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  1. MRK came out playing rough and tough hockey and they man handled the Antz in the 2nd period!! 4-2 after 2
  2. Antz won last night 4-1 ... lets see what tonight holds!!
  3. I was told Manno is day to day ... Not serious but don't want it further agrivated ... as for the team ... i saw tonight a speedy Antz team ... Faster than years past! they lacked some passing game, but that's the new and they are working on that ... Bonar looked good! thompson was good ... Drobot went right to business on what should have been a boarding call but that little shrimp ref tonight was horrible! good home opener be the crowd was disappointing! piehole is right ... Not enough excuses for why it can't get packed like it used to! and why no golf carts on the ice? New rules or something? And no more Heat dance team? nowhere near the signage I am used to seeing ... ??????
  4. I am just ready to see the boys lace em up!
  5. Ready to see the team in action tonight!! Opening weekend ... coming in 2-0 off the road ... lets do this!!
  6. 2-0 after 2 ... We gotta come out swinging if we wanna win this one
  7. 2-0 Peoria after 1 ... Not t looking good ... Anybody with eyes This matchup? I was not impressed We'd night with our terrible power play unit ... We looked like T Stewart was coaching again! That won't beat Rank!
  8. Have to chime to in here ... I drive 88 miles one way to watch this team play ... I have had season tickets for the last 7 years and even with my schedule like it is now, they do a flex plan with me and I go through the calendar and pick out the games I can come to for the entire season .... The playoff schedule didn't work out for me to be there and I HATE THAT ... I will be there Wednesday night however and hopefully see them in the finals as well! Over the past seven years I have followed this team to Columbus, Winston Salem, Richmond, and Knoxville I think there are some huge problems that have affected attendance ... But having a small office staff hurts ... I love Richard and Nathan but they can't do this with 3 or 4 people! It absolutely amazes me that in a town with a huge military installation, they can't draw more fans in!! We used to compete for the attendance title yearly, now ... We are a joke! I crop out the empty seats when I take pictures just so people don't bad mouth it! Ask Piehole ... He preaches this same thing and has for years now! The revolving door of players and coaches has taken over ta toll on the attendance ... Maybe winning a cup can get them back! But I for one, dang sure do my part and don't ever want my loyalty questioned!
  9. Glad to see Parker get the shutout ... He deserved to be playing like i said all along he got us here and deserved to play ... No disr spect to Bonar but he had a shot Friday night and failed ... So ride Parker til he loses, and hopefully, he won't!
  10. Game ... Yes Go Antz! And Parker with the playoff shutout!! I told y'all he deserved to play!
  11. Come on boys ... Hold on here!!
  12. And as I say that ..... We score!! Woo-hoo .... I am working so watching via pointstreak
  13. Ok ... This 0-0- match is making me crazy lol
  14. 5-2 win ... I'll take it ... Parker stepped up again ... Tomorrow should be interesting!