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  1. A teaching moment. Too bad Tweeters in large numbers are unteachable.
  2. Does your "friend" look anything like you?
  3. ..................... 'nuff said.
  4. And for equal time, the view from the PJ Star ... Eminian: Want to be SPHL champions? Better win Game 1 of the finals
  5. In minor pro hockey, "sure signs" arrive just as the final horn of the final regularly scheduled game of any given season sounds. Witness the Augusta Lynx, the Fresno Falcons, the San Francisco Bulls, ...
  6. Say that five times fast. And no, children: "that that that that that" doesn't count.
  7. But you can never tell where that guy is gonna show up.
  8. From the Rapid City (SD) Journal (April 21, 2017): Rapid City Rush coach fired SPHL Coach of the Year in 2013. Would the new team owners be looking for fresh (previous) blood behind their bench?
  9. Not my fault. That happened when you quoted The Perfessor's JD video post. It was all downhill from there.
  10. Don't know about up your way, but in Southern Illinois it looks like the farmers only have a bumper crop of purple henbit this spring. Very pretty, but not a cash crop.
  11. I'm a one-sport guy, but the one person I know who's a NASCAR fan says Jr.'s retirement shoulda happened last year. Good on him wanting to start a family. I just hope he hires someone to teach his kids to drive.
  12. Looks like rumors of the Islanders' "youth movement" are really true.
  13. Stay focused, then. I can follow the AIHL without logos. The league's not that big. I've just gotta keep the Melbourne Ice & the Melbourne Mustangs and the Sydney Bears & the Sydney Ice Dogs straight.
  14. Can you do Australian Ice Hockey League logos too, Speed? They started their 18th season last weekend. Something to occupy North American hockey fans' minds during the long summer.
  15. I'd characterize it as a hopeful sign ... especially for those fans who haven't seen a considerable number of minor pro hockey teams do the same thing in the past & still end up moving or folding.