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  1. I witnessed the hissy fit that Anderson threw in Fayetteville back in December when he was pulled in the 3rd period. It was shortly after that when he went to Norfolk so I really doubt he comes back to Roanoke after the meltdown he had.
  2. Amen! Making Attendance Great Again!!!!
  3. Goodbye and good riddance! We don't need players like that in the league. I'm all for a good fight, great hit and even an occasional line brawl but to deliberately fire the puck into the bench is borderline criminal. He could have caused serious injury or worse with his careless, reckless and thoughtless action. And to think he is a veteran with 400+ games player in the SPHL and the Ice Bears captain is puzzling. Nice example he set for the younger players on how NOT to act.
  4. Does anyone think Sam will be brought back as coach next season? Thoughts.....
  5. This game was kind of boring. I thought our PP on the 5 on 3 for about 1:23 in the first was just awful with not many decent shots. That could have been a turning point in favor of a momentum shift for Peoria but they really didn't capitalize on it after successfully killing it off. It was more or less a game between two good teams that neither wanted to lose. It really stunk to give up a point but at least we gained a point on them and still have a game in hand. With four more games between the two teams, I'd expect at least one of the games to get a little bit chippy and nasty.
  6. So according to the article, each team gets a $5000 budget to pay players for a season. One would hope that is for one player and not the entire team. Let's see how long this team in Winston Salem stays afloat.
  7. I foresee great things for the future of hockey in Fayetteville. It's now time to Make Hockey Great Again at the Coliseum. We've got a great team and now it's time to bring back the fans!!!!!!! It's going to happen....
  8. Oops! I forgot about that one. My bad....
  9. The showdown we've been awaiting.....The red hot Peoria who have reeled off 7 straight wins against the best teams in all of hockey, Roanoke and Evansville, come to the Crown for a match-up of what could be the two best teams in the league. Both teams are tied for 3rd in goals scored while we're #1 in fewest goals allowed while the Rivermen are 3rd. Games between us and them are always entertaining and this weekend's games, the first of five games over a three week period, are the most anticipated of the season. There are no road games between now and then for either team so travel won't be a factor as both teams should be well rested.............Get ready because these will be games that are a must see!!!!!
  10. I'm all for players getting called up to the ECHL but not to sit the bench or go on 'reserve.
  11. Coming from Goldsboro. 1 hr and 10 minutes.
  12. Hopefully next season, most of the Roanoke and Fayetteville games will be on Fri and Sat nights. Yes, we did win the season series decisively but most of the games were relatively close. We just happen to finally have a team that is good in almost all facets. Will this happen every year? Heck no, especially in minor league hockey with the player turnover from one yr to the next. We've went through our share of bad teams, finishing out of the playoffs three years in a four year stretch and those teams were beyond awful. I've been to Roanoke and I'm hoping the rivalry grows because it'll be great for both cities, the organization and fans. My first game in Roanoke was back in 1990 when the team was known as the VA Lancers playing at the Lancer Lot against my Erie Panthers and later when the team moved to the Roanoke Civic Center with the Express.......Great city and awesome fans! Your arena has that ole school minor league hockey atmosphere and is a great place to watch a game.
  13. There aren't many Antz fans at any games on days that end in day.
  14. I couldn't imagine the travel costs for Alaska to cover the entire season.
  15. It's a 'little' bit cheaper for a road trip from Roanoke to Fayetteville.