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  1. Not gonna be a favorite among the PC crowd.
  2. Are they going back to the Fayetteville Force, since military man involved in ownership?
  4. I been talking to some friends of mine about this Cottonmouths deal and they are in the business world of buying and selling and they all agree that Wanda Amos should have put team up for sale, but continue to operate it as it would be easier for potential buyers or investors to the product they are buying, they said it would be a hard sell to somebody or investors with all the negative pub going around.
  5. Don't the Riverkings operate under some sort of 501-C plan, kind of like a foundation?
  6. Cottonmouths still listed on press release from SPHL today. I know this means nothing, but it may have some hope for their fans.
  7. Birmingham Bulls having presser right now in Pelham Civic Complex
  8. Birmingham Bulls presser going on right now in Pelham Civic Complex
  9. My business is the motorsports business and this will deal a big blow to the industry. I deal in local short track racing industry and things are not real great there, but it comes and goes in cycles, but I have many friends in the NASCAR world and they are hyperventilating this is a big shock to them, some are saying that he got out due to his health and did not want to take chance on getting hurt again, also he has plenty of money and I am sure FOX and NBC will talk to him. I think biggest problem will be at the NASCAR tracks they are having hard time getting fans to go and no this, they will sell extra tickets to tracks that still have races, but after he retires they might start taking more seat out.
  10. I just saw on Twitter season tickets for Riverkings, I my be late to the party but this is a good sign that they will be back in 2017/18. We need to keep all our franchises and hope somebody helps Columbus and the Birmingham team is another team not just one moving to Birmingham
  11. Phil Roberto now that is Blast From The Past
  12. I think we may have our answer to what is going to happen to the Columbus Cottonmouths!