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  1. Horn with an impressive debut tallying a goal, an assist, a +2 and 2 PIMs Still 2 minutes to play in the 3rd. Outstanding job representing!!!!!
  2. Anderson got called up to Idaho but I didn't see his name listed on last night's game summary. I hope I'm incorrect but if the ECHL is going to call-up players, the least they could do is play them,... Congrats to Horn!!!!
  3. Agreed! We can make up some mega ground over the next two games in Macon. It's essentially 8 points on the line. Take it one game at a time. Our team is solid. Play the game the right way, don't take stupid penalties and take advantage of the opposition's mistakes. Our O is good, D is good, and goal tending is good. It's all good. The only team left to beat is Peoria this season.
  4. Gotcha! That explains why he keeps bouncing around on his tour of the SPHL.
  5. Austin Daae was put on waivers today by Columbus.
  6. It couldn't be worse than the mess he left in Norfolk.....
  7. Looking forward to the game down here in Fayetteville on the 28th. Maybe now the rivalry can officially be started between these teams separated by a four hr drive. We need something to spark it and generate some true dislike and hatred between the teams and fans. It makes for good, hard hitting hockey and games which we mark on our calendars.
  8. That would be an epic failure for Birmingham hockey.
  9. I wonder if Rod Aldoff is announced tomorrow morning as the 'new' coach.....
  10. We don't heckle opposing fans. It's the players we make unwelcome. LOL! Seriously, visiting fans are always more than welcome in Fayetteville. Nice place, very friendly atmosphere and a good time.
  11. Easy there Joseph!!!! We don't need a full fledged goon but a good tussle, scrap, fight or whatever you want to call it isn't necessarily a bad thing when it's needed to give the team a spark.
  12. You guys have a first class organization that is already great and it'll only get better. Yes, you're our #1 rival and we'll continue to heckle your guys when you play here in Fayetteville but I very much respect the efforts and what you guys are doing for hockey in Roanoke and making it a premier destination for players to want to play there. It's only a matter of time before the RYDs are consistently getting crowds of 4K+ on a nightly basis. Keep up the great work!!!
  13. There will be no comment concerning this matter. Friday night was the worst single Friday night attendance in Fayetteville hockey history and tonight was the worst Sat night attendance in Fayetteville hockey history..........It's really sad because the team is playing great and there don't appear to be any glaring weaknesses.
  14. A lot can happen and will happen in the next nine weeks. You don't want to peak too early nor do you want to win the regular season title and suffer the playoff jinx. There's a battle for the top six playoff spots and a battle between four teams for the final two. It's going to be interesting. Every game is important and those five games between our FireAntz and Peoria in mid March/early April are going to be very, very important. It'd be nice to knock Peoria down a peg or two in the standings.
  15. Is that the same rag tag lineup that just took a pair of games from Knoxville this weekend?