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  1. Five game championship series
  2. Thanks Segal, for a great seven years. I know my boys are heartbroken right now, you are truly a class act. Well wishes for your future.
  3. Segal leaving would be a tought pill to swallow for most. You can't deny the fact they looked different as a team last night. Is it because Segal was back? Possibly. Salvis doesn't need to go anywhere. Can the defense be good enough without Price? Not sure. I for one am glad I don't have to make this decision.
  4. I hope they can get it together for the next one. If not, it will be a long weekend!
  5. Hats off to the Rivermen, though. They took it to the Bears.
  6. This is just painful to watch as a Bears fan. A complete meltdown tonight!
  7. Don't know if this means anything but Kallechy just tweeted he isn't starting tonight.
  8. Welcome to the SPHL Forums Drail27 :)