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  1. RT @ke4ole1: #ff #hamradio #TGIF @KG8OC @okitsmeJT @w5raw @JK54B @k4hsm @W4DFS @w4ors @kk4jay @K4SQL @N4DTF @techruss @ka3drr @MHalsaver @J…

  2. Nice to see this getting done https://t.co/JBG4MEpkRQ

  3. I try not to be condescending. That means "talking down to some people" in case you didn't know...
  4. Attendance does not guarantee success. Another factor is rent on the arena and amenities (e.g. parking and concessions revenue). The ECHL Cherokees had 3k attendance + on average and still lost money hand over fist because of arena rent and costs of the ECHL franchise fees and operational fees. Not to mention travel costs, having to fly out west at least once every 2-3 years, and the lack of a close rival (Charlotte and Gwinnett / Atlanta would be the closest teams), the ECHL on paper sounds like an ideal situation to run back to, however, it would be almost suicidal to run back to that league without the assurance that you will get 5000+ average attendance, which I don't think will happen overnight. Ask Greensboro, NC about jumping from ECHL to AHL when they expanded their arena to almost triple in size... With a new barn, I expect the costs to skyrocket and the ticket prices to go up at least 30-50% even at the SPHL level. SPHL tickets were more expensive than ECHL tickets back in the day. And if SMG still is involved in the operations......
  5. Then there's my way: Phase 1: Tear down parking garage, build up huge arena for 8-12k. Should be more than enough for what we need. Phase 2: Tear down old Coliseum only and keep existing Auditorium in place until the new one is built where the old Coliseum was. This one should have double the seating and double the stage room and back areas. Phase 3: Tear down old Auditorium and build new parking garage, with a possible front facade / fountain to attract visitors. Facade would be in area where current Coliseum marquee is located. Phase 4: Put Kevin Swider's name on the damned street where it's supposed to be! It's on my GPS, why not on the signs themselves??????
  6. You're under the presumption that the FHL is a professional hockey league...
  7. I love how he went to management and told them he was doing this and they're all like "yeah, sure, whatever...good luck with that!"...
  8. I remember him vaguely from the Cherokees days, even went to Louisville for a game, but didn't get in the hot tub... Some of these guys (and this will sound harsh) probably had it coming. They go out there and goon it up, thinking they are above the game and can use their stick as a weapon, take cheap shot after cheap shot to injure other players, then go out of the game and end up like this. What did they think would happen after the 40th concussion??? I'm not saying he deserved it, just that, when that's the game you choose to play (or the coaches choose you to play) then it's not a surprise that he has the health problems he has. It's sad that guys like this are a dime/dozen and expendable, when others like PK Subban, Crosby, and Ovechkin are diamonds in the rough. And the game still needs enforcers to take on the goons. There is a difference between the two. It sucks all the coaches chickened out at the thought of liability and lawsuits. They're the ones that helped him into this mess, and when it comes time to face the music they turn a blind eye. When you're a player you look up to a coach for guidance, almost as a father figure. Now they deny your existence in the name of CYA. I hope that he gets the healthcare he needs.
  9. Unbelievable view of how storms can fire up out of "nowhere" https://t.co/yQ1Oy6lSot

  10. I can see the lights of Canada on the horizon and thru my binoculars can make out towers and lights from buildings. Big Dipper's so hi up

  11. It's gonna storm #Hamvention2017 https://t.co/vgTBnr44Dr

  12. It really is the @PredsNHL against the world. #ANAvsNSH #nhlplayoffs2017

  13. And the video boards are not in synch