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  1. Drobot

    I'm a fan and thanks for asking.
  2. Drobot

    It was one goal worse than the 9-0 a** kicking we were handed by Macon back on December 16th which was the night after the 10-2 debacle against the same Macon team. That was a very bad weekend.
  3. Now let's try and get back to back wins for the first time this season. A winning streak is very possible with the fact that we have victories over our next three opponents already this season. Enough of these cardiac contests. It's time to start running up the score!!!!
  4. Drobot

    You are absolutely correct!!!!!! I want a winning team and am also not afraid to tell the truth. This isn't golf or tennis where you shut up and clap every once in a while when play is over. It also isn't rec league where every kid gets a participation trophy. I've been in cities before where the team captain was traded in mid season. As a matter of fact, it happened in Fayetteville during the 1999-2000 Fayetteville Force season. I could care less if it was fan favorite or a family member. It's about making the team better and if my fav player was traded, life goes on, said player can come back, you can root for him to do very well and I wouldn't have a problem with that. Trading and/or releasing players is going to happen, has happened and will continue to happen. Life will go on and attendance won't be significantly affected one way or another if any of the current Marksmen roster is traded or released.
  5. Drobot

    For a franchise that's rebuilding a fan base, every fan coming through the door matters. It doesn't matter if their fair weather (very subjective statement), Democrat or Republican, Army or Air Force, Navy or Marines, female or male, old or young, etc......The only thing that matters is having fans at the games.
  6. Drobot

    With his size, he could be good to put in front of the net on the power play. This is the 4th coach he's played for here and none of them seem to use him much.
  7. Drobot

    Most teams in hockey, at all levels, have gotten away from signing a player who's main purpose is to drop the gloves or sent a message to the other team. Teams do have players who can rough it up, drop the gloves when necessary or send a message but that player can also contribute offensively and get a regular shift on the ice. Unfortunately, we don't have that in the case of Drobot. Rarely in his time with Fayettevile, has he gotten more than a few shifts per game. Opposing teams aren't stupid and realize that he's more valuable on the ice than he is in the penalty box. I guess as long as fans are willing to shell out top $$$ for his jerseys at each auction, all is good in Fayetteville. I don't know of any other reason he keeps getting brought back. We need players who can mix it up but also tally a point every now and then instead of once every 8-10 games plus skate a regular shift.....
  8. Drobot

    How do you know he'll be visiting a surgeon?
  9. This is something that happens in most sports but it seems to happen more often in minor league hockey. You release, trade or waiver a player and that player comes back to haunt his former team with either a goal, assist or being the winning goalie. It's happened many, many times over the years with the Force, the FireAntz and now the Marksmen. I was looking at the schedule and saw that the Riverkings come to town this Sat night with Shane Bennett, who could very well win the SPHL Rookie of the Year Award, and Tyler Green, who we traded to the Riverkings getting DiSalvo in return. Bennett is averaging close to a point per game while Green has very a respectable 2.80 GAA. Bennett was having a great rookie season before being traded for reasons which we may never know. I'd say we got the shaft on that trade but we're not privy to what goes on behind the scenes or in the locker room so maybe there's more to it. Who knows.........As for Green, he played three games here towards the end of last season but didn't get much ice with Bonar here. Green did make the most of his three games going 2-1 with a 3.01 GAA,. Once again, I have no idea why we traded Green because he's a good goalie and can play with the best in the league. I know we played at Mississippi earlier this month beating them 3-1 which is great but will either Bennett or Green come here this coming Sat night with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove in the building they formerly called home? It remains to be seen.......
  10. Whiners

    I remember a time in Erie when we had the Panthers (ah, the days of Erie vs the VA Lancers and later the Express) when it was announced that it was our team captain's birthday. Our team wasn't very good at the time and going through a rough stretch. The entire place started booing. Yeah! It was funny. Gotta love minor league hockey!!!! He wasn't happy, made a comment in our newspaper and the next game, when it wasn't his birthday, the booing got even louder whenever his name was announced. Bottom line is we love our hockey!!! Rowdy and obnoxious but good clean fun!!!!!
  11. Whiners

    To say we don't need 'these people going to the games' is a bit of a stretch. We need everyone going to the games. I'll still come to games. Who cares what people say on here. There are about, depending on seats blocked, 9,700 seats in the Crown Coliseum. The more fans we get, the better the atmosphere. I wouldn't care if 7,000 fans came to the game and booed the team all night because it's 7,000 fans at the game and as long as they're not throwing objects on the ice or using profanity, all is good. Fans buy tickets, tickets generate revenue and revenue ensures franchise sustainability
  12. Whiners

    We have a great front office who has done a fantastic job increasing attendance and the atmosphere at the games. As for the on ice product, that needs significant improvement as we all know. Just because we choose to vent, discuss and freely debate, doesn't mean we aren't true fans or are whiners. Even as bad as this team is, I've still gone to two games this season and will go to at least a couple more. Every ticket sold is revenue for the organization and another increase in attendance. We have every right to freely speak how we feel about the team. The key is that people are still talking about the team and going to games. You;re not a true fan when you stop coming to games entirely or totally quit discussing the direction, positive or negative, of the team.
  13. Marksmen win over Dawgs 4-1

    Great effort, great results! Repeat this effort, string together a winning streak and good things will happen. Keep playing 60 minutes every game and the results will be productive.
  14. I don't know you're asking something or making a statement but inadvertently leaving a question mark at the end of it.
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