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  1. I enjoyed the game very much but the hockey etiquette this town is unbelievable, I went to Birmingham yesterday and they have ushers standing at top of the aisle with stop signs telling people to stay seated while the puck is in play, something Huntsville may need to look at.
  2. I usually don't get on here to complain but Saturday was about the craziest I have seen at a Huntsville game. First it is raining on and off outside and the season tickets holders are in the rain, those are the ones who support the team each year and should have been inside the lobby at least. I know UAH was playing and that is fine but you could at least let the season ticket holders in to watch the end as I am almost positive that the arena was not full. Second, when you did open up everybody went in like a bunch of wild banshees and especially the GA tickets holders as they all rush to get those seats first. A third was having to move people around that are not in their right seat, if they would have enough seat ushers there to show people their right seats then they would not have to move 15 people around while the game is playing and we miss the action. Finally, how can a place like the VBC run of popcorn at the end of the first period, did they now expect a big crowd or did all the UAH fans eat it just stating my opinion on the facts that I seen Saturday night that is all!
  3. That number is not far off, it is a shame it is that way but I told some of the Blue Line Club members they will not have the crowds they used to have until they get colleges that people know to come in here and play.
  4. I thought the same thing too probably not a wise move to just promote Alabama

    Team Payroll

    CHL salary cap in those days around $10,000 a week

    Team Payroll

    I am not saying that does not happen but it is not as prevalent as it was in Channel Cats days, we would watch envelopes be passed around during smoke breaks to players not playing that night or if you wanted to give certain players money they would fight whoever on the other team. I personally know what $100 would get you in the CHL days.
  7. Knoxville and Peoria have been to the ECHL with Peoria all the way in the AHL at one point. I just believe that in the long future of hockey in Peoria they will move up and if Knoxville gets a new building look for them to explore the opportunity. I think Huntsville will stay in the SPHL unless some deal is made with the ECHL. Yes, Huntsville was there years ago but you are right demographics are different in Huntsville now than in the Blast days. I think Birmingham maybe in a problem to convince people to forget the ECHL and get used to the SPHL. The Bulls fans I know from years past still have not gone and will not until they get back to the BJCC and then the ones I have taken myself to games said they saw pretty good play, that is what I think Birmingham is gonna have problems with.
  8. What we are dealing with the SPHL is we have ECHL wannabe owners at the top of the chain and FHL owners at the bottom, would not surprise me later if the strongest SPHL teams show interest n ECHL and lower teams go FHL SPHL seems to be stuck in the middle as they are too small for some cities and too big for other cities.
  9. One of the best games I have seen this year played well on both ends, but what rec league in Huntsville did this Jack Prince on Peoria come from?
  10. Early start time did not help them they were tired and had no time to get their legs back

    Team Payroll

    I think the under the table money is very rare in the SPHL as I have been going to hockey a long time in Huntsville and other places. Now back in the Huntsville CHL days money in envelopes was being passed around like candy it was everywhere and a lot of it!
  12. Hey this owner gets it and he is doing what he has to do to get the people back to the games. Discount tickets, all the entertainment skate with the players it is all part of minor league sports. You want fans leaving there talking about the entertainment and the hockey game second, that is the way the NHL has done for years. I know Huntsville used to give away tons of tickets when they started they slowly backed off of that through the years and I am willing to say that there are not many games that Huntsville give away a lot of tickets anymore.
  13. Went to the game last Saturday night and it was a pretty sloppy game I thought, Evansville is not that good of a team and Huntsville matched their play. They beat them in Evansville 5-2 and it should have been that much or more in Huntsville. I have never seen so many icing calls by one team, looked as if Evansville would just shoot the puck down the ice so they would not have to play it. Evansville was a little chippy all night and tried to get Huntsville to retaliate but they kept their cool. I know Huntsville can be a better team I seen that n Birmingham two weeks ago dominated the #1 team so I know it's there and yes I know they had a game the night before but you got to play every night to win this league.
  14. Went to the game Saturday in Birmingham, Havoc looked good on defense and shot the puck well, name of the game is to shoot the puck and see what happens. What concerns me is Birmingham crowd was around the 2,000 mark, that team is good and should be drawing more fans than that. I know UAB/Auburn basketball was in downtown but still should be more hockey fans in the area. They have a great staff and good management and hopefully things will get better after the holidays.
  15. My understanding to this is that most teams need and average of around 2500 to break even at every game. We currently have 6 teams that are over that goal right now, two others are close and then the other two I don't know what they have to do get the fans. They should be well above average as these two cites have had hockey teams for quite a few years. I know some of the fans in Birmingham that used to go say they liked ECHL better that the SPHL, I told them give this a chance and you will like it. I told one person I knew from back in the Bulls ECHL days that if these players are not that good then why do so may of them get the ECHL call up! They looked and me and said you mean these guys get called up to ECHL and I said yes and that changed their mind and now they are gong to the games at Pelham. It all boils down to perception to some people. I think you will see some teams go and new teams come into the league, I keep hearing rumblings of some of the lower attended ECHL teams wanting to get in and then some that would like to get in but egos will not let them take the plunge. Don't be surprised if you see the ECHL come after some SPHL markets that have strong followings, that talk is out there too.