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  1. That's not shrewd. And even if it is an attempt to be shrewd, that's the wrong part of the business to do it with. Branding is huge and should be treated as a huge part to starting up a hockey team. Especially when you're replacing a well-established brand like the Cottonmouths. You don't want to halfass it and getting caught in this surely makes it seem as though he hasn't made it all the way to halfass level.
  2. So the Columbus franchise is having an identity crisis. The same franchise meaning all SPHL Cottonmouths records belong to the team but they can't use the branding ... oooookay.
  3. lolwut. I'll just say this: just because the process isn't as public as Birmingham doesn't mean there's not progress. In fact, the league office was a little annoyed at how public the Birmingham situation was. Louisiana was because the owners used the renovation as an excuse to shut it down. I'm not sure why they hung on to the office for so long but 16-17 was doable for them in terms of a facility (not desirable but doable) and 17-18 would have been if they hadn't taken the year off. The other two are making progress. And with Columbus, again the league wasn't too excited about how a certain someone made the process very, very public.
  4. ESPN Pensacola was a locally owned affiliate of ESPN Radio. Their struggles just happened to almost coincide with the timing of all of ESPN's cuts.
  5. The Ice Flyers routinely have fans in the stands listening as well as those who can't make it but don't want to/can't pay for SPHL Live.
  6. Trust me, the discount off of retail price is still more than what the team payed.
  7. Teams buy new gloves, sticks, etc. regularly, even multiple times a season. Switch providers doesn't cost money unless the new equipment costs more.
  8. It's actually quite simple why Hosmer would be on your protected list: now if he wants to play, it has to be for Roanoke. They're protecting an asset they acquired but haven't yet gotten a chance to use. If they don't protect him and he decides to play, he can go anywhere (likely Southaven) and the Dawgs get nothing at all.
  9. The Amos' were looking to get out as early as the beginning of the season but the bus crash definitely helped secure the decision. I can say that the Snakes are definitely expected back but the process was taking too long for this season and the move allows for the rest of the league to get going with 2017-18.
  10. I was referencing people saying that Pensacola may fold due to arena issues. I didn't think I'd have to spell that out since that mentioned earlier. Guess I was wrong.
  11. I know it needs to be done. Trust me, I know full well. It's kinda my job. I also know the snail's pace at which the County's government works.
  12. I hardly ever post now but I feel the need to right now: THERE ARE NO "ARENA ISSUES" IN PENSACOLA. THE BAY CENTER IS YEARS FROM RENOVATION OR REPLACEMENT.
  13. Happy Birthday Geoff!

  14. Trades for futures can be finalized at the deadline or for players' rights in the off season.