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  1. Some users voiced concern that "Orphan" was a bit harsh of a name for this forum, so if you have one that you think works better, let's hear it!
  2. https://deadspin.com/man-charged-with-impersonating-bruins-owner-to-get-out-1827858898 Jeremy Jacobs is 78 and owns the NHL’s Boston Bruins. Jeffrey Jacobs is 37 and lives in Connecticut and as far as I know does not own any professional hockey teams. They are not the same person—if you’ll notice, they spell and pronounce their first names differently. It was nearly the perfect crime. Read more at the link
  3. Reminds me of the Cyclones twister logo from Cincinnati
  4. Alright, kids, you're acting like millenials. I've banned one user and put two others on timeout until first of next month because of comments and actions that are running this out of control. Behave or bannination will be handed out liberally. If someone gets under your skin, you can ignore them. Click on your username and then go to "Ignored Users". Type in their name and voila! Just remember: Opinions are just that. Opinions. Every board has trolls. Every board has people who don't agree with you. And every board has their own way of moderation. I've taken care of one. We're not wanting to clamp down but just because it offends you doesn't mean it is offensive. Hate speech is one thing. That is not tolerated. Just because someone hates your team does not constitute hate speech.
  5. When is anything in New York not expensive?
  6. https://www.mytwintiers.com/sports/local-sports/breaking-hockey-to-return-to-elmira-for-2018-19-season/1296546747 Looks like Elmira fell for the FHL snake oil.
  7. I'm going to re-open this topic. Harlan has been permabanned. I also blocked every IP address they have ever signed on with. This "person" reported a bunch of posts for no other reason than to piss some of us off. And this is what happens when you piss off the guy with the keys to the kingdom, especially when you are the troll of which you claim to be reporting. So...no posts will be removed, because this should serve as a lesson: FACT:
  8. Okay Fayetteville, you guys are basically getting screwed on scheduling and will probably be in the cellar again come April of next year: 3 games in 3 nights is not something you want to do once in a season, and you guys do it 6 times! The number of games you have against the same opponent 3-4 times in a row (or more) is insane. I get it that you're "isolated" by distance, but this is still out of the ordinary. Even in the UHL Knoxville/Asheville didn't have this kind of scheduling issues. 2 in a row I can understand. Not 6...in...a...row...unless it was best-of-7 playoffs...
  9. Fayetteville plays 3 games in 3 nights against Pensacola, then does it again the following weekend. 6 straight games against each other.
  10. Since the front office never reads these forums... Have a social media night. Players where their @ Twitter names on their jersey nameplates. Contests during the game to live tweet and see if it can get retweeted by the official Twitter account (not some rip-off that had more followers than the entire SPHL combined back in the day when Twitter was still a new thing...). Facebook contests, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The Ice Bears logo would have an @ next to it... Just some thoughts to throw out during the off season...
  11. One of the features we have on these boards is a road trip map, to help people visiting your area find some places to check out while their in town. We're especially looking for the following: Hotels / Motels Restaurants (non-franchised, unless it's a popular gathering spot for fans) Amusements Malls/Shopping centers Parks / Recreation Local Attractions / Museums Businesses that support the team Please feel free to post on here any such places that are of interest, and I'll update them as time allows. Thanks!
  12. Just an FYI, you can now select Quad City as your favorite team in your profile. Click on your name at the top right On the next page click "Edit Profile" Go to "Profile Information" in the middle of the page and select your team Also, you can visit your team's web site by hovering over the "SPHL Teams" link across the top of the forums and clicking on the Quad City Storm link
  13. Official fan page is the only one im subscribed to.
  14. Interesting find. Hopefully it's not another Columbus Burn debacle... My overall point is that, this late into the off-season, to prep for next season as quick as possible, they probably went with this setup to get off the ground and will work on logo improvements for next season. Macguy: thanks, I will update forums
  15. Or....... The person who was commissioned to create the logo gave permission to use it?
  16. Entry form for naming the team: http://www.thesphl.com/view/thesphl/quad-city-hockey/quad-city-name-the-team-contest So..........let's have some ideas! I thought Black Hawks would be the most suitable, but not sure if a certain NHL team would approve...
  17. Checking their Facebook fan page it looks like this logo is not the final version after all. So we'll have to wait and see what the actual jerseys look like. Then we can rip on the ripped off logo.
  18. Hmm maybe they need to contact that guy who did the logo for the Columbus Burn
  19. It does look like gray ...
  20. I don't think it will work for what I need. Let's wait to see if they publish an alternate logo. Thanks for doing that. If you can make it smaller I'll make it an emoticon.
  21. Better than what you normall....nevermind...
  22. I can see that conversation: "Gee great idea, Mac...where'd you hear about it?" "Well, I saw a post by speedrac" "Ohhhh..." *DOORSLAM*
  23. Better BTW: It they have something like just the character logo (secondary?) that can be made into a square 64x64 button, that's what I'll need for the logo on the forum list page.
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