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  1. One shot deal with the video commentary, Perfesser. Just because you made a poor choice with the first (and lesser) rendition, that doesn't mean to get a do-over.
  2. Now if they just had the premier fans in the League. One $2 beer at a time.
  3. You are simply hooked on the notion, then.
  4. At the risk of codependency .....................
  5. My wife & I saw this young man play in two games of the USHL Clark Cup Eastern Conference Finals in Dubuque in May. He's got good hands, good vision of the ice, racked up 15 points (mostly assists) and a +8 in 14 playoff games to help his team win their first Cup. On his way to Div I college hockey @ Sacred Heart in the fall, after two seasons with the Steel. Good luck to him. Can we move this to the "General Hockey Discussion" forum now?
  6. Don't misjudge the Soskin Hockey League. If Mr. Jenkins was strong-willed enough to promise all those giveaways & apparently to alienate the SPHL owners (if he ever ingratiated himself in the first place), Big Barry would run him out of his office before his secretary closed the door. There's no room in today's FHL for a larger personality than Soskin.
  7. Some members on this very Board have expressed a desire to give the new Winston-Salem team some closer rivals. That could represent "another league" option ...
  8. A tiny crack was left in the door for Jenkins by Columbus City Manager, Isaiah Hugley ...
  9. Certainly a unique design. Might've been more topical & garnered more non-hockey attention had the team worn them around the time of a Sharknado film release. But if the Bulls front office builds this up as game day approaches, I could see it getting a mention by Puck Daddy and The Hockey News and a few other widely-read sports news outlets. Good luck.
  10. You might've needed a 4-wheel drive vehicle to vet(te) your way through that one.
  11. Next they need to update their schedule with Danbury removed, so us fans can plan appropriately for another riveting F(P)HL season.
  12. Playing for the F(P)HL, he'd better work quickly.
  13. The NHL owners ARE the league. It's their business, and the decision making is just that - their business.
  14. Very creative juxtaposition, Perfessor, but I recognize that static ordnance display. That's a photo from the "Rocket Garden" outside the public museum at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. No ICBMs there, but some pretty cool stuff worth seeing if you're ever lost in that desert. The sand dunes of the National Monument are equally impressive.