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  1. We are “soft” ... one hip check eliminates that game winner from happening ... when the other team uses the body on us, we just tend to give in ... Cook did skate pretty hard ... I saw a couple flashes from the new guy but nothing that made me say “Wow” ... speaking of new guys, the new goaile, which I thought we might see get the start tonight, did not look good in warm ups ... I know it’s just warm ups, but ... wow due to my work schedule this was May last game in 2018, I have to miss Sellout night, which I really hate cause I would like to see a big crowd! teams can turn it around and roll in the 2nd half of the season, I only hope we can do that! But Coach has some work to do, and I hope he knows that
  2. Ok I missed that ... my apologies ... I edited that out ... but I looked that calendar over when it came out and ... somehow I missed that but I will be there!
  3. I used to be on this board as much as anyone in here ... I regularly gave my opinion on FireAntz games, to the point where even parents of the players would talk to me about my observations ... Although I have been absent from here for a while, I have not only continued to be a supporter of the Marksmen but I am still a season ticket holder and have even brought in friends who became season ticket holders this year! First and foremost, I appreciate everything the new ownership has done ... the scoreboard is amazing, the band boards are awesome ... I think the advertising is some of the best I have seen in the SPHL ... But, I am a firm believer in the fact that the product ON the ice is the greatest draw to bringing fans in, and bringing fans back! Military nights in Fayetteville used to put 9,500 in the seats and now we struggle to see 3,000 ... Fayetteville used to be known for being a loud barn with loyal fans and it hurts to sit and look around at pitiful attendance This years team has had a few moments that they looked poised to be really good ... but they have not been consistent ... and yes, they are a soft team ... when the opposing teams start playing rough and tough hockey, our team tends to back down ... and I am not sure why! I know that Asst Coach Pete W was a brawler, I know he didn’t take crap during his NHL career, as for Jesse, he was a goalie so I don’t know his preferred style ... but we have to be tougher than we have shown out there! The goalie numbers are atrocious ... I thought having a former goalie for a coach, we would see something special in net ... but ... just not there ... as we reach the half way point, I hope to see some changes ... I hope to see the crowds grow
  4. Fournier ... Wilcox ... both come to mind!
  5. Well, the team pulled out 5 out of a possible 6 points on the weekend after they fired him on Thursday ... so ... I would say the team made a little statement of their own ... they came from behind Friday and Saturday night ... I will reserve judgement til I see what Esposito brings ... but these guys apparently haven't given up after losing the coach
  6. I talked with a player from the FHL ... Esposito is a tough cookie ... but I am sure that there have been some ground rules put down ... I won't judge him til I see what he brings to the ice!!
  7. I was furious in the 1st period ... I was seeing no heart on this team ... I don't know who spoke during the intermission, or what they said, but a different set of guys took the ice in the 2nd period ... and they slugged it out and came away with the win i know Zenzola has had past success but man does his style worry me ... he comes out of that crease way too much and last night he got burned for it 3 times in the 1st ... i am interested to see how they play tonight with their 3rd game in 3 nights
  8. I was at the home openers ... and then there Saturday night ... i saw some pretty questionable play on opening night and I let it go to the "getting to know everybody" ... of course they won the second night and looked ok ... but Di Salvo played a huge part and not sure why the backup started on opening night ... but anyway Saturday night, they looked flat ... they made a LOT of bad passes ... several guys trying to be fancy and got pick pocketed ... the defense was not impressive ... and I am not quite convinced about Mazz yet ... I won't write him off yet cause I said I would be fair ... but I don't think Chuck Norris and Jeff Longo are gonna put up with a bad product on the ice because they are trying to take this organization to the next level as far as entertainament and making a profit ... and they won't with this production
  9. Man ... I haven't been this excited about an opening weekend in a long time!! The new name, the new owners, the new vibe, the new coach, a completely new team (for the most part) ... i have been pumped by the energy and the marketing of this new front office ... I can't wait to see the crowds this weekend ... I think this year our Military night will be reminiscent of those in the past ... 9,000+ ... many people were disturbed by all the changes, but I think this is just what the Dr ordered ... they went out and got a road win for their 1st game of the season, and I hope they bring that back to the barn with them for this coming weekend!! Go Marksmen!!
  10. Hate we missed the trip ... we used to love the bus trips up to Richmond and Winston-Salem ... good win though!! Way to start the new franchise!!
  11. Yea I was a little bothered by us not having one but there were scheduling issues from what I hear ...
  12. So I just wanted to take a minute and give my two cents on all the changes that have taken place. I have met the new owners, and I really am excited about the way the talk and the way they carry themselves when it comes to hockey in Fayetteville. I admit, the whole name change thing kinda hit me hard ... I wasn't expecting it ... but I am not gonna bash the idea! They really put a lot of thought into it all and it fits their marketing scheme well ... Anthony (the ant) is a good friend of mine and I was absolutely floored to think he wouldn't be around anymore ... but, I have looked at the "Marky" situation and I again am seeing where their marketing scheme fits with the Fox ... so I won't bash him either ... in fact, I was at the unveiling and I like the guy, but he has to grow on ya a bit!! My biggest, and best praise ... has to go to the front office of the Marksmen ... these guys and gals are putting their feet on the ground and running ... they have created some fabulous package deals with sponsors ... they are concentrating on raising attendance back and even beyond the glory days of the FireAntz ... the season ticket program the have now is amazing and I even bought and extra seat this year because of it ... As a fan and a loyal follower, myself and Piehole and Iceman and many others have been saying for the last couple of years that we needed to mix things up and take some drastic measures to get butts back in the seats, and these guys are doing that!! I can hardly wait til our 1st military night this year, cause I think we will see record numbers like we used to have!!! Many people have got mad and even vowed to boycott the team ... WHY?? Because they kept hockey alive in Fayetteville!? I think some people are still clouded in their vision to not see that the Antz were about to be another casualty ... The attendance for the last two years has been PATHETIC!! As a Florence native, and a former Pee Dee Cyclones fan ... let me tell you, it sucks to lose hockey!! To have nothing ... that's how I became an Antz fan ... that's why I drive 88 miles to see them play ... I bet if you ask the die hard Columbus fans they would tell you, that if someone came in and kept hockey there but changed the name and mascot, they probably wouldn't be mad but for a minute!! I say to all of the people who are skeptical ... or doubtful ... give these guys a chance!! I have seen SO MUCH being done this offseason from the front office ... I am truly excited about it!! Let's go Marksmen!!
  13. Gunner ... gotta go with Gunner!!
  14. I was shocked to see the Antz brand go ... but these guys have a huge vision and are working on a 5 yr deal with the Crown that will have a 2nd 5 yr option ... they are not playing around! the Carolina Red Fox is indigenous to the area and the Marksmen name gives homage to Fayetteville's close military ties ... ties that I for one think were NEVER tapped into like they should have been! many of us remember the days of the Antz leading the attendance in the S ... and I see us getting back to that!! We have a FULL staff of people in the office ... the monthly payment plan for season tickets is awesome ... look what they did in a short time for the two games they were in charge of ... imagine what they will do with an entire off season to promote! I for one am excited .... Go Marksmen!!! i do however have 8 Antz jerseys that I have over $2k in .... for a sale lol
  15. These guys are hiring a 10-12 person staff ... they are not playing around, they want this to grow and prosper!!! They worked for 5 weeks promoting last night and tonight and the difference in the crowd was obvious and all due to them!! last night they brought in the Charlotte Checkers ice team to give some insight and to show what to expect in the future!!! They did say that tonight that crew won't be there, but for next season the experience will be worth the price of admission!! i have talked with the new Pres/GM several times via private message and he is very receptive to all the ideas fans have and wants to hear our opinions!! very excited going forward!!