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  1. There is no need to keep the Cottonmouths in the SPHL Team Forums. They are gone; besides, the vast majority of the fans writing are from other teams that have no useful reason to be posting on a defunct teams forum. Possibly, a team might be back in a year or so. Start a new Columbus Whatever then.
  2. If we want more scoring from the boys, trade them.
  3. I would have to guess that the hands of the coach and gm are equivocally tied. I blame the ownership. How many years left in the deal with the city?
  4. I would also like him as a crowd pleaser but we all know how coach feels.
  5. After last years disaster no news is good news.
  6. My brother and I met Gordie in 1965 at the Eaton's in Shawinigan Falls, Quebec. He signed an all-star card for each of the fans there. We stayed for quite awhile talking to him. When I left, I joked, "Mr. Howe, even though I'm a Canadiens fan, I wish you all the best for the next 20 years of your career!" We all laughed, but he did it plus more. He will always be Mr. Hockey.
  7. Happy Birthday colga87!

  8. Welcome to the SPHL. Glad to see another team in the north. Maybe in a few years we won't be the Southern Professional Hockey League but known simply as the SPHL. For a name, Evansville Mets...
  9. During the NHL 67-68 season with expansion, there were quite a number of older rookies. Players that had been stuck in the AHL or other leagues. For example, Les Binkley was a rookie goalie for Pittsburgh at 33.
  10. The ice surface is regulation size. I saw Jerome's player board and there is a name written in the backup slot. I've looked the fellow up and his stats are impressive. I suppose before long we'll hear of a signing.
  11. Happy Birthday colga87!

  12. Snakes player slashed at Pensy players stick causing the puck to go over the blue line...puck brought back over for an offside.
  13. At the Snakes/Pensy game the other night there was a guy and his group visiting from Macon. I welcomed him and then had to listen to his loud mouth all game long. I guess he's from Pensacola. Can't wait for next season and road trips to Macon.
  14. So at least we'll get to welcome him back to Columbus for his last two games as a pro.
  15. There are a couple of D men who are hurting the team much more than helping.