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  1. Here's a few logos for Bulls fans in need of a Profile Picture or whatever.
  2. Last year it was May 13th, the year before it was May 6th. It hasn't been that productive recently though, with very few draftees ending up on the opening rosters.
  3. Good read, Shaun. I predict a perfect playoffs prognostication performance for you.
  4. He wanted to go out on his terms - not terms dictated by something he had no control of. All of his sponsors and many fans have their expressed support for him making this decision. He did say not one of the frequently quoted reasons for retiring - help, passion or ability - was any more a factor than any other. If there's good news, it's that he's not leaving the sport altogether. He'll still be very active with JR Motorsports - including driving two races in 2018. With Rick Hendrick as well - who pointed out he is the perfect mentor for all of the rising stars making up the new face of NASCAR. The press conference (including a lengthy Q & A afterward) is here if anyone is interested.
  5. Yeah, the window for that opportunity closed a while ago. Maybe next year.
  6. Good question. I looked for it when that was posted, but didn't find anything.
  7. JB's teams have won the President's Cup twice - in 2005 and 2012.
  8. Seems like winning the regular season had a positive effect on attendance. Only one other game all season drew that many. For the Mayhem's sake, hopefully that translates to Sunday & Monday numbers as well.
  9. According to the Centreplex website, the Mayhem play at the Coliseum - which is separate from the Auditorium.
  10. And Macon's lone post-season home game reported 3,742, so who knows?
  11. No 5-game series. And no home ice for the first game. Some comedian at the Auditorium prevents the Mayhem from playing in the Coliseum that night?!?
  12. Add to that, Friday night in Peoria and Sunday/Monday in Macon. Looks pretty good for Peoria with their 4,000+ average attendance vs. Macon's 1,800+.
  13. Wow. Predators finish Blackhawks in style
  14. The Ice Bears are proud to host the 10th Annual Charity Classic Golf Tournament at Three Ridges Golf Course on Friday, May 12 from 12:00 - 6:00 PM. Proceeds will benefit JDRF East Tennessee (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Lunch starts at 12:00 noon. Shotgun start will begin at 1:00. Price (same as last year): $125 for an individual or $400 per foursome. Call the Ice Bears front office at 525-7825 for sponsorship information or to sign up your team!
  15. Good reads. Thanks for the links, SASRACE.