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  1. He played a hell of a game against Huntsville too.
  2. Sicard has been all over this league. A year here a year there. For somebody who is a "fan favorite" and gives it his all, he sure doesn't seem to stick anywhere. Probably a reason for that.
  3. There was talk of her going to Huntsville. They could use a goalie in the top "thousands".
  4. Man what crap! Putting PCola on a 5 on 3 with less than 3 mins to go in game 3 and all tied. The head of refs better have a real talk with those morons.
  5. To Brandon Jaeger on being named to the All-Rookie Team.
  6. Party's over... time to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs.... see y'all next year.
  7. Another record setting performance by the 2015-16 Snakes
  8. Spearing isn't necessarily a suspension unless the guy speared is hurt. The league could review it, but probably not. McCadden apparently took him to task tonight.
  9. Well, here we go.... if we don't score 3 goals, we own the record for leadt goals in a season. Two goals we tie the record, 1 or none and we set a new record.
  10. Snakes @ Peoria - 4/9/16 7:05 CST Pointstreak Game Live Neulion PPV
  11. Snakes @ Peoria - 4/8/16 7:05 CST Pointstreak Game Live Neulion PPV
  12. Snakes @ Peoria - 4/7/16 7:05 CST Pointstreak Game Live Neulion PPV
  13. Aw heck! Go for it! The we can at least call this a "record setting" season.
  14. It just doesn't fit your narrative. There are a bunch of non-starting #1s in that list. As long as they were ahead of Shannon you thought they were relevant. Look, Shannon wasn't a premier goalie in the league, but she held her own. She had the worst defense in the league in front of her. And she wasn't the number 1 goalie, just because you say she was. I would defy you to find a quote where Bechard calls her the number 1 goalie. Bechard has always alternated goalies until the playoffs. Then he went with the one he deemed best.