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  1. Let's see how that new coach works out, especially come playoff time.
  2. 1. How many championships did the Force win? 2. How many playoff series did the Force win?
  3. Five yrs as a coach and a 2-11 playoff record. The Ice Flyers fans need to get used to playoff disappointment.
  4. I enjoy our team playing Roanoke 13 teams this coming season because it means we'll have at least 10 victories out of the 13 games!!!!!!
  5. According to the article, Jeff Pyle said .'We finished strong last year.' Uh, your team finished in last place....
  6. Will there be free shots of vodka?
  7. It's official. Thomas Pope, sports writer for the Fayetteville Observer, posted it on twitter. More to follow to include an article. With Bes lack of playoff success through out his coaching career, I think this is a great move by not bringing him back. 2-11 in the playoffs and only 1 playoff series won out of 6 just doesn't cut it.
  8. Fayettevile only plays at Evansville once. That's kind of interesting.
  9. I think players will be more willing to come here with the new ownership. Some players go over to Europe, enjoy it there and stay for a while and others go, don't like it and come right back. It's hard to say what will happen but I don't blame them for going over.
  10. Billett was suspended immediately after he was arrested and charged with DUI but yet Murray hasn't been suspended. It sure does appear to be a double standard here.
  11. Knoxville is leading the league in DUIs.
  12. Where did Ronyane go?
  13. Archie Henderson was the Knights coach and was quite animated too.
  14. I like the Crown just the way it is but if they want to make it better, go for it but one major renovation that will happen is filling more seats for hockey next season. Many of those seats in the Crown, for hockey, haven't been used in a few years. So looking forward to much bigger crowds. It's going to be an exciting year for hockey in Fayetteville!!!!
  15. The goal of the NHL is to have an ECHL affiliate for each NHL team so there are about 4-5 expansion teams available unless a team were to relocate. I say 4-5 because I'm not sure of the exact #. The expenses in the ECHL are $$$.