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  1. Don't know whether to "like", "thank", or use the "haha" symbol regarding your post above. Doc
  2. Please see previous threads regarding reporting of injuries/illnesses. Unless the player or team official makes it known voluntarily, it's a private matter and a HIPAA violation to release a medical condition. Fans don't need to know if, for example, a player specifically has a knee injury, and certainly the other team will take advantage of that situation if the player were to suit up for a game. That's why leagues report "lower body injury", "upper body injury", etc- nothing specific. Doc
  3. Most of Keith's family are Auburn fans. I'm sure they would have re-scheduled the game time if Auburn (or Tennessee) were in the playoffs. Doc
  4. Sorry, doesn't work that way. Per conversation with Havoc staff, the TEAM (not just the individual) has to play a man (or men, if multiple suspensions) short even if the guy (or guys) isn't (aren't) on the team roster during the length of the suspension. Doc
  5. You'll get a second chance to see the wiener dogs on Feb 23, 2019, when the promo is the 9th Annual Havoc Wiener Dog Races.
  6. Talked with a couple of off-ice officials before tonight's game. FYI- it's considered a shot on goal if the puck would go into the net if the goalie was not there. Even if the goalie makes a glove catch outside of the goal mouth, or a puck is even 1 millimeter wide of the net or over the crossbar, there would be no score, thus no SOG. So what may look like tons of shots TOWARDS the net aren't considered shots on goal. And, at least in the VBC, there are spotters throughout the arena to aid in determining who gets goals and assists (they said the ref usually says who gets credit for the goal, but corrections can and are made at times, both regarding the goal scorer and the helpers). Doc
  7. Wow! A heavy-duty "powerful" dose () of non-contributing posters shaming!
  8. I have to agree with PO on this one . Example- Andrew Tessier was in Huntsville less than 36 hours- came down from the ECHL, arrived in Huntsville Monday night, I did his physical Tuesday AM, and he was recalled back up that very night. Even those on a team's roster at the end of camp may or may not stick with that team during the regular season. Doc
  9. Billy Welker, the Havoc EM, has been with the team for 7 years, going on his 8th now- rock solid guy- got Ray connected with Jesse. Doc
  10. Having been associated with y'all's new coach, Jesse Kallechy, when he was a player and an Assistant Coach here in Huntsville, I don't believe he would hire a someone who is an incompetent doofus nincompoop as his Equipment Manager. Doc
  11. Let me tell you that I don't intentionally disseminate false information (or to use the current lexicon, "fake news"). As I posted in another thread, I am in no way a spokesman for the Havoc (or the SPHL for that matter), but when someone on the Havoc staff tell me something, I consider that information pretty reliable, especially in this particular discussion of the vet rule. At the risk of supporting P.O., all 9 other teams in the league played by the same 900-game limit last season. There was absolutely no reason for the Havoc to have 3 vets on the roster with only a cap of 900 total games while the rest of the teams could have vets with more experience on their rosters. Doc
  12. I am in no way a spokesman for the Havoc (much less the SPHL), but when the staff tell me something, I consider the info pretty reliable. Doc
  13. Thanks. Just curious as to what you edited in or out before re-posting. Doc
  14. Go back to the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs "Protected List Thoughts" started on 5/30/18, which you posted in, so I do think you've seen this before: Marksmen3519 Marksmen Moderator Forum Moderator 682 3,499 posts Posted June 1 I still havent seen any "Official" release that "Vet GP" has dropped to 900. Asked the Sin Bin and they said they havent seen a change either. Quote MacGuy Senior Moderator Senior Moderator 1,012 9,374 posts Posted June 1 Drop a note to the league and see if they give you an answer. Quote hockeydoc 119 214 posts Posted June 5 There was no "official release" and it's not in the SPHL rule book. See my post on 5/15/18. So unless the Havoc coaches/staff are stupid and don't know the league policy, or they are content with having "veterans" with less total game experience than other teams' "veterans" in the league (neither of which I believe is true), consider the limit a total of 900 games. Doc
  15. Just stated a fact over 2 months ago. Thanks for the applause- (or are the clapping hands just ?) Doc
  16. Thanks for confirming what I posted over 2 months ago: Posted May 15 Per Havoc staff, there was a limit of 900 games combined played by "veterans" this past season, and it won't drop this upcoming season. FYI, a "veteran" is a player who has played 224 pro games. Doc Doc
  17. Still get a great laugh from this one- probably the funniest Havoc ad ever! Doc
  18. The power of Facebook, Tumblr, etc is frightening. On a recent trip to Alberta, as soon as we stepped off the plane Facebook welcomed my wife to Canada, and she wasn't even logged on to Facebook. She also looked at some airbnb listings in Louisville, KY (where our son lives) and both gave recommendations (she wasn't even logged onto airbnb, just used the links supplied by our son, much less wasn't logged onto Facebook or Tumblr at the time either). Info sharing among these juggernauts is scary, which is why I'm not on any social media (except these forums). Doc
  19. As a retired Air Force Reservist, I'll drink to that! . Doc
  20. Oly and Clew also played in Huntsville and were well-liked by the fans here, too. Doc
  21. Thanks for your support (I guess). Doc
  22. There was no "official release" and it's not in the SPHL rule book. See my post on 5/15/18. So unless the Havoc coaches/staff are stupid and don't know the league policy, or they are content with having "veterans" with less total game experience than other teams' "veterans" in the league (neither of which I believe is true), consider the limit a total of 900 games. Doc
  23. Having been a team doc since 1997, starting with the Channel Cats, then the Tornado, then the Channel Cats again, and now the Havoc, let me shed some light on this. The CHL CC's folded and didn't have a team in 2001 (I guess fortunately for me since I was called up by the Air Force Reserves after 9/11 and was not able to be in Huntsville that season). John Cherney bought the franchise and renamed it the Tornado for the 2002-3 season. That name didn't stick well with Huntsville/Madison County residents as the area had (and has) been hit hard with tornadoes, so the CC name was revived for the 2003-4 season. When Keith Jeffries bought the franchise from Mr Cherney, the CC name was not allowed to continue. In fact, even banners of CC championships and retired numbers of CC players were removed from the VBC. I don't know all the politics of "The Columbus folks weren't comfortable with thew Channel Cats owner running the show. so they did a bit of a coupe, along with Knoxville, Fayetteville, and some of the WHA-2 franchises..." so I won't comment on that statement. Doc