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  1. Seems like winning the regular season had a positive effect on attendance. Only one other game all season drew that many. For the Mayhem's sake, hopefully that translates to Sunday & Monday numbers as well.
  2. According to the Centreplex website, the Mayhem play at the Coliseum - which is separate from the Auditorium.
  3. And Macon's lone post-season home game reported 3,742, so who knows?
  4. No 5-game series. And no home ice for the first game. Some comedian at the Auditorium prevents the Mayhem from playing in the Coliseum that night?!?
  5. Add to that, Friday night in Peoria and Sunday/Monday in Macon. Looks pretty good for Peoria with their 4,000+ average attendance vs. Macon's 1,800+.
  6. Ice Bears Place Brian Billett on Team Suspension Knoxville Ice Bears - Team Press Release
  7. Wow. Predators finish Blackhawks in style
  8. The Ice Bears are proud to host the 10th Annual Charity Classic Golf Tournament at Three Ridges Golf Course on Friday, May 12 from 12:00 - 6:00 PM. Proceeds will benefit JDRF East Tennessee (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Lunch starts at 12:00 noon. Shotgun start will begin at 1:00. Price (same as last year): $125 for an individual or $400 per foursome. Call the Ice Bears front office at 525-7825 for sponsorship information or to sign up your team!
  9. Good reads. Thanks for the links, SASRACE.
  10. Opinion on the second round re-seeding? I'd say the format makes obvious sense, just not the application. The "reward" is lessened since the spread is smaller between the remaining opponents. It's the "one bad game and you find yourself in the one-and-done situation" that I (and many others) object to. Three 5-game series (or even a 3-game 1st round followed by two 5-game rounds) would put the SPHL on par with the ratio of playoff to regular season games the NHL employs. And a team could have 2 bad games and still have a chance to mount a comeback to advance. Of course, arena availability and getting the post-season done by a desired date will alway work against pulling that off. At least, I assume, until the league gets bigger and more attractive to the venues. Does anyone know how much trouble ECHL teams have getting post-season dates?
  11. Dang!
  12. Pointstreak just blew up. After switching to a Carleton Place/Ottawa game for a minute. Is it still 0-0?
  13. I'll never like a playoffs format that awards the lauded President's Cup to the first team with 6 wins - at least 2 of which could be against low-performing opponents; all while winning the Coffey Cup requires having the best record after 56 matchups against the entire league to some degree.
  14. Who's first? And don't you dare say M&M!
  15. You called it!
  16. Ice Bears season ends following playoff loss to Peoria By Rick Russo - WVLT Ch 8 Peoria eliminates Ice Bears from postseason By Marshall Hughes - WATE Ch. 6
  17. Tickets as low as $10. Kids get in Free with a paid adult Silver section ticket. 1st 500 through the gates get a Free XL GIVE ME 5 Playoffs t-shirt. 1st 1,000 get a Free Playoffs Poster. Rivermen @ Ice Bears Friday - 7:30 EST @ the Civic Coliseum SPHL Scoreboard Pre-Game Notes GAME LIVE Drink Specials: $2 fountain drinks, $3 Lime-a-Rita's, $4 Bud Light Lime Bombers, $5 Rum Punch WHITE REGULAR SEASON JERSEY AUCTION - immediately after the game. Tonight is do or die for the Ice Bears - force a Game 3 in Peoria on Saturday or the season is over.
  18. The News Sentinel article actually wasn't terrible. Ice Bears season ends after 5-1 loss in playoffs By Phil Kaplan - News Sentinel
  19. 2015 - just 2 years ago. Also, 2nd round of the Playoffs in 2012, 2013, 2014.
  20. I think it could have been an entirely different night if our passing game hadn't gone down the toilet a few weeks ago. That, and spending all that time hanging out behind our own net - even on the power play. Wouldn't hurt to pay a little more attention to the puck instead of focusing on getting to the bench for line changes either. See everyone next season.
  21. Hate to say it, but it's not the officials that are losing this game. Phaneuf is proving to be enough for the offense the Bears are throwing at him but breakdowns by the whole team are costing them. And why on earth would you put Dodds back in after what happened in game 1?
  22. ADD Jake Rivera - off supension DEL Mitch Vandergunst - healthy scratch REFEREE's: Walker Holton & Steven Sailor Somebody makes sue Holton has his:
  23. In case you missed it, here is the full 87 minute Farewell Ceremony to the Joe Louis Arena following the Detroit Red Wings' final game Sunday in that storied arena.
  24. WVLT-TV Ice Bears playoff tickets as low as $10
  25. Congrats, Macon. The Snakes gave you quite a run, but you're one step closer to the big prize.