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  1. Simpson was a bit of a surprise too. He's a solid SPHL guy, and will most assuredly be on a roster next year if he wants. I'm thinking he may be in the Tateson camp with a verbal commit (both speculation on my part). I'm not surprised at Clewlow, as a veteran. He was one of the best the Havoc have signed, but the Havoc have never been big on utilizing/keeping vets. Vets like Clewlow typically move around their last few years. The Havoc did protect 2 veterans, which is unusual - I was surprised Nutkevitch is there (thanks to TB for not making me look it up) . It's just nice that the Havoc had a quality field to protect. The callups and IR were unusual, but still fielded a quality team down the stretch. Usually, a 3 or 4 player protected list would suffice.
  2. I read where it may have been a hit piece by the Tennessean writer. The Tennessean went to him asking for an interview, and he simply asked the Preds if it was OK. Don't know if it's true...
  3. Unlike the Havoc to not make the announcement - somebody must have been on vacation. A bit surprising to protect Lidgett and ECHL callups who didn't return for the playoffs, but leave Fellnermayr and Hietala unprotected. I thought Fellnermayr and Hietala were bigger impact players down the stretch than Sharkey and Piluso (and Phee). I'll guess Tateson is probably a verbal commit.
  4. https://pensacolaiceflyers.com/ice-flyers-2017-protected-list-announced/ F, Corey Banfield F, Josh Cousineau F, Stephen Hrehoriak F, Joe Kalisz F, Massimo Lamacchia F, Patrick Megannety F, Ken Neil F, Andrew Schmit F, Maxime St-Cyr D, Louis Belisle D, Brandon Blair D, Brad Bourke D, Nathan Bruyere
  5. Please tell me one of these teams won a championship so I can start a crusade to hang a banner at the VBC. I'm all in on this franchise thing.
  6. Has the Jax deal fallen through? I thought he'd moved on.
  7. That should help out the Rivermen. Best of 3 then?
  8. Steele hung in there, but didn't have a great night. Earlier in the season, a couple quick goals meant he was done for the night. He's had a good post season and will hopefully be back next season. Havoc outshot the Rivermen 32-19 (21 w/empty netters), but couldn't break down Phaneuf.
  9. #4 Havoc (1-1) vs #3 Rivermen (1-1) 4/22 at 7:05PM - Carver Arena Playoffs Semifinals Game F-3 Pointstreak Scoreboard Poinstreak GameLive Listen Live (Rivermen Audio) Listen Live (Havoc Audio) Watch Live (SPHL Live - $$)
  10. Huntsville gives up 3 goals in regulation, but score in the last minute of the 3rd to send it to OT. Havoc pull out the 4-3 win in OT to send it back to Peoria for Game 3 tomorrow. Great playoff hockey!
  11. Havoc take early lead 2-0 on 2 power play goals in the first.
  12. #4 Havoc (0-1) vs #3 Rivermen(1-0) 4/21 at 7:00PM - Von Braun Center Playoffs Semifinals Game F-2 Havoc trail 0-1 (Best of 3 series) Pointstreak Scoreboard Poinstreak GameLive Listen Live (Rivermen Audio) Listen Live (Havoc Audio) Watch Live (SPHL Live - $$)
  13. #4 Havoc @ #3 Rivermen Wed, Apr 19 at 7:05PM - Carver Arena Playoffs Semifinals Game #1 of Best of 3 Series Pointstreak Scoreboard Poinstreak GameLive Listen Live (Havoc Audio) Listen Live (Rivermen Audio) Watch Live (SPHL Live - $$)
  14. Havoc finally win one at the iceplex and advance to play Peoria in the Semifinals. G1 Wed 4/19 7:05pm @ Peoria G2 Fri 4/21 7:00pm @ VBC G3 Sat 4/22 7:05pm @ Peoria (if necessary) Tickets for Friday game at VBC go on sale Monday.
  15. #4 Huntsville Havoc (1-1) vs #5 Mississippi RiverKings (1-1) 4/15 at 7:00PM - Huntsville Iceplex Playoffs Round 1 Game 3 (Best of 3) Series tied 1-1 Pointstreak Scoreboard Poinstreak GameLive Listen Live (Havoc Audio) Watch Live (SPHL Live - $$) Previous Games 4/12 HSV 4 @ MRK 2 4/14 MRK 4 @ HSV 2 Active Roster 01 [G] Adam Courchaine 02 [D] Justin Tateson 04 [C] Michael Holland (R) 07 [D] Stuart Stefan (Veteran) (A) 09 [D] Ben Kramer 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) 15 [LW] Michael Piluso 18 [RW] Tyler French (R) 19 [C] Sy Nutkevitch 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (R) (A) 26 [C] Steven Phee (R) 27 [D] Eddie Nolan (R) 35 [G] Tyler Steel (R) 44 [D] Rob Simpson (R) 48 [LW] Kyle Sharkey (R) 58 [C] Christian Powers (R) 61 [RW] Blake Hietala 91 [RW] John Clewlow 96 [LW] Jordan Wood (R)