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  1. One Last Fight By James Mirtle - The [Toronto] Globe and Mail Read more at: CAUTION: Contains some language and graphic details.
  2. Rivermen in for long haul, sign lease with Civic Center through 2020 by Dave Eminian - JournalStar Read more at:
  3. That, I think, would require a reversal of what has brought several ECHL teams to our league over the years - the cost of dropping attendance. A state-of-the-art 10,000 seat arena would not only attract entertainment revenue opportunities the city is currently locked out of, but it can't help but increase attendance at hockey games - attracting everyone from families excited to check out a new entertainment complex to those that stopped coming because they were tired of sitting in those rickety old wooden seats. Whether or not that would be enough to warrant a jump to the E would remain to be seen.
  4. Or, you could just link to them. Like this and this. Unless you've made even better ones since then. Since I'm linking, here are mine as well.
  5. From the mayor herself, today: But, to answer your question, claims of detailed inside information with nothing offered to support them are generally met with some level of skepticism. You do seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the information you do supply, though. So I will try to be less condescending, with my apologies.
  6. I'll agree with you on that last point. When nearly 2 years comes around next year and nothing has happened, I'll be genuinely worried about the status of the project.
  7. Sounds like a single, isolated incident.
  8. ...which started with "I have extrapolation of conclusions". Where's P.O. when you need her?
  9. You have inside knowledge of this?
  10. I was going to buy you a map of Evansville to Augusta.
  11. Original post updated.
  12. Count your blessings. This is our "new" scoreboard (upgraded a few years ago). Photo by Jim Purvis - KIBBC
  13. ... in the ECHL Jacksonville IceMen to make hockey debut Oct. 14 at Veterans Memorial Arena Read more at:
  14. That leaves the following members of our 2017 Playoffs roster available for the Birmingham Expansion Draft: Dylan Wells (G) Greg Dodds (G) John Rey (D) Scott Witmyer (RW) Jackson Leef (C) Robbie Donahoe (D) Mike Economos (RW) Kyle McNeil (RW) Mitch Vandergunst (RW)