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  1. SPHL Attendance

    The Huntsville Havoc share the Von Braun Center ice with the UAH Chargers and have many conflicts during the season. In February alone they wound up having home games on Thursday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon Not exactly prime slots any of those. Nor could they manage even a single Saturday game in the entire month of November when the fans were hungry for hockey to get started. Yet Huntsville still lead in attendance. To say, "Well, they got all the good dates in January and February" is not only untrue, it overestimates the value of a few good weekends. We complain about teams that don't play the whole 60. The same goes for an organization that can't promote the whole season. Every team has quirks in their local schedule that ripple through the league. But I think you have to look past that to how the different front offices handle their promotions and fan outreach to see what really drives attendance. Granted it helps to ice a winning team, but it's not sufficient. Fayetteville, for all the gloom and doom, remains squarely in the middle of the league for attendance. In fact, you have to go back all the way to 2014-15 to find better average attendance than they're enjoying this season. Win or lose, that front office has found a way to drive crowds.
  2. It's just a rights transfer. Weidauer never played for Huntsville and was, in fact, only acquired on paper from Peoria over the weekend.
  3. http://huntsvillehavoc.com/view/huntsvillehavoc/home-page-996/news/news_497628
  4. SPHL newspaper coverage

    I think you are exactly right. Huntsville went from having a morning and afternoon paper to only a single morning paper, then to a smaller-sized single paper, then to a paper published just three times a week in Birmingham, consolidated with others under AL.com. The bulk of this shift was driven by the Internet, of course, as readership moved online and the ad dollars followed. I can read AL.com on my desktop without paying for a dead tree or an aspiring paperboy. Local television coverage survives, primarily because of its immediacy. (And car dealerships. Don't get me started.) If you want coverage of your local sports team these days you often have to generate it yourself. The Havoc went from providing a space for the local beat writer to plug in her laptop post-game, to having their own staff writer for the recaps, to having a pair of dedicated media guys for articles, video, website, and other needs. That approach unfortunately leaves much of the information "siloed" with each team. If you're not already a team fan and following them on TweetFace, you'll miss the coverage. However, there's no shortage of freelance writers who can flog your team on paper or on the web. The problem is finding a site with broad reach to carry their articles. With the decline in general ad dollars and public unwillingness to pay subscription fees, sites like AL.com will publish primarily regional sports that garner the largest clickership. What may be needed is an admission that coverage of your local team -- good light or bad light -- is still coverage worth paying for. If the teams want general exposure, the solution could be to pay for carriage. Advertising under a different name. A package where a team pays for guaranteed coverage during the season: recaps, bios, promos, and other commentary. The content is there. The readers are there. We're arguing over pay-to-read versus pay-to-publish.
  5. My first guess would be because Scott Trask plays for Huntsville.
  6. Despite years of operating losses for the Pelham Civic Complex, it sounds like they are going all-in for the Birmingham Bulls. If the team's goal is to grow their franchise and ultimately move to the BJCC, this could be a bad investment. Pelham could be on the hook for the renovations while finding themselves without their primary tenant in a few short years. On the other hand, it might be an opportunity to address needed facility changes, plug the hole in the operating budget, and leave Pelham in a stronger position to attract other events afterwards. In the meantime, the Frozen Tide would get to enjoy the upgrades, too. Teams frequently try to convince taxpayers to front the money for new facilities with the lure of "local economic benefits." It remains to be seen whether Pelham's bet will pay off.
  7. The full season schedule has been announced for the Havoc. The promotional schedule is still TBD. The schedule features: 9 games with Birmingham (5 home, 4 away) 8 games with Peoria (5 home, 3 away) 8 games with Pensacola (4 home, 4 away) 7 games with Knoxville (3 home, 4 away) 7 games with Mississippi (2 home, 5 away) 5 games with Macon (3 home, 2 away) 4 games with Evansville (2 home, 2 away) 4 games with Fayetteville (2 home, 2 away) 4 games with Roanoke (2 home, 2 away) There are three Thursday night games, one Sunday afternoon game, and one Wednesday night (post-Christmas) game. Puck drop will be 7 pm again this year, save for the lone Sunday game which will start at 5 pm. Also, some of the Saturday games (TBD) will start at 3 pm, to share the ice with the UAH Chargers.
  8. Combs Signs Extension

    As an individual I agree with you. But, as you immediately point out, hockey is a business. A performance bond guaranteeing you could survive to the end of the season under any condition is simply business capital. In order to maintain their lines of credit for day-to-day operations, business are often required to maintain a minimum amount of capital in the bank. Why would this be any different? Yes, it increases the initial investment to start a franchise. But it would dissuade the kind of mid-season collapses we've seen in the FHL. Cost-conscious owners should crunch hard numbers at the beginning of every summer. If business conditions are bad and they question whether they'd survive the upcoming season, why risk the performance bond? Shut down before the season starts. Don't drop the puck and hope you can keep the doors open until playoffs. Hope is not a business plan.
  9. Combs Signs Extension

    Since you tout your own experience... If you discovered yourself running the SPHL in lieu of Combs, what would you do? What changes would you make to improve the stability of the existing league and to encourage sustainable new franchises?
  10. TwistedBrass

  11. Here's the protected list announced this afternoon by the league: Stuart Stefan (veteran; 323 games) Sy Nutkevitch (veteran; 240 games) Jordan Wood Nolan Kaiser Christian Powers Tyler French Mike Piluso Lou Educate (ended season on IR) Kyle Sharkey Tyler Steel John Lidgett (was on team suspension from January) Dylan Nowakowski (called up to ECHL Cincinnati) John Daniels (called up to ECHL Wheeling) Players not protected: Adam Courchaine Justin Tateson Michael Holland Ben Kramer Scott Fellnermayr Steven Phee (drafted by Birmingham) Eddie Nolan Rob Simpson Blake Hietala John Clewlow
  12. Bauer Out!

    It costs money when you can't use the remaining equipment next season and wind up selling it at a discount in a yard sale. On the other hand, that loss buys you goodwill in your local hockey community. Saw plenty of Havoc pants and sticks at the Iceplex this week.
  13. Stanley Cup Finals - Who's going to win?

    I can get to Smashville, but I only have one child to sell. That won't be enough for two tickets. Maybe leave the wife at home?
  14. Welcome to regular season, folks. We'll keep track of the Havoc roster action in this thread. The latest news will appear in new posts, but this original post will be kept up-to-date for quick reference. Active Roster 2017.04.15 18 active / 0 IR / 0 Suspended / 2 Call-ups / 0 Retired 01 [G] Adam Courchaine 02 [D] Justin Tateson 04 [C] Michael Holland (R) 07 [D] Stuart Stefan (Veteran) (A) 09 [D] Ben Kramer 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) 15 [LW] Michael Piluso 18 [RW] Tyler French (R) 19 [C] Sy Nutkevitch 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (R) (A) 26 [C] Steven Phee (R) 27 [D] Eddie Nolan (R) 35 [G] Tyler Steel (R) 44 [D] Rob Simpson (R) 48 [LW] Kyle Sharkey (R) 58 [C] Christian Powers (R) 61 [RW] Blake Hietala 91 [RW] John Clewlow 96 [LW] Jordan Wood (R) Injured Reserve (0) Each team is allowed (1) 14-day IR, (2) 21-day IR, and (1) 30-day IR, plus the dreaded "season-ending" IR. Dates shown are from the SPHL transaction log, but the start of the IR period can be backdated to the actual date of injury. Usually you can count forward from the last game in which the player appeared to find the potential return date. YMMV. Players may remain on IR later if they are not medically cleared to resume play, but may not return earlier. Players on IR do not count against the active roster. 2016.10.24 61 [F] Chase Nieuwendyk (R) (2016.10.24 ~ 2016.11.09 14-day IR) 2016.11.18 41 [C] John Lidgett (2016.11.10 ~ 2016.11.24 14-day IR) 2016.12.06 41 [C] John Lidgett (2016.12.06 - 2016.12.26 21-day IR) 2016.12.06 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (R) (A) (2016.12.06 - 2017.01.02 14-day IR) 2016.12.06 04 [D] Ryan Wilkinson (R) (2016.12.06 ~ 2017.02.15 21-day IR) 2016.12.26 02 [D] Justin Tateson (2016.12.26 ~ 2017.03.18 21-day IR) 2017.01.02 41 [C] John Lidgett (2017.01.02 ~ 2017.01.16 14-day IR) 2017.01.18 35 [G] Tyler Steel (R) (14-day IR: 2017.01.08 - 2017.01.26) 2017.02.11 19 [C] Sy Nutkevitch (14-day IR: 2017.02.11 - 2017.03.11) (upper body injury) 2017.02.15 74 [D] Zach Carriveau (21-day IR: 2017.02.15 ~ 2017.03.08) 2017.02.23 08 [RW] Lou Educate (season-ending IR) 2017.03.10 74 [D] Zach Carriveau (season ending IR) 2017.03.10 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (21-day IR: 2017.03.10 ~ 2017.04.01) (2017.04.10 unconfirmed release for playoffs) 2017.03.11 11 [RW] Tyler Noseworthy (14-day IR: 2017.03.11 ~ 2017.03.25) 2017.03.21 11 [RW] Tyler Noseworthy (21-day IR: 2017.03.21 - 2017.04.03) (extended from 14-day) 2017.03.21 26 [C] Steven Phee (R) (14-day IR: 2017.03.21 ~ 2017.04.04) 2017.04.07 25 [D] Andy Willigar (14-day IR: 2014.04.07 ~ 2017.04.21) (2017.04.10 not included on playoff roster) Suspensions (0) Date shown is the date of the SPHL suspension notice. Players may be benched before the formal notice in the case of weekend games. Players on suspension do count against the active roster. 2017.03.12 48 [C] Eric Witzel (1 game; HSV@MRK) 2017.03.26 02 [D] Justin Tateson (indefinite, pending review) 2017.03.26 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) (indefinite, pending review) 2017.03.26 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (R) (A) (indefinite, pending review) 2017.03.26 [coach] Glenn Detulleo (indefinite, pending review) 2017.03.28 02 [D] Justin Tateson (4 games) 2017.03.28 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) (4 games) 2017.03.28 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (R) (A) (1 game) 2017.03.28 [coach] Glenn Detulleo (3 games) Call-ups (2) Players on call-up do not count against the active roster. The team retains their rights should they return to the SPHL. 2016.12.08 14 [C] John Daniels to ECHL Atlanta (returned 2016.12.15) 2016.12.13 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) to ECHL Adirondack (returned 2016.12.26) 2017.01.02 39 [RW] Dylan Nowakowski (R) to ECHL Cincinnati 2017.02.09 14 [C] John Daniels to ECHL Wheeling Three Game Tryouts (9) Each team has a limited number of 3-game tryouts (~10) they may use during the season. They are most often employed to cover brief periods of player unavailability. 2016.12.30 Witzel, Eric (C) signed 3 game tryout 2017.01.07 Witzel, Eric (C) signed 3 game tryout 2017.01.15 Witzel, Eric (C) signed 3 game tryout 2017.02.11 Harrison, Patrick (D) signed 3 game tryout 2017.02.18 Harrison, Patrick (D) signed 3 game tryout 2017.02.22 Celli, John (RW) signed 3 game tryout 2017.02.25 Harrison, Patrick (D) signed 3 game tryout 2017.03.02 Phee, Steven (C) signed 3 game tryout 2017.03.13 Boby, Luc (LW) signed 3 game tryout Trades (3) Each team has a limited number of full-season contracts (~25) they may use during the season. 2016.11.09 61 [C] Chase Nieuwendyk (R) to FAY for future considerations 2016.11.28 11 [RW] Jeff Jones to PEO for [C] John Daniels 2017.01.12 61 [C] Chad Bennett to EVV for future considerations Released (12) 2016.11.19 26 [RW] Nolan Huysmans (R) 2016.12.26 26 [D] Stephen Gallo 2017.01.24 48 [C] Eric Witzel 2017.01.26 31 [G] Alex Larson (R) 2017.02.20 26 [RW] John Schiavo 2017.02.21 27 [RW] MJ Graham 2017.03.01 04 [D] Ryan Wilkinson (R) 2017.03.01 61 [D] Patrick Harrison 2017.02.28 26 [RW] John Celli 2017.03.18 41 [LW] Brandon Millin (R) 2017.03.19 04 [LW] Luc Boby (R) 2017.03.21 48 [C] Eric Witzel 2017.04.03 11 [RW] Tyler Noseworthy 2017.04.10 41 [LW] Darren McCormick (R) (omitted from playoff roster) Team Suspensions (1) Players on team suspension do not count against the active roster. It is used to place a player on extended leave without giving up their rights. The player may or may not return to the active roster, but cannot sign with another team. Team suspension is not the same as a disciplinary suspension by the league. Team suspension can be a disciplinary action by the team. 2017.01.13 41 [C] John Lidgett Retirements (0) Scratches For reference only. Players may be scratched from a game for many reasons, so don't read too much into this. Players on IR or who have been scratched may frequently be seen on the VBC arena concourse before the game. Look for them near the Chuck-a-Puck tables and the pub. Fans are welcome to meet and chat with them. 2016.10.29 58 [C] Christian Powers (KNX@HSV) 2016.11.04 91 [LW] Jordan Wood (COL@HSV) 2016.11.05 91 [LW] Jordan Wood (HSV@RNK) 2016.11.10 08 [RW] Lou Educate (PEN@HSV) 2016.11.12 41 [C] John Lidgett (HSV@PEO) moved to IR on 11/18 2016.11.12 18 [RW] Tyler French (HSV@PEO) 2016.12.02 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (HSV@RNK) moved to IR on 12/6 2016.12.02 04 [D] Ryan Wilkinson (HSV@RNK) 2016.12.03 04 [D] Ryan Wilkinson (HSV@RNK) moved to IR on 12/6 2016.12.23 02 [D] Justin Tateson (HSV@MRK) lower body injury from HSV@PEN on 12/17; moved to IR on 12/26 2016.12.30 14 [C] John Daniels (EVV@HSV) upper body injury from COL@HSV on 12/27 2016.12.30 41 [C] John Lidgett (EVV@HSV) 2017.01.05 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (HSV@COL) 2017.01.07 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (HSV@RNK) 2017.01.13 35 [G] Tyler Steel (EVV@HSV) 2017.01.14 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (MRK@HSV) 2017.01.14 35 [G] Tyler Steel (R) (MRK@HSV) 2017.01.14 96 [LW] Jordan Wood (R) (MRK@HSV) 2017.01.15 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (HSV@KNX) 2017.01.15 35 [G] Tyler Steel (R) (HSV@KNX) 2017.01.15 96 [LW] Jordan Wood (R) (HSV@KNX) 2017.01.21 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (RNK@HSV) 2017.01.21 22 [C] Scott Fellnermayr (RNK@HSV) 2017.01.27 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (HSV@EVV) 2017.01.28 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (MRK@HSV) 2017.02.10 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (HSV@COL) 2017.02.10 74 [D] Zach Carriveau (HSV@COL) 2017.02.11 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (MRK@HSV) 2017.02.14 01 [G] Adam Courchaine (KNX@HSV) 2017.02.14 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (KNX@HSV) 2017.02.14 25 [D] Andy Willigar (KNX@HSV) 2017.02.17 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (HSV@FAY) 2017.02.17 25 [D] Andy Willigar (HSV@FAY) 2017.02.19 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (A) (PEN@HSV) 2017.02.19 25 [D] Andy Willigar (PEN@HSV) 2017.02.24 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (COL@HSV) 2017.02.24 25 [D] Andy Willigar (COL@HSV) 2017.02.25 10 [D] Nolan Kaiser (PEN@HSV) 2017.02.25 25 [D] Andy Willigar (PEN@HSV) 2017.03.03 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (FAY@HSV) 2017.03.04 15 [LW] Michael Piluso (FAY@HSV) 2017.03.11 58 [C] Christian Powers (R) (KNX@HSV) 2017.03.14 58 [C] Christian Powers (R) (HSV@MRK) 2017.03.14 91 [RW] John Clewlow (HSV@MRK) 2017.03.18 48 [C] Eric Witzel (EVV@HSV) 2017.04.11 27 [D] Eddie Nolan (R) (HSV@MRK) 2017.04.14 27 [D] Eddie Nolan (R) (MRK@HSV) 2017.04.15 04 [C] Michael Holland (R) (MRK@HSV) 2017.04.21 44 [D] Rob Simpson (R) (PEO@HSV)
  15. 2016-17 Season Roster Thread

    Looks like Tyler Steel has his summer planned out with a trip Down Under where he will play for the Adrenaline of the AIHL. Best of luck to him.
  16. Sorry, the error is mine. I've updated the roster thread. McCormick was indeed not on the playoff roster. Eddie Nolan was a scratch for both the Wednesday and Friday games.
  17. Neither Cincinnati (Nowakowski) nor Wheeling (Daniels) clinched playoff berths in the ECHL. Their seasons are done. Sometimes players on call-up will ask to be released to return to their SPHL teams for playoffs. That said, I've not heard anything about either Nowakowski or Daniels coming back.
  18. 2016-17 Season Roster Thread

    There's no transaction posted, but Michael Holland has been added to the playoff roster. Holland hails from the Rochester Institute of Technology where he just completed 4 years of play in the NCAA program there. He played some 3-gamers with Macon in March, was signed, then waived over this past weekend. He earned 1-2-3 points in 9 games with the #1 franchise in the league. Now we'll see what he can do with the Havoc. The playoff roster stands at 19 with the addition of Holland.
  19. 2016-17 Season Roster Thread

    Looks like Willigar won't be joining the Havoc in the first round. 04/07/17 Willigar, Andy (D) placed on 14-day IR 04/07/17 Phee, Steven (C) activated from IR Tateson and Kaiser completed their 4-game suspensions with the the 4/7 game in Fayetteville.

    Per the Havoc front office:
  21. 2016-17 Season Roster Thread

    The Havoc release Tyler Noseworthy as they fine tune the roster for playoffs. Noseworthy notched 1-0-1 points in 10 games and was a minus-7 since joining the Havoc back in February. 04/03/17 Noseworthy, Tyler (RW) placed on waivers 04/03/17 Noseworthy, Tyler (RW) activated from IR Piluso and Phee remain on IR. Both should be eligible for return this week, or they could remain on the shelf while the coach continues to kick the tires on post collegiates McCormick and Sharkey. McCormick is 4-1-5 and Sharkey is 1-4-5, both in 5 games. Speaking of the coach, Detulleo completed his three game suspension and should be back behind the bench for the final games of regular season on the road in Fayetteville. Tateson and "Naiser" each have one more game on suspension.

    "but make it so they can work with hockey if your team makes playoff" == $$$ I'm sure every arena would be happy to reserve playoff dates a year in advance along with the regular season dates -- and at the same cost. Whether the team winds up using the date or not. But you could be right that this needs to be a league problem, not an individual team problem. Every team kicking into a "playoff fund" that negotiates some number of reserved dates well in advance and at risk. Maybe teams that didn't make the playoffs are exempted from donations in the following season or something. The details would be interesting to work out.

    Monster Jam is in the arena next weekend (April 7-9), which means the ice has to come out. After that, the Oakwood Alumni Association is booked into the arena and East Hall on Friday the 14th, so I'm guessing the ice and boards can't (or won't) go back in until they're gone. Then there are charity concerts in the arena on the 27th and 30th, so your guess is as good as mine whether they'll put down ice in between or just play at the Iceplex.
  24. What do you want? A slick Department of Player Safety video with the word "HISTORY" prominently displayed in the summary?
  25. 2016-17 Season Roster Thread

    Here are the final suspensions from the Macon game.
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