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  1. I have one, it's game worn. What you willing to pay for it?
  2. Looking for the 2018 Huntsville havoc military night jersey.
  3. Will see what happens this weekend. I think all you sibby haters will be eating some words. Like was said before, Sibby is a spot on goalie, even with his recent losses he still has turned away more shots on goal then almost every other goalie in the league in those same lost games, If you don't believe me go look at game by game shot on goals VS the ones let in by and also look how many we put on the other goalies net. We need more D, more offence, and way MORE shots on Goal and less standing and passing it around until it gets picked off, I mean in my opinion the TEAM is a good team and we have several really good players they just need to be on the same page. Murph was a good coach, yea he made a few mistake in the trading department but I believe he was just trying to get some Wins, But what he was trying just wasn't doing it for some reason. Not sure why but I am figuring that Coach Detulleo will keep the team together enough to make it to the playoffs, Hopefully we can take Augusta in the first round. Because I am pretty sure we will be battling them first in the playoffs. Because in my Opinion fayettville would have to will EVERY game they have left in order to get that last seed with us losing every game we have left, and i just do not see that happening.
  4. Anyone know what happened to the coach and who is the Brad Ralph they keep talking about is our coach tonight. I know he was Augustas coach last year... HUMMM
  5. Now Now, Its not that bad. We have a good group of guys on the team. The only problem i see is TEAM work. They need to tighten up the passes and tighten up the Goalie Defence. I mean lets be real here more than 3/4ths of the guy are pretty good but when you have off timing passes it just doesn't work. just my opinions.
  6. snakebstr43


    Not really...look at the rosters of the FHL....looks pretty even to me.
  7. snakebstr43


    Bad team guy, Hummm wasn't that bad when he helped win the championship in 09-10 now was he. Maybe the other people are in denial. But I am sure we will never know the truth about what really happened. Same crap different player.
  8. snakebstr43


    Now dude you really need to learn how to read, I NEVER said that the havocs coach was a stupid coach. If you would have read it correct I said Bloomington's coach was stupid, Personally I like Coach Murphy and MOST of his choices BUT, Yes i think coach made mistake with the release of Sibbald. If you cannot see that then you have issues, Now that you bring up championships didn't Sibbald have a better year than McWhinny, I mean come on BOTH goalies helped win the championship, And if I remember correct Sibbald got MVP that season. And yes coach did make some bad choices that season as well, Remember the 9 game losing streak, Guess you forgot about that Hummm. Now what.....LOL. And coach has also made a few bad choices that season with starting beech several times after he has LOST, I mean beech lost at least 3 games in a row but yet he still started, What is up with that? Where did In you Win, Out you lose GO. May have been the same outcome but we will never know, Don't bet me wrong NOW, I like Beech and he is a good goalie, But if you lose 2 games in a row, I don't care if you are Dan McWhinny or Adam Dekker you should be rested a game or so. It's as simple as that. And believe me Adam and Dan are doing a great job for the FHL and the New Jersey Outlaws, adam Dekker with 11 wins and 1 loss with 3 Shut outs, And Dan McWhinny with14 wins and 2 loses for a total of 25 WINs and 3 loses, Now that is kicking some butt....but then again look at who's on the team, Gotta wonder?
  9. snakebstr43


    LOL...Whatever... Sibbald is not a bad team player, looks like we have some stupid coaches, Bloomingtons coach is an Idiot, No just because he let sibbald go but for this reason. Zane Kalemba(goalie) has several Loss games but yet he still starts the game and loses again, Hummm gotta wonder. Ok them on the is game right before sibbald was released, That Zane Kalemba has 16 shots on goal and saves only 12 thats 4 goals for the other team in 23 minutes, Sibbald is put in goal for the last 35 minutes and GUESS WHAT, 18 shots on goal with 18 saves, but yet the next game he doesn't start and who does, Zane "the loser" Kalemba yea he gets a win but that is only becayse Omar Pacha gets a hat trick, Don't believe me just look it up....LOL....The bloomington coach only played Sibbald twice and Sibbald had a total of 25 shots on goal with 24 saves, Now who should have started..... LOL..... Maybe The bloomington coach like losers.... and sibbald is a winner...LOL
  10. snakebstr43


    Ha ha ha...looks like we beat knoxville's butt and also beat the doodie out of some of them as well. Not sure but if I am correct Sicard got a GOAL and kicked Bremner's butt. Sounds good to me. And that my friends is what Sicard brings to the havoc. I am not saying he is the best man on the team but he is moving up pretty fast in Goals and assists. Not to mention we have won 3 in a row, Go you sons of Beech's....LOL. It isn't OVER until its Over so do not count the havoc short just yet. Now on to the sibby deal, If that is the case then why did sibby have a job the next day in bloomington, hum gotta wonder about that. Did he quit, Did he get fired, or did he just get a better offer from Bloomington, after all he did go up to bloomingtom FAST. If I am not mistaken when he playing in a game because bloomington starter goalie got pulled he made 6 saves out of 7 shots, and on another night that same goalie gave up 4 goals in 23 minutes and was pulled when sibby was in goal for the remainder 35 minutes he saved 18 shots out of 18 shots on goal, In case your not to fast in the brain department, that means he didn't let any in the net...Now what....just as good in a better league...Hummm gotta wonder
  11. LOL.... Sicard being let go had nothing to do with us winning the championship that year. We got lucky, Didn't we also lose 9 in a row. Sicard is a great player, He has speed, fights, and scores I mean what more can you ask for. Anyone that says Sicard doesn't give 110% to the game no matter what team he is on is in denial.
  12. We made payments on our tickets. I mean we paid them off early but we did set it up on payments because we got several tickets. Front office does everything the same way, I believe someone just got confused. As far as losing games, All of the losing games we have had have sucked but it is not the worst we have lost, We did lose 9 in a row the same year we won the championship, But it was after the first of the year, I think most everyone is just upset because we are used to being ahead during the first part of the season and then struggling, Where now we are struggling but we will get it together, i have faith in the guys and the team, we still have plenty of game to catch up. Will see, I just know we have several good to great players on the team and now we just need to get them on the same page. I am sure murphy will do that, I have seen him in action.
  13. snakebstr43


    We did good with Mississippi surge last night, but we still need work. Need more D-screening so that the guy with the puck never gets a shot off, If you get enough shots off some will go in Period. A goalie can only stop some of the shots, Sibby was a way better goalie than we have in net now, just look at the stats, I am thinking sibby just got the same deal as Arvai got," You wanna play somewhere else then you cannot come back here!" and I believe that was the deal with sibby and not that the team didn't like him. That's BS
  14. I wouldn't mind getting McWhinny back but that isn't gonna happen because, Everyone from the havoc that went to the FHL and the New Jersey Outlaws is doing great, New Jersey is #1 and McWhinney is 10 and 2, meaning 10 wins and 2 loses and the other goalie Adam Dekker is 8 in 0, Looks like they are 18 in 2, damn what a record. I believe sibbald went to Bloomington in the CHL but has only played the last 18 minutes and had 6 saves out of 7 shots on goal, I guess will see what happens, I believe we are starting to get a real strong team now we just need some wins, We got the talent now.