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  1. So I checked out VS's video off the homepage and this was a "related video". Two Canadian guys rank the SPHL logos. One guy s all about getting rid of the wording on the logos (understandable) but seems a bit over the top about it. The other guy seems a but more reasonable. I dont necessarily agree with their rankings, but then again they know little about the SPHL other than the logos it would appear. Enjoy...
  2. So there's this...

    Also, the SPHL logo in the background of their video is NOT the correct logo. Anyone have a clue about the "/SP/ Professional Hockey League" writing? I'm sure I've seen it here before but for some reason it's a bigger hit on google search results that the actual logo.
  3. So there's this...

    That guy in Volstate's video in Chatbox refers to Fayetteville as the FireAntz. Just FYI...
  4. RT @techruss: #ff #hamradio @KG8OC @okitsmeJT @w5raw @JK54B @k4hsm @W4DFS @w4ors @kk4jay @K4SQL @N4DTF @ke4ole1 @MHalsaver @JimGifford13 @h…

  5. Boss: You're fired. Me: *Turns on my gun & badge* Boss: What the f...you do IT Support where the hell did you get those?

  6. @spike In all honesty, I liked Joe Schmo that first season. Second season...we don't talk about it...

  7. If I die before my wife, I'm going to have a special request that she lower me into the ground so that she lets me down one last time.

  8. https://t.co/e76xUnZd7v

  9. PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio #985: https://t.co/mFwFJzk873 via @YouTube

  10. In typical fashion, the government is only NOW issuing a challenge to the nickname. Personal opinion, it will be upheld. Or at worst "Golden" will be removed. BTW: I have yet to see the Navy issue a challenge to Pensacola for using F-16s or Blue Angels on their logos...
  11. ANIMAL CONTROL: What the hell were you thinking?? Me: Hey, it was a wedding!!! What's wrong with releasing birds f… https://t.co/fzHK1EUy43

  12. I was referring to the old (godawful fugly) logo BTW:
  13. F/A 18s. I should have caught that my bad. I do know the difference. No disrespect intended.
  14. Unless there's documented evidence of such accusations, it should not be discussed on the boards. Examples: News articles, court documents, video.. Not Examples: 3rd party blog posts, hearsay, other forums, fake news clickbait sites, or sentences that begin with, "my brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate who once delivered a pizza to the team locker room told me..."
  15. Y'all might want to look at updating the SPHL team pages on Wikipedia. I just went through the Ice Bears Wiki page (they still had Mike Craigen listed as coach in the main body despite Jeff Carr being listed as HC in the sidebar) and added links and citing sources to several items. Editing Wikipedia is easy and anyone can do it (unless the page is locked down).
  16. Wikipedia

    Well just an FYI some bastard in California thinks he knows the Ice Bears better than I do and has overwritten some of my edits, so...yeah...
  17. RT @1DanLawson: Bad Weather...No problem, we’ve got inspiration! @NC5_LelanStatom @tosstn1975 @DAVIDCARROLL3 @neilorne @TCSPublic @Tullahom…

  18. Sale of the Carolina Hurricanes

    ...for now...
  19. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2018/01/10/nbc-hockey-analyst-pierre-mcguire-diagnosed-prostate-cancer/1022047001/ Stage 1 is the best news he could have other than having no cancer at all. Having lost 2 close friends in ham radio to colon cancer, having relatives diagnosed with it, and myself having an early screening due to issues with test results (negative issues with me thank God), I would repeat this sentiment...Get screened when the opportunity arises. But be warned, the crap you have to take to prep for one will make you question if it's worth the trouble. It is, though, believe me. Hopefully he will be cancer-free.
  20. One Christmas I was having dinner with the family and said "Boy Budapest is going to LOVE this dinner". "What abou… https://t.co/e1BlfEL9TE

  21. Steve: It's called a ZOMBIE WALK, GREG!!! We dress up and walk downtown!!! Me [HOLDING AXE & SHOTGUN]: I *really*… https://t.co/cWJVO21jIp

  22. Mike Craigen

    So that he can coach players even shorter than he is.
  23. Hockey players aren't spending every waking hour thinking hockey, practicing, playing, skating, etc. They have lives outside of hockey. Most people here work 40 hour work weeks (some more, some less, irrelevant to my point) but when we're done we want to do other things. If "making videos" is what they want to do, so be it. Nobody asks anyone here to eat/sleep/breath getting me a large fries and milkshake (it's broken again!).
  24. STOP. CALLING. IT. A. BOMB. CYCLONE!!!! #FakeNews

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