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  1. I love reading the positive energy about Fayetteville hockey! Jeff Longo could very well be the shot in the arm the FireAntz hockey organization needed!
  2. To my knowledge, the FireAntz have a lease signed with the Crown that runs through the end of the 2017-2018 season. Stranger things have happened but i doubt you see Fayetteville going anywhere after this season.
  3. I'm not sure what you are expecting from a college d-man as far as stats go but just because he isn't lighting up the scoreboard, that doesn't tell me a whole lot about his hockey ability. I think you might be jumping the gun by saying his stats are not impressive.
  4. I know of at least 1 big trade.....between Roanoke and Pensacola!
  5. Green should be a quality backup for Bonar. This was needed for the FireAntz team going forward and for the playoff push....
  6. Could we not turn every thread into a front office bashing and talking about the poor attendance? I think we all by now realize the attendance is bad and most do not think enough is being done by the FireAntz front office. The team is playing great hockey right now and that is something to be happy about. I do wish more people were there to see them but at this point, we have beat this attendance and front office horse into the ground a few times already. Let's all try to use some energy to get more people to the games by bringing people and telling people about them.
  7. I agree on the ticket sales/pricing but the team does not get a cut of the concession sales unfortunately. The team relies on ticket sales and merchandise sales for their money. But as I mentioned in another thread earlier this year, 5,000 fans paying $5 is better than a 1,000 fans paying $13.
  8. Horn is going to be a BIG addition to the FireAntz down the stretch. The kid has serious offensive skill. Great patience and a snipe on the game winner in OT.
  9. You know Bes does not release player info during the week very often. He waits until game night to officially sign players. We should know maybe as soon as Thursday night if he has somebody! I could see Bes maybe signing a Curtis Martinu to a contract if he hasn't found anybody to give Bonar somebody to back him up in case of illness/injury that could do a little more than an EBUG.
  10. Fans often are quick to panic after a loss and then turn around the next game and think the same team has a championship chance because they won. The reality is that teams will always have ups and downs in a season and not all games are going to end with a W.....what I like to see are trends and over the last 15 games, the Antz are trending in the right direction with a record of 10-4-1 over their last 15!!
  11. I thought everybody was saying the Antz were doomed as a .500 team and in trouble Friday night...... This years team has shown an ability to respond to adversity and rebound better than other past teams. We have been climbing the standings since Bes made the moves and I think you will find this team continuing to climb up the standings as the season enters the important 2nd half.
  12. There is always a chance he didn't report.....
  13. Geez...yes it was a bad 3rd period but this team we have now with the current roster is actually well above a .500 team. I believe we are 8-4-1 or something close to that once the roster moves were made. We are better than a .500 team...I expect the guys will come out tonight ready to put that game behind them. One game doesn't suddenly make this team .500......
  14. Absolutely moves in the right direction! Do we know who specifically as far as returning fan favorites are going to be in attendance! This would be something good to advertise in my opinion!
  15. Aren't these two posts pretty contradictory?? Your reputation on the boards is vindicated with posts like these.