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  1. Rumor today is that McGill has signed a three game tryout.
  2. That first period was just laughable. Couldn't even get a shot on goal till late.
  3. I think the Havoc have great goaltending and a decent defense. Just don't have anyone who can score.
  4. I can't wait to see Fred's take on this one.
  5. That's what the office said yesterday. :(
  6. They are going to sell beer but there is only one concession stand.
  7. Not the choice I would've made.
  8. Well, most people didn't want a coaching change at mid season, so here we are. Worst Havoc team ever.
  9. Havoc fans deserve better than hiring a coach without any coaching experience.
  10. Agree, Glen is who put this mess together.
  11. I thought they were in Fayetteville tonight.
  12. This is gonna get ugly soon,
  13. Who

    Cameron Hughes
  14. Havoc play next on Wednesday night at the Vbc. (null)