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  1. I was told a few weeks ago by one of the Roanoke fans Colin Murray was retiring....change of heart there too?
  2. Hosmer must be coming out of retirement......I was told he retired last year.
  3. Im surprised Horn wasnt protected. May have earned a spot in ECHL next year but still Im surprised on that decision.
  4. I'm very surprised MacDonald wasn't protected. You should still protect him regardless where he was at the end of the season. Say he falls back to SPHL, if Bulls select him in draft then they will own his rights....... or another team may wanna pick him up if not selected. I wouldn't be surprised if he is taken in draft.
  5. Which Fayetteville? Apostrophes work wonders. #Grammar
  6. Its a "lose=lose" for Fayetteville when you send one of your best up and coming forwards to complete a trade for a guy you don't protect. Final grade = C+
  7. G, Brad Barone G, Peter Di Salvo D, Joe Sova D, Sam Higgins D, Mike Grace D, Richard Coyne F, Cullen Bradshaw F, Dillan Fox F, Matt Harrington (vet) F, Devin Mantha F, Ryan Marcuz F, Mike Moran F, Derek Sutliffe
  8. G, Sean Bonar G, Tyler Green D, Sean Robertson D, Graeme Strukoff D, Nicholas Rivait D, Mark Corbett D, Brad Campagna F, Trevor Fleurent F, Taylor Thompson F, Jake Hauswirth F, Brad Drobot F, Chris Porter F, Evan Dixon
  9. Teams not allowed to protect goalies this year?
  10. Look under SPHL LEAGUE...... is a link that will update as they come out.
  11. Me too
  12. Looks like with Kalisz traded to complete the Shapiro trade from Pensacola, I had to change up my thoughts on the protected list. P. S. Teams need to go ahead and announce. They never wait 3 weeks after finals. Get your $&#% together and hurry up.
  13. Not one I would want to lose.
  14. Im sorry, I don't but could ask around.
  15. It wouldn't hurt to protect atleast one......Antz protected McQuade and he went up..... we lost his right over the following offseason and he came back.