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  1. It would be entertaining to have him coach, but according to PeeDee we should not even refer to this in a joking manner !!! OOPS !!
  2. Hey PEEDEE...CHILL will ya, do you not recognize a good laugh once in a while. Your rookie status is starting to show in this chat room. I was just making fun or Torts explosive way with officials and the media and would love to see him in Faytown....would be worth the price of admission and would probably fill some empty seats, so just chill pal.
  3. Please say they hired John Tortorella...please please please !!!
  4. Congrats to the Ice Flyers......the team that wanted it more and gave more when it counted. No more sob stories from Fayetteville fans please, just suck up the loss and limp home !!!
  5. Geez, with all the bitcing and complaining this room is beginning to sound a lot like the fire antz of previous years !!! LOL
  6. Tip of the hat to the Macon Mayhem for an outstanding 2017 regular season title.
  7. Ice Bears seem to be in self-destruct mode ! Too bad but every team seems to do this eventually.
  8. Wiener dog races....most entertaining part of the evening !! LOL
  9. Just goes to show you that teams can be successful in this league without 2-3 goons on the roster, as many of the forum faithful beleived and made it known just a few short years ago !
  10. Yes, and it is a shame that no one was there to see it ! Once again attendance was reported to be 1014 but I can tell you it was a lot closer to 14 than it was to 1000 !!!! Absolutly embarassing !!
  11. Maybe thats not a bad idea Mac because in Canada you can watch live hockey in almost every town 7 nights a week !!!
  12. Just wait Pie, someone will come up with a good one .
  13. Note to primetime......does not matter what sells tickets....what matters is who takes the two points home !!!
  14. "We got exposed tonight'.....Well, i've never heard that one before. Must be a politically correct translation for " We got our butts handed to us in a basket." Thank god there was hardly anyone at the Anthill to see it ! LOL
  15. 100% correct ! If present management cannot figure this out then it is time to sell the franchise and maybe new owners will stay here and figure out this dillema. If not ...well....goodbye antz !