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  1. ADD Justin Gvora (F) - re-signed DEL Mitch Vandergunst (F) - waivers DEL Jackson Leef (F) - waivers No word on Metcalfe - maybe this weekend when Price's team suspension ends.
  2. Fun fact: Taking games played into consideration - if the season was over now, Knoxville would face the Havoc in the 1st round of the playoffs - with two out of three games likely being played in Huntsville.
  3. Depends on where his skate was...
  4. It should be. It's still in the Rulebook:
  5. The sports editor did tell me " if a feature story arises [they] will consider it if a staff writer is available". Course, he also said that they don't cover the Smokies either - which he has done himself. And that they are no longer covering high school sports or taking freelance contributions - which they continue to do. I'm sure he jumped at the chance to run some negative press about the Bears.
  6. Players called up or already in the ECHL before the March 7th trade deadline can still return. So, technically, yes.
  7. No recovering from that brutal opening 4 minutes.
  8. The dozens (if not hundreds) with their faces buried in their smartphones, tablets and game devices.
  9. Congrats to Rob.
  10. Snakes @ Ice Flyers Sunday - 5:05 EST @ the Bay Center SPHL Scoreboard Pre-Game Notes Live video online at Neulion - $7.99
  11. Ice Bears @ Mayhem Sunday - 4:05 EST @ the Macon Coliseum SPHL Scoreboard Pre-Game Notes Live video online at Neulion - $7.99 Away Game Viewing Party at Fieldhouse Social (directions)
  12. Jackson Leef (F) - signed Michael Economos (F) - signed Travis Hill (D) - signed Scott Witmyer (F) - placed on waivers
  13. He's part-time and has full-time commitments that keep him local.
  14. Maybe this?
  15. There was word of at least one missed call - elbow to the head, I believe - that may have pushed things over the edge.