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  1. I'm guessing Macon or Peoria will win the championship.
  2. Agreed Mac guy he has actually done fairly well.but like I said i just think a change would work ,again just my opinion.why did dodd start tonight? Anyone know no confidence in wells if not then why keep the kid all season?
  3. Thanks macguy and speed for got that for some i said i love the coach and what he had done for the team.i just think a change would be better just an opinion
  4. Totally agreed very undiscplined.I never understood why he kept vandergunst,especially with his last,and with billet getting a DUI.just think he's maybe a lil to buddy buddy with the players he's the coach.not a friend ...i don't know i guess if everyone likes what they are seeing every season,barely squeezing in the playoffs and a quick exit then let him stick around
  5. I'm tired of mediocrity every season,yes they are always physical and entertaining but you have to win as well.I just think a change would be good just my opinion.
  6. He won a championship as head coach? What season?
  7. What's does everyone think,hasn't he had enough time to build a winning team,one that can win 1 playoff series it even. A game.I love the guy and he's done a lot for the bears but I just think it's that time.
  8. Hate to say it and im sure ill get bashed,,, but I'm thinking it's time for a change,maybe a coaching change.he's had enough time. Just saying
  9. Happy Birthday mitchg73!

  10. Nashville tn in the old municipal auditorium ..the rent is cheap and there was a couple local guys interested in placeing an sphl team
  11. Well take that back his stats aren't much better but there has to be someone out there t here better
  12. Yeah the new goalie is horrible.why wasn't Levine picked up from Peoria after he was waived .is he injured or is there a resin Levine stats are way better
  13. Happy Birthday mitchg73!

  14. Anyone remember the coach that won alot of games but the fans ran him off. does anyone miss that guy