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  1. I was told that back in 2005 when we lost the Trax that a former owner was seriously considering restarting a team until he read a post about him on one of the forums. He wasn't going to put up with that crap. We went 10 years without hockey. We drove many a mile to see hockey in Columbus. If everything works out be happy with your team. Burn is about as bad as Trax but let it rest and be thankful you have hockey.
  2. I don't think either one will be back.
  3. That explains the lousy schedule.
  4. 3700 on Friday
  5. So this is what we get for finishing first in the season standings, Sunday and Monday games. Good crowds? No way.
  6. That's deceptive. Beirnes has a regular shift. Drobot has about one shift per period. Figure minutes played per game.
  7. I should have mentioned the name of the Japanese resturant is Sakura. Very good and cheap.
  8. Good Mexican food at El Sombrero on North Ave. Good cheap Japaneese ($6) on Shurling Dr. The Rookery on Cherry St. Is good. Many other good places downtown. All these places are within a couple of miles from the arena. You can also get one our famous Nu-way hot dogs on Emory Hwy.
  9. I remember the 73-74 Rebels well. We had the Whoopees in the SHL for half of that season before they went belly up. I never missed a game. Hockey was a lot different back then. Line brawls were common. The Roanoke player I remember most is Serge Beaudoin. I am almost sure that he intentionally shot a puck at me during a game. Not that I was harassing him or anything. He was just plain mean. Of course most of the players were back then. Great memories.
  10. Never saw a goalie pulled that early.
  11. I've got to know how Columbus scored an empty net goal with 5 minutes left in the game. I know they had a 2 or 3 goal lead but I have never seen a goalie pulled that early.
  12. I always got my emails prompt and without errors.
  13. Looks like Disney has our ice for the first weekend of the playoffs.
  14. Disney is here April 13-16.
  15. If you don't like it close your eyes and plug your ears. It doesn't involve anybody but the players who choose to pray. It's their business.
  16. Macon has 5 or 6 players that pray after every game with opposing players joining in most nights.
  17. Ruby played Saturday night.
  18. We had an owner a few years ago that sold season tickets and skipped town with the money.
  19. You seem to have a lot of info and you could be right. Attendance has not been good but it always get better after Christmas. By the time we have another home game it will be over a month since the last one, and that's not good. Out of sight, out of mind. Also as long as we depend on social media for advertising the word about the team will not get out. That has been the main criticism in other cities we have been in. We will see.
  20. Everybody's looking for a better deal. Not many out there.
  21. That's my point.
  22. Too early for season ticket sales. We once had an owner who sold season tickets and left town with the money.
  23. Everything Hockey33 has posted is about leagues folding and teams moving or folding. Must have insider knowledge. It is what it is. Columbus is less than 2 hours away. Made the trip for 10 years. Can do it again. Our attendance is as good as they had in Augusta and they weren't trying to move from there. Don't let baseless stories upset you. We will survive.
  24. Just a couple of pieces of the puzzle missing. This weekends games could have gone either way. Jerome was and is the face of hockey in Columbus. Without him you could have no hockey like us in Macon. He will more good teams and championships to Columbus in the future
  25. Don't know for sure but going by the box score it looks like Knoxville went after our better players, especially at the end of the game.