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Everything posted by hockeydoc
  1. Thanks for the kudos, prayers, and respect. And yes, it's a "crazy" world in regards to not only the SPHL but also this COVID mess. Doc
  2. Right- first you post "At this point who knows anything about anything. Most likely any vaccine will take up to 18 months to create from what I'm reading. So before next season is very unlikely. Only hope is like every other Corona Virus it will peak and decline like the others did before a vaccine is completed. Or it ends up like SARS and just disappears. But nobody has an answer why it just disappeared. Only guess I can find is they don't think it can survive throughout the seasons. Nobody really knows anything from what I read about Corona Viruses and only guesses on what might happen."- and then you post the above. I work in an ER and I must repeat that we DO know a significant bit about this bad virus and what it's doing to mankind, though I agree that we can only guess what might happen down the road- subsiding, going away, or flaring back up. In any event, we MUST take this SERIOUSLY. And while @SouthernHockeyGirl writes "Fun is fun. Crazy is crazy. And ultimately, life goes on.", life for most goes on but for those unfortunate folks who end up dying from the disease, life does not go on- and families are impacted by that (can't even have a decent funeral because large groups are prohibited) as well as people isolating themselves, having mild symptoms, or even losing their jobs because of COVID-19. Doc
  3. We do know some things about the COVID-19 but we don't know what might happen. Doc
  4. NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!! We might be able to postpone the "Tribulations, Heavenly Signs & the Seven Trumpets", but look at what's happened in Hong Kong- a reduction in COVID-19 infections because of the lock-down, then "social distancing" policy relaxed, and now a resurgence on COVID-19 cases. Hard economic times are upon us (I'm a doctor, not an economist, Jim!) but we've got to get this pandemic under control first. Doc
  5. I don't know whether to "like" this or "sad" this- maybe both. Doc
  6. Disclaimer- the following statements are NOT true- just my bad-dad medical "humor": Coronavirus must be a deer tick-borne illness- they also carry Lyme disease! So, everybody just let a Corona get its lime! To repeat the disclaimer- the above comments are NOT facts (medical or otherwise), just an attempt at lightening up a grave situation. Lime juice DOES NOT cure coronavirus. Doc
  7. Rink 1 can seat up 1000 people while Rink 2 has seating for 100. Huntsville’s Iceplex is getting a makeover. The Iceplex is stated to close for several months starting in April 2020 to make repairs and upgrades. This decision was made in a Board of Directors meeting Wednesday night. According to a report, the repairs and upgrades are estimated to cost between 6 and 8 million dollars. The project is estimated to last until September of 2020. Doc
  8. PO, absolutely the doc should not touch any uninjured player, staff, or fan. I will scream and holler at the refs (as Havoc fans know) and heckle the opposing team players and staff, BUT FROM THE STANDS! I have to go check on the visitors at least after the game, if not sooner, if treatment is needed during or in between periods or after the game. Doc
  9. How many times do I have to post that medical information is protected unless the player or team releases it? Why do you think teams speak in very non-specific terms such as "upper body injury", "lower body injury", "medical problem", or "personal" when giving updates? Doc
  10. There may be copyright laws involved there- the VBC had to take down the ChannelCats championship banners and retired players' numbers. BTW, the VBC took down all the arena football banners a while ago as well. Doc
  11. He made up for it in our game against Pensacola- some "gruhl-some" calls and missed calls last night. Doc
  12. If you don't avoid the clap, you have to go to the Health Department for antibiotics (one of which is an injection!). Doc
  13. Goal judge didn't turn the light on until the ref signaled "goal". Ref DID consult with goal judge- don't know what the goal judge said but the ref allowed the goal (of course, he would not overturn his own decision). Doc
  14. Dont' know which game(s) y'all are talking about, but the Dawgs seemed to acquit themselves fairly well at the Huntsville game last night. Seemed like they were in the "O" zone about as much as the Havoc were in theirs, and SOG not too different (and decent quality- Milosek had to make some pretty good saves). I was surprised that Bremner pulled Stilladis so quickly and put in Theut in the 1st period after Stilladis gave up those 2 goals. Doc
  15. I saw a vet wearing an American Legion cap outside the Express Class Six and Gas building on Redstone Arsenal handing out poppies (for a donation of course) this past Veterans Day weekend. Doc
  16. hockeydoc


    Yep. I certainly didn't force either of them to go into medicine (both absolutely refused this field of study). My daughter is the artsy type and didn't need an advanced degree; my son chose his field without any pressure to go to a particular school or major in any particular subject. Doc
  17. hockeydoc


    Never said everyone doesn't need to go to college. We need skilled tradesmen and artisans just as we need those with advanced degrees (and those in between). Doc
  18. hockeydoc


    I'm not a psychiatrist, but was there some kind of parental or peer pressure for you to go where you went to school and major in what you got your degree in? Seems like a lot of disappointment in your second paragraph. Regarding the third paragraph, none of that ain't gonna happen. Too much at stake for all parties involved- students and educators. I agree that not everyone need to go to college/university; technical skills are sorely needed as well. Doc
  19. hockeydoc


    I like the one below better. Roll Tide! Doc
  20. C'mon man! (and women)- especially you who frequently post but haven't contributed- let's keep this forum rollin' (just like the Crimson Tide)! Doc
  21. So how is the Havoc jersey a "foul"? The Blackhawks jersey has 5 stripes on the sleeves and underneath the logo- the Havoc has 4. Chicago is the lower word in the Blackhawks jersey, Huntsville Havoc is the upper lettering. "Hockey Club" is different from "Blackhawks". The Havoc wolf certainly does not look like the Indian chief of the Blackhawks. And finally, the wolf's snout penetrates the left upper outer quadrant of the circle around it. Seems different enough to not be considered a "rip-off". Doc
  22. Not gonna happen due to a previous owner's rights to the CC name. Doc
  23. I am a real doctor (though some may dispute) I definitely recommend hockey. My co-workers in the ER say I go into withdrawal when the hockey season is over. I'm round enough to be two, maybe 3 (I'm in shape- round is a shape)!
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