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  1. Time for everybody to talk about why they think this is a bad choice and know more than the people who interviewed the candidates...... I say this every time but let's give the dude a chance before we form an opinion.
  2. I wonder if Craigen has put his application in for the Fayetteville Marksmen job yet....?
  3. I think you are on to something here....;)
  4. And honestly, if a few of the current fans are upset and stop coming over a name change....oh well. The more important thing in all of this is to get NEW fans coming to games. I like the name change and rebranding and trust me, there are plenty of new fans out there in the community that need to be reached.
  5. Believe it or not, there are plenty who are whining about the name change. It seems some just like to complain....
  6. I am thinking if a change behind the bench is made, it will be completely new blood hired by the new ownership!
  7. Not surprised....Springer has ECHL talent and has played with both Hausy and Bonar. I knew Corbett and Campagna were going to have a difficult time making the playoff roster.
  8. Well it would be a tragedy if he loses the SPHL Coach and Media voted Goalie of the Year! This is just a for fun fan vote and so it wouldn't be quite as much of a tragedy....;)
  9. This league is far from a joke...a team earns home ice and gets to choose where they play as long as they have a back-up plan. It just so happens Huntsville has an alternate rink on which they can play games. As a Huntsville fan/office person, do you think they care if Riverkings fans have access to tickets or not? They want all Huntsville fans at the home playoff games.
  10. More than anything, I will be glad to no longer have to read posts complaining about the attendance and Antz front office......
  11. I believe all Roanoke fans missed my point.....my point was that Beirnes was not the solution to make Roanoke a better team. I gave credit to Beirnes for being entertaining and helping with attendance. I, however, have not been convinced that Beirnes has helped the Roanoke team WIN games. That is my point...not trying to stir anything up. Roanoke needs more skill players.
  12. Welcome to the Forums! We do not bring up personal matters about players on the forums. Thank you for not naming names. Unfortunately, inappropriate behavior happens all the time with professional sports players. Don't let it change your enjoyment of the game! There is no way coaches and organizations can completely control what players do in their free time. Stuff happens that shouldn't happen and sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. Not making excuses for inappropriate behavior..... Now let's talk about hockey!
  13. Make that 3-12 with Beirnes on the team....:)
  14. I see this is going nowhere so we will agree to disagree! Enjoy the entertainment value Beirnes brings to the Roanoke team.
  15. Well I think that just proved my point. Skill players are more important to winning than tough guys.