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  1. I think we may have our answer to what is going to happen to the Columbus Cottonmouths!
  3. Sorry for late response have been busy at work, but I want to say that the series between the Havoc and Riverkings was very entertaining and fun to watch as I was at all three games and it was hard hitting playoff style hockey that both teams wanted to win bad. It is what you would expect from 4 & 5 seed series. Riverkings fans have nothing to fear good coach, always have good veterans come back and they play hard, seems like about every year when it comes playoff time Riverkings are one of the teams to beat. Havoc has done good this year both in wins and attendance, not too good in Iceplex I believe that is the first game they have one there in five attempts so not much on playing there but have to do what ya have to do sometimes. Huntsville is gonna have to play extra hard to beat Peoria this week, just have to see what happens. Also great turnout of fans from the Mississippi area met a lady form Jonesboro, AR., that travel to all the Mississippi games, now that is dedication. Look forward to seeing you in our building next year and I hope to do the same over there.
  4. It may be time for some new ideas in Knoxville, just like Bechard in Columbus. Both Craigen and Bechard have worked on making this league as to what it is today and i do respect them for what they have done over the years, both hard nosed players and coaches as well but it is like anything in the world now a days you need new ideas and new ways of thinking to compete
  5. Word on street last night at the Huntsville game was that the Cottonmouths were more than likely going to become the Bulls unless a new owner is found by end of May and that the Riverkings may be in a battle at the Landers Center with the new NBDL team that is moving in and paying them over 2 million a year to play in the arena. Things are getting tough for teams in certain areas, but also kept hearing more talk of this team in the Del/Mar/Va area coming on board next season, but I don't see that happening, we will just have to see what develops.
  6. From my understanding season ticket holders will have first offer on tickets and then if there are any left over they will go on sale to general public, I think Iceplex seats around 1500
  7. Have been told that this is what they are looking at as far as logo in Birmingham with team colors blue & black
  8. The league will never gain credibility among some people until this issue is solved among all SPHL arenas in my opinion. It is fine to have events scheduled but make it so they can work with hockey if your team makes playoff not kick it out of a home ice advantage
  9. Can somebody tell me the reason that Huntsville will have to use the Iceplex on April 14th for the playoff game?
  10. It is my understanding from what I am hearing out of Birmingham area this morning that Art Clarkson had a fundraiser/announcement deal last night in Pelham. I just found out about it and I am checking into it to see what i can find out
  11. I agree what is up with Freak Daddy in the video, has the Macon coach caused him some ill will this season!
  12. I think the suspension is consistence with what they did four years ago. I know that he did shoot the puck into the bench and yes it could have been bad but what if it was just a normal play of the game such as a few week back when the lady was hit in the head over at the Zamboni opening by a Huntsville players shot, should we ban him for life to? SPHL did what they thought was right and I think they are handling it the right way, if we get all crazy over every time a puck flies out of the rink then we are heading toward net around the whole rink and not a lot of people want to see that
  13. I do know that Keith Jefferies was at the walk through in Pelham last week with Combs and the Pelham city folks. I don't know if it was a play against the BJCC or not but I know several years ago that there was a deal worked out between the league and BJCC for a team to use the arena for rent of the lower bowl. I think there is something else in play also as it also may concern Columbus as you have to remember Jerome Bechard played for Art Clarkson and the Cottonmouths could become the Bulls.
  14. From my understanding from people that sit in the suites in that area, the Havoc guys on IR were trying to go after Price and not Craigen. I don;t think Craigen was on their minds after what Price did to the bench
  15. That is true, some of the guys on injured reserve were held up by the owners wife, she was trying to keep them from getting into any trouble