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  1. @CSNWhiteSox If you intentionally make a typo and type Codgers, then maybe. #OldCodger

  2. @ChuckGarfien They should play that Three Dog Night song for him and say "Eloy's Coming".

  3. @EdgeofSports President Many Sides

  4. @FO_VVerhei "Thank goodness there's no video of that..."

  5. @maskedwrestlers All these losses helped prepare him for his big win over David Sammartino a few years later...

  6. A quick message to any #Dolphins fans out there from a #Bears fan: Yes, he always looks like that. #JayCutler #PerpetuallyMiserable

  7. @ChuckGarfien Chuck saved us a click!

  8. @EdgeofSports @Kaepernick7 That may have actually been David Olson, for all we know...

  9. @ChuckGarfien Will he be as unsmiling as our previous Gillaspie?

  10. @Ken_Rosenthal For the rest of this season, the #WhiteSox will probably ask fans near the bullpen if they want to pitch. #TrustTheProspects

  11. @LanceStorm "But what if he asked me nicely?"

  12. @jasonbenetti @espn @Sut_ESPN @D_Ross3 @Cubs @whitesox Anybody know if John Cangelosi or Warren Newson are busy?

  13. @SieraSantos @thekapman Loser does an impression of the announcer their team is best known for. #HolyCow #YouCanPutItOntheBoard

  14. RT @whitesox: RETWEET for a chance to win a @ymoncada19 autographed baseball. #MoncadaDay ????:…