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  1. Happy Birthday hockeynktown!

  2. Another team folded today, well got kicked out of their building.. that's 2 tis week..
  3. Are you coming to Knoxville ? Couple things, BRISTOL is this weekend, good news is it does not draw as well as the Night Race in Aug. so rooms in Knoxville should be easy to find (Think the Ice Bears) were getting a deal on rooms. Also If your thinking Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg forget it.. The Rod Run is there, and it will be beyond crazy, plus I doubt you will find a room and if you do $$$. Anything I can do to help, or if you have a issue while here, contact me... Message for my phone # in advance if you want to. Be careful coming over. John
  4. Games in Knoxville have always drawn better with the 7:30 time, if you look at other teams, bet you will find very low numbers of early games.
  5. Sounds like a poorly run front office, from the list. Like I have always said... The Front Office will make you or Kill you... Another example. Not sure how most teams in that league pay the bills.
  6. Big repeat events book years in advance, and they draw aka bring in the money. The only answer is to get them to swap with another city, say Chattanooga for example had the Cirrus 2 or 3 weeks ago, swap with them so that there booked there now. I know there is travel issues, hopefully they can work it out. The front office has to look a year in advance at needed and maybe needed dates.
  7. (F) Jake Johnson was rushed in for an emergency appendectomy to remove an inflamed appendix yesterday. He is doing good, and plans to return with the team tonight after tonight's game.
  8. Always wanted to do a "Visitor" game... The Visitor would bring there staff and do the game as if it were a Home game, the home team would be the visitor ?
  9. People who have money, are tighter with money then those without as a general rule, that's why they have it. You get into ownership to make money, and there are 2 ways to make money owning a sports team. First is everything falls in place and you make money off large ticket sales and sponsorships. or you run it well, and the value increases and you sell. attendance is the very most important part of it, without it, the arena will have issues, to cover for the teams lack of attendance rent is first to go up.. Next sponsors want a return, its not just a tax write off... they must make money. attendance will force a team into certain leagues, would you want to be a bottom feeder, or the place everyone wants to go ? The failing teams just never get that, Players do not want to play for a dead fan base when they can play in front of a packed house. Can a coach help with that ? Sure... however think about it where would you want to go.. and when a team don't draw, you worry daily they will shut down. You can not just say they tried... lets look at who tried. Look at Knoxville, We were last in everything with 1 ownership and management to the top the next year with a new ownership & management. It takes the right people in place. The SPHL has a team on their 4th city... Are those others dead with no hope ? No... right people and they will do well. Pee Dee avg 5500 & 5700 with Knoxville ownership & Management (that took the team there) and dropped to where they folded with new ownership and management. So... and no Pee Dee never had a chance with the Cyclones.
  10. This will be there 3rd or 4th draft... That has to be a record in all sports....
  11. Did not want it to go a full month between Posts for the team... During Hockey season. So what's up Macon ?
  12. The Pee Dee story is not exactly right, To start with the City Of Knoxville ran the Kees out of town. With the ECHL you had to summit available dates in late Dec. for the next season. As the team looked at what was available most weekend dates were already gone, they would have to play midweek, and we all know you can not survive on that. Pee Dee had made a offer, giving the keys to the building. In other words they booked around Hockey. Same ownership, and most of the staff moved with the team, and stayed with them for the first 2 years. Year 3 seen new owners, and major changes... staff was first, cleaned house.. Keep in mind avg attendance was 5700 & 5500 those 1st 2 years. When I showed up to crank up the Cyclones, I would sit down with fans and ask what happened ? And shut up... Same story every time, they stopped promoting the team, never seen them at events, entertainment was awful at the games, offend nothing during the intermission. The game ops crew was the crew from the movie theater next door.. I hear how it didn't work and will not work now... Not true, it will not work done right, I do not care where or who... And I think we all can agree, McBob has not done it right in Pee Dee, W/S or Augusta.. It takes butts in seats to make it work, even if you have all the money in the world. The City & arenas must have x-number of dropped tickets (not the made up number reported) to make ends meet and it worth while to host hockey. The 1st move is to raise rent, they are forced to do that to cover the lack of income from the lack of people there spending money. No it is not easy, if it was everyone would be working in the front office of a team.
  13. qwacker2 that was very good.. You also have to take in some other info, do you know.. Is the avg for last year a end of season avg ? How many Sat games this year vs last, how many non Fri & Sat games ? The reason to look at what days I Think we all know, we also know the 2nd half of the season draws more per game then the 1st. So I expect the avg to increase by the end of the year. Do you feel the office is doing all it can to promote, are they everywhere, on the Radio at every chance, TV?
  14. It does go to show winning does not put butts in seats, it helps.. It is the front office that buts butts in seats, and it is the front office (Game operations) that make them fans win or lose. On a side note, Never thought I would see the Havoc this bad.. And yes it stops with the coach.