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  1. According to my Birmingham source the Bulls draft should be announced at 2pm central\3pm eastern. I guess we will find out who they choose less than 6 hrs from now.
  2. With as many goalie's rights werent protected im surprised on choosing M. Parks......but he is a good goalie.
  3. "The Birmingham Bulls are excited to announce our expansion picks for the 2017-18 season. It is great to finally have some pieces in place to build on" Head Coach Jamey Hicks Keegan Bruce LW Columbus Cottonmouths -led team in Goals, assists, Points -2016-17 All SPHL 2nd team all-star -2016-17 All-Rookie team -2nd in Voting for Rookie of the Year - Played collegiately at St. Scholastica College Mavric Parks G Columbus Cottonmouths -7-4-2 record with Cottonmouths last year -Played collegiately at University of PEI -Prior to college played four years in the Ontario Hockey League Mark Rivera F Macon Mayhem - Won the Presidents Cup with Macon Mayhem 2016-17 - Had 10 goals and 35 Points during 2106-17 season - Attended Manhattanville College John Rey RD Knoxville Ice Bears - Played collegiately at Robert Morris University - 12 points in 35 games after joining Knoxville part way through season - Played with the Amarillo Bulls prior to University Sean Gammage D Pensacola Ice Flyers - 6'3 230 Defensemen - registered 11 points in 41 games in 2016-17 - was +12 during the 2016-17 season - Played collegiately at U of Wisconsin-Steven Point Steven Phee C Huntsville Havoc - Played 10 games and playoffs with the Huntsville Havoc - Had 20 points in 25 games with St. Scholastica College - Prior to college played with Canmore Eagles of the AJHL
  4. I was told a few weeks ago by one of the Roanoke fans Colin Murray was retiring....change of heart there too?
  5. Hosmer must be coming out of retirement......I was told he retired last year.
  6. Im surprised Horn wasnt protected. May have earned a spot in ECHL next year but still Im surprised on that decision.
  7. G, Sean Bonar G, Tyler Green D, Sean Robertson D, Graeme Strukoff D, Nicholas Rivait D, Mark Corbett D, Brad Campagna F, Trevor Fleurent F, Taylor Thompson F, Jake Hauswirth F, Brad Drobot F, Chris Porter F, Evan Dixon
  8. I'm very surprised MacDonald wasn't protected. You should still protect him regardless where he was at the end of the season. Say he falls back to SPHL, if Bulls select him in draft then they will own his rights....... or another team may wanna pick him up if not selected. I wouldn't be surprised if he is taken in draft.
  9. Not one I would want to lose.
  10. Which Fayetteville? Apostrophes work wonders. #Grammar
  11. G, Brad Barone G, Peter Di Salvo D, Joe Sova D, Sam Higgins D, Mike Grace D, Richard Coyne F, Cullen Bradshaw F, Dillan Fox F, Matt Harrington (vet) F, Devin Mantha F, Ryan Marcuz F, Mike Moran F, Derek Sutliffe
  12. Its a "lose=lose" for Fayetteville when you send one of your best up and coming forwards to complete a trade for a guy you don't protect. Final grade = C+
  13. Teams not allowed to protect goalies this year?
  14. Look under SPHL LEAGUE...... is a link that will update as they come out.
  15. Me too
  16. Looks like with Kalisz traded to complete the Shapiro trade from Pensacola, I had to change up my thoughts on the protected list. P. S. Teams need to go ahead and announce. They never wait 3 weeks after finals. Get your $&#% together and hurry up.
  17. Well, next on the agenda is "end of season" interviews and the protected list. I know we had a great regular season, but an awful post season. Though everyone prefers to keep one goalie protected, I would choose to protect 2. Antz rode Bonar most of the season and we had a few capable backups, but 2 left to play overseas. That being said I have two senarios for my thoughts. List 1. Bonar - A shoe-in for GOTY and MVP. 2. Thompson - Kevin Swider Award winner (60 pts). 3. Hauswirth - lead league in goals (31), 3rd in pts (52). Did well on faceoffs. 4. Drobot - Definitely upped his pt production (2 seasons total 8 pts. This season - 12 pts) 5. Porter - Keep him on a line with Thompson and he plays very well. I know he is a good player. 6. Horn - 13 pts in 15 games. 7. Harcharik- 11 goals and 30 assists in 55 games. 8. Fleurent - 2 goals in 4 games (during season). He has potential, if kept, he should have a good FULL season. 9. Chaumont - 22 goals and 23 assists, 45 pts in 46 games. 10. Rivait - Good defenseman, 21 pts, +13 11. Strukoff - Good stick in defensive end. Best defenseman on the team. 12. Robertson - 22 assists, +14 13. Shapiro- 4 goals and 8 assists in 25 games. +3..... good dman. What are your thoughts??
  18. Im sorry, I don't but could ask around.
  19. It wouldn't hurt to protect atleast one......Antz protected McQuade and he went up..... we lost his right over the following offseason and he came back.
  20. I believe, and wouldn't be surprised if it happened, Macon could be one team that protects 2 goalies...... Bartus and Ruby.
  21. Thanks
  22. There are 4 SPHL players over there. Rivait/Harcharik from Fay, Di Salvo from MRK, and Steel from HUN. I don't think there are any more. Rivait = Sydney Bears Harcharik = NewCastle North Stars Di Salvo = Perth Thunder Steel = Adelaide Adrenaline
  24. I saw this in Roanoke's Q&A with Bob McGinn today...... He mentions some potential buyers for Columbus. How was attendance this fall? What does the future look like for the Rail Yard Dawgs and the rest of the SPHL? - Ian S.League average attendance was 2,967 per game and we averaged 3,136 for the year so slightly above average. I believe the future is very strong both for the Dawgs and the SPHL. We will welcome a new team to the league next year in the form of the Birmingham Bulls. Many of you may have seen that the Columbus Cottonmouths have suspended operations for the upcoming season but I am hearing new owners are just around the corner and if all works out the Cottonmouths will be back for the 2018-19 season. Commissioner Jim Combs of the SPHL spends a lot of his day fielding enquires from potential owners and cities asking about franchises. We are in a growth mode that will continue for a few years in my opinion. Come on Richmond, join the party!!!!