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  1. It's live:
  2. Sorry, been away from the boards for the weekend. Please note the date on that Instagram post...
  3. This employee of the Mississippi RiverKings Hockey Club says it's a sure sign. Blind speculation helps no one.
  4. You're looking for the phrase "sure sign," in this particular case.
  5. By my count, Macon's magic number to clinch 1st Place is 14 points. Macon and Huntsville play each other 4 more times this season, with 3 of the games in Huntsville. (Home games are BOLD CAPS.)
  6. I guess that's true. I just got caught up with possible points and knew RKE held the head-to-head tiebreaker against MRK.
  7. RiverKings can clinch on Friday at the earliest with any two of the following: Win vs. HUN on Tuesday Win vs. PEN on Friday RKE regulation loss vs. PEO on Friday EDIT: Just realized I did not include Sunday's game.
  8. Fair. But there's a distinct difference between, "I think so-and-so ECHL team would fit well in the SPHL," and, "I heard this specific SPHL team is going to fold," with zero actual evidence given. The latter rumor is considerably more damaging, even if it's just on this board.
  9. Make that four teams. Fayetteville has cleared the 9th place (by maximum potential points) Rail Yard Dawgs, so they're in too. Here are the standings organized by maximum possible points. "M#G" is Magic Number by Games. So Knoxville's 2.5 is 5 points to clear Roanoke and clinch a berth. EDIT: Macon's M#G for clinching the #1 seed is 11.5, so a combination of 23 points earned by Macon/lost by Huntsville.
  10. This are my thoughts on the bulk of this thread:
  11. The ECHL is putting a heavy emphasis on eventually being 1-to-1-to-1 from the NHL down. I'd say it's not super likely that any current ECHL teams move to the SPHL unless they are just having a terrible time keeping up financially. Plus, with Alaska suspending after this season, the ECHL has another spot to make up toward that goal. And you know the AHL is going to poach a couple current ECHL markets to hit 31 (maybe 32 soon) teams.
  12. (FYI, it's possible to play a basketball game and hockey game in the same day.)
  13. So, do you have any evidence, or are you just trying to stir the ?
  14. Wholeheartedly disagree daddy. That new Riverdogs look is solid and not nearly as complicated as Roanoke's logo. The RYD has 1 to 2 too many colors and way too much fine line work for a modern sports logo. Charleston's logo is able to convey complex ironwork without actually being complex. I'd argue Charleston's logo should be ranked higher, just as RYD's isn't as bad as this list says. If Charleston and Roanoke are "very similar in design and content," then Pensacola and Evansville are nearly identical.