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Everything posted by hockeydoc

  1. Per Havoc staff, there was a limit of 900 games combined played by "veterans" this past season, and it won't drop this upcoming season. FYI, a "veteran" is a player who has played 224 pro games. Doc
  2. How many IBs are still in town? Most of the Havoc players have already left for their homes. Doc
  3. Interesting; no?

    My hockey income is $0- all volunteer. Ooooohhh noooooooo, Mr Bill, please not "The Perfesser". Government CMS and insurances set the fees paid- I'm stuck. Doc
  4. Interesting; no?

    Y'all need help, but it won't come cheap- Doc
  5. Playoffs 2018-19

    Havoc would have won after the 2 games anyway under this format- though even number of goals (8 in aggregate- 6-5 Havoc at Peoria, 3-2 Rivermen at Huntsville), Havoc had more "away" goals- 6-3. Doc
  6. Sorry, I don't do telemedicine; I only treat ER patients and the Havoc team. Plus, many of those kinds of meds are OTC. Doc
  7. They will be there Wednesday, and if necessary, on Sunday. Doc
  8. Goalies just have to be on the roster for 5 games to be eligible for the playoffs- even being the back-up counts. Sakellaropoulos played (and won) on 1/6/18 and was b-u on 1/5/18 and 1/9/18 before his call-up. Thus, he needs to be listed on the roster for just 2 more games of Pensacola's remaining regular season schedule. He wasn't listed on poinstreak tonight, but Pensy didn't have a b-u goalie listed on the game sheet (as of yet, but neither did Macon) and Pensy still has 2 regular season games to go, so I'm guessing that Mr S will be eligible (I don't think Coach Bes would do something really stupid like not having an eligible b-u goalie). Doc
  9. Roster Moves

    Correct, no, and yes. Regarding the last statement- 5 games in the current SPHL season regardless of how many teams a player was with (as long as he wasn't called up to another league after the deadline) Regarding the college kids who have recently signed after completing their college/university careers: see my post in the "SPHL League" thread "ATO v PTO". These kids are eligible to be on playoff rosters without having played 5 SPHL games if they're good enough. Doc
  10. Update: the college kids who sign ATOs are eligible to be on the playoff rosters even if they haven't played 5 games in the SPHL. Doc
  11. I talked with the Havoc coaches last night and tonight about the differences between these 2 "tryouts". ATOs are for college/university guys who have completed their careers at their respective schools and now turn pro. The league grants 5 ATOs per team. They are for 3 games, and the guys get paid a per-game salary for 3 games, whether they play or not (they can get paid, since they are no longer under NCAA restrictions regarding earning money to play). Once a team has played 3 consecutive games, the ATO is done, and the kid has to be signed to a regular contract or let go. These are a good way to evaluate new guys to stay on the team for the playoffs or get invited to training camp the next season. PTOs are also 3-gamers, but for players who are already pros. The league cut down the number of 3-gamers from 10 to 4 per team. Since teams now have 19-man rosters, the thought was that teams would not need as many 3-game tryouts. These guys also get paid the same amount as an ATO player for those 3 games, whether they play or not, and when the team has played 3 consecutive games these players too have to be signed to a regular contract or let go. The ATO and PTO salaries do not count against the team's salary cap. Teams are still allowed to dress only 16 skaters and 2 goalies per game. Doc
  12. Congratulations to the Havoc ownership, staff, team, and especially the fans. For the 3rd year in a row, the Havoc have set a new league record in total attendance: Huntsville 133,672 28 4,774-total, home games, average attendance
  13. If and when the Havoc make it to the second round of the playoffs, the VBC won't be available for the Havoc, as Monster Truck Jam is scheduled for that time. As @Roanokehockey wrote, the ice has to come up, dirt has to go in, then clean-up and ice laid back down. So, despite the Havoc having YET ANOTHER RECORD ATTENDANCE (for the 3rd year in a row: Huntsville 133,672 28 4,774- total, home games, average) even they can't get around having higher-paying events preempting SPHL hockey. Doc
  14. Some people fervently believe the world is flat, too. Please, some facts to prove that Mr Combs favors Huntsville. TIA (and that doesn't mean "transient ischemic attack"). Doc P.S.- the incident, or the "affixation", was "medically induced"? WTH? P.S. #2- I didn't even post anything about medical information- just purposely and vaguely wrote "ongoing issues"- read what you want into that.
  15. It's not in the rule book, but it is SPHL policy that anyone who has played even just 1 game in the NHL is not allowed to play in the SPHL; also, a player who's been in the AHL can play in the SPHL unless he's played more than a certain number of games (I don't know what that specific number is, though). Doc
  16. Get over "the incident". There are ongoing issues (which of course I can't divulge). And stop believing that the Havoc are Mr Combs' "boys"- some fans on these forums think that the league favors every team but theirs. Doc
  17. Transactions

    Next, Huntsville will get Chris George, John Gibson, Mike Degurse, and others to play- oh, wait, they ARE coming back to play in the "LEGENDS" game.Doc
  18. Welcome to the 21st century and modern medicine and surgical techniques. Fayetteville has similar facilities so if that incident had happened there I'm sure he would have been in the stands at the Crown, too. Doc
  19. Mayhem Roster

    Per Havoc coaching staff, a team can sign a college kid for up to 3 consecutive ATOs (9 games total) before signing him to a regular contract or releasing him.
  20. I think

    Teams' contracts with their arena management may or may not give them a slice of the revenue. In any case, it doesn't cost the venue more than $2 per beer, hot dog, soda, etc so there's still some profit to be made, just not as much as when beer is at regular price. The vendor sure is not losing any money with these promotions.
  21. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    I remember when this song first came out. I have sung it frequently. Doc
  22. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    They know I'm beyond help. I often joke with my ER colleagues and psych screeners that there's a bed in the psych ward with my name over it, as a "memorial bed", and that I'm out on "work release".
  23. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    No offense to the mods, and the good Lord knows I may need a psych consult for supporting P.O., but I think s/he has a valid question. The previous topic "Potential Expansion" is still an open active topic which has not been locked to further discussion. I do like JMC's Yul Brynner pharaoh reply. Doc
  24. You're welcome. Take 2 aspirins and PM me in the morning. I'll send you the bill within 2-3 business days.
  25. Mayhem Roster

    Please see what I just posted in the "SPHL League" section. Doc
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