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  1. Just hope they disinfect the seats in the Civic Center before any new team starts play.
  2. You should ask @Richard3945 if there were any Columbus area car dealers at the meetings that Mr. Jenkins held with potential sponsors. These folks seem to have a large inventory.
  3. And on that point, it seems we agree. Cause for celebration.
  4. If only Mr. Jenkins were to steal my team mascot idea, this whole logo kerfuffle would quickly fade into the background ...
  5. I must've missed Mr. Jenkins' claim that he designed the logo. As for the trademarking, he would have received some sort of rights through the $29 licensing fee. As we don't know what sort of agreement he made (or not) with the licensee, I'm inclined to withhold further judgment on that aspect. Some answers to your questions: (1) & (2) Mr. Jenkins would not be the first businessman who believed he could tap profits in a sports market that was distant from his home base (see the Rail Yard Dawgs' ownership); (3) If he was able to find a logo on the internet, I'm sure he could have learned of the Cottonmouths' demise by the same means; (4) According to his public LinkedIn profile, "Fidel Jenkins is the Chairman and President of Residential World , which is a full service real estate brokerage that markets and sells real estate at no cost; offers buyers and renters gifts as incentives to use it's services and sells exclusive advertising to sponsors." (Cue The Perfesser to correct the use of "it's" in that compound sentence.) I am not in a position to defend this man's motives nor his efficacy, but I hope the current SPHL team owners are making it their business to do so.
  6. It's actually a shrewd business move. Why pay a graphic designer for a few months of "creativity" when you can get it for 29 bucks with your credit card on the World Wide Web?
  7. Mr. Jenkins' plans are remarkably consistent with the business model that his primary real estate concerns have established. But I share your intuitive concerns, Speed. Besides the radical marketing approach, I am concerned that the local media are characterizing Fidel (unfortunate name) as the "potential owner" of the new team. If this is a term being used by the buyer & the League, it indicates a hesitancy on a part of the principles to stand behind the future success of the business venture. If it's simply a term picked up by the press, then it at least has the potential to cast a public doubt on the future of the business. And if fans (true & casual) aren't sure this team will follow through on the grand plans being proffered, then the wallets of all those advertisers will remain shut tight and those electronic dasher boards will remain dark. This will surely be a story worth following in the coming months.
  8. The team name sounds like what you get after you down a sack of Krystal's ...
  9. Not in the Arcade. It's as dark as your In-Box.
  10. False advertising on the SPHL website ...
  11. Don't neglect the NAHL 2016-17 champions, the Lone Star Brahmas, playing in North Richland Hills. My wife & I watched them play twice at home (NYTEX Sports Centre) and once vs. the Wildcats up in Wichita Falls (R.I.P.).
  12. As long as there's cheap beer, fred will keep quiet.
  13. I like what little I can see. I hope the sleeves don't have something stupid on them to ruin the "clean" look.
  14. No, that would be the Cottonmouths of 2016-17.
  15. Echoing MacGuy's sentiments: Welcome to SPHL Forums, and thank you for your service to our country & our people. Plenty of hockey in Texas, too, to fill the time between trips to VA or elsewhere. My wife & I took a hockey road trip loop north-south through Central TX in January of this year. Ten days, 6 games, minor pros & juniors. We had a good time at every stop. There's bound to be a team or two somewhere near your new hometown.