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  1. Yeaj, nevermind his lack of success in the playoffs. Ugh! Oh well, I'll still root for the team and hopefully we finally find playoff success.
  2. Should Bes be gone? Absolutely! The guy can't field a winning team in the playoffs.
  3. Onward to next season. We've got a lot to look forward to with the new ownership, better atmosphere at the games and attendance that is going to skyrocket. With a full off season with the new crew, I've got a really good feeling that next season could very well be the most exciting season of hockey in Fayetteville we've ever had. The title of the thread is 'done' but I think it's more like 'We've only just began!'
  4. Any thoughts? How dare you ask the question that you already know the answer to. You know hockey and know it very well. The team didn't want it and it showed.
  5. Some might call this crazy for suggesting it but it's time for a coaching change. Bes career coaching record in the playoffs is 2-11 which includes his time with the Mississippi Surge. Winning 1 playoff series out of 6 isn't very impressive and playoffs are when everything matters.
  6. This team played with zero intensity and skated around like they didn't give a damn. The officiating had nothing to do with the outcome and had everything to do with our team that had no heart. That was probably the most pathetic, half a** effort I've ever seen from a Fayetteville hockey team in the playoffs. Play with that same lack of effort on Thurs night in Pensacola and tonight was the last home game of this season.
  7. Amen! We have an ownership group with awesome credentials. Jeff Longo has a great background with marketing and Chuck Norris who spent five yrs at Fort Bragg. We've already seen more interaction with Fort Bragg in the past week than we have in the past 15 yrs. I foresee very good things in the future and for the first time in Fayetteville hockey history, dating back to the Force years, we have people who are looking to increase attendance and fill lots of seats. Welcome Jeff and Chuck!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just don't want to play Pensacola in the 1st round but we need to win both games this weekend to get back to the winning ways. What happens, happens. Whoever we play in the playoffs, we will have to beat anyway but Knoxville would be a nice match-up.
  9. After this weekends no show in Peoria and only two games remaining, it sure looks like it will be one and done. How do we go from first place after Tuesday night's game to tied for 3rd following today's loss? This team must not have wanted to win the Reg Season Title or the entire team has the flu. How do you explain going from a 9 game winning streak to being shellacked in a three game set in what was a huge three game weekend in what could have been the perfect opportunity to seal first place? I really thought we had the team to make a serious run at a playoff title and we still could but there's not a lot of time to get the wheels rolling into the playoffs. This team must want it to get it!!!! The pieces are there on O, D and in net. It's a matter of getting back to what got us this far.
  10. Wow! I don't ever remember a team in the SPHL with that many former players from a single team.
  11. I witnessed the hissy fit that Anderson threw in Fayetteville back in December when he was pulled in the 3rd period. It was shortly after that when he went to Norfolk so I really doubt he comes back to Roanoke after the meltdown he had.
  12. Amen! Making Attendance Great Again!!!!
  13. Goodbye and good riddance! We don't need players like that in the league. I'm all for a good fight, great hit and even an occasional line brawl but to deliberately fire the puck into the bench is borderline criminal. He could have caused serious injury or worse with his careless, reckless and thoughtless action. And to think he is a veteran with 400+ games player in the SPHL and the Ice Bears captain is puzzling. Nice example he set for the younger players on how NOT to act.
  14. Does anyone think Sam will be brought back as coach next season? Thoughts.....
  15. This game was kind of boring. I thought our PP on the 5 on 3 for about 1:23 in the first was just awful with not many decent shots. That could have been a turning point in favor of a momentum shift for Peoria but they really didn't capitalize on it after successfully killing it off. It was more or less a game between two good teams that neither wanted to lose. It really stunk to give up a point but at least we gained a point on them and still have a game in hand. With four more games between the two teams, I'd expect at least one of the games to get a little bit chippy and nasty.