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  1. Looks like Tyler Steel has his summer planned out with a trip Down Under where he will play for the Adrenaline of the AIHL. Best of luck to him.
  2. Despite years of operating losses for the Pelham Civic Complex, it sounds like they are going all-in for the Birmingham Bulls. If the team's goal is to grow their franchise and ultimately move to the BJCC, this could be a bad investment. Pelham could be on the hook for the renovations while finding themselves without their primary tenant in a few short years. On the other hand, it might be an opportunity to address needed facility changes, plug the hole in the operating budget, and leave Pelham in a stronger position to attract other events afterwards. In the meantime, the Frozen Tide would get to enjoy the upgrades, too. Teams frequently try to convince taxpayers to front the money for new facilities with the lure of "local economic benefits." It remains to be seen whether Pelham's bet will pay off.
  3. Sorry, the error is mine. I've updated the roster thread. McCormick was indeed not on the playoff roster. Eddie Nolan was a scratch for both the Wednesday and Friday games.
  4. Neither Cincinnati (Nowakowski) nor Wheeling (Daniels) clinched playoff berths in the ECHL. Their seasons are done. Sometimes players on call-up will ask to be released to return to their SPHL teams for playoffs. That said, I've not heard anything about either Nowakowski or Daniels coming back.
  5. There's no transaction posted, but Michael Holland has been added to the playoff roster. Holland hails from the Rochester Institute of Technology where he just completed 4 years of play in the NCAA program there. He played some 3-gamers with Macon in March, was signed, then waived over this past weekend. He earned 1-2-3 points in 9 games with the #1 franchise in the league. Now we'll see what he can do with the Havoc. The playoff roster stands at 19 with the addition of Holland.
  6. Looks like Willigar won't be joining the Havoc in the first round. 04/07/17 Willigar, Andy (D) placed on 14-day IR 04/07/17 Phee, Steven (C) activated from IR Tateson and Kaiser completed their 4-game suspensions with the the 4/7 game in Fayetteville.
  7. Per the Havoc front office:
  8. The Havoc release Tyler Noseworthy as they fine tune the roster for playoffs. Noseworthy notched 1-0-1 points in 10 games and was a minus-7 since joining the Havoc back in February. 04/03/17 Noseworthy, Tyler (RW) placed on waivers 04/03/17 Noseworthy, Tyler (RW) activated from IR Piluso and Phee remain on IR. Both should be eligible for return this week, or they could remain on the shelf while the coach continues to kick the tires on post collegiates McCormick and Sharkey. McCormick is 4-1-5 and Sharkey is 1-4-5, both in 5 games. Speaking of the coach, Detulleo completed his three game suspension and should be back behind the bench for the final games of regular season on the road in Fayetteville. Tateson and "Naiser" each have one more game on suspension.
  9. "but make it so they can work with hockey if your team makes playoff" == $$$ I'm sure every arena would be happy to reserve playoff dates a year in advance along with the regular season dates -- and at the same cost. Whether the team winds up using the date or not. But you could be right that this needs to be a league problem, not an individual team problem. Every team kicking into a "playoff fund" that negotiates some number of reserved dates well in advance and at risk. Maybe teams that didn't make the playoffs are exempted from donations in the following season or something. The details would be interesting to work out.
  10. Monster Jam is in the arena next weekend (April 7-9), which means the ice has to come out. After that, the Oakwood Alumni Association is booked into the arena and East Hall on Friday the 14th, so I'm guessing the ice and boards can't (or won't) go back in until they're gone. Then there are charity concerts in the arena on the 27th and 30th, so your guess is as good as mine whether they'll put down ice in between or just play at the Iceplex.
  11. What do you want? A slick Department of Player Safety video with the word "HISTORY" prominently displayed in the summary?
  12. Here are the final suspensions from the Macon game.
  13. The SPHL announced suspensions this afternoon following the post-game altercation between Macon and Huntsville. Kaiser's suspension stems from a match penalty, while Tateson and Fellnermayr each had game misconducts.
  14. Witzel was claimed by Peoria. Best of luck to him as he pulls on a Rivermen jersey. Peoria 03/23/17 ADD Witzel, Eric (C) claimed off waivers
  15. The Havoc sign another post-collegiate player in Kyle Sharkey. 03/22/17 Sharkey, Kyle (LW) signed contract