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  1. That is awesome!
  2. Oh Good God - move on Fred!
  3. What do jeresys usually go for at auction?
  4. You sound like a very angry Captain! That is a pretty harsh statement, did Dennis beat you up?
  5. Well said! Love him or hate him, he is the real deal and can not be replaced. It will be a sad day when we don't get to see Dennis Sicard play. In the SPHL.
  6. Hey

    Let's just say that there is more to the story of him throwing a fit which you are not privy to. And let's not forget that two of the teams that he played for folded; Richmond and Augusta. Which resulted in him being quickly picked up by Huntsville and Bloomington. The only other team he played for was Louisiana. Please correct me if I am wrong. But this is not a bad record for a guy who has played in the SPHL since 2007.
  7. Relax JoeyDale, I'm sure that your buddy Barr is a tough guy too!
  8. Looks like Sicard has not missed a beat. And he appears to be "uninjured". Here is footage of his one punch knock out. Check out the 1:55 mark.
  9. Dennis Sicard did not exist according to the Havoc website - even his "Darn Nice Guy" article was promptly removed. Except for the fact that he is still one of the scoring leaders and pointstreak can be tampered with - he will soon be just a distant memory for us all. lol!
  10. He is playing.
  11. He didn't just decide to not play for the Havoc anymore - remember the Havoc told him that he could NOT play for them. Looks good on them.
  12. That is where I found it - under the Bloomingtons game tonight - he is listed as being on the roster.
  13. Look who is wearing #39 and playing with the Bloomington Prarie Thunder. Guess his hangnail has healed. What a joke. Glad to see that he found a way out of this Huntsville mess, he certainly deserves the call and I wish him all the best.