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  1. Green - Re-Signed Red - Not Returning Blue - Vet* *By SPHL definition, Vets are players who have 224 professional games or more played. Each team is allowed up to 3 vets on their rosters. All 3 vets have to be combined less than 1100 games played. Protected List GOALTENDERS : Tyler Steel DEFENSEMEN : Stuart Stefan Nolan Kaiser FROWARDS : Sy Nutkevitch Jordan Wood Christian Powers Tyler French Mike Piluso Lou Educate Kyle Sharkey John Lidgett Dylan Nowakowski - Re-signed with Cincinnati (ECHL) John Daniels - Re-signed with Wheeling (ECHL) Unprotected Players GOALTENDERS : Adam Courchaine DEFENSEMEN : Eddie Nolan Ben Kramer Rob Simpson Justin Tateson Andy Willigar Zach Carriveau Michael Holland FORWARDS : John Clewlow Scott Fellnermayr Blake Hietala Darren McCormick- Signed with Macon (SPHL) Steven Phee - Drafted by Birmingham (SPHL) New Players LW, Nick Lazorko (Former SPHL Teams : HUN\PEN\FAY) F, Tyler Piacentini - Norwich Univ. (NCAA III) D, Cody Smith - Norwich Univ. (NCAA III) F, Shane Topf - Neumann Univ. (NCAA III) D, Derek Perl - Marian Univ. (NCAA III) Havoc 2017-18 Training Camp GOALTENDERS : DEFENSEMEN : #7 Stuart Stefan (V- 323) #10 Nolan Kaiser Cody Smith (R) Derek Perl (R) #25 Andy Willigar FORWARDS : Nick Lazoroko - (V - 233) Tyler Piacentini (R) #19 Sy Nutkevitch - (V - 240) Shane Topf (R) Links Stefan - Lazorko - Kaiser - Smith, Piacentini - Nutkevitch - Topf, Perl - Willigar -
  2. Pierog signed to Fort Wayne. If he is released, he will return to Macon.
  3. Starts tonight at 7pm. Good luck!!!
  4. Lipari's stats :
  5. You saw that Stukoff and Rivait were in trade too, right?
  6. MRK had 2 #1 goalies in Di Salvo and Barone......I dont think we will move Bonar....more of a possibility that he goes to ECHL and doesnt return.
  7. BIG TRADE ALERT!!!! Peter Di Slavo's stats : Joe Sova's stats :
  8. I was going to say "join the FHL".....make another team experience the awful travel costs WS will endure..... Hey, let all the northern teams duke it out during the season. Let Columbus and WS play each other 56 times to determine the final seed in the playoffs. Jk
  9. Celli's stats :
  10. Less than two months after coming into Columbus promising to revolutionize minor league hockey, the Southern Professional Hockey League has broken off talks with a New York City businessman seeking ownership in the league. Thursday afternoon, that speculation ended as SPHL Commissioner Jim Combs said Jenkins was out of the picture as a possible owner, even though Jenkins had previously announced he was going to name his team the Columbus Burn.