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  1. Happy Birthday thompson93!

  2. Haha! I had no idea, my bad. I feel like this years team is really gritty and team tough. No one can handle a brand name fighter though.
  3. Seriously devildog!! Everyone wants to see the fights but no one wants to post them! You make my job so easy. Can't thank you enough!!
  4. I really like Lockeridge! Is Ryan Devine suppose to be the enforcer?
  5. Wow.. What a tilt
  6. I totally agree with job. If he's willing to cut a fan favorite like Aide then the younger must have made a great impression. Lockeridge impressed me the most and I'm thinking he's the one to replace Aide. Anyone think the one-handed player, Stafford, made the team?
  7. I feel the same. Seemed like this off season especially in the last few weeks there has been hardly any coverage. I enjoyed the year we had a new article to read everyday about training camp and which players were standing out.
  8. Only one week left until we finally get to see some SPHL hockey, its only pre-season but still its pretty great. We all know pre-season games have a higher number of fights because the guys want to prove themselves anyway they can. So, im interested to hear everyone's Top 5 enforcers coming into this year?
  9. What a thread
  10. Jerome most likely will sign a young rookie to to play under Shannon for maybe 2 years, but we all know how much he likes to rotate goalies during the regular season.
  11. Happy Birthday thompson93!

  12. Davis was a wasted roster spot. He wasnt close to being an enforcer. Maybe the Snakes will have better luck next year.
  13. Aide isn't a match for Barr but thats obvious look at the physical differences. The thing about it is though Aide will drop with him if he has to. No one on our team is a match for Barr but we have several guys who will fight him. Not a single guy on the ice saturday wanted to fight a Snakes player, thats kinda sad. Ive seen Barr say no all night long before, he's not impressive at all. I would be mad to if i had a team full of cowards to though.
  14. I was thinking the same, I know Aide landed some pretty big punches. Hopefully everything is good with Fulton.
  15. Hince isnt even the IceBears best goalie, but he's always had the Snakes number