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  1. aka, "The reason we have to get the doctor's office a half-hour early so we can fill out all the forms."
  2. It's Crunch Time, girls 'n' boys. Third place Fayetteville wedged a 2-point gap between themselves & Peoria, and Mississippi clinched a playoff spot while passing Knoxville to take 5th place in the standings. Pensacola is 12 points up on Columbus in the competition to grab the last two post-season berths. The two expansion clubs still have glimmers of hope, but time is running out on the regular season. The next three weeks oughta be interesting.
  3. From: The Peoria (IL) Journal Star > Sports > Rivermen
  4. OK, well, the JMCs are all in for Saturday night @ Ford Center. If enough dog owners have not been recruited by the front office, we'll expect to see "The Ground Crew" dressed up in dachshund costumes ready to entertain their fellow hockey fans.
  5. Could be that, too. We all have our shortcomings.
  6. It's been two seasons ago in spring, but my wife and I and another couple all enjoyed our pre-game meals @ Po Boy Factory. Less than a 10 minute drive north-northwest of VBC, just east of I-565. Local favorite, food was simple but very good, friendly service, not a large dining space so probably a 10-15 minute wait to be seated on a weekend night (maybe a bit longer).
  7. Continuation on a theme.
  8. I finally took a close look at the wiener dog photo used in the announcement above. I hope the T-bolts staff realizes they don't need to spread infield dirt on the ice just to get the dogs to run. This better be a doggone good hockey game.
  9. Seems like an awfully late announcement for an event that takes planning by the team AND the participants' owners. But me 'n' the missus will take any excuse to go see a hockey game.
  10. That sound could just mean the final details are being hammered out in the back rooms. Or that it's cricket mating season.
  11. OMG, we're not safe ANYWHERE!
  12. It's almost like the new owners troll this forum.
  13. Having canceled our road trip to Roanoke for their "Dawg Races," this might just be the next-best opportunity for me 'n' Mrs. JMC to pop over to Evansville for some hockeys & some puppies.
  14. We're happy that they had an enjoyable night out ... at the expense of The JMCs AND of the Rivermen.