Huron, but I don't believe for a minute that they are in any real talks. It would be ridiculous to merge with a league whose best team potentially drawing over 1000 fans is at least a 16 hour drive from the nearest city in the SPHL, and it would be foolish since none of the teams have drawn over 1500 fans (give or take) and are in arenas / ice rinks that hold fewer than 2000 at best. The largest capacity complex they had was the Hara Arena in Dayton (Demonz / Demolition) and they weren't drawing but an average of 774 last year. Hara just shut down for good and the FHL has done nothing but ensure hockey in that city is a far memory (if Hara itself hasn't already done that), unless the fans want to drive 45 minutes to Cincinnati or an hour to Columbus, or 90 minutes to Indy. There is no merger that will happen, there is no way that Winston-Salem will survive longer than a month, and there's no way the two leagues will cooperate. They are two different models, two different levels of hockey, and only one is legitimately recognized by the higher leagues for affiliations and player promotion.