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  1. Or sell her. Pick your battles.
  2. That's how it is in the ECHL. I get that players are partial to a stick brand and particular model that they've played with for awhile; but when one of the few perks you get at the Single-A level is an annual supply of hockey sticks, I'd think they'd try to adapt. Those *&^%$#@ composite sticks break so often, I'd hate to pay for replacements on an SPHL salary.
  3. As much as it pains me to say it ... Pittsburgh will win their 2nd Cup in a row, 3rd in 8 seasons, and 5th in franchise history. My only solace will come when Sidney Crosby announces his retirement immediately after parading the Cup around the ice one last time.
  4. Back to K1. I much prefer their replica jerseys to the Bauer/CCM models. They just seem to fit better & hang more comfortably. Now if the Marksmen will start selling their gear on-line rather than just locally ala the FireAntz, maybe I can bump up my jersey collection by one.
  5. Speed also tries not to be an ... but he just can't seem to help himself.
  6. But, but, but ... it says so in their logo ...
  7. Hey, Mac, quit taking us off-topic.
  8. Time to work on healing your own wounds as well, PFFL. Your history & loyalty are understood and appreciated, but at some point (now would be good) both you AND Chomp have gotta accept the loss & let the fond memories live on.
  9. One impediment to an ECHL franchise coming to Knoxville would be the E's current footprint & divisional alignment. Such a team placement - presuming the League could sustain another expansion or has an existing franchise looking to move - would seem a natural geographical fit for the ECHL's South Division. But with Jacksonville joining for 2017-18, that division would already have 8 teams. Not that a League realignment nor even a franchise shuffle are out of the question, and their posted 2017-18 team stack makes it look like they are working on a realignment for next season. So pert near anything is possible, but I wouldn't count on a new building being the only remaining road block in Knoxville hockey returning to the ECHL fold.
  10. Multiple choice. Choose wisely.
  11. Bucket list item? Kinda like you buying cheap beer at every hockey arena in North America. Only you don't get to wear swim trunks ... I hope ...
  12. Another entry for my list of: "Why I Wish I Had Started Following Minor Pro Hockey Earlier In Life" ...
  13. Note that what Bart Rogers refers to as "the franchise" is actually the ownership. Don't think for a moment that "the franchise" is committed to remain in the SPHL for the duration on the new lease. A return to some higher form of The Glory Days of Hockey will forever be on the minds of the Peoria hockey community. It's an obsession that will not fade.
  14. I use a laxative, until the feeling goes away.
  15. Don't let these mooks stifle your creativity, Carey. That whole "extrapolation of conclusions drawn from first and second hand comments" thing of yours was pure message board gold.
  16. Here's what the diatribe reads like to me, as supplemented by some light reading of the Berlin Facebook page posts on the same topic: BRD owner Lenny Lichtman was stymied in his every attempt to ice & maintain a competitive team over the last two seasons by Barry Soskin. Soskin was determined to force Berlin out of the FHL - he probably fought Don Kirnan & lost in the battle to prevent Berlin from entering the League in the first place - because his two existing teams (Danville & Port Huron - with W/S making it 3 in the fall) were being shown up by the growing success & popularity of the team in North Country New Hampshire. Soskin has a long history of manipulation to get his way in the minor league sports biz, and he finally found a way to frustrate Lichtman to the point of quitting. That's one less vote against Soskin's 3 votes when the FHL BOGs meet to make policy & League organizational decisions this summer & beyond. The FHL has been bad enough through its Kirnan Years, but I'm seeing The Soskin Years taking it to a whole 'nother level of shame.
  17. Me 'n' Mrs. JMC hope to attend at least one game there next season. Photos will be posted per tradition.
  18. Thanks for the offers, folks, but I'm covered. My father retired from Triple-A, so I have a lifetime subscription of TripTiks. Too bad he didn't will me his sense of Jog-er-fee.
  19. That's OK, neither were the Ice Bears this year.
  20. First time I ever read anyone suggesting the volume should be turned up inside a hockey arena. I hope you have a good audiologist in your town.
  21. But you'll still follow your new team up there for a weekend or two per season, right?
  22. This Icemen franchise & its lingering owner are very familiar to the T-bolts fans on this Board. Let's hope there is more stability for the organization in J'ville.