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  1. Please Huntsville if even just to sit on the bench!
  2. Happy Birthday nhlgeezer!

  3. Certainly. Anything can happen in the playoffs.
  4. Welcome to the hockey capital of the south! Great to have you!
  5. That's fine. I use my debit card anyway
  6. I remember him threatening and intimidating women and children in Huntsville. Can't wait for tonight's game!
  7. He is back....
  8. As long as it isn't Todd Hosmer I'm great with it!
  9. Wooohooo the season is closer today than it was yesterday!!!!!
  10. We shall see in a few months...is it November yet???
  11. almost 4 hours since last post
  12. Happy Birthday nhlgeezer!

  13. Man I miss the good ole days!
  14. #tillnextyear