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  1. Bump
  2. Check your Forums In-Box for ticket info.
  3. Rivermen Come Back, Outlast Thunderbolts 2-1 Tuesday
  4. From Mr. Eminian's weekly PJ Star column ...
  5. More PJ Star attention for Olivieri ... Eminian: Rivermen D-man rising on franchise charts ...
  6. Scoreboard, GameLive, web radio link & other Tuesday night particulars at SPHL Games Calendar
  7. Thanks for the reminder, Shaun, I forgot all about this game. I sure hope Peoria didn't.
  8. I presume by now you've visited the T-bolts 3rd-party team merchandise seller's website and struck out. You were probably shopping about 5 months too late, as the Evansville sublimated replica jerseys were a hot seller for fans craving more hockey after the IceMen bolted town (so to speak). As a long-time replica jersey collector, I've found two critical times of year in which to procure my favorites: (1) Right before a season starts, when the product is plentiful (but at its highest retail price point); (2) Right after the season ends, when the team shop or contracted seller is trying to clear inventory (when you might find discounted prices but definitely limited options). My best advice if you're intent on collecting replicas: Make sure you buy them in styles and in quantities to be worn on a semi-regular basis, because your total $$$ invested in them over time will be inversely proportional to the collection's value to anyone else (with most collectors focusing on game-worn jerseys). This comes from an old man who has 176 replica hockey jerseys hanging in his guest bedroom closet, which had to be rebuilt professionally after an unfortunate collapse from the weight of the collection.
  9. Well, then, somebody fergitted to tell Roanoke, Columbus & Evansville ... and me.
  10. Roanoke had several more months of public prep time to ice a team in the subsequent season. For the sake of Birmingham and of the League, I hope there's been a helluva lot of prep work done behind the scenes to help ready the new Bulls for a potential 2017-18 debut. Patience is a virtue.
  11. Is "LandMessier" a cross between "Landon Ferraro" and "Mark Messier"?
  12. Revenge - in some small part ... PJS: Rivermen vent frustrations with 6-1 ripping of Ice Bears
  13. Coach Trudel was not a happy man after Saturday night's OT loss ... PJS: Rivermen unravel in OT again: 'We're a bunch of losers'
  14. How the PJ Star's Dave Eminian saw it (and the team) go down ...Rivermen dominate, but can't solve goaltender Billett in 2-1 shootout loss to Bears
  15. Once again, the Rivermen put themselves in a position of having to salvage Game 3 of a 3-game weekend. Old habits die hard - as does playoff positioning.