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  1. Interesting that Ftorek is called "the best coach in the league." I like him, but the jury is still out on that one. But in his defense, the call-ups, injuries, and lack of ice made his job VERY difficult. I also hate inaccurate reporting - Massimo was traded on 2/27, not in January as stated in the story, and the team went 3-9-3 afterwards. That should be an easy fact to check by a writer BEFORE running a story. I do agree, however, that the future is bright.
  2. Hey, I did good just to copy and paste the picture. Anything else is above my pay grade!
  3. "Parks made 48 saves on 49 shots, saving 100 in a row to start the series before letting in the overtime winner." That's called "being in a zone."
  4. And in Smurfland, there was much rejoicing.
  5. Wow, what a goaltender battle in this series. Parks stops 48 out of 49 shots tonight and loses 1-0. That means he has stopped 100 out of 101 shots in two games, but is 1-1. Go figure.
  6. On a related topic, the Dawgs announced today that Coach Ftorek will be participating in an "evaluation camp" in Toronto in mid-June. Sounds like a good opportunity to look at some new talent.
  7. Sam was also asked about Massimo. His response: "He's a great kid. He has really good skill and he's very smart. The problem was we weren't winning, we weren't scoring enough, we weren't shooting enough. When Roddy called me and offered me a scorer for our assist guy. We had a lot of guys who were passing the puck. But you have to give something to get something. In order to get Spraggs, we had to give up Mass. Did we want to do it? Not really. But he was getting very frustrated because he came here to get callus, and he hadn't gotten any callups. He was getting agitated. He needed a fresh start. I told him to go there and have fun. Get the joy of the game back. Go talk to Aaron Clark. He's a great guy. Act like him and you'll have success. And he's done that. .It's the type of trade that should have worked out, but Spraggs got injured and it hurt us more than it hurt them I'm glad to see him doing well because he's a quality individual.".
  8. Why do you think that Beirnes will retire? At the end of season Booster Club dinner, he said he would be "honored" if he could return to Roanoke next year. He is getting married over the summer, but his lady friend as already visited Roanoke and since they are both outdoor types, they really like what Roanoke offers.
  9. The local owners wrote a letter to the local fans that will appear in Wednesday's newspaper.
  10. I don't think you can overstate the challenge of staffing an expansion team. In Roanoke's case, you were asking for players to come to a city that hadn't had hockey for 10 years, play for a first time head coach, and had owners who had no experience owning a minor league sports team. That took a pretty big leap of faith by players to come here. Thankfully we had some good ones that did, but injuries and call-ups made it a really challenging year. I think next year will be a totally different story as the team has really stepped up to take care of players, such as houses instead of apartments, sleeper busses for all trips, and the parents weekend. And Roanoke had more callus than any other team in the SPHL so that has to help as well. Several players who have been with other teams are telling me that Roanoke's reputation is spreading quickly. I certainly hope that's true.
  11. I realize it can't be helped, but it's a shame that the Macon has to play all 3 games (if needed) at Columbus.
  12. Congratulations on the new ownership group. Looks like a good group. Looking forward to visiting Fayetteville next season and seeing a packed barn.
  13. Every single DAWG player attend the Valley Youth Hockey Banquet last night. As you would expect, the kids were tremendously excited to have them there. David Gandara walked over and sat down at a table that had 6 little fellows sitting there and totally made their night. I just love the way this team interacts with their fans. Good bunch of guys.
  14. That was part of the challenge of getting hockey back in the valley period. You had a number of businesses and individuals who had gotten burned by the Vipers and therefore were somewhat naturally been reluctant to jump back into hockey. And it was also a huge reason that Robyn Schon insisted on local owners being involved in the team. Seems to have worked out pretty well. GO DAWGS!