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  1. Dammit, Perfesser, I'm not a hockeydoc, I'm just a fan!
  2. Or maybe all of us who don't belong in this forum could migrate over to the Havoc forum where we don't belong. We're an invasive species - like the kudzu of hockey fans.
  3. I find sports mascots who speak when in costume very disturbing. First time (and I think only time) I ever heard one talk was at a RiverKings game. Sheldon sat down a row in front of my wife 'n' me and started chatting in muffled tones with a young fan. I first had one of those: "Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?" reactions, then it was: "That just ain't RIGHT!" I suppose it's comforting to children in the crowd, but it all seemed creepy to me.
  4. I like reports of progress. Thanks, whisper' (and Mac).
  5. Does your vow of silence include mascots, doc? Can you toss us a coupla bones there? I'd like to leverage 'em for adjusting my position in the stands when they're tossin' T-shirts.
  6. @colga87: Board Admin intent is to leave it as-is while there's still public acknowledgement of activity toward a new ownership in Columbus, under whatever team name is eventually decided (if decided). There's also a transition to new Board software underway, so no major content/layout changes will occur until that's completed. As for: "the vast majority of the fans writing are from other teams that have no useful reason to be posting on a defunct teams forum" ... Sorry, we're bored.
  7. I got "weary" just from reading the Ice Flyers fans' comments. That's enough for me.
  8. The sportswriter's worst enemy: Fact-checking sports fans. Live by the Web, die by the Web.
  9. Likely due to some inside knowledge of the arena lease and/or other business conditions. Public sentiments have long indicated that the city was not entirely forthcoming with fair terms & treatment for the previous hockey team; so perhaps the SPHL wants to see a solid agreement signed & sealed before a potential member proceeds with building a hockey organization. And it appears to me that Mr. Jenkins will remain all-show and no-snow until he's legally bound by something like a building lease. Caveat consors.
  10. As long as Minnesota high school hockey is around, there will be plenty of up-and-coming competitors for the title: "The Salad King" ... "Flowetry In Motion"
  11. Donny Flynn, rockin' the flow.
  12. Are you Sirius?! I know that I ... AM.
  13. I thought this was a misspelled thread for Southern boating enthusiasts.
  14. It's called "integrity" ... and an opportunity to teach us all..
  15. If you used the Khmer alphabet from Cambodia, you'd have 74 letters to work with. Unfortunately the flying fox is the only kind of fox native to Cambodia, and it's a bat. A bat is used in baseball, not hockey. Where was I going with this?
  16. So it weren't only my FCC smarts whut needed kerrecktin, it were'n my jee-AGHER-fee too ...
  17. For you, maybe.
  18. In which case, you feel stupid. Win-win.
  19. You mean you couldn't tell by the current temperature graphic at upper right of their web page header? "Antigo 74º ... Arbor Vitae Area 77º ... Minocqua 77º ... St. Germain 76º ... Woodruff 77º ..."? And if their tagline is: "NEWS FROM WHERE YOU LIVE" then if you don't live there, it doesn't matter to you.
  20. THAT Zorro may be foxy, but he's not a fox. Though it seems that lovely señorita disagrees with me ...
  21. You need to read & travel more, Greg. Other clues in Mac's original post .. As a minimum, the "WJFW" call letters should have narrowed you in on a TV station somewhere west of the Mississippi within the United States. "Northwoods" is a beautiful region of Northern Wisconsin adjacent to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Tastiest blueberries I ever done e't were picked from a roadside woods outside Rhinelander, where my young friends & I could see the distinct impressions of the black bears who had bedded down in the blueberry patch the night before. Carr's accent is a dead giveaway. I'll bet he calls his home state: "Wuh-SCAHN-suhn."
  22. I like that one, Greg, but the team could run afoul (or in this case, run a-fox) with whomever owns the rights to the Japanese children's literature character Kaiketsu Zorori. Though his two "boar disciples" would sure make for some cute on-ice companions during the T-shirt tosses ...
  23. And thus, the hockey connection is made.
  24. "Shooter" Congrats to the eventual winner, and to all others: " • Have FUN"
  25. Very sad loss, especially at Age 25. Thanks for the post, Oldcat. Looks like the word is spreading now through media in his hometown & other places he was known. Sault Star: Sault native Doan dies in car crash ABC 10 News NOW: Former Wildcat Doan dies in car accident Condolences & prayers for Michael's family and friends.