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  1. Thanks for the link. Interesting information. I have to wonder about the accuracy of the Veteran status, since Joe Sova of the Riverkings isn't included. The man has been with a lot of teams in the AHL, ECHL, and SPHL.
  2. Great to have Devin back.
  3. Adirondack- Cullen Bradshaw- Mississippi
  4. Sova should be a vet. I'm wondering why Sherwood wasn't protected. And surprised to see Bradshaw because he never returned after his call up.
  5. Viya con Dios. To paraphrase Kris Kristofferson "never knowin' if spell check is blessin' or a curse'
  6. And so the coaching turnovers continue. With Columbus suspending hockey and Knoxville firing Craigen, it looks to me like Derek Landmesser is now the longest tenured coach in the SPHL. I will miss Mike and Jerome next season. Both are unique individuals. I didn't always care for some of their teams and tactics but I loved the passion they brought to the arena. I hope the future is kind to both of them. Vita con Dios!
  7. So start time goes back to 7PM ?
  8. This RiverKings season ticket holder has complete faith in the word YELDARBfield. Could shifting of New Madrid fault cause an earthquake and divert the Mississippi River through the Landers Center? I guess. But natural disasters are a risk to any arena. And, God forbid, a worse bus accident could instantly end ANY team's season. Other than that, I have see no reason to worry. My season tickets are bought and paid for. I'm confident the Kings will be there and God willing so will I. This was the 25th season of hockey for the RiverKings. I'm looking forward to 26!!!
  9. It was a Sunday afternoon game. The refs probably worked Saturday night then traveled to Mississippi. They may have worked Friday night, too. I got the impression they were ready to get a shower and hit the road. There were some missed calls, there always are, but nothing outrageous. While the referees called nothing, the linesmen more than made up the difference with off sides and icings galore, and the multiple missed face off drops. But it was great to witness history being made.
  10. Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. Hmmm.
  11. Quite a day for Ryan Marcuz. He scored a regular 3 goal hat trick AND a Gordie Howe hat trick. His three goals included a power play goal, an unassisted goal, and a short handed goal. HATS OFF!!!
  12. Good to have you back. You might want to check your math as to the number of games remaining. It's a little off.
  13. Roanoke played very well. Both wins were well earned. The Kings are gong through a period of adjustment. There has been a large turnover of players due to call ups, trades, and injuries. This is something every SPHL team goes through so no excuse. Once the new players learn the system things will, hopefully, normalize.
  14. Moral of the story: don't jump out to a 2 -0 lead at the end of the first period.
  15. Congratulations to #26. With Hosmer on IR and Martha called up, Mike has stepped in to help fill the scoring void.