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  1. Correct, but teams have "left overs" from the year before that do get used by lots of players, and yes they buy more equipment, however my point was it costs the owners a lot more money when the league changes equipment brands every year
  2. If the ice rink is closing until August, that doesn't fair too well for the youth/adult hockey players in Columbus, if I am not mistaken, that rink was a year round pad of ice. Sadly without the Cottonmouths professional team and the influence on the youth league and promotion of the ice facility, if the city doesn't find another owner, that could all be in jeopardy, real quick! Agree with above comment on Orrin, he needs to coach, JB needs to go to GM, but first you need a team! the city has to re-think their potential new lease, just way too expensive for a minor league team that barely pulls in 1,200 fans per game. It seats 10,000-12,000 and the lease is too high. Any prospective buyer would be crazy to just suck up the same type of lease as the last owner who claimed to lost 10's of 1,000s of dollars. I hope they figure it out
  3. Jesus, this league switches equipment providers yearly, I know it's based on money, but it has to cost the teams quite a bit to keep switching gloves, sticks, equipment every year as opposed to using the same ones from year to year and just replacing some of it due to wear and tear, etc. Go back to Sherwood, they provided the league its sticks and gloves for several years and had good color schemes!
  4. Good luck to the new owners, I like the rebranding idea with new ownership they have a large population in that area at Fort Bragg, if they can appeal to even a small percentage of Military hockey fans, they may change things around for the city! Good luck
  5. Yeah I read that in another post, very shocked, thought for sure JB would be the guy, especially after he promoted the new hockey team in Birmingham just recently at an event. Wonder if he will be a GM or in the front office?
  6. That is a surprise, does Birmingham have a GM?
  7. I really hope that is true, but I am afraid without a change in venue or restructuring as to how the Cottonmouths pay the city for the lease of the rink, potential owners will see how much Wanda Amos lost every year, and realize it just isn't worth it. The city may be willing to renegotiate after having the Civic Center sit empty for the first winter in over 20yrs
  8. I suspect if he coaches the Bulls, the Snakes will not be back in '18-19, just a hunch, but can't see him putting the needed effort into finding owners, negotiating with them and league during the season when he is coaching. I hope he doesn't bring all the players from Columbus, utilize the expansion draft, get fresh blood to play for JB and change what went wrong this year in Columbus!!
  9. I believe that was the straw that broke the camels back. The team was losing money each year but the bus crash was the final financial strain that Wanda couldn't overcome. I fear that as much as JB wants Columbus to return, if he takes another job somewhere else next year, who will advocate for the Snakes return? Sad day for Snakes fans and hockey in Columbus, especially the young kids in the community, it won't be the same for them. The Snakes were such a big part of the youth hockey experience in Columbus. I hope the sport returns very quickly
  10. Good for JB if he can make it work, a little surprised he wouldn't hold out a little longer in hopes to revive hockey in Columbus? Maybe no takers to buy the team? Sad day for hockey fans in Columbus if the Snakes fold, Civic center will sit empty all winter and I imagine the newly built rink next to it will have its share of problems as well, once the Snakes pull out I can see a scenario where the youth hockey isn't as promoted as it once was and interest starts to decline, Birmingham isn't that far, but still a god distance from Columbus. should be an interesting summer!
  11. Thanks SASRACE for the information, I would suspect that the venue the Snakes plays in is a big drawback for potential buyers, the arena they play in is way too big and expensive in terms of leasing, its why a lot of minor league teams fail, costly lease with the owner/city for a venue that seats 10-12,000 fans and the team only draws 1,800. In the end, the math doesn't add up, if they could find a way too reduce the overhead to the arena, that would help save literally 10's of thousands per year.
  12. Not the way JB wanted to end the season, but realistically was there any other way, we barely squeaked into the playoffs and were the 2nd lowest goal scoring team in the league. Again we had some scheduling luck, we had to win the last two games of the season and who did we wind up playing? The worst team in the league.....TWICE!! Once we got in, we had even more scheduling luck, playing all three games of a three game playoff series on your home ice!! However, It would have taken a miracle to advance and beat a team like Macon, although they played well the better team is moving on, It's sad that Columbus faces the prospect of not having hockey next year. I know JB will work his butt off until every possibility is exhausted, for the sake of the great fans in Columbus, I truly hope buyers step up and purchase the franchise. I pray for more hockey in Columbus
  13. Thanks for clarifying, Snakes can never complain about SPHL scheduling, seems they come out on top quite a bit.
  14. Did I read this correctly? The Snakes are playing all 3 playoff games on home ice? Did Macon lose the use of their ice for the playoffs?
  15. Any word on the sale of the team? Been quiet as of lately