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  1. McFabulous!
  2. I was in Evansville for their first SPHL game last weekend and took this shot from the press box.
  3. Happy Birthday TailGator42!

  4. Made an update to the Spreadsheet and added a tab for players in ECHL camps. Names may still be added as ECHL teams continue to release their training camp rosters.
  5. The Mayhem have done a decent job promoting themselves on Facebook and Twitter over the summer. Perhaps they could have announced more player signings, but I assure you they have a full training camp roster. At this point, however, no teams are announcing anything.
  6. NeuLion released their rates today: 5-game pack: $29.99 10-game pack: $54.99 Early bird rates Away games, one team: $84.99 All games, one team: $149.99 All games, all teams: $199.99
  7. HEYYYY!!!! A FireAntz Signing!!!
  8. I'm back for another year... What's one more fantasy hockey league? Three teams down, six to go!
  9. Good deal. If you don't mind, if you have news that's fit for printing - I write a weekly recap on The Sin Bin that runs on Friday. Feel free to drop me a line.
  10. Where do you get your signing info from? I haven't seen a presser on anything from the IBs. Tried to IM ya, but your inbox is full... If you're on Twitter... IM me there.
  11. Thomas Pope just tweeted it.
  12. They re-signed D Bo Driscoll also
  13. I'd prefer that teams would announce signings in a more timely manner, but it's ultimately their choice. Oh, bother. The next big date in the league will be when teams gear up for camp and the 30-man rosters are released. That's when the cards really hit the table.
  14. I believe today is the last day to sign protected list players, and that teams aren't required to publicly announce - but I'm working on clarification. So tomorrow begins SPHL free agency, if there is such a thing.