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  1. Orrin Hergott for head coach. Do it. Win in what was an established market! With a real hockey mind! The only reason Columbus had a chance at all late season was because Orrin came in. Hopefully the city and civic center see the missing $$$$ and will accommodate accordingly towards new ownership,as a result. I doubt it but hope so. Good news is if they don't they'll raise us another 1% for roundabouts, and budget shortages!! Lastly, what happens to the ice rink next to the Civic Center? If I've missed that detail I apologize. Just wondering what will become of that.
  2. Exactly. Restructure the lease agreement and the concessions agreement. City has leached off of this franchise for many years
  3. Exactly right, but I'm not so sure of a return. We all know how those things go
  4. That's very accurate. If you average the Amos' loss per season for the duration of their ownership, you'll find a 7 figure loss. (thanks city of Columbus/civic center). thanks to so many of the kind hearted players that did offer so much and contribute to our community. The sphl era really went above and beyond in this regard. Sincere thanks to the Amos' for keeping this going and funding a passion of theirs, while we as fans benefitted. easy for anyone who can't burn $150,000 a season to have an opinion. I'm thankful they did for so long. Thank you W and S. thank you Jerome. Thank you Craig Stahl. Thank you Orrin Hergott. None of your efforts were wasted.
  5. It's over folks. I hate it. Been a fan for a long time and will miss the Snakes. The Amos family has done a fantastic job giving us hockey out of their own pockets. With their loss every season and the team getting worse every year, I can't and don't blame them. Heres the truth. The team has been shopped, and was well before the article came out about our possible demise. The civic center/city of Columbus has not been helpful and leached a lot of revenue off this team over the years. Revenue that should have helped fund the Snakes, has not. That same revenue could have helped with hockey in Columbus for years to come. I wish there were a different outcome, but it's not likely
  6. We did great! Better than expected against a great #1 Macon team. I have been a Snakes fan for many, many years. I even moderated this forum for quite a while. I'm saddened to lose a great local franchise. Columbus was a model organization for a long time. The bad news is, that all I'm hearing is that we have seen the last Columbus Cottonmouths game. Not any realistic or serious potential buyers outside of relocating parts of our organization to the Birmingham Bulls. Time will tell
  7. While I'm not certain, I believe that #22, Chase Hatcher, was listed in the box score, but was actually a scratch. With that I think he has one more remaining game on his 3 game tryout.
  8. Hey, if were going to lose the team let's root them on as the playoff under dogs! Go snakes!! Surprise everyone and win the cup!
  9. I remember Sheen. He was a true goon. Had decent size but always targeted smaller players, and played a dirty game. Never would answer to the heavies, though. Guys like him are what's wrong with the game. Cheap shotting puss Maybe Sheen never got past the beat down from Mat Goody....I think it was 07 or 08.
  10. City should have worked this out with the organization long ago.
  11. All of the issues mentioned above are issues I've also heard. I've also heard that what happens to Columbus will impact several other organizations decisions moving forward
  12. Last number I heard regarding their loss was over $125,000-150,000 per season. Columbus has been in the minor pro game for a long time. Hate to see it end
  13. Lukas Hafner back from the echl. Hope this helps
  14. I hope it betters Jerome and the team. I don't think it's a competition. I think this is truly a decision to get better. Nobody thought Brad Prefontaine was threatening JBs job, and we've been lacking an Asst Coach with his departure. Just seems to make sense
  15. This can only be a good thing, in my opinion