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  1. Well, aren't YOU just a font of web-knowledge? Can't dispute the awesome popularity of one Tim Hawkins though, can you?
  2. That'd be the "Centreplex" to you, Mac. And that "some comedian" is grocery truck driver-turned multi-generational gut-busting You Tube darling, Tim Hawkins. How can you ever expect a silly old Southern ice hockey championship to compete with that kinda entertainment?
  3. (7-3) final score. Peoria just too focused to defeat on this night. Congrats on a very good season in Huntsville.
  4. Finals, here we come again!
  5. "Two-thousand-zero-zero..."
  6. Indeed. But in this case, I was simply trying to stay ahead of your growing post count. AND setting the mood for the post-game celly.
  7. Huntsville gets one back in the 2nd. (3-2) at the end of 2 periods.
  8. I was about to say the rest were watching the game @ Lucky's Modern Dive in The Heights, but then I remembered the place closed last fall. Very sad - Mrs. JMC & I loved Lucky's for game day meals, and the owner/former minor pro hockey player Bo Cheesman was a great host.
  9. Hey, lookit that, Shaun - you're popular ...
  10. Thankfully (for Rivermen fans, anyway) it's (3-1) at the end of one period in Game #3.
  11. End of one period, 3-1 Rivermen.