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  1. Thanks SASRACE for the information, I would suspect that the venue the Snakes plays in is a big drawback for potential buyers, the arena they play in is way too big and expensive in terms of leasing, its why a lot of minor league teams fail, costly lease with the owner/city for a venue that seats 10-12,000 fans and the team only draws 1,800. In the end, the math doesn't add up, if they could find a way too reduce the overhead to the arena, that would help save literally 10's of thousands per year.
  2. Not the way JB wanted to end the season, but realistically was there any other way, we barely squeaked into the playoffs and were the 2nd lowest goal scoring team in the league. Again we had some scheduling luck, we had to win the last two games of the season and who did we wind up playing? The worst team in the league.....TWICE!! Once we got in, we had even more scheduling luck, playing all three games of a three game playoff series on your home ice!! However, It would have taken a miracle to advance and beat a team like Macon, although they played well the better team is moving on, It's sad that Columbus faces the prospect of not having hockey next year. I know JB will work his butt off until every possibility is exhausted, for the sake of the great fans in Columbus, I truly hope buyers step up and purchase the franchise. I pray for more hockey in Columbus
  3. Thanks for clarifying, Snakes can never complain about SPHL scheduling, seems they come out on top quite a bit.
  4. Did I read this correctly? The Snakes are playing all 3 playoff games on home ice? Did Macon lose the use of their ice for the playoffs?
  5. Any word on the sale of the team? Been quiet as of lately
  6. So sad to hear this news, but not surprising at all, in fact in previous posts I mentioned this could be a possibility, especially considering not just the teams record this year, but more importantly the attendance numbers. The civic center is a nice venue, but I fear that it is maybe too nice. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag and it seats roughly 10,000? When you are only bringing in barely 2.000 a game it just doesn't even out, this is definitely one area where the FHL is starting to get it right in their league, play in venues with low overhead, small community rec arenas are not ideal, but you don't have to pay the city a small fortune to rent the place out. A better option is smaller venues, no you can't pack as many fans in, but with the smaller overhead it balances out and in the end the team makes a little more. I think the Snakes should be looking for a group of owners, instead of one or two, minor league hockey ownership, especially in the south is a tough sell. I wish them luck in finding steady ownership, would be devastating to the league to lose the Snakes.
  7. After reading that article I thought he was setting himself up for failure, he is a talented goal scorer, but should never stated that as a goal for the season, he ain't that good! I followed him for the last few years, yes he can score in the FHL, but a lot of guys can, it just isn't that great of competition so success in that league doesn't automatically equate to success in the SPHL. I won't speculate as to what the suspension is for, I will wait until facts are known, I wish him and your team luck the rest of the way!
  8. JB really needs to take a long hard look at the organization after this dreadful year ends, I'm not to sure how much can be done to salvage this year? We are so far behind everyone else. Yes losing our goalie hurt, but honestly goaltending was our least issue this year. I have been saying it for years, JB's teams always seem to be dead last or right around there in terms of total goals scored in the league. Relying too much on our D and goaltending to play mistake free hockey, it's really biting us in the but now.
  9. You think management may trade him? I thought he was a key piece to your teams offense? is he not meshing with the team?
  10. Greg - Where was Gjurich? Is he hurt? Best attendance in a long time and we got demolished and besides some roughing, no real fights to bring some of those first time fans back for more. Maybe they saw enough, we will see
  11. I would have rather JB hire a GM, a co-coach is good but lets be honest Orrin is a "JB guy" and that's not an insult, just a fact. Will he be able to tell JB his honest opinion and bring his own way of thinking to the bench? IMO you bring in a GM to assist with finding talent while the coach continues to mold the on-ice product. We have the worst team in the league by far, our goal scoring is atrocious, maybe now that we are forced to bring in some different players JB will take a long hard look at who to bring in and maybe slightly change his ways of the past and find some players who have an offensive upside to their game. Also very interesting how the team announced the hire as a Co-Coach and not an assistant. Obviously a big change from years past
  12. Great job by the Snakes, and even better job by the Rivermen and the league itself. Nice that they all pitched in and helped to get the Snakes on their feet so quickly. The league came through in a top notch way this weekend.
  13. So sad to hear this, thank god it wasn't worse
  14. If this season wasn't so disappointing, I would be laughing at the stupidity of these types of moves, you can't make this stuff up
  15. Really, we can't score to save our life and JB signs a guy who hasn't scored in over a year! In fact, hasn't scored a professional goal